Three and Me

Big Tits

I should have noticed the twinkle in her eye when she gave me a slip of paper with a telephone number on it and said, “This lady may be able to help you out.”

It had all started on the first day of my junior year at the university, when I told my placement counselor, Barbara Wilson, that I had problems keeping up with my school work last semester. I was on an athletic scholarship, so tuition was no problem. But I had to work at minimum wage in a fast food restaurant to keep up with my other expenses. The cost of living was so great that I needed to work extra hours to make ends meet. This didn’t leave me enough time for my studies, and I had no social life at all.

I called the number right away and spoke with a very pleasant mature female voice that said she was looking for a young man to act as a handyman/grounds keeper in exchange for room and board and a small salary. I arranged for an interview later that same day.

At 21 years of age I probably looked foolish peddling up to the doorway of her posh home dressed in a coat and tie on my bicycle, but it was my only means of transportation.

The woman who answered the door was obviously the same one I had spoken to on the telephone, but she certainly didn’t look like what I had expected from her voice. “Come in, you must be Edward, I am Mary Tatum.”

I guessed her to be in her late 30s to early 40s, tall and slender, quite attractive with a huge mane of black hair streaked with gray.

She invited me in and explained that she shared her home with another woman and that they needed someone to maintain the house and lawn. My responsibility would be to do minor repairs around the house, supervise the lawn work that was done by a professional landscaping service company and ensure that the automobiles were serviced properly. In short, I was to do the things that her husband use to do before he left her for his 25 year-old big-boobed (her words, not mine) nurse/receptionist. There was already another student who was employed as a maid/cook/housekeeper, firmly entrenched in the servants quarters over the garage. I was to occupy one of the bedrooms in the main house, which had four bedrooms in addition to the servant’s quarters, so I assumed that she and her friend each occupied their own bedrooms.

I hadn’t murdered or raped anybody recently so it looked like my credentials and references were in order. On the pretext of seeing if I was strong enough to handle the chores she felt my arms and had me take off my jacket and turn around. “Barbara said that you were a big boy, but, oh my!” [I am an athlete and stand six feet four inches, with plenty of muscle.] “Barbara also told me that you were an orphan and were having trouble meeting your college expenses. You can have the job and move in at any time. Besides room and board, it pays $50 a week.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow with all my worldly possessions.”

The next day, Tuesday, my friend, Lloyd, helped me move in his pickup truck. I had spent the last two nights camping on his couch. All I owned was an old suitcase with my hanging clothes, a duffel bag with my shoes, underclothes and toiletries, my stereo outfit and my bicycle. The maid, a very attractive, perhaps Latin, girl of maybe twenty-three or twenty-four years of age ushered us in and showed me to my quarters. I had to grab Lloyd by the belt to keep him from following her when she left. The bedroom I was assigned was huge, with a monstrous king size, bed and an adjoining bath. The bath, obviously built for a man, had no tub, only a huge shower in addition to the commode and wash basin. The room had double sliding glass doors that opened onto a pool deck.

Lloyd and I stepped out onto the deck, and I got a hell of a shock when I saw Mrs. Tatum’s housemate. It was Barbara Wilson, my counselor from the college. They were both out by the pool. The bigger shock was how they were dressed. Barbara had on a very skimpy string bikini while Mrs. Tatum [Mary] was wearing a very stylish two piece bathing suit that left nothing to the imagination.

Lloyd was bug-eyed. “You sly fox, why didn’t you tell me about all of this?”

“Because I didn’t know about it. I just this minute found out that Ms. Wilson was the friend and I had not met the maid.”

“Ms. Wilson? You mean Barbara? You know she is a post graduate student in addition to being a counselor? She is also one red hot number.”

I really hadn’t thought of her as a “red hot number” until I saw her in the thong bikini, and I didn’t know that she was a student. I knew she was pretty, but I certainly hadn’t noticed her large breasts or her flat tummy and long legs when she was dressed in her school clothes.

The ladies waved to us but since they didn’t invite us out for a swim I stayed in my room. Lloyd left and I jumped straight into my books.

I had barely settled in when I had my first unusual experience. It was the following Thursday. Barbara had gone to school for an early class, and Mary was off on some Keçiören Escort Bayan errand. I didn’t have a class until eleven so I was sitting at the kitchen table, having a cup of coffee and studying before I went for a swim, when Anna, the maid, came in. She said something to me in Spanish that I didn’t quite get. “I’m sorry, but I don’t speak Spanish”

In words that were almost unintelligible she said “My English is not good senor.”

“You’re English doesn’t seem to bad to me,” I lied. “Try me again.”

“I asked if you are happy.”

I was a little puzzled that this. “Reasonably so, I guess.”

She appeared a little crestfallen when she said, “Then you like to play with boys, not girls?”

“Did you mean to ask me if I was gay?”


“In that case, I am not gay. I like girls very much. I just haven’t had any time for them with my studies.”

“You like some pussy?”

I was dumb struck and didn’t know what to say. I think my mouth dropped open as I nodded yes.

Without another word, she slid my coffee cup out of the way, hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties and lay down on the table directly in front of me. It had been months since I had sex with anything other than my hand, so I can’t tell you how appealing this was. I did something I don’t usually do on the first “date.” I buried my face in her crotch. Slowly I remembered how to do it, and within seconds she was writhing in ecstasy. My tongue touched her little button of pleasure and I thought she was going to jump off the table. My cock, which had been dormant for so many weeks, came alive, and with a mighty plunge, I let it replace my tongue and entered her. It only took a few strokes of slipping in and out of her heavenly box for me to feel the load of cum building. She was pushing upward to meet my thrusts and moaning with every stab. I think she climaxed first, but it was only seconds before me.

When it was over, I sank back down in the chair, totally spent, with my swimming trunks around my ankles. The next thing I knew, she was kneeling in front of me and had taken my lifeless dick in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down a few times, and I became alive again. Her mouth was like velvet as it engulfed me. Her tongue was working magic, swirling, probing, licking, until I couldn’t control myself any longer and shot another load of cum deep into her throat. Not a drop escaped her.

She got up, went to the sink, brought back a wet cloth and cleaned me up. She looked deep into my eyes when she smiled and said “Mucho gracias, senor. I work here in the kitchen every morning before class.”

I think I mumbled, “Thanks” before I pulled up my trunks and stumbled off to my room to get ready to go to school. For the rest of the day I had difficulty concentrating on the assignments, as I reflected on the morning’s activities.

Friday morning there was a light knock on my door about seven. I was barely awake, when Anna came in with a cup of coffee and put it on the table beside the bed. She was smiling broadly when she grabbed my traditional morning erection through the bed clothes and whispered, “If you would like anything else I will be in the kitchen.”

The thought of Anna waiting for me in the kitchen did nothing to cure my hard on, as I groped my way to the shower. I was standing there, day dreaming, with my eyes closed and my head back, letting the shower beat on my chest and wash away the cobwebs, when suddenly a pair of arms encircled me from behind. I could feel two breasts boring into my back, as the hands slipped down to my waist and eventually to my ever rigid cock. I turned around to face my “groper.” It was Mary.

“My, you’re all that I could have hoped for. Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to get my hair wet.”

Leaving the shower running, she took me by the hand and led me, dripping wet, back into the bedroom. Her clothes were strewn about the floor. She dried herself with a towel she had picked up on the way out of the bath, tossed it to me and said, “Dry yourself off and come to bed.”

Seeing her naked I marveled at the symmetry of her body. She was tall and slender with small breasts that were in perfect proportion to her overall makeup. Her pussy was shiny with moisture and completely devoid of hair.

When I approached the bed she reached out and grabbed me by my still hard cock and pulled me to her. She said, “I need to feel that big thing inside me.” With that, she opened her legs and guided me into her.

She was very wet but had the tightest pussy I ever felt in my life. My encounter with Anna had helped my stamina a bit so we went at it slowly. It was heavenly as my rock hard dick slid in and out of her wet box. Soon her hips were thrusting up to meet my downward strokes and she began to moan, “Oh God, now, oh do it to me now, fuck me hard NOW. NOW, OH GOD, NOW!”

I continued to plunge up and down as she arched her back and let out small animal sounds that grew in volume until Escort Eryaman it was almost a scream. Her finger nails were wreaking havoc on my skin. I began to feel my climax building, and I pumped harder and harder. She had quit screaming and gone limp in my arms when I felt my cum spurt deep inside of her. Completely spent, I collapsed on top of her. She pushed me off onto my back and I just lay there with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath.

She was also breathing hard when she said, “You are good, very good. Lets see how good you are at this.” With that, she quickly got the towel, wiped her pussy, jumped back onto the bed and sat down on my face in the 69 position.

This was something new for me. I had never eaten a pussy filled with my cum. The first lick or two was tentative, but it wasn’t bad at all. It got a lot better when her mouth closed on my almost soft dick. Her clitoris was like a little grape that I could lick and suck on. She was pushing down on my tongue so hard I was having trouble breathing, but I didn’t care. The feeling of her mouth sucking, swirling and completely engulfing my soft cock was the most erotic thing that ever happened to me. Within seconds I lost it and had to lick and suck for all I was worth in order to bring her up to speed. Between my tongue plunging in and out of her and my lips sucking on her clitoris she was soon bouncing up and down so hard on me I was afraid she was going to break my nose. I had to put my arms around her waist in order to hold her in one position, while I polished her off. When she did cum, it was a flood, a mixture of hers and mine. She was wiggling so hard I couldn’t hold her still. Each time my tongue touched her she moaned and squirmed a little more. Finally, the last time I did it she bit me. She collapsed on top of me and just lay there, gasping for breath. I thought about touching her with my tongue again but since she still had my cock in her mouth I thought better of it.

I’m not quite sure what happened then, but I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew, I was alone in bed, still nude, and Anna was shaking me. “Wake-up senor, you will be late for escuela.” My towel smelled of sex, the room smelled of sex and I smelled of sex. I took a quick shower and dried off with a hand towel. I left the room in a mess and dashed off to class.

I thought I had trouble paying attention yesterday! Somehow or other I managed to muddle through the day, but was not looking forward to facing Anna that evening. I arrived at the house to find my room clean and neat as a pin, smelling like a pine forest, and Anna in good spirits. She informed me that dinner would be at seven in the dining room and that we would be dressing causal. It’s a good thing, since I only had one jacket and tie. I tried to apologize for that morning but she just brushed it off with “I understand senor. We all need you and must share. There has not been a man in this house since last spring.”

This was a very unsettling statement, but I put it out of my mind as the evening progressed. Anna served before-dinner martinis to Barbara, Mary and me out by the pool. Dinner, a standing rib roast with English style roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, was excellent with lots of very nice red wine. Anna was hovering around the table, serving the meal and generally making sure that everything was okay. She spent a lot of time “accidentally” rubbing her body against my shoulder and elbows.

The moment dinner was over, Mary excused herself: “You two kids have fun. I have a lot of correspondents to catch up on.”

Barbara and I took coffee with brandy out by the pool, while Anna cleaned up. We were both tipsy from the wine and were giggling over some inane joke when suddenly she said, “Let’s go for a swim” and began to peel off her clothes. Within seconds she was nude and dove head first into the water. I was just drunk enough to follow suit.

When I caught up to her in the shallow end of the pool, she turned around, wrapped her legs around my hips and put her arms around my neck. “Mary told me what a good time you two had this morning. Anna also said that you were a ‘hombre muy fornido,’ and that I would like you. Do you think you can live up to all that?”

“I think I can, especially since your pussy is pushing against my cock and it’s already beginning to get hard.”

“Well, let’s see if we can’t adjust things a little bit and find a proper receptacle for it. Ooh, how about that. See, it fits right in there. Oh, Anna was right! You are ‘mucho grande’! I like that.

The kitchen light went out. Now the entire house was dark except for the subdued pool lighting and the dim yard lights around the privacy wall that surrounded the rear of the property.

With my cock firmly imbedded in her pussy, held in place by her legs wrapped around my hips, her arms around my neck and my arms around her waist, I found the steps at the shallow end of the pool and climbed out. Without breaking my grip, I Sincan Escort Bayan eased her down onto one of the pool-side chaise lounges and began stroking in and out.

“Oh, its too cold out here, lets go into your room.”

I wasn’t cold, but as horny as I was, I would have done anything she wanted. We left our clothes where they were and made our way across the deck and through the sliding glass door into my room.

She had me lay down on my back on the bed, and straddled my legs. From this vantage point she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, her wet hair cascading over my tummy, completely hiding what she was doing. I really didn’t need to see because I could feel something that must be like heaven. The combination of her warm, soft, wet, mouth sliding up and down on my dick and her hands caressing my balls turned me to jelly. She must have known that I was very close to ready because she stopped and slid upward a little bit. My rigid cock was lying flat against my belly when she positioned herself so that the lips of her pussy were lapping over the sides of my shaft. It was obvious that her clitoris was in direct contract with the underside of my penis, as she began to slide back and forth on it. This wasn’t doing a lot for me so I grabbed her ass and slid her up my chest and over my shoulders until my mouth contacted her wet pussy. When I looked up, I could see that she had hold of the headboard. Her head was back, her eyes were closed and it was obvious that she was enjoying what was happening to her.

Suddenly, there was another weight on the bed, another pair of hands fondling my balls and another mouth engulfing my cock. In just a few minutes the mouth was replaced by a tight, velvety, pussy lowering itself onto my very erect pole. A pair of hands appeared around Barbara’s torso and began caressing her breasts.

She didn’t even open her eyes or look around when she said, “Mm, its good to have you here, Mary”

Mary was bouncing up and down when she said, “It feels good to be here again. How’s it going?”

“I’m almost there. Let me turn around.” With that she did.

Now the two women were facing each other, one sitting on my face and the other sitting on my cock. I couldn’t see any thing but Barbara’s ass, but there must have been something electric between them. The moment they began to kiss and fondle each other Barbara started grinding her pussy down on my tongue and Mary bounced up and down with renewed vigor. There was a soft groan from Barbara and sudden flood of delicious liquid.

“Oh, God, I’m coming!” The flow of her juices did not diminish as she continued to moan.

“Come baby, Come” Whispered Mary as she leaned over to take Barbara’s nipple in her mouth.

Mary was still sliding up and down on my cock very slowly. She would go up and down then stop for a few seconds before repeating the motion. Her pussy was so tight that each stroke was heaven. The combination of tastes in my mouth and sensations on my dick was so erotic that I was ready in just a few minutes.

I began to moan, and Mary picked up her pace when she said, “Oh good, everybody’s coming!”

I did, Barbara did again, and I think Mary did after just a few more strokes. We all collapsed in a tangle of arms and legs and the part I liked best, titties, and fell asleep.

At some point through the night, with Mary’s help, I fucked Barbara from behind. I fell asleep again only to wake up and find them going at it in the 69 position.

It had been a full Friday.

I woke up late on Saturday to find both of them gone, the clothes that I had left by the pool washed and neatly folded on my dresser. I was still groggy when Anna stuck her head in and asked if I would like some breakfast.

“Yes, please. For some reason I’m starved. Where are the ladies?”

Her voice was very light when she said, “They are both gone for the day, Senor.”

“Anna, can you come in for a minute, I want to talk to you.”

She was smiling coyly when she came in. It was then I realized that I was completely nude in the bed and was only covered by a thin sheet.

As clean as the room was, the bed was a mess with cum spots all over it, and all of the room freshener in the world wouldn’t cover up the pussy smell.

“Anna, I’ve got to take a shower first. I’ll come out and talk to you in a few minutes.”

“Si, senor. Do you want me to wash you?” As inviting as it sounded I declined.

I stood for a long time, letting the scalding hot water flush away the haze from last night’s activities and rejuvenate my body. I felt completely healthy as I exited the bath, toweling my hair dry. I was surprised to see that the linens had been changed and the bed had been made, until I caught sight of Anna out of the corner of my eye adjusting the blinds. She looked directly at me and gave me a wicked little smile, as I quickly covered my nudity with the towel.

“You wanted to talk to me, senor?”

“Yes, Anna.” It was unsettling to be holding a conversation with someone while they were fully clothed, sitting on my bed, and I was nude standing in front of her with only a small towel to hide my manhood. It was so unsettling that it soon became erotic, and I began to get excited. Anna noticed.

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