The Wrong Ship


The dock was in front of me and the moon was on my back. The cool air seemed to climb under my cloak sending waves of chills up my legs. I had been told what a bad idea this was. My hired man Willard almost made me promise not to leave. But I couldn’t just leave this last wish not granted. I felt a pang of sadness at the reason for my midnight flit.

But the message was clear. And here I was. I wasn’t in any danger. My father knew this captain. Nothing would happen once I told him who I was and why I was there. I saw the ship dead ahead. The lamps weren’t burning so I would have to get their attention some other way. There was no latter hanging for people to go up.

I was lucky to find a rope hanging from the side. The trek up was enough to put a grown man to sleep. I was good at tying ropes, but climbing up them was a different matter entirely. When I got to the top my cloak somehow became tangled. I tried to free myself but only succeeded in falling forward onto the deck. I cursed myself and checked my rook sack to make sure nothing was broken.

I felt foolish. It wasn’t becoming for a lady to fall. Then again it also wasn’t becoming to sneak off in the night to a pirate ship. I kept repeating to myself that it was for good reason and that my actions were indeed justified. I stepped lightly, cringing at every creak and squeak coming from the ship. The moon was the only light and it wasn’t nearly enough. I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

I felt even more foolish when I realized the position I was in. My cloak was blacker then pitch. I was creeping onto a pirate ship, and it was in the middle of the night. If the crew saw me they would suspect me for a thief. But a thief would at least have been silent. Apparently I was not.

I walked straight into what felt like a wall. I was very mistaken. As I examined it I realized it was a man’s chest. A very tall and large man. I was startled so naturally I moved backwards. Sadly, I moved back into two other men.

“Well boys. Isn’t this a sight for sore eyes. We got our selves a thief on board.”

A lamp was lit and held out in front of me. Over a dozen grime covered men looked down at me. How exactly did I miss those? Obviously they were a lot more sleuth then I was. I hadn’t even heard them creeping around me.

I was scared. But I had a purpose. They wouldn’t hurt me.

“My name Marianna Phillips. I am the daughter of the late George Phillips. He told me of a pirate namer Captain Andler of the ship The Derelict. Who saved his life during a fight over his ship with another pirate crew. He is now passed on. But in his will my father asks of me to deliver a small token of his appreciation.”

I pulled off the book bag and presented it to the man in front of my. By the look of his hat I guessed he was the captain. The man looked through the bag and smirked at it’s contents. There were fruits, bread, and wrapped meats on the top and treasures at the bottom.

The captain passed the bag to the man standing directly behind him. I assumed him to be the first mate. He walked towards a door leading to what seemed to be the Captain’s quarters. I watched him walk off but the voice of the captain pulled me back to him.

“Well thank you, girlie. After that whole speech there something still puzzles me. Did it seem like a good idea to come with out chaperone at night to a pirate ship? You could have gotten hurt or worse.”

The crew laughed collectively at that. The way he said it troubled me. He was leaning over me. His breath reeked of poor hygiene and rum. I was tilting backwards in an attempt to pull our faces apart.

“Ask her if she thought she could drum up some business with us.”

Again the men laughed. The man mistook me for a whore. A common paid wench. My face burned with indignation.

“I am not some common harlet! Your Captain should teach you to be silent in a lady’s presence. Especially one who had just paid for a year’s worth of your meals.”

This caused the men to burst uproariously into laughter. A different man voiced his snide opinion.

“We’re pirates dear. We don’t pay for much. Except women…sometimes.”

I realized then how foolish I sounded. They were pirates. They steal and pillage. They don’t need to buy things. The red on my face was still present but instead of pride it was replaced by embarrassment.

“What a mouth you have on you. So much bravery for a little mouse. It’s rare to find in refined ladies.”

I looked back at the captain. My shame had turned my sharp tongue off.

“My father was a poor fisherman when I was young. I’ve heard my share of sailor’s wit and imprudent words.”

The captain made a sound that made me think he was reflecting deeply on something.

“Your humble beginnings almost make me regretful to tell you this, little mouse.”

The captain stepped even closer and gripped my forearm tightly.

“This ain’t the S.S. Derelict. And I ain’t Captain Andler.”

I don’t know which bit of information I absorbed first. That fact amasya escort that I was on the wrong ship or the fact that the crew had started to closed in on me. I looked toward the side of the ship I had come up on. It was now covered by at least six men.

“Keep the bag. As a gesture of good will and I’ll just be going.”

I started to walk toward the men hoping they would move as I came. But they didn’t. And I was foolish to think they would. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around quickly and brought my arm back so the hand was knocked off.

There was the Captain with the smirk of a cat would just caught a mouse. I was the mouse I realized. Awful things happen to women who are unsupervised. Those were the words of my hired man Willard. And I believed in them now more then ever.

“Captain although you need some lessons in etiquette you’re nothing more than a business man. So let’s talk business.”

That smirk deepened and I felt like a toy at the end of a string. The captain stretched his huge calloused hand toward the door the first mate had gone through. As if his arm was a divining rod the crowd around us split for us. I walked behind the captain not blind to the lusty looks displayed on the crew’s faces.

I was shown to a room with a rotted old desk that was nailed into the floor. The rook sack I had brought sat on top of it. The captain sat down behind it and looked at me. His smirk had turned condescending and it made me want to strike him. Although that would be foolish.

“So what do u propose little missus?”

His tone suggested that he was speaking to a child. That also raised the burning need inside me to give him pain. Nevertheless I maintained my composure and took a deep breath in.

“If you allow me to leave my hired man Willard will come back with threefold of the contents in the bag. My father left a very successful banking business and a large supply of untouched money was left to me. But you also have to ensure that my hired man comes back unscathed.”

The Captain sat back in his ratty chair and laughed. His yellowed teeth bared at me and my mind flashed with images of a rabid dog. Which was fitting for the captain.

“Well that does sound like a good deal. But I’m going to have to decline. The way this is going to go is that you are going to take me to your home and retrieve the entire sum of your left over money.”

I scoffed and crossed my arms. My hip pushed out at one side and I gave a look that I often gave to my father when he stood in my way. It was the “I’m sorry but you’re clearly mad if you think that’s the way this is happening face”. I got it from my father and it worked every time.

“I’d rather hang from my finger tips then be your dog and lead you any where.”

The captain got up and walked closer to me. I backed up and met with the closed door. Before I could turn to open it the captain was practically standing on top of me.

I had done something foolish then. It had happened before. On the street with a rude passerby and at the market place when an awful woman tried to scam me into giving her my money. I brought my hand back as far as it would go and I struck the person in front of me.

In this case it was the Captain. And although my hand was throbbing he seemed unfazed. All he did was rub his jaw and look down at me. I realized I had made a grave mistake when instead of a grim look the captain once again smirked at me.

I would have back up farther but the door was already pressed into my back. The large rough hand of the captain was suddenly at my neck. I was pushed hard against the door. A wave of ache starting at my head and worked it’s way downward. I wanted to cringe as the smell coming off of him made my eyes water.

He wasn’t choking me. So I didn’t claw at his hands or scratch his face until he let me go. I just started defiantly at him. Clearly displaying I was proud of the knock I had given him. He leaned in close so that his mouth was close to my ear.

“You’ve got fire little girl. Like a freshly caught tiger being forced into a cage. But I’ve seen first hand the light draining from the eyes of a tiger. Until you can see the fight die inside of them. And that’s what will happen to you if I let those men out there have their fun with you. Now your going to do as I command or things will be very unpleasant for you.”

He would give me to his crew as a sacrificial lamb of sorts if I didn’t do as he asked. I knew what he meant by that. I was a never married virgin but I still heard the talk from the fisherman and boys of city. Since my family was as successful as it was my father had no need to sell me off to the highest bidder like cattle. I was free to just be a daughter.

But the captain’s words didn’t frighten me. If I didn’t tell him where the money was and I went missing the money would be split apart and sent to the people who worked for us and other expenses. What would happen to me was another matter. After the crew had had their fun what was to become of me.

They would probably kill me. Or sell me to some whorehouse. Both would be better than dishonoring my family by letting this man take what my father had worked so hard for.

“Do your worst Captain. I will not fold for you.”

This seem to surprise the Captain. Why I’m not sure. Perhaps he was used to getting his way. He let go of my neck for a moment and put his hands on his hips. The floor boards creaked as he stalked back over to me and proceeded to toss me over his shoulder.

As I kicked and flared his right hand reached back and held my lower half down while his left hand grabbed my hands and held them in front of him. He pushed the door forward and it swing open towards us.

“Since you’ll probably be thrown into the ocean after the men are done with you I might as well have some fun first.”

The captain walked toward the door we had entered and was met with the crew still in their huddle.

“Set sail. Head northeast toward the merchant island. That’s where we’ll pick up more supplies. Men, cast off!”

The deck became a frenzy of men rushing to and fro trying to get the ship in order. As the crew lost their heads, the captain turned around and headed back through the door.

Instead of the little office on the left hand side we went to straight back to the last room. The door was opened and the Captain brought me in. I was tossed on to a bed. It was the Captain’s bed. Inside the Captain’s quarters.

I laid on my side and stared at the window on the wall in front of me. The sky was clear and I could see no stars. And I would like here motionless and unfeeling. No man wanted to bed a corpse. Or a least I hoped he wouldn’t.

I heard the door lock and I just closed my eyes. I had prepared myself for death and this moment almost immediately. The captain pulled me from the bed and stood me up in front of him. I crumpled to the ground like a paper.

It was my hope that I could anger him enough that he would just kill me instead of torture me this way. His chuckle informed me I had a far way to go. He tried again and I fell just the same way.

“Now you’re just being silly. Stand girl. Now!”

I still kept to the floor. The captain sighed and stepped around me. He sat on the edge of the bed and I could feel him staring at me.

“You missed the Derelict by one boat Marianna. It’s just to right. How about you indulge an old sea dog and in the morning I’ll allow you to leave so you can carry on with your father’s last wishes?”

I looked up at him and wiped a half dried tear that had slid sideways across my nose. I sat up and frowned.

“Don’t jest with me so heartlessly. I’m not a fool or a child. So don’t poke fun at me as if I am.”

The captain again took my arms and pulled me up.

“No fooling little Missus. I’ll let you go. But first you have to do something for me.”

I could spot a liar because my father had taught me. And at that moment the captain was not one. Which confused even more. Where was that tough talk about me giving him my riches and him throwing me to his men like meat.

I stood as he wanted and looked down at the floor. The tug at my dress made me step forward now less than a foot away from him. Without out my cloak the cold got to me and my arms broke out in goosebumps.

“Look directly at me Marianna. There is nothing more despised by me then a business man who won’t see his deal done to the end.”

I looked into his eyes and quickly looked away. This brought a chuckle from the captain and a blush to my cheeks.

“Where is that clever girl who earlier seemed so tough? Is she hiding?”

I felt even more embarrassed and the blush at my cheeks spread.

“I’ll just have to bring her back out somehow.”

The captain started at my boots and slowly untied them. I felt even smaller as the extra inches from the boots were taken away. Then it was his hands. Softly stroking up my leg pushing my dress up with it.

I could feel my body shaking and his uncommonly warm hands added a chill to my cold skin. My breathing seemed to go quicker and more frantic as he went up.

Finally he stopped at the top of my thigh and I was ready to faint. His fingers trapped my stocking and pulled it down. The same labored breathing and the same anxiousness with the next leg as he took off the other.

Since it was night and I had dressed myself I wore a simple tied in front bodice over a light thin linen dress and a slip under that. It was easy for the captain to remove me of it. So there I stood in front of him in nothing but my linen undercloth.

It was even more awful because it was see through and I knew he could see my breasts protruding against the fabric. My breathing again was frantic and rushed as I felt the slip and the linen dress slide up over my hips and off my shoulders.

I was fully naked in front of this man. I was covering my breasts with my arms and had brought my leg a little higher to cover my cunt. That’s the word the fisherman used. Cunt. It seemed like such a vile word. But saying it alone at night in my room seemed to excite me. And it excited me now to think it knowing he could see it.

“You’re already bare. Might as well uncovered yourself completely. I’ll see it sooner or later.”

I followed his suggestion and let my arms and legs dropped. This prompted the captain to stand and lift me by the hips. I was spun away from the door and was again near the bed. The spin had caused me to gasp and involuntarily grab onto the captain. This caused another one of his heart throbbing smirks.

He laid me gently onto the bed and when I watched his face trail down my body I noticed his eyes were a beautiful shade of brown and green. What an odd thing to notice now.

I had never had anyone touch me sensually.

The closest thing I got to that was being helped into my clothes by my servants. But this was something different. He started at my feet. Slowly massaging them, revealing pains I hadn’t even discovered yet. I couldn’t stop the soft groans and the feeling of relief I was getting.

Then it was my legs. These were a different story. Instead of just his hands the captain used his mouth as well. Kissing and nipping the various bits of my skin. There was no controlling my gasps and spasms.

But the legs were easy compared to my upper half. Not only had his finger tips caressed my stomach and hips into madness but his soft kisses and bites had my mewling like a hungry kitten.

And still his mouth traveled higher until it circled my breasts. I couldn’t begin to describe how it felt. It was like every touch sent a pulse throughout me. And they all met at one place. Deep between my legs my cunt had grown hot and wet due the captain. It twitched and flexed at the various feelings.

He had stopped moving upward and started to back track moving slowly back the way he had came. Perhaps it was time for him to take me. It was strange how slow and soft the captain seemed to be with me.

My legs were spread as I thought they’d be. But instead of feeling the Captain’s groin against my I felt the warmth of his breath. It caused my cunt to clench reflexively. My heart raced faster than a jackrabbit. The stopped sheets were tangled into my hands.

“Captain what are you doing? You’re not going to enter me?”

The captain looked up at me and frowned slightly.

“That’s my title. Not my name. I’d prefer if you’d call me John.”


But as I said it it came out as half of a whimper and half of a moan. I was looking into his eyes and the amount of light bounced off of them perfectly. He lowered himself again. This time I felt one of his large calloused fingers slide into me.

It was a strange feeling. It hurt slightly but there was no resistance. My arousal had caused his digit to slip right in. I could feel my legs shake as he repeatedly pushed it in and pulled it out. It felt even better as he started to rub me with his thumb too.

My hips seemed to have a mind of their own. Moving side ways and up and down. It was impossible to keep quiet now. The air was filled with my moans and sighs. I grew even louder when John’s mouth replaced his thumb and he began to suck on me.

I hit the bed with my fist in response to the intense pleasure I felt. My skin was hot and damp as he used his mouth on me. John soon abandoned his slow soft approach and grab onto my thighs. He started to lick and suck and tongue like a starving man.

I could feel something building inside me. Like a need to release. It alarmed me because it felt like I would urinate right here. I tapped his shoulder urgently. My moans grew louder and more desperate.

“John please. I feel like I’m going to release. It’s so embarrassing.”

But John didn’t stop. He did the opposite and feasted more fervently. I tried squirming away but John held me by my waist. Even though I was worried about urinating I still couldn’t stop my hips for grinding against his eager mouth.

It was over finally. I practically screamed as I felt myself pulsed against John’s tongue. It didn’t feel like I was peeing. It was something different. I was left on the bed panting and shaking. He looked down at me and seemed proud with his work.

“I’m sorry John. I tried to warn you. I didn’t mean to release into your mouth. How disgusting!”

John laughed and wiped off his mouth. He kneeled between my legs and continued to stare down at me.

“That wasn’t piss Marianna. It was your orgasm.”


John nodded and started to strip. Out of happy curiosity I watched. He took off his belt holding his sword and pistol. It dropped to the floor and created a loud crashing sound. Then it was his jacket.

While he undressed he was explaining what he had done to me.

“When your overwhelmed with pleasure your created a liquid which means you’ve had an orgasm. It’s not piss because it’s a different color and taste.”

As he said this his barrel like chest was uncovered. He was covered in a carpet of black hair. I reached out and signaled that I wanted to touch it. He stepped to the edge of the bed and I sat with his waist in front of my face.

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