The World’s Greatest Sleeping Pill


A reader emailed to ask exactly how Jimmy and I spend a night together, adding to “please give as many details as possible so I can copy you.” There’s a long answer, but here’s the first part. It’s not meant to be exciting but it’s a serious answer to a serious question from a couple who had been deeply in love for years and aren’t ashamed of the role anal sex plays in that happiness.

This pattern occurs almost night that we’re together. We started it when we were first married, continued with it when our children were babies and then children, stopped when they were teenagers needing nighttime supervision, but picked it up again when the last of them left for college.

A key to this is intimacy and complete and utter trust in each other. Where we are in our lives together is a process, not something you can make happen by snapping your fingers. Don’t be disappointed if it takes time, the journey to the goal is an exciting one.

Story time

The first thing we do is shut out the blare of the outside world. All electronic means of communication go off at 8 p.m.—computers, TV, smart phones, IPADs, everything. This is our time when we say and show how much we love each other. Only the kids have the number to our emergency cell phone that we leave on and has never been used. Everything else can wait until the morning. We don’t need or want to be diverted by outside stimulation.

Second, in this peace and quiet we read to each other. Story time begins at 8:30 with us taking turns in choosing the books. Some of the recent titles have been “The Little Prince,” “The Alchemist,” poems from the “The Prophet,” “James and the Giant Peach,” and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” At Christmas we always read “A Christmas Carol.” It’s even better if the books are illustrated and the reader has to explain the pictures. I know that Freud would have fun with this list, but who cares.

Even if you’re not interested in sex, there is a joy in this reading that everyone should experience. When I’m reading, Jimmy lies in my lap with his head in my crotch. If he’s reading, I lie in his. As reader, I hold the book in one hand and run my fingers through his hair with the other. He does the same to me when he reads. It’s minutes a time of quiet, overwhelming, calm and happiness. What turns me on more, the feeling of the back of his head pressing against Sivas Escort my clit or feeling his dick throb against my cheek? That’s a good question.

2. The world’s greatest sleeping pill

About twenty minutes of reading and I’m ready to be put to sleep. The book goes on the night table, the lights go off, I turn over on my side and spread my butt cheeks, saying what I’ve said since we were first married: “Please put the magic dick in the little cave (my ass. The big cave, my vagina, almost never gets a visitor.) I want it so much.” There are two reason for this: first, I know it turns Jimmy on, giving him an instant erection. The other is more important—it’s the absolute truth. At this point in the day I want the magic dick in me in the worst possible way. Call it a fixation, a fetish, or whatever. It’s just the truth.

Most of that craving is because we practice tantric anal sex, the sex of the gentle touch, not the ramming in and out that the makers of pornography would have you believe every woman wants.

Being a good “sex slave” (His words being funny. Actually “great lover” is more accurate), Jimmy does what he knows I want. We’re lying on my side of our king sized bed, a must for great anal sex, in the spoons position with him behind me. That’s the most comfortable and relaxing position for a woman having anal sex. He only pushes in a couple of inches, just far enough for the head of his dick to press against my g-spot through the membrane that separates my anal canal from my vagina. If he can’t find the spot on his own, I find it for he, clenching my butt cheeks together to lock him into place when he’s in the perfect place. BTW ladies, if you have never experienced your lover’s dick in your ass pressing against your g-spot it should be number one on your sex bucket list.

After I have adjusted my position to get exactly the amount of pleasure I want, I relax. Jimmy barely moves, sliding the head of his dick back and forth across my g-spot very gently, repeating the motion every few seconds. It’s just the slightest motion. If we were covered by a blanket you would think he wasn’t moving at all. While he’s massaging my g-spot, I feel my sphincters contracting on the magic dick. The combination of these sensations produces the feeling of falling while my body sends my brain the message that “this feels good, this Sivas Escort Bayan feels really good.”

What makes my pleasure unbearable are Jimmy’s fingers. No, they don’t reach for my clit. Neither of us touch that because that would set us on the path to an orgasm (or orgasms) that we don’t want. Instead he feathers just the tips of his fingers up and down my spine, starting at my neck and slowly tracing down to his dick, circling it, and then going back up. He’s barely touching me, but the combination of his fingers and the magic dick send me to la-la land.

Sometimes I’m conscious for only a minute or two after he enters me , sometimes for ten or fifteen, but I’m sound asleep every night before he leaves. The feeling of falling asleep is hard to describe, but the sounds aren’t. Jimmy has recorded them for me several times and it turns me on to listen to them. Short little gasps of breath become a longer whistling sound which then becomes a deep snore, more like a rumble from somewhere deep in my chest that is so loud you could hear it through a wall. Of course, I can’t hear it because I’ve checked out of the real world, having been given the world’s greatest sleeping pill. Sometimes Jimmy stays in me for a couple more minutes, but then he pulls out and rolls over to his side of the bed. Because I started on my side, I don’t have to move, but couldn’t even if I wanted to.

Why does this all work so well almost every night? Part of the explanation is the knowledge we share about my body, particularly the three key pleasure zones: my clit, my g-spot, and the little furrow between my inner and outer sphincters. If you or your partner doesn’t know where they are and how they react to each other, explore your body together and find out. More important is Jimmy’s technique: shallow, slow, and gentle. If men would only master that concept they’d always be welcome in a woman’s ass.

Most important for both of us is reversing the roles that society has imposed on us. The world says the bigger a man’s penis is the better a lover he is is or if you’re a woman, the bigger your breasts are the more men will find you attractive. Wrong on both counts. Guys, it’s not the size of your boat but where and how you sail it that’s important. Jimmy is not small, but he isn’t big either. It’s what he does with what he has that makes him a star. Escort Sivas As far as breasts are concerned, I don’t think my sex life has ever been improved by Jimmy playing with my breasts. He doesn’t do it because it doesn’t do anything for me. On the other hand, he cries with pleasure when I chew (lightly) on his nipples. Go figure.

I became a liberated woman the minute I realized how strong my sex drive was, how much I wanted Jimmy’s dick in my ass, and that I shouldn’t apologize for that feeling. Anal sex isn’t a special treat that a woman doles out on rare occasions or is seduced into with alcohol or moonlight. The ancient Greeks had it right thousands of years ago before organized religions got involved with the message that “you shouldn’t be doing that.” The vagina is for baby making and the ass is for pleasure. This is especially true after a woman has had a couple of babies who have reshaped her. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to shrink your vagina, go anal. It’s something a woman craves if its done properly and she shouldn’t ashamed to admit that she’s addicted to it. I’ve been asked in A.O.O.A. meetings to compare an anal and a vaginal orgasm and say that an anal is three times as pleasurable as a vaginal. I love fucking myself on the magic dick; I’m not sure I’d feel the same way about being fucked by it.

And the world’s greatest sleeping pill has tremendous health advantages. I get five hours of the deepest, most relaxing sleep (see the next chapter for what temporarily ends it), including three before midnight, which many doctors think are a huge health plus. I’ve never been seriously sick and think the way my night starts may contribute to this. One thing is for sure: Jimmy and I never go to sleep mad at each other. “How,” I tell him all the time, “could I ever be mad at you when you make me feel so good?”

Just as important, Jimmy understands what makes a great anal lover. Because he has the penis that goes in my ass doesn’t mean that he should set the pace or define the speed or depth of ass fucking. So much of that is about the man getting off with only a side benefit being a woman’s pleasure. What makes Jimmy so unbelievable in bed is that he understands that a great lover is a giver and not a taker of pleasure and that in giving me pleasure he receives it back many times over. He never cums when giving me the world’s greatest sleeping pill and there are good reasons for that. You’ll find out why in the rest of the story of a night with him.

There are two more chapters: “The Little Cave has a Mind of its own” and “Jimmy Makes the Coffee.”

À bientôt.


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