The Wetness of the Hour


“Can I kiss you?”Her voice was soft as she stood a few feet away, clothes off, arms out, and waiting to hold my body close. I smiled, getting ready to say yes, when I felt an intense rush of pressure between my legs. Shaking my head, I stepped away, knowing I’d wet myself if I didn’t head for the bathroom very soon.“You can after I pee,” I called, rushing towards the bathroom as fast as I could. “Come in if you want – door’s open.”I could hear her footsteps as she followed me down the hallway and into our bathroom. I looked up at her quickly as I tried in vain to get my zipper undone before there was a mess on the tiled floor. We both knew I rarely wore pants that zipped and buttoned – leggings were much less hassle in general and izmir rus escort bayan far more comfortable.“Oh, my god,” I murmured, biting my lip. “I have to go so bad but I can’t get this dumb zipper undone.”Jane smirked, settling herself on the toilet just as I finally managed to get my pants down, exposing my black panties and soft thighs. She held out her arms, patting her lap as I kicked my pants into our bedroom. I stared at her in surprise – surely she didn’t actually want me to pee on her – but she smiled gently, beckoning me again with two fingers.“It’s all right,” she soothed. “I know you’ve wanted to try this for a while. Now, remove your panties and come straddle my lap before escort izmir otele gelen we miss the opportunity.”Hardly daring to believe this was happening, I quickly removed my panties, bra, and shirt before straddling her lap. Her arms held me tightly, carefully preventing me from tipping backward as I got settled. She could see how desperate I was to finally empty my bladder, but she also knew I was too nervous to let it happen naturally. One of her hands moved to gently, but firmly, press on the area just below my belly button.“Just relax, sweetheart,” she murmured, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. “I won’t be disgusted, no matter what happens. I promise.”I nodded, closing buca escort my eyes as she pressed on my tummy again. A few drops leaked out and soon I was peeing full force. It soaked her pussy, filling the toilet as it ran off in trickles. She held me through it all, not minding or laughing when I farted a few times as I finished up with a deep sigh of relief.“Good girl,” she praised, kissing my lips tenderly. “That’s my good girl.”“I love you,” I said, pressing my face into her soft breasts. “And yes, now you can have that kiss and then some.”Jane smiled, pecking my lips with a wink as I looked up. “I know, but I think I should pee too so we won’t have to stop later.”I moaned in anticipation as I shifted a bit closer, my hands cupping her breasts and squeezing them gently as she relaxed her muscles. Hot, golden liquid gushed into my folds and over my clitoris, making me even wetter. She sighed in relief, flushing and helping me to stand before using a wet wipe to gently clean me up. I returned the favor, being careful to not make her cum too early.

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