The Weekend Away Turns into a Night Pt. 04

Continuing on after the weekend away, Dan and Hayley are now on holiday…

Parts 1 — 3 can be found through my profile.

The holiday started with a bang, and keeps going.

This picks up shortly after part 3 finishes.


Ben and Paul had sorted themselves out and disappeared back towards the hotel, leaving Dan and Hayley on the beach, Hayley sunbathing topless for the first time in her life now that she wasn’t ashamed of her small chest any longer. They lay soaking up the rays for a couple of hours, before getting dressed and deciding to go for a walk about and find somewhere for lunch. The town itself was nice, plenty of things for them to do during their stay if they wanted to, but the hotel backed out onto the beach, so they could spend their days on that if they chose. As they walked in the Romanian sun, they also found where the nightclubs and bars were, so they knew where to head when the sun went down. After some food, they walked back towards thee hotel along the pretty crowded beach, occasionally stopping for a quick drink and to do a bit of people watching. Both noticed that not only was the beach quite full of people, the majority of them were good looking. From Dan’s perspective, the girls were almost all extremely attractive, and clearly looked after themselves. Slim and toned bodies, smaller breasts and pert little bums were in abundance, mixed with blondes, brunettes, red heads, and multi coloured hair at random, there was certainly shortage of eye candy for him to look at.

Hayley was thinking the same of the men — Almost every guy she could see had defined, sculpted abs and muscled arms, suggesting they were regular gym goers. Some of them made their foreignness clear, choosing to wear shorts that were far too small to have been from the UK, suggesting Eastern European or possibly Russian origin. As they sat discussing their observations over a drink and a smoke, Dan saw a fairly short but very attractive brunette walking through the beach carrying a shoulder bag and large folder, stopping to chat with random people every now and again. She would talk to them briefly, before opening the folder and letting them look. The first couple of people she showed it to both closed it shortly after and shook their heads, evidently not interested in what the girl was selling, until the third person she spoke to looked at her boyfriend after flicking through the folder, and gave a nod. This resulted in the brunette reaching into her bag, pulling out a clipboard with paper on, and handing it over. The girl immediately signed, at which point the brunette started taking pictures of her, as they stood up and made their way to the sea, the photographer still clicking away. After a few minutes of photos in the sea, the girl removed her bikini top whilst still being photographed, and began messing about in the water.

Hayley had also seen this, and was as intrigued as Dan as to what was going on. They ordered another drink, and continued watching the impromptu topless photo shoot whilst trying to guess what it was, as both of them seemed to have the same idea if the offer is to anybody – Hayley should definitely do a shoot. After about 20 minutes, they returned back to where the girl’s boyfriend was sat, and sat chatting for a few minutes, before shaking hands, and the photographer stood up and began looking around the beach once more. It didn’t take more than a few seconds before she saw Dan and Hayley watching her, so she made her way over to them.

“Hey guys, I’m Miruna, how are you?” She asked, clearly gambling by their attire they would be English.

Both responded that they were good, before asking what the folder was about and what she was doing.

“I didn’t know you had been watching for that long,” she replied, “I work for a website where we go around beaches in Europe, and challenge girls to flaunt themselves by doing a photoshoot for our webpage. I normally request them to go topless as a minimum, but they can cover up with their hands if they aren’t sure about showing their boobs fully. Here, have a look.”

She handed the folder to Hayley, who opened it to see pictures of all kinds of girls on various beaches, smiling and laughing whilst getting their picture taken, all completely topless. The pictures showed a wide range of boobs, from some girls with smaller breasts than Hayley, up to some girls with boobs the size of Hayley’s head! She turned the page on the folder to see more of the same on the next page, different girls in different poses, various shapes and sizes of girl with differing boob sizes. Hayley had already made up her mind that if asked, she would definitely pose, and Dan had also decided that if Hayley was asked, he would encourage her to do it. As they turned the page to be met by more topless girls all clearly having a whale of a time whilst having a photoshoot, Miruna turned to Hayley and asked if she was interested in doing a shoot. Hayley turned to look at Dan to see what his opinion was, and he told her he thinks she would be great, before she turned back to Miruna and told her she would love to. As Miruna reached çayyolu escort into her bag, she pulled out the clipboard again, and passed it to Hayley, explaining it was a standard model release form, confirming that she is a willing participant in the pictures and granting the site permission to use them. After a quick read to confirm this, Hayley signed the form, and they both stood up to make their way towards the sea again, Miruna asking Dan if he would watch their things whilst doing the shoot.

He had picked up the folder and continued flicking though the album as the two girls were paddling in the sea. The first time he looked up at them he saw that Hayley had now removed her bikini top and was happily posing for pictures, something she would never have done even a month ago. From his seat, he could also see that there was a group of lads watching the shoot, clearly enjoying the view they had in front of them, and cheering Hayley on when she did things like pushing her boobs together or pulling at the side of her bottoms, teasing that she was about to pull them down before taking her hand out and changing pose. He smiled to himself and turned the page on the folder, only to be met with something he wasn’t expecting — some of the amateur girls from the earlier pages were posing again in a different location, except this time, they were not topless, they were nude. It wasn’t graphic or even what he would consider pornographic, (softcore would probably the maximum level he would think of it), but they were again starting off in their bikini’s and stripping out of it to reveal everything. Whilst not being explicit, open leg/showing pink shots, they were still full frontal, everything visible. He looked back over towards Hayley and Miruna as the shoot continued, the group of lads still watching and encouraging them to show more, before Hayley finally turned away from them, and pulled her bottoms down, flashing her bum at them as Miruna got more pictures, garnering a big cheer and laugh from the group.

Dan continued browsing the pictures in the folder, impressed that even though the photographer was young and clearly an amateur, the pictures were surprisingly really tasteful. One thought now kept blaring in his head, that he wants to see Hayley do a shoot like this. As well as the single girl shoots, there were several shoots of groups of girls, ranging from two girls, up to 4, all fully nude, baring everything for the camera. ‘Definitely, she will definitely do a nude shoot given how she’s become such an exhibitionist’ he thought to himself, as he closed the folder and looked at his girlfriend again, still posing in all kinds of ways, some funny, some sexy, some provocative. He picked up the bag and folder, and began making his way down the beach towards them, finding a spot close and sitting on the sand to wait. Hayley noticed as he sat down, and smiled at him, making sure to keep eye contact as she posed, letting him know these were specifically just for him. Hayley had a quick word with Miruna, before they walked over to Dan, and gave him a big kiss, before taking a mouthful of her drink and passing it to Miruna. As the photographer took a sip, Hayley leaned down to Dan and told him that the group of guys had clearly been enjoying watching them, and kept commenting to show more, which she was tempted to do “accidentaly”. Dan told her he thought she should definitely flash them, firstly by doing what she did earlier when she pulled the side of her bikini down, but this time taking it a lot further, and secondly, she should moon at them again, but this time make sure her legs are a bit open and pull the bottoms down further, making sure they can see her pussy from behind. He then told her that if she thinks of any other way to do it, he’s happy for her to go with it.

Smiling, the two girls made their way back to the water to continue the shoot, getting another cheer from the guys as they realised they were getting a second screening. They watched transfixed again as the Hayley kept posing, occasionally cheering and laughing when the girls did something like a specific pose for them. It was when Hayley began untying and playing with the string at the side of her bottoms, one of the group called out for her to “untie both sides and show us what’s under them!” Hayley turned around and had a quick scan over the beach, making sure there was no youngsters around, before proceeding with what Dan had suggested. She tied the string back up (to a loud collective groan), before spreading her feet a bit further in the sand, and pulling her bottoms down way clear of her bum, exposing her ass and pussy from behind to the group. She stayed like this for a while, long enough for Miruna to get roughly 10 or so pictures in whilst Hayley wiggled her pert little bum about, and the lads all continued cheering at the sight in front of them. Eventually, the two girls walked back over to Dan for the final time, indicating the shoot had finished, to be met firstly by fake boos, then a round of applause from the group of guys, appreciating what they had just been treated to.

As they cebeci escort sat down, Hayley began explaining to Miruna how much she loved the experience, being the centre of attention whilst strangers watched and encouraged her, the thrill of flashing, it was all exhilarating. Miruna told her that she knew about it, since she had posed for the site a few years ago. As Dan passed Miruna her bag back, he mentioned he had seen the “other” pictures towards the back, and asked who would normally do that kind of shoot. As Hayley hadn’t seen the pictures, she had no idea what Dan was talking about. Miruna had started to turn a bit red from embarrassment, as she had forgotten that there were one or two of her in that section that Dan had most likely just seen. He handed the folder to Hayley, and opened it up from the back this time, immediately seeing the pictures of the nude girls Dan was clearly referring to. She turned to him a little surprised, and asked if he wanted her to do a shoot like that. He told her that he would love to see that, but only if she wanted to.

Miruna explained that she couldn’t at the moment, as she had a shoot scheduled for about half an hour’s time that she had to get to, but if they are serious, she can pick them up tomorrow at midday and go to the private beach. Hayley agreed, and they exchanged numbers before Miruna disappeared to her next shoot. As the two sat chatting and finishing their drinks off, a couple of the lads from the group that were watching came over and spoke to Dan and Hayley, complimenting her on the shoot and saying how hot (and naughty) she was with some of her poses, as well as congratulating Dan on managing to find a girl like her. After chatting for a few minutes, they returned to their group, and Dan and Hayley walked back to their hotel to get ready for a night out. Since it was their first night, they didn’t plan on going mad, but still having a good night and plenty to drink. Dan put on a linen shirt and shorts, while Hayley chose a patterned summery dress and white wedge sandals.

Dan walked into the bedroom behind Hayley as she was touching up her make up in the mirror, slid his hands under her dress, and ran them up to her bum, palming at her pert derriere.

“Hmm, I see you have opted to go commando for the night. Good choice!” he said, impressed that Hayley had decided against wearing underwear again, which was now becoming standard on nights out. Quickly moving his hand under the cheeks to cup her pussy, he informed her that he was hoping a few people will get to see it tonight.

The club was packed, loads of youngsters drinking, dancing, and having a good time. Dan and Hayley managed to get to the bar for a drink before heading out to the dancefloor and getting their groove on. After plenty of dancing and several trips to the bar, both were feeling a bit tipsy and Dan needed to go to the toilet, but mentioned to Hayley that she should carry on dancing whilst he was gone.

“And if your new dance partner gets a little ‘handsy’, let them carry on” he told her as he wandered over towards the men’s room.

Upon his return, he could see Hayley surrounded by a group of lads, them taking turns dancing and grinding with her, their hands wandering over her stomach and occasionally down to her legs, but none of them attempted anything more than that. Dan watched from the edge of the dancefloor, wondering if and when someone would finally try to go further. Eventually, as Hayley was dancing in front of one of the group, one of the others moved in closer behind her and began gyrating, effectively sandwiching her between them, and placed his hands on her hips, running them up and down. As her arms were raised in the air whilst moving to the thumping beat, she made no attempt to stop the hands as they moved down her legs to just past the bottom of her dress, and slowly back up, making sure they were on her bare legs in order to bring the dress up with them. ‘Finally’ Dan thought to himself, as the hands reached her bum and made their way around to cradle her cheeks as she continued dancing. Hayley could obviously feel the hands, but was disappointed they had only stopped on her behind, rather than continuing to her slick pussy where she thought they would be by now. She continued like nothing was happening, until she could feel the right hand slide from her bum cheek and move towards her folds.

The fingers of the guy behind her began rubbing forwards and backwards, sliding over her hole, before they finally found their way into her wet entrance, two fingers slipping in with ease as she continued dancing between the two men. From his position, Dan could see several of the group smiling or laughing whilst nodding towards their friends’ hand under Hayley’s dress, watching him finger her as she clearly didn’t mind. He watched for a few minutes as this continued, before heading to the bar to get them another drink. When he returned, he stood in the same place again, seeing Hayley still amongst the same group, but this time she was between two different guys. The guy behind her had clearly seen what his çubuk escort friend had done and had decided to try his luck, apparently finding her more than agreeable since his hand was also under her hiked up dress. Dan kept watching as steadily the lads switched places, making sure they all had a feel of what she had.

Once they had all had their hands under her skirt, he made his way back over to her. Initially, one of the group asked if they could help him, before Hayley turned around and told the guy that he is her boyfriend, resulting in the lads looking among themselves based on what had just happened. Dan could see the uneasiness, so informed that he had been watching them and was fine with everything, and that he had told her to do it as he likes to watch. The group still didn’t appear to know how to process this, so as he mentioned to Hayley to carry on dancing, he took hold of the guy behind hers hand and guided it back towards her, lifting her dress as he did so, giving the stranger unrestricted access to her from behind. Whilst still moving his hand towards her, the lad looked at Dan, wanting to confirm he was saying he wanted him to finger his girlfriend in front of him. Dan told the guy about the first night of their weekend, where he got three lads to do this (leaving out about what happened after), before telling him that so long as she doesn’t object, they are all free to touch her up as much as they like. Hearing this, the group resumed how they were before, alternating amongst themselves, taking turns to masturbate her as Dan watched on. After a while, one of the group moved over to Dan and asked him about ‘anything more’. Since Dan was ok with it, he told him he would ask Hayley, and moved closer to her to see what she said.

“Not tonight I don’t think” she replied, “in fact, I’m feeling a bit tired now, can we go back to the hotel?” She asked.

“Of course babe, I’m ready if you are” Dan responded.

He turned to the group of lads, and told them that whilst on another night, things may have ended differently, tonight they were tired and going back to their hotel. He apologised if they felt it was just done to tease them, and told them if they meet again, he was sure they would be compensated, before they headed out, back to their hotel, a 5 or so minute walk. Once back in their room, Dan went into the bedroom to get undressed as Hayley went to the toilet, before they switched places. Returning to the room, he could see her dress on the floor, and Hayley passed out, face down and naked on the bed. ‘Well, she must’ve enjoyed herself if she’s this worn out’ he smiled to himself as he got into bed, turned the light out, and fell asleep himself.

The following morning they both woke up relatively early, and went downstairs for breakfast before getting ready for Hayley’s second photoshoot. When they got back to the room, Hayley checked her phone and saw a message from Miruna regarding the shoot —

‘Hey Hayley, it’s Miruna. I forgot I’ve got another nude shoot booked today at the same time. I’d still love to take you and Dan and do both one after the other, but I understand since the other girl’s bf will be there and you might not want to strip in front of him. Let me know please x’

Hayley explained this to Dan, who told her it was her decision, but he thought she would enjoy it, given her recent propensity for showing herself off.

‘Hey Miruna, it’s Hayley. I’m fine with them being there if they don’t mind Dan coming. Really excited and a bit nervous for it, See you soon x’

By the time Miruna arrived, Hayley had put a few different bikinis into a bag, and they went downstairs and got in the car waiting for them. As they set off Miruna started telling them about the other girl doing a shoot and her boyfriend. The girls name is Gia, her boyfriend is called Luca, they’re both from Romania, and this is her third set for the website, having previously done a topless shoot like Hayley, then a topless in white pants in a private swimming pool set. This will be her first time doing a nude set though, and like Dan, Luca had apparently been very encouraging of her to do it. Miruna came across very passionate about her job, clearly loving what she does, but explaining that sometimes it can get a little frustrating in that every time she has shot a girl nude and their boyfriend has been there, she has always offered to do a personal shoot with them both, but no man has ever accepted yet. (Although, she was hopeful that Luca may actually take her up on it, based on how supportive and interested he was during her last shoot, and he didn’t say no when she mentioned it last time).

When they arrived at the other couples hotel, both Dan and Hayley could see why Miruna wants Luca to join in, as the couple are a very attractive one. Gia was roughly 5 foot 5, with long brunette hair, a slim athletic body, and quite big boobs. Luca was roughly 6 foot tall, short dark hair, a thin, groomed beard, and clearly very well-toned. They came straight over to Miruna’s car and got in, introducing themselves to Dan and Hayley, before they headed off to the secluded beach for the photoshoots. Considering both were Romanian and neither had ever visited England, both spoke English exceptionally well, ensuring the conversation flowed the entire journey until Miruna informed them that they had arrived, and it was time to grab the equipment and head down to the beach.

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