The Wedding Invitation Pt. 03


I awoke to the pleasant sensation of someone gently massaging my left breast.

I say “someone”, because for an instant, I did not know who it was. Vague recollections of the previous evening were coming back to me. Copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed, so it was no wonder that my memory was unclear. I do recall that my cousins Peter and Dave had returned with us to the cottage after the wedding and that we had all cooled off in the pool. Oh, and there were certain shenanigans that were coming to mind. Ultimately though, we crashed, and the boys needed somewhere to sleep, so I graciously offered them to share my queen bed, on the strict proviso that we fall asleep with no funny business. I can report that the boys kept their end of the bargain.

But now the sun was up, and it was another day, so apparently, for “someone” the rules slate was wiped clean.

Last night, when we went to bed, I was the meat in the sandwich, with one cousin either side of me. So who was this gentleman, giving me a wake up call? I glanced over my shoulder to be met with the smiling face of cousin Peter.

“Good morning, Julie,” was all that he could say, as he tweaked with my nipple.

We were in the spoon position, and I could detect an erect penis pressed hard against my back.

“Good morning, Peter,” I replied, as my hand reached behind me and wrapped itself around his morning wood.

“I had a great time last night, thank you and oh, thank your mum too,” he added cheekily.

I recalled that Peter had dragged mum out of the pool and fucked her on the grass, while dad, me and Dave looked on admiringly. I also recall that just prior to that, Dave had me up against the side of the pool and fucked me from behind. Did I say there were some shenanigans last night?

“You are very welcome cuz,” I honestly replied. It had been a fantastic night. The wedding was a blast and the after party one to remember.

I languidly stroked Peter’s lovely cock. The brothers were blessed with magnificent penises, and they were skilled lovers. I could feel my pussy getting wet and I wanted that cock inside me. No time for foreplay. I was excited by the fact that one brother was going to fuck me while his brother lay asleep only inches away. It seemed so incredibly naughty. The trick was to do the deed without waking him up.

I guided Peter’s cock to the entrance to my fanny. Lightly, he eased his knob in, and with no resistance, as my pussy was so terribly moist, he easily went all the way in. Mindful of his brother asleep next to me, he fucked me slowly and gently, building a smooth momentum. The feeling was sublime, his thick cock filling every inch of my pussy. With a free hand he was softly kneading my boobs.

There is nothing like a morning quickie and I knew that we could both cum fast, pure instant gratification without the need for a long, slow build up.

“I’m cumming,” Peter softly whispered in my ear.

“Do it,” I whispered back, “I’m cumming too.”

With that I felt a torrent of cum fill my hot, moist cunt. Peter’s cock pulsed inside me, as a shudder coursed through my body.

In the heat of the moment, I did not realise that my left arm was resting on brother Dave’s shoulder, and in my passion, I gripped it tightly, awaking him from his slumber.

He awoke with a start, sitting up abruptly, momentarily unaware of his circumstances.

The scene was hilarious and there was no controlling the laughter as Peter and I reacted to his stunned face.

“Are you two rooting?’ was all he could say.

“Oh, and good morning to you too Dave.” I replied sarcastically, “we were rooting, until you so rudely interrupted us.”

“Oh sorry, I could go back to sleep, but what am I going to do with this?” he said, pointing to his own raging morning wood.

“Hmmm, well, you can’t accuse me of playing favourites, here I know what you can do with it,” I said.

With that I rolled on my back and spread my legs. Dave hopped on top of me and with no effort he entered my gaping cunt, that had so lovingly been prepared for him only seconds before by his brother.

Two morning quickies I thought to myself. This is a first and what a way to start the day. I felt so terribly, terribly naughty, but at the same time on a sexual high that I had never experienced before. Never had I been in bed with two men, let alone my cousins. It felt doubly titillating that the man who just fucked me was watching on as I was getting fucked again.

Dave pumped away, my pussy was squelching, having been filled with Peter’s massive load and my own cum. The feeling was exquisite, Dave’s cock sliding effortlessly with such lubrication.

“Cum now Dave, I want it now,” I begged him.

“Yes, yes,” Dave mumbled, eager to cum for me.

For the second time in minutes, I experienced wave after wave of cum fill my pussy. I just knew that the sheets were going to be saturated. I could feel the jizz cascading down my legs, my vagina overflowing, unable to contain the tsunami seks hikayeleri of cum.

Dave rolled off and collapsed beside me. I was left panting on my back. Peter was on one elbow surveying the scene, no doubt well satisfied with the start to his day. He leant across and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. We lay silently, taking in the moment.

“Well that beats a morning wank!” was all Dave could say, reducing us all to tears of laughter.

Seems our ruckus had woken the parents as mum appeared at the open doorway.

“Good morning you lot,” she said, “you’ve started early!”

“Early worm gets the bird, Aunty Claire,” was Peter’s clever mixed metaphor reply.

“Very clever Peter, and I think we can dispense with the aunty bit, after last night,” mum replied with a smile. “So, when you have your strength back, we will have some breakfast.”

“Your mum is a champ, I mean you are too Julie, but she is a crack up,” Peter admiringly declared.

Breakfast sounded appealing as I was starving, so we dragged ourselves out of bed and into the kitchen.

Dad was already there making coffee. As if I had not had enough cock, there was my dad and his glorious member, looking gorgeous in its flaccid state. Surely I am the luckiest girl in the world.

“I am going to give your parents a call boys. It’s going to be another hot one today and I thought we could have a bbq lunch around the pool,” mum suggested.

The boys nodded in agreement.

‘Julie, we are going to need some more food, so can you and the lads go to the supermarket and pick up some things. I’ll give you a list,” mum added.

“Sure mum, we will have a dip first then go,” I said.

Soon, breakfast was out of the way. I helped mum clean up and then it was time for a quick swim. All five of us dived in and the floated around. There was no vigorous activity, as we were all a little tired from a big night before and of course, for me personally, a busy morning.

The boys reminded me of a bit of a problem. They only had their clothes from the night before and that seemed a little formal to go to the shops. My plan was to wear a simple sundress and that was all, no underwear.

“How about you guys just put on your pants and your shirt, no shoes, and since I’m not wearing any undies, you can’t either,” was my suggestion.

“I guess so, we will get mum to bring a change for us,” reasoned Peter.

So it was into the car and off to the shops we went.

I was feeling so frisky, a sense of being almost naked in my light, see through sundress. I had a little plan in my head. I reached across to Peter with my spare hand and began rubbing him on the crotch. I wanted the boys to go into the shops with erections or at least half hard.

“Hey Dave,” I called out to him in the back seat, “give yourself a bit of a rub, I want to see you walking around the shops with a hard on.”

“You are crazy Julie, do you want to get us thrown in jail?” he argued.

“They won’t throw you in jail and what do you care, you live two towns away, no one knows you here,” I replied convincingly.

“Ha ha, yeah, you are right, why not give the locals a thrill,” he agreed.

We pulled up in the carpark and got out. I checked the boys out, both had semis at best, and it wasn’t immediately apparent that they were going commando, but the thrill was still there. We made our ways through the aisles and filled the trolley. We got some more alcohol and then time for home.

Back home and in the front door, off came the clothes. The boys were particularly happy as they had been rather hot walking around the shops in their suit pants and long sleeve shirts. But we had deserved a beer so that was our reward as we unpacked the shopping.

“Thanks, kids, for doing that,” mum said as she helped put the food way. “I have spoken to your mum and they are thrilled to join us. Now I know that they are very comfortable with being naked, so I told them that we would not be bothering with clothes and they can nude up when they get here. She thought that was a great idea, so no need for us to get dressed.”

I was pleased to hear this. Of course, it was no surprise to me. Carol and Steve were often naked on the farm, especially around the pool. It was probably a relief to know that they didn’t need costumes because it is quite likely that they didn’t own any!

With everything ready, we cracked a bottle of white and sat around the table in the shade of the patio. Soon there was a knock on the door.

“Come in, it’s open,” dad called, and we all stood up to welcome our guests.

There were hugs all round. Steve had a six pack of beer and a bottle of wine with him which dad grabbed and put in the fridge.

“So glad you guys could make. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable,’ mum suggested.

They certainly didn’t need to be asked twice. Carol was wearing a light cotton sundress, a beautiful sunflower yellow, with an elasticed bodice. sex hikayeleri With one swift movement she raised it over her head, revealing the fact that she was not wearing any underwear. Carol looked fantastic. She was only two years older than mum and she was very active working on the farm, so she had a trim figure. Her breasts were mid sized, meaning she could get away without wearing a bra. I certainly never saw her in one when I visited. She had a glorious all over tan and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed rather than shaved. Steve was equally casually dressed in just shorts and a t-shirt and when he dropped his pants he wasn’t wearing underwear either. Steve was well tanned too, but he had the tell tale “farmer’s arms”, where there was a clear difference in the tone of the skin from wearing a shirt when working on the farm. His bum and front was nicely tanned indicating that when he was off duty, he was mostly naked. This was exactly my memory of Steve and Carol when I visited. Of course, it had been a while since I had seen his cock, but I remembered it as being a good size and even soft as it now was, it looked impressive indeed.

“That is so much better,” Carol said, “I’m glad that you have taken to the naturist lifestyle, When did this start?

“It was just after Julie left home. We just got used to getting out of bed and not dressing. Then we tried going to a nearby nude beach and we were hooked. The sad part is that we could have done it years earlier as Julie tells us that she was naked a lot at home and has certainly been since living away,” mum explained.

“Well, never too late, we love it. When you have been around nudity all your life it is just so natural, no shame and no unwholesome curiosity. Boys and girls growing up together with healthy body imagine,” Carol added as we all nodded in agreement.

We chatted and laughed as we sat and drank. Much of the talk was of the wedding and what a lovely night it was. The newlyweds were off for a week in Fiji. We were all suitably jealous, but to be honest, we were having a great time here, sitting, relaxing, drinking and jumping in the pool when we wanted to. It was pretty blissful.

Dad and Steve decided to get the bbq under way so it was time for a dip for the rest of us. The water was just the perfect temperature, cool enough to be refreshing, but you could stay in it all day.

Mum and Carol stood chatting at one end. They clearly had a bit to catch up on. Dave, Peter and I floated up to the other end and mellowed out there. I so enjoyed being in their company, as if that wasn’t already so obvious. They were fun and playful and despite being my cousins, I considered them so very sexy and they were on the same sexual wavelength as my family. I must admit that I was a little shocked that we so easily progressed to such sexual intimacy last night. I think the fact that mum and dad and I had taken that step made it so much simpler. We had become relaxed in our family situation. Our cousins moving into that circle seemed perfectly natural. I admit, that visiting the farm had made nudity and a certain undertow of sexual freedom a normal aspect of life. On the farm there was no shame or social restrictions. I saw plenty of erections there, the boys and Steve. They never seemed to flaunt it, but if they happened, they happened and usually, they would just go away of their own accord.

Then a particular incident came to mind. When I was recently at the farm, the whole family was relaxing around the pool. We were all naked of course. Dave did have an erection. He was just lying on his back, enjoying the sun, he could even have been asleep. He wasn’t playing with it, it was just there, an erection, no big deal. Anyway, Carol woke him up, she didn’t say anything to him, but they both got up and went into the house. They were gone half an hour. They both came back to the pool; Dave no longer had an erection. I thought nothing of it, as I said, erections come and go. But in light of the events of last night, how Peter had no qualms about having sex with his aunty and the boys with me, well, was sex within the family something that they were comfortable with? Clearly yes. Could Dave had gone inside and had sex with his mum to relieve his hard on? Quite possibly. Am I shocked? Not at all. Seems I am on a steep learning curve.

A bolt of sexual tension ran through my body. Family secrets were bubbling to the surface. I sensed more was to come to light very soon.

Standing in the pool next to Dave and Peter, I reached out and grabbed each of their cocks. I gently played with them and marvelled as they grew hard to my touch. They both looked on contentedly, thoroughly enjoying the attention of their cousin.

“Time to get out everyone, lunch is ready,” dad called from the bbq area.

We all made for the ladder, mum and Carol were out first, then the boys then me. The boys were sporting hard ons and they made no attempt to conceal them. Carol looked in their direction but made no comment.

“Who needs a drink?” Dave said, “I’m going to the fridge,”

“White wine from me,” said Carol, “bring the bottle out honey.”

Dave returned with the wine. Everyone was sitting at the table. Dave walked around filling everyone’s glasses, all the while, he was rock hard, but not a word was spoken. He then sat down next to his mum. I was sitting on the other side. Under the cover of the table, Carol reached down and gave Dave’s cock a little rub. She held his cock for a little while, all the time carrying on a conversation with the rest of the table. She released it and then went about eating her meal. It was a telling insight.

“Great barbeque you guys, my steak is perfect,” I said.

“Years of practice my dear,” dad replied. No truer words were said. The barbeque was dad’s domain; mum was more than happy to let him do the cooking.

Lunch was going fabulously. The food was great, and the wine was flowing freely. We were in the shade of the patio, but it was still very hot.

Carol was knocking the wine back like it was water. She was funny as with a few drinks in her and what few inhibitions she had were soon out the window.

“So Claire and Adrian you have finally joined the nudie set, about bloody time!” she exclaimed. “It’s the best feeling isn’t it, the Sun on your body, the breeze caressing your dick or your boobs or your pussy, whatever you have.”

Carol’s declaration had us all laughing. But she wasn’t finished yet.

“And finally Adrian, I get to see that lovely cock of yours, not that there is anything wrong with yours honey,” she declared, grabbing Steve by his arm,” but variety is the spice of life and no harm in looking.”

Dad seemed to take it in good grace. “Well Carol, you have no shortage of nice cocks in your household; Steve has a beauty and your boys have taken after him,” dad suggested.

“Ohhh yes,” Carol added with gusto, “my boys are doing alright, I love ’em to death, isn’t that right?”

“Yes mum,” said Dave, rolling his eyes, which earned him a slap on his arm.

I could sense the sexual tension in the air. It emboldened me.

“I can vouch for your boys’ cocks, Carol,” I blurted out,” they are gorgeous and they know how to use them, don’t they mum.”

Maybe I should not have said that, putting mum deep in the shit, but I thought, why hide this, it is bound to come out eventually.

“No way!” Carol exclaimed. “What have you boys been up to…I turn my back for one minute….” Carol’s voice trailed off for comic effect, as she didn’t really seem so shocked or outraged.

“Well Carol, we had a lot to drink last night and we were all on a bit of a high from the wedding, and…”mum tried to explain.

“It’s OK little sister, I mean who can blame them, look at you, you’re beautiful, what man could resist you, isn’t that right Steve? Carol declared, looking her husband straight in the eye.

Steve looked a little uncomfortable, but his answer was perfect. “Two of the most beautiful sisters in the world if you ask me.”

Mum, who was sitting next to him, took his hand. “Oh Steve, that is so sweet of you, do you really think so?”

“I sure do, why, look at those breasts, perfect in every way.” With that he reached across and took one boob in each hand and gently rubbed them. ‘So soft yet so firm, they are delicious, I bet they taste good too.”

We sat spellbound as Steve left his seat and moved over to take mum’s left breast into his mouth. He sucked it gently and with his spare hand continued to massage her other breast. He was clearly enjoying it as his cock had now grown to a full blown erection. It was an impressive sight. There was no shortage of magnificent cocks in this family. I thought that I had died and gone to cock heaven.

Dad looked on. I was anxious to see how he would react. He was clearly excited by the events as he too was now sporting a massive hard on. This did not go unnoticed by Carol, who moved to sit next to dad. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it firmly.

All the while, Dave, Peter and I are watching in amazement. It was like being in the front row of some bizarre sex show. All I wanted to do was watch.

Steve lifted mum up and carried her to one of the sun lounges. He placed her down on her back and spread her legs. Next his face was firmly planted on her pussy, and he was licking with all his might. Mum held his head in place, encouraging him to have his fill. Mum closed her eyes, her chest was heaving as Steve sucked on mum’s labia, taking them into his mouth, lashing them with his tongue.

Then Steve moved his face away and replace his tongue with his fingers in mum’s cunt. First two, then three fingers entered her, delving deep into her vagina. Twisting his hand, his fingers massaged the ribbed upper area of her entrance. Mum squirmed in sheer delight.

I didn’t know where to look.

On the next sunlounge, Carol was giving dad the blow job of his life. Two nights ago, I saw mum take his massive cock all the way down her throat, taking him up to his balls. Carol had equal skills. I was in awe and there and then I determined that I would work on my oral skills, so that one day, I could have dad’s cock deep down my throat too.

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