The Visitor


One Saturday I was home alone, my wife Sarah, had just left for work. I just finished writing a story and printed it out. I laid it on the end table so when she got home she could read it. I liked to get her aroused that way then we would go to bed and try out some of the things I wrote about, I called it research after the fact. I was still worked up from writing and was planning on lying on the bed and masturbating.

I was disappointed when I heard someone at the door. I answered it and was pleasantly surprised to see Vera, a friend of ours standing there, she was wearing skin tight jeans and a short blouse showing her beautiful figure. She’s a bubbly sexy but naive woman that I adored; she was welcome to interrupt me any time she wanted.

She came in and said, “Hi John, just thought I’d stop since I was in the area and visit, is your wife home?”

“No, she’s working 2nd shift today but you’re welcome to come in and visit, where’s your hubby?”

“He had to work today too so I’m just out running around.”

She came in and we sat and talked for sometime, then I saw her reach over and pick up the papers off the end table and start looking at them, embarrassed I said, “Uh that’s a story I wrote.”

She smiled and said, “Oh I didn’t know you wrote stories, can I read it?”

I stood up and started to reach for them and said, “You better not it’s pretty racy, I just write them for Sarah’s and my entertainment.”

Drawing her hands back so I wouldn’t grab them from her she said, “Ooo… I like to read stuff like that” and started reading it anyway.

I sat back down and watched her reading it and would hear an occasional ooo or mmm. She looked at me and said, “You’re right this is racy… you bad boy.” and went back to reading. I could tell by the look on her face she was reading a real explicit part. She soon finished it and laid it back down and said, “Wow am I blushing?”

I looked at her beautiful face and said, “Your cheeks are a little red.”

She fanned her face with her hand and said, “You got an ornery streak in you I see.”

Laughing I asked, “Yeah, did you like it?”

She cleared her throat and said, “It’s very explicit and descriptive I’ll say that much.”

“Yeah but did it do what it’s supposed to do?”

Giving me her cute naive look she asked, “What do you mean?”

“Did it get your juices flowing?”

She looked away and in a quite voice said, “Uh… yeah.” She picked it back up and leafed through it to find a good part and read it again.

I leaned back in my chair and saw her quickly glance down at my bulge and I asked her, “What part did you just reread?”

“The part where he was masturbating.”

“Oh you liked that, do you masturbate?”

She looked embarrassed by my blunt question but answered, “Well… I don’t know.”

Curious by her answer I asked, “What do you mean, you don’t know?”

“I never done it like you describe in your story, but I’ve rolled up my blanket and laid on it and well… humped it until I climaxed.”

“Hey if it works go for it.” Feeling I had her interest I asked, “Have you ever watched your husband do it?”

“Nooo… şişli escort are you kidding, we don’t even talk about things like that, I don’t imagine he even masturbates.”

By now I’m really horny, she interrupted my planned session and now I’m having this conversation with my beautiful friend I never thought I’d be having with her. Wanting to take it to the next level, I started rubbing myself, making my thin shorts conform to the long shape of my semi hard cock.

With her eyes riveted on what my hand was doing she asked, “What are you doing?” Even though she knew full well what I was doing.

I wrapped my hand around my thick member growing down the leg of my shorts and stroked it and said, “Oh this feels so good, I’d like to masturbate right now, in fact that’s what I was getting ready to do when you came over.”

She stood up and in her cute high pitched voice, stretching my name out she said, “John… I can’t believe we’re even talking about this, I better go.”

I stopped rubbing myself and said, “No, please don’t go.” To my relief she stopped.

“I want you to stay so we can talk some more.” I was really encouraged when she sat back down.

“But what about your need? I thought you wanted to go… you know.” She asked concerned.

“Well if you want to wait out here I can go back in my room and take care of it then we can visit some more.”

She sat there quite for awhile then said, “Ok I guess that’d be alright.”

I thought for awhile and said, “Vera, you mean to tell me you’d sit out here knowing what I was doing twenty feet away and be ok and not be curious. I would really like it if you would come back with me and watch.

She thought for awhile and said, “I never watched anyone do that before.”

“Well here’s your chance, all you have to do is sit on the bed and watch me get off. That would turn me on so much if you would.” She just sat there I could tell she was considering my offer. I stood up and took her hand and pulled her to her feet and said, “Come on you know you want to, you have to take advantage of a situation when you can.”

I led her down the hall to the bedroom, trailing be hind me She said, “I feel so weird I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

We walked in the bedroom, I told her, “here just set on the bed.” She sat down on my side of the bed and propped my pillow against the head board and leaned back on it. I went in the bathroom to get a clean dry wash cloth to wipe up when I was done. I stood at the foot of the bed and proceeded to take all my clothes off.

She watched me intently and said, “Oh, you like to get naked when you do it.”

“Yeah sometimes… especially now because I don’t want you to miss anything.” I pulled my underwear down exposing my semi hard cock and crawled in the bed and laid on my back beside her. Her eyes were fixed on my cock.

I got right down to business by taking my cock in hand and began stroking it, I looked over at her beautiful crotch, secure in her tight jeans and her fabulous bare belly and it wasn’t long before it was fully hard and my head was big and shiny.

She began escort mecidiyeköy squirming in the bed beside me repositioning herself and said, “Wow John, that is one big cock.

Glad that she was enjoying the show I asked her, “Would you please reach in the night stand and hand me my gel?”

She pulled the drawer open and picked up the bottle of O’My and said, “Is this it?”

“Yeah, that’s the best stuff.”

She squirted some on her fingertips and for a moment I thought she was going to rub it on my cock for me, but to my disappointment she just rubbed it between her fingers and said, “Oh this is so silky,” and handed me the bottle.

She watched as I pumped a generous amount on my cock head, it flowed down my thick shaft to my hand and I began rubbing it around covering my entire cock. I slowly began stroking my slippery shaft and said, “Mmm this feels so good, it feels like a woman’s natural juices.” I stroked slowly while squeezing enough pressure to feel like a tight virgin pussy.

She squirmed around some more and said, “Your head looks so big and tight are you about to cum?”

“No, but it won’t be long.” I looked over at her crotch and could see that her jeans were so tight that they were in her crack. “You know what I’m imagining right now?”

I could tell she was very aroused when she gave me a breathy reply of, “No… Please tell me.”

“I’m imagining my cock going in and out of your scrumptious looking pussy.”

All she could say was a throaty, “Oh John.”

I continued my quest then told her, “I’d love it if you’d pull your pants down so I could see your panties.” With out saying any thing she scooted down in the bed more and unbuttoned her tight jeans and raised her butt up and slid them down just below her crotch exposing her tiny string panties. Her panties slid down a little and I got a glimpse of her hair before she pulled them back up. Her tight jeans kept her thighs pressed together, squeezing her pussy lips, trapping her panties in her crack.

She rubbed her hand down across her pussy and said, “Mmm your cock looks so damn good right now, I love watching you jack off.

Seeing this beautiful site lying so close, and hearing her obvious arousal, I felt my orgasm welling up and when I knew I was cumming I turned over on my side and ejaculated all over her belly; it squirted every where, on her arm, on her shirt.

I heard her take in a jerky breath and say, “Oh my, I never realized so much came out.”

I leaned over and licked all my love juice off of her beautiful belly and even sucked it off her shirt, we both looked at the big glob on her forearm and I said, “Do you want to taste it.”

She lifted her arm up and put her open mouth over my sperm and sucked it off and said, “Mmm… it taste good, I never tasted it before.”

I was surprised and asked, “Your husband never came in your mouth?”

“No, we never had oral sex.”

I thought, ‘I’d love to teach this girl a few things.’

She took a deep breath and said, “Oh John that was great, I loved feeling your hot cum spewing on me.” I’m so worked up right now I’m tempted masturbate too.” escort gecelik

I put my hand over on her panties and said, “That would be great if you would, I’d love to watch you, I’ll help you if you want.”

“No I want to do it myself.” She pulled her pants off and tossed them to the floor, then slid her panties off and threw them on her pants. I watched as she spread her legs and rubbed her fingers inside her wet pussy. “I’m not too good at this I hope I can get off.”

I reached over in my wife’s night stand and got one of her toys. “Here try this.”

She took it and looked at it and said, oh wow does it vibrate?” I reached over and turned it on. She put it on her pussy, “ahh this is fantastic, I always wanted to try masturbating with a vibrator.” She slid it inside her wet pussy and apparently made contact with her clitoris. “Oh… oh my god… this feels good… John thank you, this feels so damn good.” I watched her intently thinking of how I would love to toss that vibrator away and get on her and fuck the hell out of her, but I didn’t.

It seemed like no time at all she was crying out, “I’m cumming… oh John oh.” her body stiffened and jerked she relaxed still rubbing the toy on her then jerked a couple more times then went limp. I shut off the vibrator for her. She laid still with it in her, “I think I could get off again, how do you turn this thing on?”

I showed her the switch, “here just twist this, I wish I could have multiple orgasms.”

She turned it on and began pleasuring herself again as I kissed her belly. I could smell her sweet juices and wanted to lick her so bad. To decrease my temptation to violate her trust in me, I leaned back on my pillow and watched her enjoy her new friend. Then her body began quaking with her second climax.

We just laid there beside each other, not touching, recovering from an extraordinary experience. Then she broke the silence by saying, “I want one of these.”

I grinned at her and said, “I tell you what, let me buy you one but… you have to let me watch you use it the first time.”

She excitedly said, “Buddy you got a deal!” She reached over and took the wash cloth off my softening cock, “can I use this?”

“Yeah but if you want I can get you a fresh one.”

She surprised me by saying, “Mmm no, I’d rather use this one,” as she wiped my cum dampened wash cloth between her legs.

She rolled away from me and got out of the bed then picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom.

I watched her beautiful bare ass disappear behind the closed door. I laid there until she came out fully clothed and headed for the bedroom door. So I said, “I’ll be out as soon as I clean up.”

I cleaned up and joined her in the living room. We had a good time talking and tried to return to a more normal relationship but both of us knew our relationship had changed forever.

She stood and walked towards the door and said, “I better go home now.”

I walked over to her and said, “I’ll order your toy for you, it should be here by next weekend, I’d love it if you’d come over then.”

“That’d be great, I hope I can wait until then.” then she put her hand on the back of my neck to pull me down to her and gave me a big kiss on the lips, “Thanks John for a fantastic afternoon.” Then turned and walked out the door.

I watched her beautiful ass as she walked to her car. “Yeah, I need to get some of that” I said in a low voice.

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