The Two-Month Break Clause Pt. 02


After my first post, I received several comments. Some of the comments were positive and others negative. Any comments that were constructive, I will take the criticism and learn to incorporate those suggestions into the subsequent chapters and other stories I write. One of the comments was about numbering the story as Part 1 or some variation like that. That was my fault and I apologize, I won’t do that again. Other comments were about the wrong category, I totally agree, but there is a dropdown menu and I didn’t see “cuckold” or “forced cuckold” or some variation in which to choose. Some questioned the timescales. I can assure you the timescales work, and the children are John and Natalie’s. Finally, I’d like to address the contract part. YES, I know it is not enforceable, but to me, it added to the erotic nature of the scenario. Please keep the comments coming and I will try harder to please more people. I will continue this story where I left off and will only revisit the contract terms. All characters are over 18 years of age.


…This had turned me on so much that I was close to shooting my load in Nat’s mouth. She pulled off for a quick second knowing I had read the contract and said with sultry eyes, “you don’t have to sign this, but if you do, we’re going to start tonight…”

Nat moved her mouth back onto my cock. She knew she was driving me crazy and most likely knew I was about to flood her mouth with cum. The images swirling around in my head, after thinking about the contract terms, was increasing my horniness exponentially. With one more fluid motion down on my cock, I shot several ropes of cum into Natalie’s mouth. She pulled away from my cock and sat up and immediately kissed me forcing my own cum into my mouth. After swallowing, I pushed Nat’s head back on the pillow. I started kissing her all over her neck and worked my way down. After that phenomenal blow job, I owe her.

As I moved down her sensuous body I stopped at her tits. She has light pinkish areolas with pert nipples which when stimulated, drives her crazy. After spending several minutes on her tits, I slowly worked my way down to her tummy and ultimately her inner thighs. I was kissing and licking both of her inner thighs and moving ever closer to her pussy. The smell is intoxicating, but I know it’s important to build up the anticipation and excitement. After another minute or two, I move my mouth into her pussy. My initial stimulation clearly worked as she was very wet when my tongue finally reached her cunt. She hasn’t been this wet before to my recollection, unless my jizz had just been deposited there. It appears this whole “contract” thing excited her to a higher level than I’ve witnessed. Given her condition, it didn’t take long after I finally reached her clit for her to orgasm. My face was soaked with her juices.

Moving back up next and to the side of her, I said, “That was hot as fuck,” still panting.

“I don’t ever recall cumming so explosively,” Natalie commented. “By the way, what did you think of the contract?”

As we both settled down from Nat’s orgasm, I looked at her and said, “It looks as though you put a lot of thought into this. Do you see me as feminine somehow? I know you know that I like being with guys, but I never thought of you thinking of me in that way.” I was being reflective.

“I’ll be honest, I do sometimes. Not all the time, but the notion crosses my mind from time-to-time. Don’t get me wrong, I love you for who you are. But, there’s always that part of me that thinks, ‘Am I enough?'” She explained.

“But what you are asking in this contract is for me to be quite feminine. I’m not sure I want to do that. Don’t get me wrong, the whole thing turns me on beyond belief. However, you want me to be more like a sissy rather than a cuckold.” I stated questioningly.

“Yes. I guess I’m saying that some combination of sissy and cuckold is what I’m asking of you. You know I want to stay monogamous, but I also want you to explore your own sexuality as you’ve always shared your thoughts about your bisexuality to me. We incorporate other men in most of our sexual stories and I thought this would be a way for you to see if you really want this.” She stated matter-of-factly.

“Ok. Let’s say I do this, according to the contract it says this will be a permanent change in our sexual relationship, save the two month break clause. That just seems extreme.” I said inquisitively.

“I threw that ‘forever’ in to turn you on. I know what kind of horny pervert you are. We can stop whenever you want. However, if you do sign it, we will live within the contract guidelines for a minimum of two months. I want my fun too. You know I can be dominate, especially when I peg you or force you to eat your cum. Not that I really have to force you, my perverted cum slut.” She said playfully.

I grabbed the contract again to reread the parameters.

She will be addressed as Mistress whenever we’re alone or in a sexual situation

When the kids, parents or business situations are involved, we’ll be the same as we are currently i.e. husband Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort and wife

She will NEVER physically hurt me

She WILL hurt my feelings and humiliate me

She owns my orgasms and I cannot cum without her permission

My cock will now only be referred to as a clit

I’m to wear sexy thongs everyday

I’m to clean my “pussy” daily to make sure it’s clean for fucking or playing

I’m to keep a butt plug in most days at work or play

I’m to remove all the hair on my body from my neck down and shave daily

I have to call any man/men Master regardless if its someone I know or despise

In any sexual situation, everything is on the table except extreme pain and scat

In any sexual situation, I’m to listen to her or her lover and do whatever is instructed

In any sexual situation, I’m to prepare the man/men and get them hard. Also, I must get her pussy or ass wet for insertion

Whenever a man/men enter her, I’m to insert it initially. If in the pussy, I must spread her lips with two fingers and hold her open as he strokes into her a few times to understand and feel he’s the alpha. If insertion is in her ass, I’m to keep her cheeks spread for maximum penetration and I must keep the man lubricated with my mouth

Whenever she’s having sex with one or more men, I’m to clean the cum from her and clean her lovers’ cock. That goes for my cum as well. No exceptions

There are only three scenarios in which I’m to play with my clit and I must follow this order strictly. They are:

When I’m sucking cock

When I’m licking cum or have cum in my mouth

When she or a Master instructs

“I just can’t believe you came up with all this.” I expressed my continued shock.

“Well, after last weekend’s adventure, I did my research. I watched a ton of porn including threesomes (which I know you have had many) and cuckold videos. But sissy videos were part of the cuckold category in some instances. I thought to myself, I’d love to control you. That would turn me on and allow you to be submissive like you used to be with all of those men.” She said with a devilish look in her eye.

While we were talking about all of this, I found myself rubbing my cock and it responding accordingly.

Looking down at my cock, Nat said, “I see all this is making you hard again. Do you still want some more time to think about this proposition?”

“No. I want to try this.” Was my horny response.

Natalie abruptly gets up and out of the bed and walks over to her dresser and finds a pen. She walks back to hand the pen to me. “Please sign and date it.” I did so and she took the contract and placed inside her lock box on her bedside table.

“Let’s get going. The kids go to your parents’ house for four weeks tomorrow for their annual summer vacation time with them. You will drop them off as I have work to do. But for now, we need to set up some dating sites for me. Before I get dressed, I want you to take full body pictures of me and several of my tits, ass and pussy. Once you’ve done that, I want to put on two of my teddy’s so you can take pictures of me for my profile. Obviously, the nude ones will be sent to my potential lovers privately.” She said emphatically.

I took the requested photo shots and proceeded to use her phone and searched for dating sites.

“I found a few sites. A couple cost money, is that ok?” I queried.

“Of course, I want as much exposure as possible, Cuck.” She said as she goes dominant.

On her profile, she told me to write the description and she’ll either agree or not with the wording. I took my time thinking about how I should go about this. I ended with this:

Thanks for reading my profile. I’m simply looking for sex and NOTHING more. It’s important to understand that I have a cuckold husband that will be joining us. If that or male-to-male contact (you’ll not need to touch him at all) freaks you out, move on. All three of my holes and both of the cucks are yours for the taking. Please send three pictures for us to move forward. 1. Full nude body with face, 2. Your hard cock (can be combined with number 1), and 3. A picture of your load (so the cuck knows what he gets to eat).

I hand the phone back to Nat and she reads it, agrees with the description and determines which picture will be the one everyone sees first. She pressed the upload and agreed with terms and conditions, soon she was live.

“I need to get off again. Eat my pussy.” She said forcefully.

Without hesitation, I moved back between her legs to start eating her pussy all over again. However, it was different this time. After a minute or two of kissing and licking her thighs, I looked up to see her face buried in the phone. She appeared to be furiously typing away. Soon, the unmistakable alerts were sounding off to indicate people are reaching out. I continued licking and moving my mouth and tongue onto her very wet pussy.

“Oh Cuck, take a look at this huge cock.” Showing me some guys cock.

“Wow!” was all I could muster.

“Wow, Ataşehir Çıtır Escort what?” She said.

“Wow, Mistress.” I forgot the contract details.

“Keep eating my pussy. It won’t be long before that huge cock is inside of me. You won’t believe how hot he is either. He’s just my type.” She said while panting heavily from my work.

She put the phone down, grabbed my head and started to really rub her pussy on my mouth. Within two minutes, her thighs squeezed my head so hard, I was finding it difficult to breath. Her orgasm was equally as intense as her last. But this too was different, she actually squirted some of her juices into my mouth and over my face. It took me aback, as she has never squirted throughout our marriage. At that moment, all I could think is that this new arrangement might have awoken something in her. It was the only reasonable explanation I could think of.

“Now, go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day for both of us, but you in particular.” With that, she rolled over and dozed off.

As I laid there with my head spinning, I hear the phone continue to buzz and it kept me awake for an hour after she fell asleep. Imagining all these guys reaching out was stirring the jealousy in me as well. I couldn’t take it anymore and walked over to her side of the table and lifted her phone up and there must have been 40 message notifications. I went to explore further by opening her phone, but the code she always used didn’t work. She took the time to change it. This is real.

In the morning, I awoke to the usual sound of the kids. I looked over to see Natalie, but she wasn’t there. So, I got up, did my normal routine and went downstairs to see the kids. We played and watched tv for a while until it was time to take them to my parents’ house. I asked them if they had seen mom, they had, and was informed she left around earlier.

The turnaround time to take the kids was roughly 3 hours. When I arrived home, it was nearly 1:00 pm. Natalie was still not home. I texted her but received no response. Finally, around 1:30 pm, I hear the garage door open.

I greeted Natalie at the door. “I was getting worried, where have you been?”

“…where have you been, what?” She hissed.

“I was wondering where you have been, Mistress.” I corrected myself.

“I had to do a lot of shopping. We have a very busy day ahead of us. But first things first. I need you to go right now to Tracy’s store. No questions asked.” She demanded.

I left immediately. Thinking to myself I wondered about this is puzzling request, rather demand. What the fuck does Tracy have to do with this? After all, she works at one of those nail and salon places.

I arrive in the strip mall and walk into the salon and didn’t immediately see Tracy.

“Hi. I’m looking for Tracy? My wife told me to come and see her.” I asked.

“Please wait.” Were the receptionists only words.

I see Tracy coming my way. She had a wicked smile on her face.

“This way,” she spat out, with no other salutation.

I’m taken to a room and the door is locked behind me. In the room was a table in the center with the typical white paper used in doctors’ offices for the chairs/tables.

“Strip!” Was the order given by Tracy.

“What the fuck?” was all I could think of.

“Listen Cuck, your Mistress told me you’re a cocksucking whore and you need to be made more fem like. The problem is, you’re too damn hairy. Now strip.” She barked again.

She told Tracy? Who else has she told? With that I started taking my clothes off. With the first trace of humiliation coursing through my mind I wondered if I would be able to go through with this. I ploughed through and striped down to my underwear.

“I said strip, slut.” She was quite imposing.

My underwear came off and she giggled at me.

“No wonder she needs more cock.” My wife’s close friend told me. “Get on the table on all fours, now. Put your feet together and spread your knees out as wide as the table.”

I followed her orders and soon realized that my asshole would be completely exposed and on display to this woman I thought I knew. From that point on, it was a bit of a blur of pain and humiliation. She waxed my entire body, including my chest, back, ass, asshole, legs, cock and even the hair on my knuckles.

When Tracy finished, she told me to wait while she gets the bill. I was laying naked on the table when she swung the door open and disappeared without closing the door. My skin seemed to be tingling and I felt cold due to the loss of hair. A couple of workers and clients passed the open door and giggled. The humiliation continued in earnest.

Once I paid the bill, I was ordered to go immediately home. My Mistress has much more for me to do. It was mid-afternoon, by the time I reached the house. After walking through our garage door that leads to the kitchen, Natalie was waiting for me. “What took you so long? Go to the living room, I have to prepare you.” She wasn’t looking for a response, it was just another order.

In Ataşehir Elit Escort the living room were a bunch of bags. Natalie ordered me to strip, take the “cleanser” and go to the upstairs bathroom to clean my pussy. After I’m finished, I’m to throw all of my clothes into the hamper as I won’t be needing them for a long time. Also, I’m to shower using her scented shower gel.

I had never had an enema before, however, it was a surreal feeling. When I squeezed the bottle, my tummy seemed to expand and I was worried about not being able to keep the fluid from coming back out. I managed holding it in for a few minutes. When I finished, I was surprised at how well that did the job, I was absolutely clean. Then I hopped into the shower and used her shower gel as instructed. I finished my shower and headed back downstairs to the living room. As I enter naked Natalie said, “You look nice and smooth, Cuck. Come here, I want to smell you. Mmmm, you smell like orchids. Now come to this ottoman, get on your knees and lay your body across it.”

I respond immediately and kneel and bend over the ottoman. I hear squirting from a bottle and feel the coldness of the lube on my asshole as she spreads it around. I hear her squirt some more out and think at that moment she’s going to peg me again. I felt cold again as some metallic phallus is rubbed up and down my ass crack and finally stopping at my asshole. The pressure starts to build as she begins inserting the phallus into my “pussy.” After three minutes or so, whatever the object is, had been fully seated in my ass. I felt some hair on the back of my legs but had no idea what it was.

“Go to the bathroom and admire yourself.” She said in a sexy voice.

I go as directed and for the first time see what’s inside of me. It is an anal plug with a fox tail hanging off of it. The tail was over a foot long and black in colour.

She walks into the bathroom to see my reaction, “Do you like it, cuck? I really don’t care if you do, but this plug will be in you all the time. It’s to be taken out only to re-lube. I bought two more plugs with different colour tails so you can match your thongs with it. Isn’t that nice of me? I know it is,” she continued “let’s go back into the living room, you’re missing your panties.”

When I got back into the room, I hadn’t notice before, but she had laid the panties out across the other couch. There had to be a least ten pairs of panties and they all looked very skimpy and most appeared to have satin material around the crotch with a frilly design on top. All of them had a simple and very narrow strip for the ass.

“Red. I want you in a red thong. It will go well and contrast nicely with your black fox tail.” Nat was getting more insistent and forceful in her commands.

After pulling the thong up, I was finding the panties difficult to fit on properly with the tail. Natalie pulled the ass floss out slightly and pushed the tail to one side and let the floss go back.

“I’m going upstairs to get ready. Clean the house and make sure there is some wine chilled,” as she disappeared up the stairs.

I rarely walk around the house nude, and I have never done so wearing a thong and anal plug. But as I focused on doing my chores, I tried to calm myself from the growing anxiety of what’s to come and the additional humiliation I was sure to be receiving.

My wife walked downstairs and was dressed in a very short and tight black dress. I could almost see her pussy, it was that short. Her hair was flowing down on her shoulders, she was wearing bright red lipstick and her cleavage was never more apparent.

“Well?” She asked.

“You look gorgeous, Mistress.” I genuinely believed it.

Not more than a couple of minutes elapsed when a knock came on our front door.

“He’s here. I’m so excited and horny. I can’t wait to fuck this gorgeous hunk of a man. Aren’t you excited for me, Cuck?” She rhetorically asked.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said as meekly as possible.

“Get the door, slut.” She said forcefully.

I moved toward the door and couldn’t help reflecting on my situation. Here I am, in my own house, wearing a red thong with a fox tail anal plug, wearing nothing else and answering the door to let in some man who most likely will be fucking my wife. Furthermore, if this is the same guy Nat showed me last night, he has a sizable cock. The humiliation factor in full swing.

I open the door and a really hot guy stood and looked at me up and down. “No guess work here, you’re definitely the cuck. Nice outfit. Where’s your wife? I can’t wait to fuck her.”

“Please come in Master.” Per our contract.

Natalie looks at him and says, “you’re even better looking in person.”

The man says, “likewise.”

The two of them are standing about five feet apart at this point. They seemed to be appraising each other when the silence was broken by my Mistress. “Cuck, present your Mistress to your Master.”

Without thinking, I moved swiftly behind her and unzipped her dress. I slowly took her dress off one shoulder at a time. The dress dropped to the floor. My wife had clearly gone shopping for herself as well. She was wearing an absolutely gorgeous matching bra and panty set that left little to the imagination. Both the panties and bra were hot pink. But through the cups of the bra and the crotch of her panties, you could see underneath.

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