The Timepiece Traveler 2


I slowed the timepiece until I saw a man walk down the sidewalk, and take the path to my front entrance. He knocked, and my wife came to the door to let him in.I walked across the road, went up to the house, easily passed through the exterior wall, and stepped inside. Being invisible, they had no idea that I was watching them, as they embraced. Aha, I thought, my suspicions were right. As soon as I set off to work, Bob, my neighbour from three doors down, would come over to screw my wife as soon as the coast was clear.They went into the bedroom, and I followed them. Like a car wreck on the highway, I couldn’t take my eyes off the action. Their clothes started to fly off and Bob got straight into it. He threw her down on the bed, raised her legs up and started lapping away at her pussy. Annette was really into it, moaning loudly as she reached her first climax.I had mixed emotions. Part of me wanted to rip him off of her and pound the shit out of him. He was messing with my wife, the woman I loved. But did I? There had been so much turmoil in our relationship over the past few years that as I looked at her getting pleasured, I honestly didn’t feel any jealousy. In fact, it was the opposite. The voyeur in me took hold, and I was getting horny watching them!Now he tugged down his underpants revealing his very hard cock, bigger and thicker than mine. He got between her legs, and stuck it into her pussy. He started violently hammering away at her while she screamed, “Fuck me harder!”I got very close to the action, I mean really close, only inches away as he thrust deep inside her. The musky smell of her pussy and the pungent aroma of Bob’s sweat intoxicated me. I pulled out my Ankara bayan escort cock and stroked it as the moans and screams intensified.In the midst of this, I had a thought. I had another question, actually a couple of questions for the spirit. After envisioning Mona Lisa, he appeared in the image of my wife, many years younger, shortly after I’d met her.“Wow, that is not what I suspected when you summoned me!” he said, as he focused on the frenzied coupling below him. “I see that you are conflicted, not sure how to process this.”“Yes, I am obviously extremely turned on watching them,” I said, continuing to rub my cock. “But I can’t help wondering how it has come to this. Would it be possible to travel further back in time and try again with her? We were so much in love for the first few years, and then everything went south. Maybe if I changed a few things, it could make things right between us.”“Of course you can, but it may not have the outcome you desire. And remember my warning – keep it on a small scale. Don’t do anything that will have a major impact on the future. Oh, and the answer to your second query is yes. It ‘s not just your body that you can slip into. That goes for others as well. Focus on him intently for a few seconds, and you will gradually start to sense what he’s feeling, and eventually you will be able to get him to do anything you want. After you pull out, so to speak, he won’t remember any of it.”“So, is this like what Scott Bakula did in the TV show Quantum Leap?”“Yes, exactly like that.”The spirit hovered for a moment, then slowly disappeared while I concentrated on Bob. I wasn’t going to miss out on an opportunity Escort bayan Ankara to take advantage of my wife while I was calling the shots. I gradually started to feel the intensity of his lust, my heart rate skyrocketing as he continued to roughly fuck her. After a few moments, I totally took over his body. From now on, this is my body!I could feel my cock moving quickly in and out. I pulled it out for a second, grabbed it and rubbed it up and down. It was even bigger than I thought, about two inches longer and very thick. I was wondering if it was possible to do an exchange! Not likely, but another thing to ask the spirit.“What the fuck are you doing. Put it back in. You’re driving me crazy!” she shouted.She got onto her hands and knees, and I knew right away what she wanted. I moved behind and started fucking her doggy-style, her favourite position. After about ten minutes, I pulled out, got in front of her and stuck my cock in her mouth. I pumped many spurts into her mouth for ten seconds or more. Wow Bob, I thought, you are quite the cummer! I backed out and there was cum dripping from her lips. She swallowed the rest.I was revelling in the fact that I finally had my way with my wife without conditions when the revulsion of what they were up to, behind my back, hit home. I returned to my body and watched them lying there naked and came up with a plan. I pressed the red button, and in a split second, I was back in my den, once again at the moment when I’d left.I went into the closet, searched and found my journal for June 2009. I scanned through my entries until I found this one on the 11th – ‘Annette and I had a fantastic Bayan escort Ankara day down at the beach! I’ve only known her for a couple of months, but I’m in love! I can’t wait to see her again!’I set the chronometer to June 11, 2009, held the green button, and moments later I was outside my old apartment building. I fast forwarded the minute lever until I saw my twenty-three year old self emerge and start walking in the direction of Annette’s house. I followed close behind, getting excited about re-experiencing one of the happiest days of my life. I was basically going along for the ride, watching and enjoying the moment, not doing anything to change what happened, at least for now. My younger self knocked on the door.She opened it and I stood there for a second or two staring, admiring how hot she looked in shorts and a fairly tight t-shirt. She came up to me and we briefly hugged. She kissed me on the cheek and we set off down the road leading to a trail that wound down to the beach.I won’t share the dialogue. It was small talk, chatting about the weather, our mutual friend’s activities, and upcoming concerts we were planning to attend. As I continued to observe her, I was thinking about the contrast between this Annette and the one that I was currently living with. This Annette was upbeat, respectful, attentive, and actually showed interest in what I had to say. Watching her rekindled my lust and love for this woman, not the one that she had become. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t blaming her. I had played a big part in the way things had gone downhill between us.I watched as they reached the beach, took off their shoes, and walked a ways along the sand. They spread their towels next to a driftwood log. I had resisted the temptation so far to take over my younger body, but as I looked down, watching her remove her t-shirt and shorts, revealing the skimpiest of bikinis, I focused hard for a few seconds, and then I was right next to her, ogling her tits, wanting her so badly.

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