The Talk Ch. 07


AUTHOR’S NOTE: You all have been extraordinarily patient with me and, for that, I thank you a thousand times over. Your support and messages have not let me forget this story and, for that, you should thank yourselves. I promise that this story won’t end here. More is coming. Real Life ™ has kept me away from the ‘net these past months, but things have picked back up for me and I intend to get this done, once and for all.

If you like the series and story, PLEASE let me know by doing two, simple things: VOTE and add some feedback in the Public Comments section at the end of this story. I depend on both those things and the future of this series could hinge on YOUR response.

I should also add that while this story has incest as its main focus and theme, I do not in any way condone or advocate the practice of incest. In many places it is against the law and, in general, CAN (but not always) lead to many serious troubles. This is a work of FICTION and fantasy and is not to be considered as anything but a source of entertainment. Enjoy it for what it IS and not what it isn’t.



Kathy and Sue got back from Sue’s appointment with the doctor and each woman wore a smile on her face. David and I sat in the TV room, watching COPS, while we had waited for them. When the ladies walked into the house, they came straight to us.

“Forty-eight hours,” Susan announced as she took a seat next to her brother on the sofa he sat on. David returned the smile she flashed him and nodded understandingly.

“But the doctor suggests that we wait a full three days, just to be on the safe side,” my wife added quickly as she joined me on the other sofa. She slid her beautiful, toned legs across my lap and asked me, “Have you talked to him yet?”

“Not yet,” I answered. “I figured that we should all discuss it together.”

Kathy smiled. “Same here.”

“Discuss what together?” David asked.

I took a deep breath and said, “Kids, your mother and I have decided to relax some of the rules we made last night, in light of the… show you gave us.”

“As a matter of fact,” Kathy interjected, “we’ve decided to completely do away with them. Well, some of them, anyway.”

David’s eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion and he sat forward, his sister momentarily forgotten. “I don’t get it,” he said promptly. “I thought you guys were dead-set on those rules. What changed?”

Kathy patted my leg to indicate that she wanted to take the floor. “Kids, your father and I have given this a lot of thought. But, first, let me ask you a question.”

“Shoot,” Sue said.

“Where do you see all of this heading?” Kathy asked. “I don’t just mean with the two of you, but with all of us, the four of us.”

Our children looked at each other in shared confusion for a moment and then Sue said, “We figured… well… it was like we decided last night. David and I would be able to continue having sex with each other as long as we… but you just said that those rules are being done away with.” She shook her head, at a loss for an explanation. “I’m lost,” she said helplessly.

“Kids, Paul and I feel that this whole thing, what you two are doing, is just too difficult to control or put limits on. You’re both adults now and even though you’re our children, we owe it to you to treat you like adults. So we’re trusting you to make your own decisions. That said, what we saw last night inspired some… interest in us, as well.”

“Interest?” David cut in. “You mean…. in US?”


David and Sue shared another look with each other, this time a look of knowing, and then looked back at us. “Wow,” Sue said. “That was a LOT faster than we expected.”

“Sue gave you a week, tops,” David informed us. “I figured two,” he added with a shrug.

Kathy and I blinked back at our children. “For what?” I asked.

Sue laughed lightly and stood up. “Before you guys decided to join us, silly. I knew Dad would be for it,” she said with a knowing twinkle in her eyes, “but I didn’t expect you to want to take the plunge so quickly, Mom.” Kathy and I remained silent and continued to blink our eyes at our daughter like spooked owls. “I think this is cause for celebration,” Sue said breezily. “I’ll go get some wine. You want some, bro?”

David leaned back against the sofa and spread his arms across the backing leisurely. “Sure,” he answered. “Why not?” He levelled his gaze at us while Sue bounced away to the kitchen. When his sister was out of earshot, he said calmly, “In case you’re wondering, no. We didn’t plan this. But, yeah, we sort of expected it.”

“Honey,” I said to my wife, “we’ve been snookered by our own kids.”

Our son shook his head. “No, Dad. You haven’t. Honest. We just figured that the temptation would be too great- for both of you. Listen, Sue and I have known for a long time that the two of you are still hot for each other, which means that you’ve still got a healthy sex drive. And while I don’t want to seem immodest on my part, I’m fairly secure gaziantep escort kadın in the belief that both Susan and I are attractive people, whether we’re your kids or not. Once it became known that she and I were having sex and once we got your permission to continue, we rationally came to expect that one or both of you would want to explore the road to incest yourselves.”

“It only made sense,” Sue said as she re-entered the room with a tray of four wine-filled glasses. She set the tray down on the coffee table in front of the TV and passed out the drinks. “Don’t worry,” she said as I took mine. “I’ll obey the doctor’s orders to the letter. No sex for me tonight.” Her face pouted mischievously as she added, “Damn it.” As she handed a drink to her mother, she said, “But there’s nothing preventing you and David from exploring a little bit, Mom.”

Kathy inhaled sharply at that and quickly began to sip her wine while I did pretty much the same thing. Both of us were so taken aback by this that we needed a moment to catch up. Sue grabbed a glass of wine for herself and one for her brother and joined him on the sofa. When she was comfortably seated next to him, they silently toasted each other, kissed quickly and then took a sip from their drinks.

When David’s first sip had cleared his gullet, he broke the silence. “Y’know, sis,” he said, “as much as I would like for Mom and I to… play a little tonight, I think it’d be more fun if this were a… family event. If you get my drift.”

Sue nodded. “Yeah,” she took another contemplative sip and nodded again. “I like it. A family orgy. Good idea.”

I set down my glass and said as sarcastically as I could manage, “Maybe we should video tape it, too.” I wanted to broach this subject with them gently, but I figured that the I-was-only-joking-but-why-not tactic might be more effective. I had also expected Kathy to pick up on my strategy and go with it.

To my surprise, it was Susan who enthusiastically approved of the idea. Or, perhaps it wasn’t that surprising after all. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. She perked up at the suggestion and smiled widely. “Yes!” she squealed. “I LOVE it, Dad! And, hey, if things fall apart down the road, no one can say they didn’t want to do this because then we’d have the video tape. That’s SO perfect, Dad!”

Dave poked a rib into his sister’s ribcage. “I always did say you should be in pictures,” he joked.

Kathy took another large gulp of her wine and said nothing. Kids: 2, Parents:0. I simply shook my head in astonishment and wore a silly grin on my face. “Actually, kids, that’s kind of the point,” I said. “Your mother and I did some talking last night. We weighed a lot of pro’s and con’s about this whole incest thing, once we both decided that we were interested in it. And, Sue, even if you were joking just now about what one of us might say in the future, we feel that it has some merit.”

“We’re with you, Dad,” David said. “Actually, Sue and I have already written letters of confession about our own involvement, just in case.” He set his glass down on the table next to mine and sat forward. “It’s not that we didn’t trust each other,” he explained, “We just looked at it objectively. I mean, sometimes weird things happen to people. The happiest couple in the world can suddenly break up for no reason at all and families have falling outs all the time. We wanted to keep ourselves honest and keep some things sacred.”

“Totally,” Sue put in. “So, if you and Mom want us to sign anything, too, we’d be more than happy to. And you, too. We might still be young, but we’re not stupid.” She giggled. “Dave and I call it our ‘pre-sexual agreement’, like a pre-nup, only it’s sex.” She glanced at her brother tenderly. “But, to be honest, I really don’t think we’ll ever need it.”

“Speaking of a pre-sexual agreement,” Kathy cut in, “I think it’s high-time that we discuss the new rules. Or, rather, my only hard-and-fast rule.”

Sue’s eyes brightened and sparkled. “Only one? Wow, Mom. The night’s full of surprises with you.” Her smile wasn’t at all cruel or mean-spirited, but fun-filled and sweet. “Okay. What’s the rule?”

“Well, it has to do with sleeping arrangements. Specifically, your father’s and my bed. It’s our bed, not yours. Both of you are welcome in our bed as long as both of us are in it, too. If one of us is out of town for some reason, we might be talked into relaxing that rule some, but we don’t want you to make a habit of sleeping in our bed every night. You’d be guests in it. And you both have your own beds. You can sleep with each other in whichever bed suits you best, that’s entirely up to you, but your father and I are still your parents and, in that respect, we’d still like to have our privacy.” Kathy’s tone of voice was calm, cool and collected, but I could feel her shudder with anxiety while she spoke. It wasn’t that she was against this whole new dynamic, but she was still uncertain how we could maintain our roles as escort gaziantep kadın parents if we were having sex with our kids. Honestly, I found it a very healthy and reasonable concern.

I took the floor next. “And, not to put too fine a point on it, kids,” I said soberly. “We will STILL be your parents, sex or no sex. Just because we’ll all be sexually involved with each other doesn’t mean that our role as parents is suddenly null and void. If one or both of you screw up, expect to be punished, as always. That won’t change. This is still our house and as long as you live here you will be expected to follow our rules. And I can say, here and now, that sex will NOT be used as a punishment tool in this house. Neither your mother nor I are into any kind of serious kink, so if you think you’re going to get off with some kind of sexy spanking or reduced sex priveleges, you will be sorely mistaken.”

Dave nodded agreeably. “Totally understandable, Dad,” he said. “And there’s something I’d like to put out there, too.” I nodded to let him have his say. “Sis,” he said to Sue gently, “when you and I started this thing, we went at it pretty often. Don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m not, but a few times when I said no because I had to work, you didn’t really respect that and did your best to get me to change my mind. I think we should all agree that, if someone says they’re not interested in having sex, then it should be immediately respected without question.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Plus, sometimes, people aren’t always in the mood. Sometimes it’s good to just be a family without the whole sex factor thrown in. Then there’s PDA’s-“

“What’re those?” Kathy asked.

“Hand-held computers,” I told her, “but I can’t see how they’re relevant.”

Dave and Sue both laughed at that. “No, Dad,” David said with a chuckle. “I’m talking about public displays of affection- Pee-Dee-Ays.”

The bashful smirk on my face said it all. “Oh,” I muttered. I was embarrased simply because, back when I was a kid, we used that exact same acronym, too. I’d just forgotten it. “Right. What about them?”

“Well,” Dave said with a shrug, like what his next thought was completely obvious, “we can’t very well do them as a family. Kisses, hugs and… other contact has to be kept at a minimum when we’re in other company or out in public, right? Whenever we leave the house, as a family, we should all remind each other of that. Especially if we have guests here at the house. I mean, before Dad found out about me and Susan, it was all we could do to keep our hands off one another when you two were around. We’d gotten so used to the time we spent alone, that it was almost natural for us to kiss in passing when you guys weren’t here. I’m only guessing at this point, but I suspect we’ll all have to get used to different kinds of behavior in certain company.”

“Well, why don’t we just make a sign or something and hang it by the door? We’ll all see it before leaving the house.” Susan offered.

Her brother rolled his eyes. “Oh, yeah. That’ll really go over well with the dinner guests when they see the big sign next to the door that says, ‘Remember: we fuck IN the house, not outside it!’ Care to explain that one away, sis?”

Sufficiently chagrined, Susan smirked. “Oh. Right. Sorry. I had a blonde moment.”

“Honey,” I said, “you’re a brunette.”

“Sandy-blonde,” she corrected without missing a beat. “At any rate, you’re right, bro. Okay. I guess there’s no easy way out of it. We’ll all just have to be more alert, I guess.” She said it like it was some sort of personal defeat.

“Oh, come on, Kitten,” I said. “It’s not the end of the world. So we have to be a little more mindful when we’re around other people. So what? A lot of families do that. I mean, you don’t hear families talking about an impending divorce at a nice restaurant, do you?”

Sue shrugged her shoulders, “Not often, no. All right,” she conceded with a soft sigh. “I just view it as a sort of… restriction, I guess. Another rule.”

“Well it’s one that might keep all of our asses out of jail, young lady,” Kathy said, “so I suggest you re-think it. Kids, let me be honest here: while I’m not necessarily nervous about sex with either of you, I AM concerned about the outside world. No matter what the history of incest might be, no matter how WE feel about it, the rest of the world hasn’t quite got the picture yet and there’s a lot of very ignorant people out there. If just ONE wrong person finds out about this, we’re all in a lot of hot water, no matter what the law does or doesn’t say on the topic. I love all of you and I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks when we don’t have to. Dave, you’ve brought up a good point and I for one support it completely. What happens here STAYS here. Period. We don’t talk about it with anyone, we don’t even HINT at it. The only way anyone outside the family should know about what we’re going to be doing is if we ALL agree that they can be trusted. gaziantep kadın escort I put it to a vote. Dave and I are in favor. Paul?” She looked at me questioningly.

I didn’t even have to think twice about it. “You got my vote,” I said. I looked to my daughter expectantly.

Sue waved both her hands. “Whoa,” she said. “I didn’t say that I didn’t think it was a good idea. Jesus! I just said that I didn’t like it. Big difference. If you ask me, I think it’s one of THE most important rules so far. But I DO have an unrelated question, Mom. A minute ago you said that you weren’t nervous about sex with either of us. Was I included in that?”

Kathy blushed somewhat, but nodded. “Well, yeah. I mean, it’s been awhile since I’ve been with another girl, sweetie, but yes. That is, if it doesn’t bother you.”

“Whoa!” Dave sat bolt upright and devoted his full attention to his mother. “You mean YOU’VE had sex with another woman? When was this?”

I couldn’t help but laugh just a little at that. “Kids,” I said, “your mother and I aren’t the prudes you might think we are. We’ve both done a lot of things in the past that might surprise you.”

“If you must know,” Kathy said, “I met a woman in college, a friend of your father’s and mine. We had a menáge á trois more than once, the three of us. But that was ages ago. I might be a little rusty.”

“Well, hell,” Sue almost crowed, “I’m game if you are!”

“Well you can count me out,” David said with a look to me. “I’m strictly with girls. Sorry, Dad.”

I cleared my throat. “Ahem. When I said that we’ve both done things that might surprise you, son, I wasn’t talking about me being with other guys. I’ve never done it and have no interest in doing it.”

Dave heaved a sigh of relief. “Whew. Uhm. Sorry if I jumped to any wrong conclusions there, Dad.”

I shook my head and shrugged. “It’s fine, Dave. I can understand the confusion. What I’m surprised about is hearing that YOU aren’t bothered by the idea of being with your mother, Susan. I had no idea.”

“Neither did I, for that matter,” Dave added with a glance to his sister.

Susan blushed slightly. “Well… I’m not exactly bi-sexual, either, but I’ve experimented a little with one of the other cheerleaders on my squad, a friend of mine.”

“No shit?” Dave said with surprise. “Who?”

Sue shook her head and tut-tutted. “No way, bro. If you all expect me to keep a secret in this family, I can’t very well turn my back on previous obligations. It’s a secret and it’ll stay that way, if I have anything to do with it. I promised.”

I picked up my glass of wine again and took another sip. “Okay. Back to the matter at hand. Sue, you’ve got three days of waiting before you can have sex again. I propose a suggestion.” Everyone looked at me expectantly and waited. “For the next three days none of us do anything sexual. Honey, that means you and I do nothing in our bed but sleep and, kids, you don’t touch yourselves or each other. No oral sex, no masturbation. Then, three days from now, we’ll set the video camera up in this room, have a nice dinner and then we’ll let the festivities begin. What do you say?” I held up my wine glass. “To three days?”

My wife, son and daughter all glanced at each other and then held up their glasses to share the toast. “Three days!” they said unanimously and we all drank to it.

When the toast was over, I said. “You know what? I think now is the perfect time for us to get the video camera out, now that I think about it. We can all make our confessions now and get it over with so that we won’t have to waste any time with it on the big night.” The others agreed wholeheartedly and I went to the cabinet under the TV. Within a few seconds I had the tripod, camera and sundry cables out on the floor. I immediately set myself to the task of setting the camera up while the rest of my family continued their discussion.

“God, I can hardly wait!” Sue said as I busied myself. “I mean, just the THOUGHT of it has me all fired up!” She placed her hand over her brother’s lap and felt his crotch. “Looks like I’m not the only one,” she sing-songed.

Dave gently lifted his sister’s hand from his groin and said, “Ah-ah-ah, sis. Remember the rule: nothing sexual for three days. That means no touching me, either.”

“Damn,” she said with a slight pout, but her face brightened immediately after. “Ya can’t blame a girl for trying, though, can you?”

I had the camera set up in record time, I think. I stood behind the lens, aimed it at the room on a wide angle, hit RECORD and announced. “It’s running.” I quickly left it alone and rejoined my wife on the other sofa.

Kathy took another sip from her wine glass and then set it down. “Y’know what? I think the no-touching rule is just a little too simple.” She began to unbutton the blouse. “If we want to make the night REALLY hot in three days, I say we should all do everything we can to keep each other on the absolute edge. And, while I can’t speak for all of you, it’s going to take some getting used to for me to even think about it. I mean…” she fixed her gaze on David, “you and I will have sex for the first time in three nights’ time, son. I’ve already seen your equipment, but you haven’t seen me at all.” She pulled out the tail of her blouse and finished unbuttoning it. “Aren’t you a little curious to see if your old mother will even be worth the effort?”

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