The Surprise Ch. 02


Lady Helene slipped quietly into the room as he lifted his arms to place his hands behind his neck. She stood there looking covetously at Her pet, smiling to see his complete submissiveness.

His nicely toned body rippled as She saw him shiver and a wave of excitement past through Her. He was beautiful and masculine and all Hers. She heard him whimper and smiled knowing that he would do more than that before She would let him cum tonight, if She let him cum. Thoughts of what She had planned made Her sigh softly and his body tensed as he realized that She was there. Her eyes traveled over his back down to his ass and saw his cheeks tighten.

“My Pet,” she whispered as She stepped forward to run her fingers through his hair. “I have missed you.” Her voice was low and sultry.

She stepped in front of him Her fingers entwined in his hair. Pulling his head back She bent down to kiss him. Her tongue slipped between his lips and probed his mouth as he moaned softly against Her. She bit his lower lip as She ended the kiss.

“Have you missed me, my pet?” She queried as She moved to stand in front of him. “You may answer.”

“Yes Mistress, I have missed you very much.” zach answered his voice quivering with feeling. His eyes were downcast and he longed to look up at Her but he dare not. Not yet. She would tell him when he could look into Her eyes. He loved to look at Her and drowned himself in Her deep violet eyes. “Please Mistress,” he begged Her silently, “Let me lose myself in your eyes.” He could see just the toes of Her high-heeled feet and he let his eyes travel the tiniest bit higher so could he cast them upon Her ankles.

She smiled knowing what he wanted and so She obliged him.

“Look at me, pet.” She told him and heard his gasp of pleasure as his eyes began to travel upward.

He moved slowly to savor every inch of Her beautiful body. His Mistress, His Goddess. The woman he worshipped with his very soul. She stood with Her istanbul escort shapely legs slightly apart as he lifted his eyes to finally lock with Hers.

She smiled at him and Her eyes danced wickedly. A thrill of anticipation ran through his body making his cock jerk and ooze precum. He could tell She was eager to play.

“God you are so hard, my nasty little slutboy. Just waiting for me to squeeze those balls, My balls.” She moved to him, bending quickly to grab his sac and squeezed tightly sending pain rocketing through him. He yelped and squirmed at the pain. “Be still.” She hissed and slapped his ass still squeezing him tightly.

“Yes Mistress, do to your slut what pleases you. Hurt me if that is your desire. I am yours.” His voice trembled as She let him go to run Her hands over him; pinching his nipples and running them down over his quivering stomach.

“Oh I will, my pet, and you will suffer for me.” She removed Her hands from him making him mewl for more. “Stand up, Slut.” She commanded him sharply, “Time for inspection and you had best not fail or you will be punished.”

Quickly zach stood, never taking his hands from the back of his head. Standing there with his legs spread shoulder width apart his body broke out in gooseflesh as he prepared for inspection. He hoped he had gotten every bit of hair that could possible bring him lashes.

Mistress Helene walked around him looking him up and down. She then stopped behind him and stepped so close he could feel Her soft breath on his neck. He trembled as She ran Her fingers over his upper arms.

He tensed his muscles slightly letting her feel their resistance. He smiled as her hands moved over his shoulders and down his back, lightly gently like a soft butterfly they moved over his skin.

Pressing Her fingernail tenderly against his spine She traced it downward. Reaching the small of his back Her fingers again became like butterflies sending signals of pleasure escort bayan to his cock and balls. He moaned softly.

“Shhh, Pet.” She cautioned him. “I don’t want to gag you.”

Suddenly, Her fingers grabbed his ass cheeks, digging Her nails into the soft skin. He bit his lip to keep from making a sound as they dug deep into his flesh. Then just as suddenly She was gently running Her hands over them, caressing.

“So beautiful.” He heard Her murmur.

“Bend over, slutboy.” She told him while Her hand pushed on his back between his shoulder blades forcing him to bend at the waist.

“Spread those legs, slut.” She snapped and he shuffled his feet so they were wider but it wasn’t enough as he felt the slap of Her crop on the insides of his thighs forcing him to spread them farther. He was afraid he would loose his balance and breathed a sigh of relief when She stopped. Arching his back he pushed his ass toward Her and waited.

He could feel Her behind him then the soft rush of air as She dropped down on one knee. Her face was now even with his ass and he trembled when Her fingers slid gently down his crack, then spread his cheeks so that his anus was exposed to the cool air of the room. It tightened as the air kissed the warm skin and it clenched tighter as he felt Her finger circle the soft wrinkled skin. Gently She pushed against his rosebud continuing to move Her finger in circles. His legs were trembling and he closed his eyes in preparation for Her to press into him. But no, She removed Her finger and he felt the cool breeze as She blew gently on his puckered rosebud.

Her hands moved down the backs of his thighs caressing gently. All the way down to his calves, they went, then moved to the insides of his thighs as they made their way upward once more. She was so close to his balls now that he almost begged Her to touch them to hold them in Her palms. Then he felt Her hand close around them and he gasped as pleasure Kartal escort made his cock throb. He felt Her heft them in Her palm and heard Her chuckle softly.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it, pet? Good boy.” She didn’t wait for an answer but began massaging his sac. He heard Her sigh and then Her fingers pulled on his balls gently making him whimper. Then they were gone and as he felt the loss of that soft caress Her crop landed on his ass twice in quick succession. The pain exploded in him making him bite his lip to keep from crying out.

“I told you to hush, slut. You want me to gag you, is that what you want?” She angrily asked.

“No, Mistress.” His voice wavered. He closed his eyes again more determined then ever to keep silent.

“Straighten.” She commanded him as She moved to stand before him. Her hand caressed his face gently feeling the smoothness of his cheeks. Pleased, she continued down his neck to his chest. Her other hand came up and taking his nipples between Her fingers She twisted them several times before moving down over his trembling stomach to Her prize.

His cock was leaking precum and its length glistened wetly in the soft light of the room. It was very hard and every once in a while it would twitch. She smiled as Her fingers wrapped around it then moved up and down. “Mine,” She whispered as Her other hand move to cup his balls. “All Mine, my slutboy, to do with what I want.”

His whole body was tingling from Her hands and Her words. “All yours, Mistress.” He agreed silently, “I am all yours.”

Her hand came up to his face and pressed against his lips. He could smell his juices and began to lick them off Her fingers.

“My pet, you have done well tonight. I can find no fault in your preparations for me. I am pleased.” She told him as he licked and sucked Her fingers clean. “Are we ready to start the next part of our “fun” evening?” Before he could answer She grabbed his hair and dragged him over to the table. “On the table, slut,” He felt the sting of Her crop across his ass as he scrambled up. “On your knees with your legs spread and your ass in the air.”

Part 3 coming soon. Let me know if you enjoyed this. Your comments are welcome.


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