The Succubus


The Succubus Succubi and Incubi are Lilin, children of Lilith, who have been cursed since the beginning of man and cannot reproduce. Sara is a Succubus who wanders the night seeking the magic elixir that only human males can secrete, to give to the incubi to impregnate human females…the only way their kind can survive. Sara loved Manhattan. She lived in an apartment in an old Rosario Candela building facing Central Park that she had paid cash for when it was built. Her prey lived here in large numbers, and in such quantity that it was easy to select the perfect candidates for her mission. She had a much easier life than many of her sisters. A Mona Lisa smile creased her striking face as she thought that none of them really had a rough life, it wasn’t as if the mission were hazardous or even unpleasant. Still, she thought, the Incubi sometimes sought genetic traits she cared nothing for. Her long dark hair, which flowed to her waist, swirled as she turned to survey her wardrobe of “hunting” clothes for this night’s work. She needed only to attract her prey like a moth to a candle flame. Inwardly she laughed, for who of them would seek to share the stories of her conquests? Who would believe them? She had no need of polished, experienced lovers, she needed youth and vigor and freshness. Her greatest pleasure in life came from the success of extracting their essence for her mission. The countless years she had been performing her task had left her with a frantic desire to collect, as there were few Succubi left. Her race was in mortal danger of extinction: many samples were needed, as many of the Incubi’s impregnation attempts were unfruitful. She stood naked before the full length mirror in her walk in closet, and gloried in the perfection that was her body. Bold green eyes peeked out from under long sultry lashes. Both were framed by her dark, arched eyebrows. High cheekbones covered smoothly with fine milky skin were the perfect accompaniment to her generous wide lips and perfect teeth. The long slender neck gave her an elegant, haughty look that served to discourage the attentions of humans she had no desire to seduce. Ankara escort Full, upturned breasts topped by small nipples that literally drove men wild when she allowed them to see her overshadowed her small flat belly, which in turn flared to slim curvy hips. All of this magnificence was perched on long, slim, shapely legs and perfectly turned ankles, which she frequently adorned with a white coral anklet. Looking over the clothes, she decided on a tight fitting scarlet dress with a neckline plunging nearly to her navel, and a slit up the side nearly reaching her hip. Carrying the dress into her bedroom, she laid it on the bed and went to her bureau to select the proper undergarments for this night’s hunt…and then decided this night would require none. She sat on the bed, still nude, and fastened the pure white coral anklet on the same side of her body as the slit in her dress, then stood and slipped the scarlet fantasy over her head. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it back behind her ears in order to put on white coral earrings that matched the anklet. Fluffing the hair forward and off her ears, she looked in her dresser mirror, turning her head left and right to make sure she had created the look she had found most effective in her centuries of practice. “Tonight”, she said aloud to herself, “I think Broadway.” Broadway at night usually provided several targets suitable for her use. She would find them outside the theaters, and sometimes she would follow them inside. Sometimes she would lure them onto carriage rides in Central Park, and other times, when the moon was strong and the fever to complete her mission drove her, she took them right in the streets. Her plans altered soon after she left the door of her apartment building. Directly across the street she saw a group of young men, some sort of college group, standing and watching people strolling in Central Park. She smiled to herself, selecting a tallish young man with sandy hair and brown eyes standing slightly away from the others. She noticed he wore a fraternity pin on his collar, which explained to her the Ankara escort bayan group presence. Without any drama at all she walked up to the young man, captured his eyes with her own, and said to him “I need you.” She had spoken in a low voice, and no one else had seemed to notice either of them. The young man, his mouth dry and his eyes wide, seemed completely bowled over. He seemed to try to speak, but his adam’s apple simply worked up and down, though no sound passed his lips. He nervously nodded his assent, and without further discussion she led him to one of the carriages offering long rides around the park. She led him into the classic white carriage, as one of the other fraternity boys noticed them and waved wildly while pulling the sleeves of one of his friends. “Yo, Matt” he yelled. “Geez, willya lookit that! We’ve been here half a day and Matt scored already!” The two young men shook their heads and slowly turned back to their friends. Sara and Matt took no notice of them. Inside the carriage, the sounds of the city muted, there was no thought of talking. Sara fascinated the young man, he could not take his eyes off her. His eyes travelled the length of her, top to bottom and back again, he seemed unable to stop. Sara loved being adored, and she often watched her victim’s eyes to see which of her features most appealed to them…it made it easier for her to get what she wanted without wasting time. “The young ones usually go for my breasts”, she thought, and once again her instincts proved right as his eyes latched on to the expanse of skin running down to her navel. She moved her shoulders closer together and leaned forward to make it easier for him to see the objects of his desire, but he flushed and averted his eyes. She smiled silently at him, reaching for his face with one hand and pulling him towards the skin between her breasts. As his head touched skin, she pulled his hand from his lap and pushed it inside the top of her dress. She moved her thigh and the slit in her dress parted, exposing a great expanse of smooth, pale thigh to the moonlight. Matt was delirious, Escort Ankara his hand was holding the most beautiful tit he had ever seen…and it was hot to his touch, the hard nipple poking his palm insistently. She moved slightly and her other breast was exposed, and she was pushing it into his mouth…he was afraid he would cum in his pants. This was just like the stories he and his frat brothers read and shared back at school, except this was real! “Holy Shit!” was the only coherent thought he had, and it kept recurring. Her breath quickened, she was excited by his innocence and the smell of the juice rising in him. She would revel in the completion of this mission…and tonight she would feed well and long. Knowing he wouldn’t last long. She shrugged the shoulders of her dress off, leaving her naked from the waist up, and slid to the floor of the carriage in front of him. She placed both hands on the enormous lump in his crotch, and spoke the only other word he would ever hear her say to him. “Please” she said while caressing his lap with her eyes. With shaking hands he unfastened his belt and trousers and exposing his cock to the night air. As she gazed at the thick length of him, the hunger overpowered her and she plunged him deep into her mouth. The urge was so strong that when his cock reached the back of her throat she began to twist her head back and forth, forcing him into her throat. She didn’t gag, she didn’t choke, she didn’t even cough. She stopped only when there was no more of him exposed, her nose pushed tight against his pubic hair. She slid her hands beneath him and grabbed his full, heavy balls in her hand. She fondled, squeezed, and pulled at them…and her throat muscles literally began to writhe. Matt had never even had a dream this erotic. The feel of her slippery mouth and throat on him were excruciatingly pleasurable, almost to the point of pain. This gorgeous exciting woman, naked to the waist in a public place, was rubbing her breasts against his khaki clad legs and deep throating his cock! And the noises coming from her working throat indicated to him that she loved it! His mind was as swollen with lust as his cock was, and he began to hump against her face with his hips. She stayed with him, never allowing a millimeter of his engorged dick to emerge from her mouth. He began to ejaculate in great heaving spurts, cumming as he had never cum before, his orgasm seeming to last forever.

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