The Subject Ch. 09


The sun was just coming up when two figures quietly entered Holly’s room. They stood at the foot of the bed, examining the contents.

Dara and Holly were fairly intertwined, sleeping soundly up against each other, with Holly’s right leg over Dara’s left.

Plans were discussed quickly, and the two infiltrators moved to opposite sides of the bed. One lightly lifted Holly’s right leg and stretched it out while also rolling the mom’s body onto her back. Her boxers were slid off under her butt as she shifted and soon Holly was bottomless, yet still asleep.

The other intruder lightly rolled Dara onto her back and climbed on top of her.


Dara dreamed. It was the same bad dream she always had.

She was in the car. Her mother driving, her father in the passenger seat. They were talking, and her father was looking at Dara, sitting in the back seat. Then the impact. Glass everywhere. The color red. A scream.

Then there was something else. The view changed. This didn’t happen. This never happened.

She could see out of her own eyes a field of flowers that swayed in the summer breeze. She could feel the warmth on her skin and it made her feel good. There was no blood. No fear.

The wind changed and she smelled fresh air. It smelled nice…it smelled…

Dara’s eyes fluttered open, and she was looking into Katy’s. Katy was nude and on hands and knees above Dara.

“Good morning”, Katy whispered with a smile. “I hope I didn’t wake you too early. I just wanted to be there when you saw that.” Katy pointed and Dara looked over.

There was Marcia on top of Holly. She had a strap-on attached to her, and was sliding it in and out of the mom’s pussy. Dara blinked when she realized that Holly was still asleep.

“I didn’t want to just move in on you without consent. Can I cuddle with you?”

Dara rolled her eyes. “Sure.”

Katy smiled and slid in next to Dara. “My mom can be a heavy sleeper, and we’ve realized that we can actually fuck her without waking her up. At least for a little while.” Katy’s hands started sliding under Dara’s t-shirt and shorts.

Dara moaned a bit as she felt Katy’s hands drift about. “And she’s okay with it?”

“Yeah, she gave us a standing order to fuck her every morning. She gets the urge bad when she wakes up, so we get an early start. I would usually be in there as well, but since you’re here…”

The two girls watched as Marcia deftly pumped her plastic cock into Holly, while also lightly rubbing her clit.

“I think she’s dreaming.”

Katy nodded. “Once Marcia gets a good rhythm going, mom usually starts dreaming. If we’re lucky, we’ll see…oh, I think we’re gonna see it.”

Holly started to moan and writhe as Marcia continued to push and pull. Holly’s eyes were still shut, but her mouth was open and Dara could see her hardened nipples pushing through the tank top. Her hands slowly flexed and her back began to arch.

“Here it comes”, whispered Katy.

Holly had a true wet dream. Marcia pushed the dildo in as far as it would go and left it there while working on Holly’s clit. Holly’s eyes flew open and she spasmed while Marcia held on to her.


Marcia took the fact that Holly was now awake and ran with it. She hooked her arms under Holly’s legs and spread them open, allowing her to begin thrusting hard and deep. Holly continued to climax through this intense penetration, her head rolling back and forth. Marcia pulled up the mom’s tank top, freeing her DD’s and letting them slosh and bounce all over the place.

“Dara? Can I…?”

Dara looked back at Katy, who was stroking her own strap-on dildo. Dara had become very aroused by the crazy shagging taking place right next to her, as well as Katy’s petting. “Climb aboard then!” She took a second to pull off her shorts and t-shirt.

“Yay!” Katy slid her body over Dara’s until she was positioned between her legs. She rubbed Dara’s moist twat and transferred some of the juices to the dildo, then pushed it in. Dara moaned, and Katy realized that Dara hadn’t been fucked like this at all since she had been here. She moved the cock deeper, then put her face right next to Dara’s.

“How do you want me to fuck you, Dara? Nice and slow, or fast and hard?”

“Fuck me hard, Katy. Fuck the shit out of me.”

So Katy did. She figured Dara might like it rough, so she obliged. The bed now had two power-fucks going on side-by-side. Marcia continued to ram it into Holly, and now Katy was giving it to Dara just as hard. The bed creaked and shook as the two couplings continued.

Either by chance or by design, at one point Holly’s left hand found Dara’s right hand and they both clasped together for dear life. Katy saw that and motioned to Marcia. They smiled at each other and (without missing a deep thrust) leaned over and began kissing.

Katy broke the kiss when she thought of something. She looked down at her fuck-mate and spied the nipple piercings. That devilish smile Çankaya Escort started to play across her face as she grabbed one in each hand. Dara had her eyes closed during the session, but they shot open when she felt the metal bars being tugged.

Katy twisted both bars in opposite directions while still thrusting. Dara gritted her teeth, her hand gripped Holly’s tighter, and there was a sharp intake of breath. “Oooh! Katy! OOOOH!”

Katy didn’t turn any further, but she didn’t need to. She held them in place and continued to power the cock nice and deep. Dara exploded in orgasm, her legs kicking straight out. She shrieked and clamped her hand over her mouth. She didn’t want to wake up Lily too early.


Lily opened her eyes. She had been awake for a little while…she had even seen Marcia and Katy sneak out of their room into Holly’s. Lily could see them check on her and Bess, then disappear into the other bedroom. The happy noises that could be heard coming from that room made Lily smile.

She wriggled her butt a little and felt Bess’s cock, still stuffed inside her. It gave her such a feeling of fullness. It was warm and it pulsed with Bess’s heartbeat. Lily’s head was nestled into Bess’s neck, and she nuzzled the other girl lovingly. Bess continued to doze, and Lily let her…she had quite the day yesterday. Lily closed her eyes again and fell back into a contented sleep.


It was now 8:30am when the four ladies emerged from the bedroom. None wore clothes, and they were all disheveled and sweaty from hot sex. The entered the living room quietly, in case the two other women were still asleep.

Bess smiled dreamily at them as they approached. She was lightly petting Lily’s head, who was also awake, and winked.

“Good morning”, said Bess.

“Good morning to you!”, smiled Katy. “How did you sleep?”

“Like a dream. Lily, how did you sleep?”

Lily looked up at Bess. “Very well. I still have a tummy full of your cum. Look everyone!”

Lily sat up, and Bess suddenly realized that her cock was still inside her little lover. She moaned happily as the cock started to respond.

The four other girls came over and marveled at the little bulge Lily was now sporting just below her tummy. Lily squeaked suddenly and looked down at Bess. “Oooh! I think you need to come out…I don’t think I can handle you much bigger, and…OOOH…you are getting bigger.”

Dara reached under Lily’s armpits and lifted her bodily while Marcia grabbed hold of Bess’s thickening rod. Lily asked for some tissues to stuff in her pussy, staunching the outflow of cum when Bess’s dick came out with a pop.

Marcia yearned to take the monster cock in her mouth, but she abided by her promise and let go of it. It bobbed at her, as if calling her back. Marcia and Bess locked eyes and smiled at each other.

Bess got up off the couch and stretched. She was replaced by Lily, her hips in the air and her legs splayed open…a wad of tissue in her snatch. Dara kneeled down at Lily’s crotch and smiled at her. “It seems like every day someone is sucking cum out of your pussy, Lily.”

“It is a difficult life I lead.” Lily said with a straight face. “Dara, would you help me by sucking Bess’s cum out of my body? It is a lot.”

Dara nodded. “Who wants some?” Five hands shot up, including Bess and Lily herself. Dara laughed as she surveyed the volunteers. “All right then. Are you ready, Lily?”

Lily nodded. Dara got down close to Lily’s stuffed twat and breathed in her oversexed nethers. She scooped out the tissues, and immediately replaced them with her own mouth. The cum started to flow out, and Dara sucked and lapped up the salty fluid as it came out.

“Ah! God! AhhhhhhAAAHHH!!” Lily bucked and juddered as Dara did her work. The massive amount of semen quickly filled her mouth, so she pushed the tissues back in as she went looking a willing recipient for her first cum-deposit. Lily was left panting, her eyes unfocused.

First in line was Marcia. Dara hesitated for a second, then they embraced. Marcia took this opportunity to caress Dara all over. Dara responded by pressing her mouth against the other girl’s. Their mouths opened, and a warm injection of cum-mix slid into Marcia’s mouth. The next was Holly. Then Bess, and Dara was thrilled to push the girl’s own cum back into her mouth, with Bess happily accepting it. As they kissed, Bess’s cock pressed up against Dara’s tummy, and she wondered if that huge dick would end up inside of her at some point.

The three women swished and swirled the cum in their mouths, swallowing the mouthfuls happily. “I taste good!” declared Bess. Holly nodded. “You sure do!”

Dara returned to Lily’s pussy, took out the tissues, and pulled in the next load of cum, scooping more out with her tongue. Lily immediately reacted to this renewed attention, her body covering with goosebumps. “Dara! Uhhh! FUCK! UHHHH!!!” Dara filled her mouth up, plugged Lily’s twat again, and Keçiören Escort went looking for Katy.

“Is there any more left?”, Holly asked, and went right for Lily’s pussy. She tossed the tissues aside, and stuck her tongue deep, suctioning out any remaining cum. This drove Lily bonkers, and she shrieked and wailed as her pussy was drained dry.

That is, until Dara, having just given Katy a nice oral gift, pressed her lips against Lily’s. Lily tried to scream, but her mouth was suddenly full of the sought-after cum-mix. She concentrated on not choking on the warm, gooey liquid, and instead took little gulps to get it down her throat while still being orally savaged by Holly.

Holly was able to get the rest of the sex juice out of Lily and ingested it hungrily. Lily was now shaking and writhing, the aftermath of Holly’s attention. She had also swallowed down all of Dara’s gift, and could now get back to breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure. All of the girls appreciated the morning cum-snack.

Holly stood up, her face wet with Lily’s juices, and surveyed the group. “I think all of us need a shower”, she laughed. The others nodded. “We’re definitely not going to have enough hot water for six showers, so I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to double up.” A chorus of fake “aww’s” rang out.

Bess spoke up. “Umm…I think I should swing by my house. I have some…toiletries…that I need for the morning.”

Katy said, “Cool! I’ll go with.”

“You…want to come with me? To my house?”

“Sure! I’d love to meet your parents!”

Bess started to sweat. “Um…okay. We’ll be back in a few.”

Holly nodded. “Dara, I assume you’ll be showering with Lily? She looks like she needs some extra TLC…go ahead and take her in now. I’m sure Marcia and I will find something to occupy ourselves while you guys clean up.”


Mark Ulrich was sitting at the breakfast table, leisurely chatting with his wife when he heard a car pull up. He got up, coffee mug in hand to check if it was Bess.

He smiled when he saw that it was Bess’s Durango, and that his daughter was climbing out of the driver’s side.

Then he froze when he saw Katy Jenkins emerge from the passenger side.


Janet Ulrich, seated at the kitchen table, scrolled through her phone, replied, “Hmm?”

“Bess is home…and she brought Katy Jenkins with her.”

Janet’s head shot up and stared at Mark. Both parents straightened themselves up as the front door opened. “Mom? Dad? Hi!”

Janet walked into the living room, followed by Mark. Bess looked a little self-conscious, which was odd since that look only occurred with other people, not her parents. Following right behind her daughter was Katy.

Janet remembered Katy from various school functions. The lovely blonde was hard to miss.

“Mom? Dad? This is Katy Jenkins. Katy, this is my mom and dad…Janet and Mark.”

Katy stepped forward and shook hands with both parents. “it’s great to meet you both!”

Janet smiled. “We’ve seen you around the school before, Katy. How’s your mom?”

“She’s great!” She looked at Bess. “Bess, isn’t my mom great?”

Bess’s eyes widened. After a moment, she slowly nodded. “Yes. She’s…great.” Katy smiled wide at that.

Janet and Mark looked at each other, then back to Bess.

“So what’s up, Bess?”

Bess cleared her throat. “So I didn’t expect to be sleeping over, so I didn’t bring anything for showering to Katy’s, so…”

Janet nodded. “I gotcha. Do you guys want to sit for a minute? Your father and I would love to just…chat!”

Bess stuttered, while Katy nodded enthusiastically. All four then went and sat at the kitchen table.

Mark started the conversation. “So, Katy…how did you and Bess…”

“Meet?” Mark nodded. “Well, I’m a Subject.”

The two parents frowned and shook their heads.

“In the Advanced Sex Ed class.”

Both parents’ eyes widened. Janet said, “You…you’re a…Subject?”


“So you’re doing…”

“Sexy, naked stuff…uh huh! There’s four of us…Me, Lily Chen, Kaia Dansohko, and Marcia Sanderson.”

“Oh! Marcia Sanderson? She’s a nice girl…she also does…?”

“Sexy, naked stuff. It’s a great class.”

Janet looked over at her daughter. Bess was definitely perspiring as she listened to Katy. Katy was holding onto her hand though and would periodically check on her…it seemed to calm Bess more than a little. Janet liked that a lot.

“You have fun in the class, Katy?”

“Yeah, Mr. Ulrich! Yesterday, Tim Callahan tit-fucked me!”

Dead silence followed that. Mark was breathing heavy when he finally broke it.

“I’m sorry…he…?”

“Yeah, a tit-fuck. See, I’ve got these…” And she put her arms on either side of her breasts and pressed them together. “…and they’re really good for that. Tim Callahan, who TRICKED ME into thinking I was going to get anal sex, instead surprised me with a great tit-fuck. So Etimesgut Escort I was mad at him for like a minute, but then it was great!”

Bess’s parents both looked like they could faint at any moment. “Mom? Dad? Are you alright?”

Janet nodded quickly. “No, we’re fine, dear. Did you…did you see this…’tit-fuuuck’…?”

Bess nodded carefully. “I did. It was really…great.”

Mark said, “I would imagine it was.” And his eyes looked away.

Katy saw that look.

He’s thinking about me being tit-fucked.

“You would have really liked to watch it, Mr. Ulrich. If I hold my boobs like this…” She put her palms over the tops of her tits and pressed them together. “…I can make anybody cum.” She looked pointedly at Mark. “Anybody.”

Mark swallowed hard.

She then looked at Janet. “They’re fun for girls too, Mrs. Ulrich. I like to play with both.” She smiled very sweetly. Janet was frozen in place.

Bess was very red in the face throughout.

Katy became very serious. “Bess has been really great, and we’ve really gotten close. We’ve even…showered together. Like girls do.”

Janet put her hands down on the table to steady herself, and Mark put one hand on her shoulder. She looked back up at Bess. “You and Katy…showered together?”

All color had suddenly drained from Bess’s face. She nodded slowly.

“Like girls do”, Janet repeated.

Katy said, “Well, there was that thing that Bess did to me that only boys do.”


Katy rolled her eyes. “I think your parents would be happy to hear that you have someone that lets you do sexy, naked stuff in the shower. Right?” And she turned to the parents. Both were in silent shock.

Janet attempted to compose herself. “So how many people were at the sleepover?”

“There were six of us, Mrs. Ulrich.”

Girls, do you…since there’s other people taking showers at Katy’s house…maybe you want to…take a shower here?”

Mark’s head swiveled around at Janet, then quickly to the teens. “Y-yeah! That’s a good idea! How does that sound?”

Bess shook her head in confusion. “I’m sorry, you’re both good with us taking a shower? Together? Here?!” Katy’s eyes glittered.

Janet slowly nodded. “You both look like you need a good long shower. Katy, would you like to take a shower with our daughter?”

Katy was up like a flash. “I would love it! You guys are great! Come on, Bess, let’s get cleaned up.”

Mark stood up when Katy stood. “Yeah, and we’ll…make breakfast for you.”

The two girls were walking toward the bathroom, and Katy had already taken her sweatshirt off, holding it up to her breasts. Bess freaked and hurried Katy into the bathroom, admonishing her as they went. The door shut. After a moment, the Ulrichs could hear water running.

Janet was out of her chair almost instantly. “Mark! Stand up!”

Mark, still agog over everything that just happened, said “Wha…?”

“Stand up! Now!”

Mark did so. Janet ran over and kissed him passionately. Mark, at first completely taken aback, was now totally into it, kissing his wife back with abandon. After a few seconds of this, Janet dropped to her knees and started taking Mark’s pants off.

“Mark, help me…we don’t have a lot of time! I need you…I need you NOW!”

Mark fumbled with his belt, and Janet wrenched the pants down to his ankles, followed by his underwear. She was gratified to see her husband’s proud erection appear, and she wasted no time in sucking it into her mouth.

Mark steadied himself on the kitchen table. He and Janet had not had sex in so long…between their own schedules and the pressures of their daughter, the mood was never right. Now, everything came crashing together, and his faithful wife was giving him a deep blowjob in the kitchen while his daughter was most likely having sex with a girl in the bathroom!

He lightly put his hand on Janet’s head and pumped her mouth, causing her to gag a little. Her mouth was so warm and so inviting, it just made him harder. She looked up at him and his heart filled with love looking at those beautiful eyes.


Katy stepped out of the shower on shaky legs. Bess’s cock certainly gave her little body a workout. The shower was good for recovery, but still…

Bess stepped out a moment later, also a bit shaky. Her penis was calm at this point, and Katy breathed a sigh of relief at that. She really had to learn to pace herself with that cock.

“Now Katy, I’m going to need you to put on a towel. A towel that covers more than just your hair!”

“Uggh…fine!” She grabbed a bath towel and wrapped it around her body. Bess did the same, and then went to the door. She turned back to Katy. “Will you behave?”

Katy gave Bess such big, innocent eyes. “When have I misbehaved?”

Bess rolled her eyes. “Okay, let’s just go to my room.”

She opened the door and they walked out into the main corridor. They could see the kitchen, and her mom was there, leaning against the kitchen table.

Something was weird.

Mom seemed…disheveled. Her clothing seemed out of sorts, and her hair was now a mess. She also seemed out of breath.

“Mom? Are you okay? Where’s Dad?”

Mark appeared near the doorway to the kitchen. He looked like he was in the same shape as Janet. His shirt was fully untucked and he was out of breath too.

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