The Strippers and the Stepson Ch. 02


A huge thank you to LaRascasse, ftw752, and AwkwardMD for their generosity in helping me with beta reading and editing.


This is the second story of Karen and her 20-year-old stepson, Eric. All of their friends are 18 or older. It’s a stand-alone story, but you might enjoy reading the character background in The Strippers and the Stepson Ch. 01.



Eric awakens with his mom in his arms. Everything about her is womanly—her skin, her breasts, her hips. The days since they became lovers have been the best of their lives. She opens her body to him in a way he never dreamed possible.

Karen has been awake, thinking about her decision to sleep with her stepson. She has been in love with him for years. The more her husband traveled for work, the more her attraction to her son grew. She agonized over the indecency of a mother lusting after her son. She felt dirty and ashamed. Not until her friends recognized Eric for the desirable man he had become did Karen admit she saw him that way too.

He is a charming 20-year-old who is in love with his mother. When he came on to her, she struggled to find excuses for why they should not be together. But nothing was powerful enough to overcome their desire. Now they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Eric lies in bed stroking the delicate skin of her arm. Her breasts are round and creamy, shadowed in the light of the morning sun. He’s losing patience to be with her again. He reaches down to stroke along the curve of her hip then slips between her legs. His seed from the night before is still wet and warm, nestled there.

“Good morning,” Karen smiles up at her son’s handsome young face. “Pancakes for breakfast?”

He rolls over and pins her to the bed. “Aren’t you forgetting appetizers?”

She savors his mouth taking hers. His morning whiskers scrape across her cheek, reminding her he is a man, no longer a boy. He slides her mouth open with his, nibbles her bottom lip, and sucks on her tongue. He runs his hand through her hair then down her ear. She arches her back when he brings his lips down to her collarbone and dips his tongue in the hollow of her neck. Fondling her breasts with a needy hand, he teases her nipples into firm pink berries.

Karen sighs with pleasure at her son’s tender touches. She spreads her legs around his muscular young back and lifts her hips toward his manhood.

“I need you Eric. Now.”

Eric requires no coaxing. His cock finds her pussy wet and hungry. He slides into her in one thrust. They both cry out at the pleasure of their merging. Karen grabs his hips, aroused by his form taking up the space within her. She digs her nails into his ass while he fucks her. Eric groans, and his breath quickens. He could come right then from the eroticism of filling his mom’s tiny pussy. She is so tight, sometimes it is like pushing through wet cement to seat himself. But this morning is different. She opens herself to their lovemaking. He roots himself on the first thrust. He pauses a moment so they can both enjoy their tight union. But he is eager to pull himself out and penetrate her again.

His mom lets go of his ass. “Eric, make love to me.” Music to his ears.

He pulls his cock out of his mom until his tip hovers at her entrance. He rubs himself on her clit, a few strokes until neither of them can take any more. Then he lines his head up with her hole, rubbing circles there to tease them both. She spreads her legs wider; she is hungry for him. He eases himself back in, inch by delicious inch, until his tip rubs against her cervix, giving her an inner massage that sends tingles to her scalp. She emits a low moan as he pulls out and slides back in with powerful restraint for a 20-year-old who is ready to fuck his mom until she screams his name.

Karen strokes his back and wraps her hands around his firm ass. She rubs her face along his smooth chest and inhales his masculine scent. He has grown muskier overnight; his young man’s scent is erotic. She circles her fingers around his asshole, teasing his virgin hole and hinting she plans to take him there. He catches his breath at the expectation of penetration. But she keeps her fingers on the edge of his anus, teasing with a hint of her tips in his muscular ring.

With every stroke in her pussy, his pelvis pulls against her clit. It is too much to bear. She lifts her legs on either side of her son, holding her ankles to maintain deep contact with his cock. The sound of his cock sliding in and out of her slick body is mesmerizing, like a wet umbrella squeezing in and out of its dampened sheath. The smell of their bodies meeting is primal and raw.

As Eric gets more aroused, he fucks his mom harder, their bodies meeting with a pounding of firm skin on soft skin, hard cock in wet pussy. After a few more strokes, she contracts around her son, and her clit explodes into sunbeams warming her body, tickling her fingertips, and curling her toes.

“Oh god, Eric, yes baby. Fuck me like that.”

Her gaziantep escort telefonları orgasm stretches itself out, running up her back and spinning through her brain. She melts into her son and becomes one with his body.

Eric holds on, but the sound of his mom screaming his name, coupled with her contractions constricting his dick, is more than he can handle. The balloon pops, and the cum that gathered all night in his balls shoots out through his shaft and into her beckoning pussy.

She has stopped taking the pill and is young enough to get pregnant. She has always wanted another child. When he comes in her, his primitive brain pushes to plant his seed. He thrusts, depositing all the semen he has to give, and leaving his love deep in his mom’s core. Once the tingles have shivered their way down his spine, he is left with relaxation and bliss.

They know they are playing a dangerous game, but they can’t seem to overcome their instinctual need to reproduce.

Eric rolls off his mom and cuddles her. How does she always smell good, even after they’ve been sweating? She looks good, she smells good, she feels good. There isn’t anything he doesn’t love about this woman. His dick hardens. A liability of a sexy, beautiful mom in his arms.

She smiles at him. “You’re an amazing lover. I regret it took so long for us to discover each other.”

“At least we did. Let’s never let go.”

“I’m your mother, but I’m your lover first. I could never let you go.”

His young face turns naughty. He rolls on to her and positions himself between her thighs. “Does that mean you won’t let go now?”

She wraps her legs around his hips. “You got it, stud.”

He slides into her semen-filled pussy and groans with the pleasure of taking her. “Oh god, Mom, I love you.”

She reaches up and slaps his ass. “I love you, too, baby. Now make me scream.”


Karen’s friend, Suzanne, raised her 21-year-old nephew, Ryan. His dad left when he was little, and his mom couldn’t stay off drugs. So his mom’s sister, Suzanne, stepped in and raised him.

She has been there for Ryan through everything—cub scouts, puberty, academic struggles. She has been more of a mother than an aunt to him. She loves him to the marrow of her body and would do anything for him.

Ryan is eating his high-protein breakfast when Suzanne broaches the subject of Karen’s upcoming party. “My friends are having a party this weekend. You should come.”

Ryan has grown into a tall, handsome man with the body of a college athlete. Suzanne has the active libido of most women her age, and Ryan is a distraction. When he walks out of the shower in his towel, she wonders what it is hiding. The sight of him padding around in his pajama bottoms conjures filthy thoughts. Even his innocent hugs leave her panties moist.

Karen has told Suzanne about her relationship with her son. They became lovers after Karen’s last party, which turned into a sex fest with Eric as the main course. Karen has described how natural it is to fulfill their mutual needs. Suzanne can’t take much more without Ryan’s body in hers, and she envies Karen’s situation with her son.

He heard about the last party. He is curious but on guard. “What friends?”

“The usual—Ashley, Karen, and her son, Eric. Plus I’ve invited girls I met, Rosie and Candy.”

“Aren’t Rosie and Candy strippers?”

“They’re entertainers. But yes, they take off their clothes. And they’re lots of fun.”

Ryan’s suspicious about where this is going. “You told me about the last party. Didn’t Eric end up sleeping with everyone, including his mom?”

Suzanne draws her chair close. Ryan has already shaved, and his shaving cream smells like pine and another scent she’d like to lick off him. “It sounds like you’re jealous.”

“Aunt Suzanne, that’s crazy.”

“Ryan, it’s time you stop calling me ‘Aunt.’ Call me ‘Suzanne.'”

“‘Suzanne’ is intimate.”

Suzanne rubs her hand down Ryan’s back. Goose bumps prick up where she touches him. His mind is fuzzy from having her so close. “It’s time to be more intimate. I’m a woman. And you’re not a boy any more. It’s time you treat me like a woman. And I’ll treat you like the man you are.”

Ryan has trouble catching his breath; aches of desire follow his aunt’s fingertips. He wants his aunt more than she can imagine, but he struggles to admit it to himself. He remembers all the little things—sorting Legos together, practicing baseball in the backyard while Suzanne blasted the Eagles’ greatest hits, sharing an ice cream after his team lost the play-offs. So he is inclined to give in to her every request, but also frightened by his deep-seated need for her. “What do you mean?”

She whispers while squeezing his thigh. “I mean, it might be good for us to go to Karen’s party.”

Ryan’s dick jumps to attention at the idea of going to a sex party with his aunt. She brings her hand higher on his thigh until escort gaziantep telefonları she’s an inch away from his swollen cock. The tip of Ryan’s dick protrudes from the hole in his pajama bottoms, the precum weeping down his shaft. All he thinks of is Suzanne’s mouth wrapped around his engorged head.

He looks at her lips and thinks about them sucking him off, swallowing him down. Could she take him into her throat? Would she moan? Would she lick his balls?

Ryan has wanted his aunt for years. He has heard the sounds coming from her bedroom at night. He lusts to be the one giving her pleasure, making her cry out his name. If he goes to that party, there’s no turning back. He’s not sure what his aunt has in mind, but he couldn’t fuck the other women and leave her alone. He has yearned to be with her for so long it hurts.

Suzanne pulls him back from his reverie. “So what do you say. Will you be my date?”

What the fuck is he thinking? She’s his aunt! “I’m sorry, Suzanne, I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

Ryan downs his breakfast and hauls ass to the shower. He’s got to do something with that massive erection.


Suzanne’s not stupid. She sees the way her nephew looks at her. She notices his hard-on when she asks him about the sex party. She sees him get interested when she tells him about Eric’s relationship with his mom. And she hears him in the shower after their conversation, trying to tame his painful erection.

Suzanne waits a couple days to broach the topic again.

Ryan sits on the sofa playing a video game. Suzanne plops down next to him. He feels her thigh touching his and smells the sensuous perfume she wears every day. Her hair is soft and tickles his shoulder when she turns to talk to him. His erection stretches his sweat pants, and for the first time Suzanne realizes how massive he is. All the more reason to get him to that party.

She rests her hand on his forearm, sending a pang of need straight from his arm to his groin. “Thought any more about the party?”

Ryan can’t catch his breath. “Aunt Suzanne—”


“Suzanne, this doesn’t seem like something we should go to together.”

“This has nothing to do with us. You can have an awesome time with the other women.” She pulls out her phone. “Let me show you my friends. This is Ashley. Look at those tits. Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on those? And your mouth?”

Ryan would love to get his hands on them, but a blush creeps up his neck talking about it with his aunt.

Suzanne isn’t done. “Here’s a picture of Candy. She’s got black hair to her ass, big dark eyes, and light brown skin. And bonus: she’s bisexual. So you can get her to suck your dick and then watch her eat out another woman. She’s hot.”

She scrolls through her photos. “This is Rosie. Notice anything familiar? She’s Candy’s twin. She might be the tiniest woman you’ll ever meet with the tightest pussy you’ll ever find. Like her sister, she’s stunning. She’s lesbian, but she likes to play with anyone given the right circumstance. Candy and Rosie are 18, so they’re right up your alley.”

Ryan’s drooling at the idea of watching the two women get it on, but mortified that his aunt is talking about another woman’s pussy with him. There’s a pussy he wants, but it belongs to the woman sitting next to him.

“Last but not least, this is Karen. She’s got flaming red hair and a petite athletic body. She can have you hanging from the chandeliers. It’s also got to be hot to watch her fuck her son.”

He’s intrigued. It doesn’t escape him that Suzanne is practically his mom.

Suzanne reassures him. “You and I won’t play together. But we need another guy there—Karen’s son is going to be alone. Can you help my friends out?”

How does he tell her he has no interest in her friends? His interest lies in the woman before him.

Suzanne’s not being candid with Ryan. She’s hoping they’ll get together. But she also recognizes they’re blood relatives. Unless Ryan makes a move, she vows to keep her hungry claws off him.

Ryan isn’t being straight with his aunt, either. He’s desperate to be with her. But no way is he going to make the first move. She still sees him as that Little League boy with the bloody knee—why would she want his mitts all over her?

“Aunt Suzanne, stop. I’ll go to the party.” What red-blooded 21-year-old man would turn down a sex party?

Suzanne jumps up and down in that cute way she has of making her tits jiggle. “We’re going to have a blast.”

Ryan puts his head in his hands. Another opportunity to lust after his aunt and not get what he needs.


Before their friends arrive, Karen has a gift for Eric.

Eric is confused when he opens the box. “Mom, I’m not old enough to drink, and you got me a wine bottle topper?”

Karen laughs “It’s a butt plug. For our play time after the party.”

“I need a butt plug?”

“You don’t get to have gaziantep escort bayan telefonları all the fun. I’m going to claim your virgin ass.”

His face is tinged with trepidation and intrigue. “What are you planning to put in me?”

“Nothing much bigger than what you put in me.”

He looks down at his sizable dick.

“I’m not sure I can handle something that big.”

“Trust me. After the party, you’ll beg me to shove a vibrator up your ass. Now, bend over so I can put this in.”

Still skeptical, but trusting his mom, Eric bends over. His mom runs lube along his outer rim and marvels at what a perfect asshole he has. She can’t wait to claim it with her dildo tonight.

She massages his hole and loosening the muscles there. She lubes up the butt plug then eases it into his asshole, twisting it while she inserts it.

Eric moans at the intrusion. It stimulates him in all the right ways, and his cock hardens.

“It’s not much different from my fingers, is it? Keep it in until we’re ready to play.”

If the vibrator feels as good as this butt plug, then Eric is ready to play now.


Ashley is the first to arrive. She is a social animal and right in her element at a sex party. She tosses her gorgeous blond hair, calling attention to her ample breasts. She’s excited to see Karen and Eric.

“I can’t wait to play with you both.” Glancing up at the crisp blue sky with cotton ball clouds, she adds, “We’re so lucky to have perfect weather for this.”

Karen grins. “We wouldn’t dream of having a party without you. So glad you’re here.”

The last time they were together, their friend Leah introduced the other women to the eroticism of lesbian sex. Suzanne and Ashley went wild. Karen was preoccupied lusting after her son. She didn’t get to play with the other women, so Ashley’s hoping she’ll join in this time.

Before they shut the door, Suzanne shows up, with a hunky young man in tow. She is outgoing, sometimes aggressive. Distributing kisses, Suzanne introduces Ryan.

Ryan is nervous. He fears it’s obvious he came in hopes of having sex with his aunt. He’s grateful to see someone he knows. “Hey Eric, long time no see.”

“Yeah, long time.”

Ryan’s relieved Eric’s fucking his mom. It makes him feel less weird about aching to be with Suzanne.

Suzanne has a surprise—she brought Viagra for the young men. “Hey boys, I have a treat. Little blue pills. Take them now.”

Eric knows he can get it up with little effort. But these women are voracious. He’s taking no chances; he pops two. Ryan’s nervous and follows Eric’s lead; he also takes two.

Suzanne announces she invited two more friends. A Camaro pulls up, music blaring.

Suzanne grins. “Here they are.”

Out of the car step two petite, striking Latina women wearing interesting outfits. The first has pouty red lips and is dressed like a lapsed Catholic schoolgirl, with pigtails, mid-drift top, plaid pleated mini-skirt, and thigh-high stockings. The other wears a latex Cat Woman outfit, complete with mask, tail, and high stilettos. They both have the bodies to rock their outfits and would draw attention wearing even blue jeans and baggie t-shirts.

The women see they are dressed out of place. “We thought this was a dress-up party.”

Suzanne assures them. “You look beautiful. Besides, you won’t be dressed for long.”

She introduces her new friends. “This is Candace and Rosita.”

“I’m Candy,” says the Cat Woman.

Karen eyes her feet. “I’m so impressed you can walk in those shoes.”

“Honey, that’s how I make my living. As a stripper, I wear fuck-me shoes.”

The other girl jumps in. “Call me Rosie.” All dimples and long dark hair, Rosie can’t take her eyes off Karen and her red mane.

“Do people tell you all the time you’re beautiful?”

Karen blushes.

Suzanne knows Karen’s embarrassed by Rosie’s charm, so she changes the subject. “We brought snacks—cheese, crackers, and a couple bottles of wine.”

Karen can’t let the inside joke pass her by. “Thank you. Eric has the perfect bottle stopper.”

Shocked that she would poke fun at the plug up his ass, Eric swivels his head to his mom. Where is his loving mother?

A slight smile plays on Karen’s lips. She won’t be the only one seeing that plug today, so he might as well get used to a little ribbing.

While the rest of the group moves to the outside kitchen to pour wine, Karen holds Eric back. She can tell he is uncomfortable, but she can’t tell why. Ryan is taller than Eric and hotter than hell—does Eric feel inadequate? But he’s gorgeous and can hold his own against any man.

“Eric, what’s the deal between you and Ryan?”

“He plays baseball with me. His last name is Breckenridge. But his dick is so big everyone calls him Breckenhorse. I didn’t know until today his first name is Ryan.”

Karen laughs. “Leave it to Suzanne to bring two strippers and a breeding stud to our sex party.”

“It’s not funny.”

“What’s the matter?”

“He caught me looking at him in the locker room.”

“Baby, do you think you’re gay?”

“I’m curious, but you’re the one I love. His cock is so fucking huge, it’s impossible to look away. He was cool about it when he saw me staring—he’s used to it—but I never expected to see him at my house. For a sex party, for god’s sake.”

“Relax. He’s on your turf, and he didn’t seem to harbor a grudge against you.”

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