The Stonebriar Kennels Ch. 02


The door slid open and Rachel was greeted by an impressive lobby. Evan gently nudge her and Rachel obediently stepped forward. She paused again as the doors closed behind her, punctuated with a loud click. Unsure of where to go, she scanned her surroundings. The lobby was luxuriously decorated. The walls were trimmed with dark wood, and several bookshelves of the same material lined the walls. Tufted leather couches and chairs were arranged into small groups around low tables made of the same wood that lined the walls. The floors were also wood, an even darker shade, and each group of chairs sat on its own oriental rug. A player grand piano sat in the corner, softly playing music. The windows each had wrought iron grates, made of elaborated designs bolted over them. A glass showcase sat next to the desk filled with collars and cuffs of various designs.

The only thing in the lobby that seemed cheap and out of place was the desk itself. The desk was the standard tall hotel check in desk made of drywall and topped with a cheap countertop. At knee level, there were 2 small screens, each with a short chain protruding beneath it. The area by the desk was much more brightly lit than the rest of the lobby. Behind the desk stood a young woman, not much older than Rachel, with golden blonde hair pulled into a tight bun and bright red lipstick. She wore a snug fitting blazer. Rachel could not tell if she wore anything under the blazer.

The blonde waited for Rachel to make eye contact before speaking, almost as if giving her time to survey the room.

“Bring her to the yellow squares so I can take intake photos of her.”

Rachel felt a tug on her leash and noticed there were 2 yellow squares on the floor, which Evan led her to. She also saw a red box painted on the floor at the door she had just come through. She stopped at the yellow boxes and Evan jerked back on her leash, mostly for effect. Rachel tried to stand with both feet in one of the boxes before the blonde corrected her.

“Stand with your feet in both boxes, don’t move. Stand up straight!”

Rachel obediently adjusted her stance. The boxes were pretty far apart, and with her heels on, it was difficult to keep her balance with her feet spread like this. After a few seconds, she could already feel the strain in her ankles and thighs.

The blonde seemed to recognize Rachel’s difficulty as she moved slowly and deliberately coming out from behind the desk, digital camera in hand. The blonde was very thin and pretty, a few inches taller than Rachel, who herself was only 5’5, with proportionally small breasts. A flash of stomach flesh confirmed that she wore no shirt under the blazer, which appeared very expensive. She wore a pencil skirt that ended just below her knees and black stilettos, Louboutins. Rachel suddenly felt very self conscious about her Steve Madden heels that she had bought on sale, the only clothing she was wearing aside from her collar. Rachel realized this and blushed.

The blonde warmly greeted Evan, holding out her hand.

“Hello, Mr. Virtanen. My name is Samantha and I’ll be getting you all set up”. She turned sternly to Rachel “You will address me as Ma’am”.

Rachel felt the words “Yes Ma’am” meekly leave her lips before Samantha turned back to Evan.

“The first thing I will do is take several photographs of your property to make sure it is returned to you in the same condition. Go ahead and uncuff her hands”. She turned again to Rachel “Hands on the back of your head and keep them there” she barked.

Rachel complied as soon as Evan released each hand.

“All orders require a response, slave” Samantha said as she laid a sharp slap on Rachels tit. “Yes Ma’am” Rachel replied, more surprised by the woman’s brazenness than by the strike.

Samantha began by taking full body front and back pictures of Rachel. She then moved in and took closeups of her face, each breast, butt, back, thighs, and her tattoos.

When she took a picture of Rachel’s vagina, she noted “Slaves are not allowed to have pubic hair.”

Rachel’s face reddened as if the whole process wasn’t humiliating enough already.

“Okay, all done”, the stern blonde finally said. “You can take her to the check in counter and lock her to the chain.”

Rachel was relieved to be able to stand normal again. Her heels were starting to slide on the smooth wood floor and she didn’t know how much longer her legs could hold her up.

Evan led Rachel by her leash over to the desk. The chain protruding from it was too short to reach her collar, so Evan carefully but forcefully pushed her down to her knees. He brought the end of the chain to Rachel’s collar but then got a confused look.

“How do I attach this?” he asked Samantha.

“I lock it back here. Just hold it on her ring” the blonde replied from behind the desk.

Rachel heard a faint click behind the desk and then the weight of the chain pull on her collar as Evan released it. She instinctively tested her Maltepe Yabancı Escort bond, and found that it was, in fact, secured to her collar.

Samantha came back around the desk again holding a bic razor. She addressed Evan.

“If you’d like to go sit down, I will let you know when I am ready for you. I have to upload these photos and get the forms ready for you.”

Rachel secretly hoped he would stay with her while they waited, but wasn’t surprised when he went and found a seat on a comfortable looking couch. He pulled out his phone and began texting on it. She looked back at the blonde who stood over her. Her warm smile she had given Evan had faded to a stern look. “You can clean up your cunt while you wait”. She handed her the razor. As she bent over Rachel caught a peek at her bra. “I guess she is wearing something under that jacket” she thought to herself. “I usually stand up to do this” she whimpered. “And use cream”, she added.


This time the blow landed on her face and was much harder.

“I told you that you will address me as Ma’am. And you can make due. This will not be the only discomfort you experience here. Now get to it! Any hair you miss, I’ll personally remove with tweezers”

The blonde turned on her heels and marched back behind the desk. Rachel watched as she walked, studying the back of her skirt for panty lines. She didn’t see any. Rachel had never been attracted to women before, but something about Samantha and her dominant attitude had Rachel wondering what this woman was wearing under her clothes.

She looked at the razor she held. It was definitely a cheap one, and completely dry. She licked her hand and used that to moisten the area in preparation. After a few rotations of licking and shaving, she noticed the moisture in her pussy. She sampled her own slickness and then quickly smeared some of that on the area and finished shaving. When she was done, she looked over at Evan, who was looking back at her smiling. She blushed with embarrassment.

Unsure of what to do with the razor, she set it down as quietly as she could. She didn’t want to disturb -or upset- the blonde behind the desk. She started to inspect her surroundings. Next to her, built in to the desk, was an Ipad sized screen. It currently displayed a blue background with some stylized letters on it. It was hard to make them out, but Rachel finally decided that they were “TSK”. She had no idea what it stood for. She tapped the screen but nothing happened. She noticed there was a small camera integrated in the bezel.

Rachel’s attention shifted to her tether. It was a small chain with a black plastic tube, like a brake cable on a bicycle, braided through each link. The end that wasn’t connected to her disappeared into the desk through a metal grommet, leaving about 2 and a half feet between the desk and her collar. She couldn’t see how it attached to her collar so she explored it with her fingers. The chain terminated in a small metal box, about the size of a lipstick tube. At the top of the tube, she felt a solid ring interlocked with the ring on her collar. She looked behind her at the other station and confirmed what she had guessed, except this one had an open “claw” on the top of the lock mechanism. She surmised that the black tube was the control cable and when Samantha activated the lock behind the desk, the claw would close, securing its captive. Rachel tested her own claw lock and found that she couldn’t open it by pulling the halves.

It had now been at least 10 minutes and Rachel’s knees were starting to get sore. Again, trying to be as quiet as possible, she shifted to her butt. The floor was cold on her bottom and pressed on the plug. Almost immediately, she heard the thin blonde come out from her post and storm around the corner.

SMACK! The blow landed on the same cheek but harder.

“Slaves sit on their knees! Your ass is not for sitting. We have other uses for it!”

Rachel scrambled back to her knees, which was difficult given her limited mobility.

“I’m almost done here, Mr. Virtanen. If you would like to come on back up here, we need to discuss restraints. We require all of our prisoners to be in locking, waterproof collars and cuffs on wrists and ankles.”

Rachel felt her stomach tighten at that word. Prisoners? Is that what she was here? She looked at the chain locking her to the desk. “Well I guess I should have figured that out” she thought to herself.

Samantha continued “We don’t consider the leather collar you brought her in to be waterproof, and she isn’t wearing any cuffs. We have several suitable models available for purchase” gesturing to the display case. “We also have some very basic restraints that can be fitted free of charge.”

Rachel tried to look around the corner at the case but her short leash kept it out of view.

“Yes, I saw that” Evan said as he stood up. He started untying the drawstring on the velvet bag as he walked. There was Maltepe Yeni Escort a faint clinking from the bag. “I wanted to keep this a surprise for her, but I guess the time has come”.

Evan reached the tall counter and set the bag on it above Rachel. When he leaned down, Rachel saw he had 2 silver semicircles in his hands which he joined around her neck. He then proceeded to struggle for several minutes to press them together.

Samantha took a smaller semicircle out of the bag and inspected it. “Are these Enthrallment cuffs?” She asked Evan, clearly impressed with the restraint she held.

“Only the best” he replied.

“Ohh, I’ve only seen one other set of these in person. I’ll go let some slack out so she can lay on the floor and you can put your weight on it” the blonde said as she went around the corner. “Ok, pull” she said from behind the desk.

Evan, still holding the semicircles around Rachels neck, pulled her away from the desk. About 15 more links of chain came through the grommet before going taut again.

“That should be enough” he said as the blonde reappeared.

Gently, he helped Rachel lay down on her back on the floor, never letting go of the two halves of her new collar. Rachel nervously looked up at Samantha, who seemed fascinated by what was happening to her. She felt a tingling in her loins and knew she was getting wet at the idea that this gorgeous blonde with her expensive designer clothes was so impressed with the new jewelry she was being fitted with.

Her train of thought was broken by Evan’s foot on her neck. Carefully, he centered his foot on the collar and pressed down. Nothing. Next, he steadied himself on the counter and lifted his other foot. Rachel felt his shoe shaking on her chin and looked nervously at Samantha, who was watching with anticipation.

“Try jumping on it” the blonde suggested.

Evan took the countertop in both hands and began bouncing up and down until Rachel heard a crunch in one ear, followed by another crunch in the other ear on the next bounce. She thought he had broken them, but he inspected his work and seemed satisfied. He repeated the process on her wrists and then her ankles, those closing much more easily than the collar.

“What size shoe is she?” the blonde called as she hurried back behind the desk.

“I think 7, but I’ll check.” Evan replied removing Rachel’s heel. He looked it over before answering “Yeah, this one is a 7.”

Samantha returned again from behind the desk carrying another set of high heels. These were more plain than the ones Rachel wore in, made up of shiny red straps. She knelt down at Rachel’s feet and took off her other heel and then began putting on the new ones. She worked quickly and roughly. Rachel found herself staring down the blonde’s blazer, mesmerized by the jiggle of her small breasts inside her bra. The straps on the toes of the shoes were adjustable and Samantha tightened them snug. There was only a single strap at the heel, punctuated by a small metal stud, which the blonde drew through her ankle cuff and then back down, snapping the stud into a hole at the top of the heel spike. He ankle cuffs were now effectively part of her shoes. Samantha collected Rachel’s old shoes and offered them to Evan.

“What do you want to do with these?” She asked.

“I”ll hang on to those.” Rachel was relieved that he didn’t throw her favorite shoes away.

Evan helped Rachel back up to her knees. She felt the slickness on her inner thighs as they rubbed together and for the first time since walking into the lobby naked, she felt embarrassed and ashamed. She also for the first time felt the weight of her new accoutrements. They were lighter than she expected but heavy enough to make their presence known.

Samantha knelt down to join Evan in inspecting her new jewelry. She ran a manicured finger along Rachel’s collar. Her touch gave the chained girl butterflies.

“Its beautiful! You can’t even see the seams. Now I understand why these are so hard to get.”

Rachel inhaled deeply, drinking in the blonde’s scent. “What is happening to me?” she wondered. “I’m not a lesbian…”

“And hard as hell to install” Evan added. “But I guess since they’re permanent, they need to be.”

PERMANENT?! Rachel couldn’t believe what she heard. A flash of panic came over her. She looked at her wrists. She now wore two shiny silver bracelets with no discernable edges, perfectly contoured to her wrists, lightly engraved with a floral design. She flipped her hand over; sure enough, no seams, no latch, no keyhole, no way she could see to remove it. She also noted that there was no way to secure them, either.

“So how do you chain her?” the blonde asked, as if reading Rachel’s mind. “I don’t see any loops.”

“That’s another genius feature.” Evan replied. “Since she’ll be wearing these forever, the rings need to be able to be hidden when she goes out, so they fold up and tuck inside, out of sight.”

Forever? Maltepe Masaj Salonu Rachel felt the blood drain from her face. She thought she was going to faint. The word kept ringing in her head.

“Here, I’ll pull them all out for you.” Grabbing her wrist, he extracted a ring from inside the cuff and positioned it on the outside. Again he repeated it with her other wrist, her ankles, and finally her collar.

“I LOVE it!” Samantha exclaimed. “And these are secure?” She asked as she put a finger through the hoop on Rachel’s collar and tested it by yanking her back and forth.

The sudden motion made the already lightheaded girl lose her balance. She caught herself with her hands.

“The closure is rated to a thousand pounds and the rings are rated to fifteen hundred. Not even a gorilla could escape from those.”

“Well it’s a good thing she isn’t a gorilla.” Samantha said as she released the ring and ran her finger tips down Rachel’s chest, making a quick circle around her nipple. A trail of goosebumps followed her finger. She smiled at the chained girl as she stood up. Rachel was soaking wet by now. She could smell her own arousal, so she knew her two captors could too. She felt a drop of her juice land on the back of her leg.

“Now let’s get this old collar off of you.” Evan said smiling at Rachel as he pulled a key out of his pocket.

“Hold on, switch the leash to the new collar first.” Samantha interjected as she hurried back behind the desk.

A couple clicks later and Evan removed her old collar. Rachel’s neck felt naked despite the new, heavier decoration around it. He reached out for her crotch and she eagerly opened her legs to accept his fingers. Evan pinched her clit and then slid two fingers in to sample her juices. Rachel felt like she was about to explode. He held up the slick fingers to show her her own arousal.

“Her?” he asked quietly before licking his fingers clean.

Rachel was too embarrassed to respond. She didn’t need to. Evan stood up without waiting for an answer and turned his attention to the blonde receptionist.

“Now that that is taken care of, shall we get started with the paperwork?” she asked.

“Yes, lets.” he replied. “I have an 8 o’clock flight.”

“Oh, well I’ll try and get through this quickly. As you know, your associate membership has been approved with Anthony Newman as your sponsor.”

“Tony?” Rachel thought. “He introduced Evan to this place? He seemed so shocked that night at the house.”

Samantha continued, “Once you get your member portal set up, you can make changes to any of this, but I’ll go through it all with you now. I see you already scanned in your slave contract and her slave registration certificate, so we have all that squared away. What kind of birth control do you have her on?”

“I’ve just been pulling out, going on her chest and back.”

“Ok, well she will need to be on birth control here. We can give her an injection that lasts a month. It is effective immediately and there are no side effects except her breasts might get a little bigger.”

“That sounds like win-win to me.” Evan said. “Go ahead and give her that.”

“Great! Sign this form here and we’ll get that done.”

Rachel wanted to see what Evan was signing, but the leash frustratingly kept her on her knees and she could not see the counter. She wondered if the slave contract and registration were just for this place or if they really had meaning to Evan. How long had he been planning this? It seemed like a lot of legwork had been done prior to this day.

“Now the next page is sexual preference. Is she straight, bi, or she doesn’t get a say? Go ahead and check a box and sign.”

Evan didn’t answer, but Rachel saw his hand moving as he decided for her. She figured this short chain was deliberate to frustrate whomever was attached to it while their owner decided their fate. It was working on her.

“Great, now sleeping accommodations. Okay, now limitations.”

Evan continued silently filling forms as the blonde gave them to him.

“Included in the boarding rate is 2 servings a day of slave chow. That’s about 1000 calories.” Samantha continued.

“Slave chow?” Evan asked.

“It’s a flavorless gruel, mostly vegetable paste with some protein mixed in. Almost all slaves lose weight on it. If you like, we can add dog food flavor to make it less appetizing at no charge. We’ll still force her to eat it. There is an upcharge for regular food. Make your selection here. Great. Next is the tracking device. All slaves here are required to have a tracking device that lets us monitor where they are in the building, as well as control their movement and access. We can set it to unlock certain doors as they approach them and then lock them behind them. It also sounds an alarm if they approach an exterior door. When you go on your member portal you can pull up a live camera feed of whatever room she is in.”

“Neat.” said Evan.

“Very neat.” Samantha replied. “We are adding new functionality to it all the time. The chains make them feel like prisoners, but this system is what really prevents escape. Now we currently have 2 options. One is a tag that goes on their collar, the other is a chip implant. There is a fee for the implant.”

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