The State Competition


All names of persons, places, events, or any other information given such as addresses and phone numbers in my stories are completely fictional.


Hello, my name is Alicia. I’ve told you of some of the adventures that me and my best friend Shelly have had together in the past couple of months. We started having sex together in December just two days after my eighteenth birthday and since then have included numerous people in our sexual get togethers. This time was no different.

Our high school cheer leading team was entered in the state Cheer leading Championship competition this weekend. We had to get on the bus early Thursday morning, get there and be registered for the meet and get settled in our hotel room by Thursday night. The preliminary competitions would be all day Friday, the finals on Saturday and we would be heading back home Sunday morning, which meant we would be sleeping in the hotel room three nights. We would have two teachers as chaperones. All the girls on the senior class were eighteen now but the school was still responsible for us.

The two teachers accompanying us were Mrs. Holford, a heavy set, graying woman getting ready to retire, and Ms. None, a curvy blonde woman serving her first year out of college as coach at our school. She’s five years older than us and seemed, because of the small age difference, more like one of us than one of ‘them.’ She gave us cheerleaders permission to call her Sandra or Sandy when no one else was around.

Shelly and I got to the bus a little bit late and found only a few single seats left scattered throughout the bus. Shelly took a seat beside a dark haired cheerleader named Samantha. There was an empty seat beside Ms. None, or Sandy, not too far away so I took it. It was noisy in the school bus so we just exchanged pleasantries and settled in.

Sandy was sitting by the window and would either doze off or stare at the scenery going by. She was wearing black slacks, a red blouse and white tennis shoes. I was wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a loose fitting sweat shirt. We were not on the Interstate so the roads were a little bumpy. Her leg felt nice and warm against mine and would bump against me harder with every bump we hit.

I looked over at Shelly and Samantha and , by the look on Samantha’s face, I could tell their conversation was on the racy side. They talked with their heads close together so no one would hear them.

I placed my hand on my thigh and pretended to doze off. I allowed my hand to slide off my thigh and the back of my hand rest on Sandy’s thigh. With my head back against the seat, I could see down inside Sandy’s blouse as far as her white lacy brassiere. Her breasts would jiggle tantalizingly with every bump the bus would hit. My pussy got damp at the sight and smell of Sandy but soon I dozed off for real.

I was awakened by Sandy’s hand on my upper arm, shaking me to wake up, her wrist brushing against my breast through my sweat shirt as she shook me.

“Alicia, wake up…rest stop. Time for everyone to take a pee if they need to,” she said. I followed everyone off the bus and went into the truck stop with them. A truck stop? Can anything sexy happen in a truck stop, I wondered?

I think the whole cheer leading squad was in the rest room, waiting for a vacant stall. I was waiting in line behind Shelly with Sandy behind me. I was shifting my weight from one foot to the other, bouncing up and down with impatience.

“Shelly, I have to pee so bad. Can I sit on your lap and pee along with you?” I asked.

Sandy laughed hard at my request but she didn’t know I wasn’t joking.

“In college, we would sit on the sinks and pee in them if the line was too long.”

I looked longingly at the sink but decided to hold off as the line started to move faster.

Shelly, then I, then Sandy got a stall about the same time right next to each other. The rest room emptied out and we were the last ones in there. I heard Shelly start to tinkle as I pushed my jeans and panties down with one push. I made a loud swishing sound as I began to pee, I had to go so bad, but soon it became a normal piss. I listened closely for Sandy, then heard her tinkle long and steady. I didn’t know your pussy could get wet while you are pissing. Mine did.

I started to look over the graffiti displayed liberally around the stall walls.

“I have a half inch long clit. Would you like to suck it? 555-3796.” I read aloud.

Shelly chuckled and read one, “Blonde with 8 inch cock and 36 D breasts, 555-3974.”

I read another, “Bi-sexual couple looking for woman for threesome.”

Sandy got into the swing and read one of hers, “36, 24, 36, waiting for your tongue, yes, yes, yes!” then laughed. “That’s how it’s written, that’s not me saying that!”

“My pussy is hot and waiting for you,” I said, but didn’t tell her I didn’t read it.

I put my first two fingers in my pussy, then removed them and put my last two fingers in my sopping wet love hole to get them well coated Betturkey with my pussy juices. I know how that scent travels and the effect it has on women who like women.

“Come on, girls, we shouldn’t keep the bus waiting.”

We got back on the bus and took our seats for the rest of the trip. I was wearing a light jacket over my sweat shirt which I attempted to take off while sitting in my seat. My breast pressed into Sandy’s upper arm as I struggled to get the jacket off. Free of it. I waved my hand to fan my face but spread my pussy scent in the air while I did that.

“It’s getting warm in here,” I said.

I saw Sandy squeeze her thighs together as if to stop the flow of juices from within her. I guess the raunchy reading in the rest room had the same effect on her as it did on me. I knew, too, that she caught the faint smell of my pussy as I waved my hand in the air. I decided to keep the tease going.

“I had the strangest dream earlier,” I said dreamily. “I dreamed I was standing on a beach and this gorgeous naked woman with long blonde hair was standing in the water, motioning for me to come to her. ‘Come to me,’ she pleaded but I was too afraid to go to her, even though I wanted to very much. Have you ever had a dream like that?”

“Yes, I’ve had lots of sexy dreams like that,” she admitted, which told me she dreamed about women too.

“Do you have any say about who rooms with who?” I asked.

“Yes, I can assign girls to rooms,” she replied.

“Would you mind very much if Samantha, Shelly and I roomed with you?” I almost pleaded.

“You want me to room with you?” she chuckled. “Why?”

“I just don’t want to get stuck with Mrs. Holford,” I said.

“Yes, I think I can arrange that,” she said, patting my head.

Her touch and her sweet smile made my pussy start to juice up again.

“Thank you, Sandy. I don’t know how I can ever repay you,” I said.

“That’s alright, don’t worry about it, It’s nothing, really,” she replied.


We registered for the competition, ate supper and checked into our hotel. Sandy kept her word and put Samantha, Shelly and I in her room.

In our room, we unpacked a few things that we thought we’d need. I turned on the TV and sat on the bed Sandy was sitting on as if to say ‘this is mine’ to everyone. I was by the window and Sandy was by the lamp between the beds. Samantha was on the edge of the bed by the space between the beds and Shelly was on the edge of her bed next to the bathroom. We watched some TV for a while, then Sandy got a baby doll nighty out and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing a passion pink baby doll. She wasn’t wearing a brassiere so I could faintly see her nipples through her top, but she was wearing panties under her pajama bottoms. I forced myself to look away, not wanting to stare at her.

I grabbed my things and went into the bathroom next. I showered quickly, brushed my teeth and put on my Mickey Mouse T-shirt which came down to mid thigh on me. I wore nothing else.

I laid down on the bed beside Sandy who was sitting on the bed, filing her nails. Samantha gathered her things and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing a two piece pajama set.

“I want to thank you all for asking me to room with you, I feel special,” she said.

“Alicia requested it,” Sandy said.

“Thanks Alicia, I owe you one,” Samantha said.

“I’ll collect later,” I said jokingly but hoped it was true.

Shelly went in the bathroom finally and was in there for a little while, then came out wearing a full length silk nightgown. I could tell she had nothing underneath.

“Can we leave the bathroom light on and the door open a little bit so we don’t stumble around in the dark if we have to get up and go?” I requested.

Everyone agreed so I got up and turned the bathroom light on and left the door ajar. Sandy laid down on the bed and pulled the sheet up over her.

“Turn the light out while you’re up, Alicia, would you, please?” Sandy asked as she turned off the lamp.

I turned the main light out and got under the sheets beside Sandy who was flat on her back.

“I can’t sleep on my back, I have to sleep on my side. Is that alright?” I asked Sandy.

“That’s fine,” Sandy replied. “Just don’t snore in my ear.”

We giggled and I reached over to put my hand on her farthest shoulder. I hugged her lightly, my elbow resting on her perfect breasts and kissed her lips lightly. She accepted the kiss readily and didn’t try to pull away. I laid down, still facing her, and drug my hand across the top of her breasts.

“Goodnight,” I told her. “Goodnight, Alicia.”

I put the hand of the arm I was laying on under my T-shirt and found my throbbing pussy. It was so wet it made squishy noises when I moved my fingers inside me. The other hand pushed my T-shirt up to my chin. I pulled on my nipples and squeezed my breasts with tender loving care. I put a knee on Sandy’s bare thigh as Betturkey Giriş my fingers circled my little pink bump between my puffy pussy lips. My breaths became heavier as I became more excited and I guess I made little mewling noises.


“Mmm,” I said.

“What are you doing??!”

“Masturbating,” I told her.

I felt her move at my frankness.

“You should go to sleep! We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“I can’t sleep when I’m aroused,” I told her.

“Well, – hurry up then and be quiet about it.”

“Would you join me, please?” I begged.

“Alicia, I can’t do that! I’d lose my job if someone found out!”

“No one will find out, I’m certainly not going to tell anyone.”

We heard noises in the bed beside us. Looking three feet over we saw Samantha lying with her top laying open and her bare breasts in Shelly’s hands. Shelly was between her legs, rubbing their pussies together. They were kissing one another tenderly. “See, you’re safe here. Please?”

With no more objections, I gently took her hand and guided it slowly across her tummy, down over her abdomen and back up to push her pajama top up above her breasts. I helped her fondle her breasts a bit, moving from one breast across to the other, making sure my fingers got to feel as much as hers did, then moved down to her tummy again. I helped her slide her fingers under the waistband of her panties where our fingers found her wet pussy waiting.

“Oh god, Alicia,” I heard her sayas her arm stiffened.

The little bit of resistence quickly faded and together we put our fingers into her moist pussy. I left her fingers to do their job in her love box and put my hand on her wrist just in case, and to maintain contact with her hand while she masturbated. My other hand continued to play in my pussy all the while.

“Do you like that, Sandy?” I whispered.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Does it feel good?”


“Aren’t you glad you did it now?”

“Oh, yes.”

I moved my hand from her wrist and slid it up her torso until it found her perfect breasts. I squeezed them tenderly and softly tweaked her hardening nipples Sensing she was close, I knew she would keep on masturbating until she came. I stopped, knelt on the bed, and took hold of her panty’s waistband.

“Let’s take these off you now to give you more room,” I suggested.

She raised her hips and I slid both her panties and pajama bottoms down her legs and off, then laid down again beside her. Shelly was naked now and was pulling Samantha’s panties off. I had pushed the sheet down when I took Sandy’s panties off so now Shelly and Samantha could see everything we were doing also.

I had a small orgasm which rippled through me deliciously, but I was more interested in Sandy getting off. I knelt between her legs and inserted a finger into her wet love canal as her three stiff fingers drew circles on her hood. Her legs were spread wide apart as she drew near her prize. I fingered her pussy as she rubbed her clit, raising her hips in the air as her release drew near. Her whimpers became howls of pleasure.

Samantha was watching Sandy intently while Shelly licked her pussy and squeezed her breasts. I guess Samantha had never seen a woman come before and didn’t want to miss anything. At only three feet away she couldn’t miss much.

Sandy raised her hips high in the air one last time and froze as her orgasm engulfed her body. She let out a final loud moan and shuddered with pleasure, then flopped down on the bed and basked in a post orgasmic glow. I removed my finger to pet her silky outer lips. I squeezed her beautiful breasts that had fascinated me all day and tweaked her nipples.

Samantha was squeezing her own breasts as Shelly licked her clit and finger fucked her at the same time. Samantha let out a high pitched squeal as Shelly brought her to orgasmic bliss with her expert tongue.

“Okay girls, if everyone is satisfied for the time being, we really need to get some sleep or we won’t be worth a shit tomorrow!”

We spent the rest of that night naked, locked in a fond embrace and in a deep sleep that ended with my hand on Sandy’s breast, her hand on my ass and an alarm clock beeping in my ear.

“Let’s go down stairs to get some breakfast and maybe we’ll feel more like we’re among the living then,” Sandra moaned.


We made it to the competition just in time and tried to do our best. We didn’t do badly, it’s just that some of the other squads were so much better than us. They had such precision and grace, they deserved every high point they got. We scored somewhere in the middle.

When the preliminary competitions were over, we went to a restaurant for a big dinner, then went to our room.

“Girls, don’t let word get out about what we did last night or I could be ruined. Promise me you won’t say a word about it to anyone!”

“Oh, I promise!” Shelly exclaimed.

“Cross my heart,” said Samantha.

“Sandy, Betturkey Güncel Giriş we would never do anything to hurt you, you know that. Don’t you?” I said.

“Well, I just need to be sure,” she said.

I stood behind her and put my hands on the top of her shoulders. I kneaded the soft flesh at the base of her neck.

“You need to relax and enjoy yourself more, you’re with friends who wouldn’t hurt you,” I whispered.

My massaging and comforting words had the desired effect and I felt her relax under my hands. I slowly increased the area I was massaging.

“I want to masturbate,” Shelly said matter-of-factly. “Sex with other people is very nice but sometimes a girl just has to do herself. Know what I mean? – Anyone want to join me?”

“I’ll join you,” Samantha said sheepishly She probably never admitted to anyone that she masturbated and now she was going to do it in front of three other people.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good way to help us unwind,” I said. “Join us, Sandy.”

We three girls were completely undressed, on the bed and playing with ourselves before Sandy made a move to undress. She reluctantly undid the buttons on her blouse. I saw the passion build in her eyes as she began to undress faster.

Completely naked, she laid that lovely body down beside me and began to play with herself also. I watched her breasts bounce slightly and her hand rise and fall between her legs as her stiffened fingers caressed her moist slit. I laid my head on her shoulder so I could watch her better.

“Let’s describe out loud what we’re fantisizing about as we rub ourselves,” I suggested. “I’m fantasizing about being between Samantha’s legs and licking her wet pussy.”

“I’m fantasizing about being in a sixty-nine with Sandy,” Shelly said. “She’s licking my pussy so well I almost forget to lick her.”

Sandy let out a whimper and began to move her fingers faster in her pussy.

“I’m fantasizing about doing a sixty-nine with Alicia and making her come,” said Samantha.

After a long pause, breathing harder now, Sandy said, “I’m fantasizing about licking Alicia’s pussy until she comes in my mouth, then licking Shelly’s pussy until she comes, then licking Samantha’s pussy until she comes.”

I reached over and fondled Sandy’s breast tenderly. She looked at me and smiled, then looked down to watch my hand masturbate my pussy. The longer we masturbated, the wetter our pussies became. The wetter our pussies became, the louder the wet, sticky noises our fingers made in our pussies were. The smell of our womanly excitement began to hang in the air.

After about twenty minutes I felt my orgasm coming on.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum,” I informed everyone.

Sandy raised up a bit and watched me as I came. I let out a low moan and bucked my hips against my fingers, two of which were embedded deeply in my love canal. All the lights were on and I’m sure she had a good view. “Oh, shit, that felt so good,” I exclaimed.

Sandy laid back and continued to work on her own orgasm, running three fingers quickly in a circle on her hood and clit. Either she likes clitoral orgasms or that’s just her normal mode of masturbation. I made a mental note to find out which.

I rested on one elbow so I could watch Sandy ravish her pussy. She was almost bare down there except for a thin strip of short pubic just above her slit. I squeezed her ample, jiggling breasts with my free hand and pulled on her nipples which were hard between my thumb and index finger. Looking at Sandy, I felt like I loved her almost as much as I loved Shelly, and that’s saying something!

I heard Samantha getting close as she moaned and babbled incoherently. I looked up and saw her rolling from side to side, then stiffen up and arch against her hand as her orgasm hit and hit hard.

“Oh, shit,” is all she could say as she flopped back down on the bed.

That triggered Shelly’s orgasm. I heard her tell-tail high pitched moans as she reached her peak.

I lowered my head to gorge my hungry mouth full of Sandy’s lovely nipples, first one, then the other. She let out loud moans of delight as I sucked on and lightly bit her hard nipples. She put her free hand to the back of my head as I made love to her lovely breasts, giving her approval.

I sat up to put a hand down to toy with Sandy’s puckered hot spot. She again signaled her delight by spreading her legs wide and raising her hips to grant me greater access between her butt cheeks. I wet a finger and gradually inserted it into her tight little hole until I could get no more of it in. I fucked her tight little butt hole as her moans became louder and more frequent, announcing the arrival of a crashing orgasm. She pushed two fingers deep into her love canal and stroked her g-spot. I felt her fingers move against mine through her canal wall as she massaged her sensitive inner spot. I felt her sphincter muscles tighten, release and tighten again on my finger. “Aaaahhhh, aaahhhhh, aaaaahhhhh,” she moaned as she came hard.

As she lay back in a post orgasmic glow, I went back to her lovely breasts, sucking them and kissing them with loving adoration.

“Phew! I’ve never come so hard from masturbating! Thank you, Alicia,” she exclaimed. “That felt wonderful.”

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