The Spa Game – Year Two Ch. 05

Dalilah Strong

I’m glad the last chapter was so well received. Comments and ratings appreciated as always, along with specific feedback if anyone has some to offer. Enjoy.

Spa Chip Reference: Nickname, value, favor, color

Clouds: 1, Touching, White

Canaries: 2, Kissing, Yellow

Lipstick: 5, Oral, Red

Skies: 10, Sex, Blue

Grass: 25, Anal, Green

Doubles/Oranges: 50, Double, Orange

Fucked: 100, Forefit, Black


Vicky sat in the solarium again, but this time it was the dead of night and she didn’t have a busty Asian on her lap.

The Friday night game (she hadn’t realized “night” and “evening” were two distinct terms until she’d started hanging out with rich people either) was clearly the “everyone in” game. She’d had to fork twenty chips over to Cyn to sit out and only the nervous boy Steve did the same. The play was fast and furious at the table; each hand had a minimum of four people in most of the time so despite the relatively low antes and the 100 bet maximum there were a lot of colors flying around on the table, including one or two black chips, the idea of which still scared Vicky.

She’d taken the opportunity to people-watch, using all of her observational insight to assess the people at the table. Reading people at the table was difficult because everyone was making the effort to control their expressions most of the time. A lot of them weren’t good at it, but it still took a while for Vicky to pick up on all the nuances in some cases.

Oddly sitting out of the game was the first time she noticed the dealer, but she dismissed him just as quickly; his attitude was a mix of bewilderment, awe (usually at the women), and forced professionalism. She guessed this weekend would be the only time she ever saw him. Robin she had observed a lot so she started with her and figured out her deal quickly enough; Robin enjoyed playing just for the social aspect. She sensed Robin would have been even riskier but she always kept a wary eye on Cyn and Vincent. Her watching Cyn was obvious, Vicky hadn’t figured out why her attention was on Vincent.

Syl was very hard to read at the table, but she got a sense of the type of player the girl was. She tried to focus on one target and beat them. Vicky had no idea how she was picking the targets (she suspected it had to do with poker strategy she wasn’t familiar with) but it usually worked in her favor. She wasn’t above folding when she couldn’t put a hand together, but she was most vulnerable when someone came out of left field that she hadn’t been tracking; whenever she lost big, it tended to be because of someone that had scored a lucky card late in the game.

Zach was just in it for the good time and practically held up a sign broadcasting his intentions, so Vicky didn’t spend much time on him. There was an air of desperation around both Amy and Charles. Amy was clearly excited the entire time she was at the table; she was looking at all the other players like a customer at a meat market. Charles considered everyone much the same way but a dom/sub distinction was present. Amy advertised herself to anyone paying attention and was not subtle; to Vicky she might as well have stood on the table (or perhaps bent over the table) with a sign that said “first come, first served.” Charles was no less desperate but he wouldn’t surrender and worked desperately to be the one in control; he went after the chips of a few people, trying to get enough for a cashable favor as quickly as he could. Every win was his due, and every loss was a betrayal.

Charles’ friend Ammad was tougher to read, and had clearly practiced controlling his expressions. Vicky sensed a vast well of patience in him, and she was mildly worried about what he might be waiting for. His current focus seemed to simply be testing the waters; she caught him a few times when he had a predatory gleam in his eye and leaned forward in excitement, but then he seemed to stop himself, and he usually folded his hand right after. For some reason he was holding back from playing when he knew he could rake in the pot.

The one person she’d actively avoided studying at the table suddenly sauntered into the solarium in the present, albeit quietly. He seemed to be barefoot, though he was otherwise fully dressed. For some reason Vicky thought it would have been more apropos for him to be wearing a cape.

He crossed the room and settled into an easy chair with a controlled movement that spoke of expertise in some form of martial arts, possibly more than one. Vicky checked her watch. It was 2:45am, and the Saturday night game broke up at 2:00. She briefly wondered what Vincent had been doing for the last 45 minutes, then blushed to herself that “who” he’d been doing was probably the more accurate question. It took her a moment to realize she was staring and she looked away hurriedly.

She was lost in thought, staring at the starscape visible through the skylights, when Vincent’s Betturkey voice shocked her.

“Do you have a question?” he asked. His voice seemed to carry across the room but wasn’t loud.

Vicky waited a moment, wondering if she wanted to talk, but eventually she said, “I have hundreds.”

“Our setup here isn’t that complicated,” Vincent reassured her.

Vicky smirked to herself and couldn’t help the bite in her voice, “You must think I’m either stupid or blind if you think I’ll believe that.”

“I didn’t mean to upset you,” Vincent said after a moment.

“I know,” Vicky said.

Silence reigned for a few moments before Vincent said, “I can leave if I’m making you uncomfortable.”

“You can stay, just don’t talk,” Vicky said.

Vicky focused on the stars and on the various ideas, worries, and plans tumbling around her head. At some point she dozed off, but woke herself when her head fell forward. She wasn’t able to sleep in chairs very well; she had trouble breathing through her nose since it was broken years ago in a soccer game. She briefly debated sleeping on a couch in the room, but she wanted privacy. She got up to see if any rooms with beds in them weren’t being used for favors.

“May I ask a question before you leave?” Vincent said.

Vicky paused, thinking hard. “Fine,” she relented.

“Did Ms. Towers say something about me? If so I would prefer to be granted the benefit of the doubt.”

Vicky didn’t turn and look at Vincent, but she replied, “Cyn is annoyed with you and worried about me. She hasn’t told me anything about you other than who you are.”

“Have I offended you somehow?” Vincent asked.

“Mr. McCabe,” Vicky said, her voice trembling, “You are the most terrifying person in this house. I don’t know who Kathy was, or is, but I hear a lot of people are relieved that ‘the dangerous player is gone.’ They’re all idiots.”

Vicky had to keep herself from sprinting out of the room. She looked around and found a room barely larger than a closet, but it had a cot inside with bedding. She shut the door and leaned against it, her heart pounding.”

* * * * *

Vicky’s heart rate was still up the next morning, but that was from a combination of the run she’d taken that morning and the hand she had.

She’d woken up at 8:00, despite going to bed in the small hours of the morning. The Saturday game started at 10:00am, apparently because they had to account for people starting multi-hour orgies at three in the morning. Vicky had gone for a run around the property in the cool morning air and then showered before heading to the table. It wasn’t heavily populated, but Vicky felt a bit less intimidated by the crowd. Steve was there, along with Noelle, Charles, and Ammad. The middle-eastern man still made Vicky cautious, but nobody seemed to be out for blood that morning. Cyn was present as the banker, of course, decked out in an empire-waist dress with her hair teased out in a riotous halo. The look worked for Cyn, but she had to actively try to not look good, and Vicky wondered if she’d chosen the dress simply because she couldn’t be bothered to style her hair.

The betting limit was 100, but the antes were higher than Vicky’s first game, and higher even than the game the previous night. More than one red “lipstick” chip was out in the middle most of the time, and a couple of blues even started off a few games. Noelle had drawn the high card and declared Texas Hold-em to be the game of the morning.

Vicky could see Charles was still laser-focused on Noelle, often going aggressively into any hand where her chips featured. She was also sitting next to him, and the order of play often meant his betting followed hers. If she stayed in, he stayed in, obviously hoping to score some of her chips. Vicky allowed that his plan had some merit to it. She hadn’t followed all of the poker action the night before, but she had watched Noelle, and the girl hadn’t seemed pleased with her performance.

“Two sky chips and one lipstick,” Cyn announced the ante, “Noelle.”

Vicky picked up on a flash of panic from the Asian girl. She was the big blind this hand, forced to bet at least twenty five up front, while her obsessive fan was already in for fifteen; he would have needed very little prodding to bet on the hand anyway, and now that he was already invested it was almost guaranteed he’d round out the bet. Vicky couldn’t be sure but she bet the chips in front of Noelle had her name on them this time around. Vicky was content to simply watch the byplay until she picked up her hand and saw a pair of queens.

She had some cushion in her own chip stash. Steve seemed to be legitimately nervous most of the time, but he was somehow less nervous about losing his chips. Vicky wasn’t sure if that was just because he was pansexual and legitimately welcomed encounters with any and all partners or if there was another reason, but she did know that betting Betturkey Giriş aggressively against him got him to fold most of the time and it was obvious (to Vicky at least) when he was holding good enough cards that he wouldn’t back down.

She decided to risk it and put in her own bet, making her, Charles, and Noelle the only players. Ammad had seemed interested in the pot but may not have had the cards. The flop came down showing a King, Jack, and Nine. Vicky had used some of her solarium time to brush up on the basics of poker strategy and she knew the spread before them wasn’t encouraging. The face cards were both spades, she had a diamond and a heart, and the nine was a club. In addition to the king in play, someone could be working on a flush that would beat her. The bet came to Noelle and she checked. Vicky tried to see if she was waiting to pounce on someone but she was tense; she didn’t want to fold away the chance at her chips if she could help it. Charles put out a bet of twenty with a smirk, but Vicky caught a nervous tic with it; he read into Noelle’s check and he might have a scoring hand but it wasn’t solid, possibly a pair of nines. Vicky went with her gut and dropped fifty chips on the board.

The bet floored Noelle and she studied her hand with a hint of dismay, though it was subtle. She finally folded, her poker strategy overriding her emotions. Charles called her, but it was a hesitant bet. Unlike Noelle, his poker knowledge didn’t get the final say at the table.

The turn card was an Eight. Charles almost immediately bet twenty, but Vicky had seen him fingering the chips before the card even came down; he was trying to present with a better hand than he had, and even after he placed the bet she saw a twitch of his hand that betrayed a desire to take it back. Vicky looked directly at him as she pushed 60 worth of chips into the middle. She’d used two of her own green chips to make the sum, but she wasn’t worried. She’d just bet as if she had the straight forming on the field, and Charles couldn’t risk it, even as much as he wanted Noelle’s chips. He folded, ending the hand.

Vicky raked in her largest pot of the weekend and surveyed her options. She ignored the advice of the country song and sorted her money during the next hand. She held 70 worth of Noelle’s chips, 15 from Charles, and another 35 from a random assortment of players just after that last hand, and she had about 70 more chips from her previous winnings. A lot of those were Steve’s but some floated around from people not even playing including, Vicky was shocked to see, a blue chip from Cyn.

After careful consideration of her next moves she set aside a small pile of chips to be sure she would have them, made sure to squirrel away all of her own chips, and played the remainder of the game using other people’s money. Mostly Vicky experimented with testing other players’ resolve and responses. The toughest nut at the table that morning was Noelle, despite her lapse in the one hand, but Ammad was a close second. She often had trouble anticipating and interpreting his reactions so she played very cautiously when he was in a hand. When the game finished her stash had definitely been reduced from the total she held right after her win against Noelle, but she still had some cushion. More importantly, she had the collection of chips she’d intentionally set aside.

She made her way up to the large buffet for Saturday afternoon. Most of it was food that reheated easily or was good regardless of temperature, and a quick question to Robin confirmed it would simply sit out for the remainder of the day; there were two hours until the big Saturday night game started. After replenishing her energy, Vicky sought out Noelle. She paused when she saw her standing with Vincent McCabe. First of all, the sight was somewhat striking as the difference in their heights meant long conversations close up would result in neck strain for at least one of them. Second, she really didn’t want to deal with the Irishman.

She approached so Vincent was always in line of sight, but Noelle was partially between them; she almost had to completely turn around when Vicky called her name.

“We have business,” Vicky said.

Noelle smiled confidently and said, “I thought we might.”

She turned and waved a coquettish “see you later” at Vincent. Vicky gestured for her to lead the way to a room. Noelle practically pranced up the staircase while Vicky followed at a more sedate pace. Partially she didn’t want to give away her intentions, but she was also gearing herself up. This would be an experience of many firsts for her, but like so many things at Veretrum, Vicky needed to perform flawlessly or she’d be dismissed.

Noelle was practically skipping as she opened the door to a real bedroom featuring a four-poster king size bed and some plush furniture all sitting on top of a carpet even thicker than what lined most of the floors and hallways in Betturkey Güncel Giriş the main house. Vicky vowed to find some time during the next game (which she definitely would not be playing in) and sink her toes into it, then send her father a message asking for her room to be redone with something similar.

Noelle hopped onto the bed (the mattresses were thick enough the shorter Asian almost literally had to climb into bed) and looked at Vicky with a self-assured grin.

“All right chicky, hand over the chips. I’ve been kind of curious about you since you walked in, and I certainly won’t mind having my fingers play with that body of yours.”

“Well I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for that,” Vicky said, doing her best to keep any nervous tremors out. She put her hand out holding some chips and when Noelle put out hers to receive them Vicky dropped five red chips down.

“You took way more than this off me,” Noelle said, sounding confused.

“Set your timer,” Vicky said.

Noelle shrugged, but her self-assured tone and posture had gone, replaced with a bit of a confused look. “I’m a lot better when I can use my hands too, but if you want to hold onto some spare chips I get that,” she said while tapping away at her phone.

“That’s nice, but it really doesn’t matter. The only thing I need you to do is spread your legs, unless you’re worried about your skirt,” Vicky replied.

“Wait,” Noelle said, now obviously caught off guard, “You’re going down on me?”

“That’s right,” Vicky said with more self assurance than she felt, “You’re going to lie back. I’m going to use my mouth on you for exactly five minutes. I’m going to give you a single orgasm. Then we’ll be done. Pure, simple, and completely laid out for you without surprises, just as you prefer.”

Noelle’s expression after Vicky’s explanation was a mix of suspicion and doubt, but Vicky didn’t let that bother her. Noelle simply let herself fall back onto the bed and spread her knees to the side, giving her a bit of a “bathroom icon” look with the triangular skirt.

Vicky took a deep breath and reassured herself that she really wanted to do this, then lifted the Asian girl’s skirt and slid herself forward.

Noelle shaved herself but left a fairly long landing strip just above her slit, which featured pussy lips that stuck out from her crotch even with her legs spread somewhat wide. Vicky knew she’d set herself up for a challenge; most women could not go from zero to “o” in five minutes without a lot of prep time, or if they were excited and desperate to have a sexual experience. Noelle hadn’t even assumed she was going to get any pleasure out of this, and Vicky’s confident declaration hadn’t encouraged a change in mindset. Vicky knew an orgasm was just as much mental as physical so she had an uphill climb.

Fortunately, she’d also been paying attention the previous day.

Vicky dove in and began running her tongue around and over the puffy lips of Noelle’s vagina, making sure her tongue passed by the area where Noelle’s clit hit itself away. The rapid figure eights pressed hard against the girl’s crotch and Vicky could feel her squirm a bit; the sensation should be putting her a bit off-balance, but adding a hint of pleasure as well.

After a short while the squirming shifted and seemed to be aimed at getting more contact with Vicky’s tongue on Noelle’s clit. In response, Vicky totally changed tactics and pressed herself deep against Noelle’s cleft. Her tongue dove in as far as it could while her lip slid into place right in the area where the clitoris sat. Vicky knew she had a slightly longer than average tongue; she’d been able to touch her tongue to her nose for any playground dare, and with a decent amount of pressure. She used that skill now to stimulate every area inside Noelle that she could reach, paying special attention to the ridged, spongy area just behind the pubic bone her lip was now mashed against, and watching intently for Noelle’s reactions as her tongue explored her secret place. At the same time, she began rocking her head back and forth to assist with internal pressure, and also to drive her lip into Noelle’s clit.

“Oh what the-” Noelle said as Vicky began that maneuver and then let out a small moan. Vicky kept up that pattern for a while then began shifting her upper lip around. If she was right, it should add a rubbing sensation whenever her head pressed against Noelle’s clit. Inside her love box, Vicky’s tongue was now leaving everything except the G-spot alone. She’d kept her eyes open and watched Noelle’s abs. At first they’d barely moved, now they were tensing regularly, and Vicky noticed the olive thighs, tinted somewhat yellow by the skirt Vicky sat under, spreading farther apart.

Vicky didn’t change her pattern at all until her own phone vibrated in her back pocket. When that happened, Vicky completely changed tactics and slid her mouth up around Noelle’s clit. She sucked hard to draw the sensitive nub into her mouth, then started flicking her tongue back and forth as fast as she could possibly manage. She did that until the muscles in her tongue got fatigued, then forcefully sucked Noelle’s clit into and out of her puckered lips like a small child sucking their thumb.

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