The Softest Heart


“I thought I’d never get you alone.”

Dom stepped behind me and pressed himself against my body, pinning me where I stood at the kitchen sink. His hands were already sliding up my thighs, pulling my skirt up between us.

“Stop it!” I hissed. “Mike’s just in the other room, he’ll hear us.”

“He started drinking before dinner, Juliet. He’s dead drunk and out for the night. Can’t you hear him snoring?”

He nuzzled his face against the back of my neck and I had to carefully set down the glass I was rinsing as his hot breath made me instantly trembly. I listened and heard, mixed in with the drone of the TV news, the rattling snore of my drunk husband. I knew he’d be out for at least a few hours, but…

“Dom. We can’t…not here.”

“I missed you, Juliet,” he whispered. “I thought about you every day.” He bent his head over my shoulder and licked my ear. “And every night.”

He pressed his pelvis against me and I realized he’d successfully drawn my skirt up over my ass and was now slipping his hands down under my panties. I made one more attempt to stop him, but it was half-hearted.

“Stop, Dom. We can’t do this.”

He brought a hand up to cover my breast and despite myself, I sighed and arched my back. I wanted it, I wanted him. There was something wrong with me, but God help me I wanted my brother more than any other man I’d ever met.

“I wish I was stationed closer, so I could see you. I hate the thought of you here with that asshole, and I’m too far away to protect you.”

“I’m not ten years old, Dom. You don’t have to protect me anymore,” I insisted.

It came out breathy and unconvincing because at that moment his hand moved down from my breast, over my belly and directly between my thighs.

“I wish you’d leave him.”

“You know I can’t.”

He kissed my neck and I heard the muffled growl of his zipper being undone. I tried once more to gain control of the situation.

“Stop, Dom. Please. We can’t keep doing this.”

“Why not? You deserve to feel good for once. There’s no way that drunken fuck in the other room satisfies you.” I felt the heat of his skin on mine as he pressed his cock against my ass, nudging it between my ass cheeks. “When was the last time he made you come? Or even cared if you did? When was the last time he told you he loves you?”

I sighed and unconsciously moved my hips as the hand between my thighs began to move in circles against my pussy.

“He’s not worthy of you, Juliet. And you deserve better than a waste of space like him.”

“Dominic…” My voice trailed off in a sigh as his fingers spread over the fabric of my panties until one slid beneath the elastic edge.

“If you don’t want me, why is your pussy so wet?” he whispered. He ran his fingers over my pussy lips and I had to bite my lip to keep from making a sound.

Dom was my older brother by four years. We’d been close since as far back as I could remember. Our dad ran off with some other woman when I was just four, leaving my mom to raise us on her own.

She did her best, but it was hard. She worked two jobs and told us again and again how important it was that we take care of each other because she couldn’t always be there for us. Dominic took that to heart. From an early age, he saw it as his duty to protect his little sister from playground bullies and, once I started dating, boys with less than honorable intentions.

He’d been a tough kid—always gearing for a fight, always getting in trouble. He was a good kid, but he had more energy than he knew what to do with and school wasn’t the right fit for him—he had too much trouble sitting still—but after high school he joined the army, found an outlet for his energy and something he could believe in. He came back from basic training bulked up, with a composure he’d never had before—he had matured and calmed dramatically.

He was still protective of me, though. No guy I dated was good enough in his eyes and he let me know that. He let them know too, sometimes without even a word. He was tall and broad, muscled and tattooed, with a steely stare. More than a few evenings ended with my date running off in a panic just because Dom looked at him. It pissed me off when he interfered, but it wasn’t until I met my husband that I actually defied my brother.

Back then Mike was an OK guy. A little dense, sometimes rough around the edges, but he wasn’t a bad person. I wasn’t in love with him, but I wanted to be. My brother hated him openly and by then I’d had it with his overprotectiveness and decided I’d see Mike no matter what my brother said or did.

We were able to sneak around for a few months while my brother was busy getting ready for his first military duty assignment, but a few nights before he was to leave, he came home before he’d said he would, and caught us.

It was awful—shouting, threats, and more shouting—and after Mike finally stormed out of the house, Dom and I fought some more.

Everybody knows incest is gaziantep escort ilanları wrong. It’s totally fucked up and weird to want to have sex with someone you’re closely related to. But in the middle of our screaming fight, when he seized me to keep me from walking away from him, I saw to the heart of his anger where his fear sat, dark and cold, and I saw him differently all of the sudden—not as my interfering brother, but as the person who loved me and who I loved most in the whole world. It seemed the most natural thing to want to touch him, to kiss him, to be held in his arms.

My argument had died in my throat at that moment, and as I stared at him I saw he’d already made the same discovery, that he’d long since thought of me as the woman he was in love with, not just his sister.

I’d made the first move and he’d been so shocked at first he just stood there, unmoving as I threw my arms around his neck to kiss him. When he came to his senses we were both all hands and hungry mouths. We fucked right there on my bed, and it was the most intensely pleasurable and exciting sex I ever had or have had since.

But afterward, it freaked me out so much that as soon as Dom was back at his base, Mike and I eloped. I think I’d hoped two things: that getting married would make me fall in love with Mike; and that getting married would make me forget about what Dom and I had done.

Neither happened.

Mike was fine the first year, but when he lost his job he got depressed, and during his six months of unemployment he started drinking. By the time he got another job, he’d developed a habit and carried a whole lot of resentment and irritation, which he heaped on me in one way or another. He wasn’t abusive, just neglectful and clearly not in love with me.

The memory of sex with my brother wouldn’t leave my head or my body. I’d remember his hands on my skin and his tongue in my mouth and his cock thrusting deep inside me, and shiver with excitement.

After Dom’s initial anger that I’d gone behind his back and married Mike faded, it became apparent he hadn’t stopped thinking about what had happened between us either. When we saw each other at family gatherings or holidays, his eyes undressed me and he lingered close by, finding excuses to touch me, all the while fixing me with a look that made my knees weak.

If things hadn’t been so shitty with Mike, I might have resisted the urges I was feeling, but I was unhappy and lonely, stuck at home with an infant to care for and a grouchy, drunken husband to go to bed with.

Dom visited one afternoon while Mike was at work and my son was napping. I’d been holding it in for so long—the desire to be with him, the desire to feel good again—that my passion erupted when he made a slight advance. As soon as we touched we were linked again, undressing and caressing with a manic lust.

For the duration of his leave from the Army we had sex as many times as we could. It was intense, needy fucking, but somehow sweet at the same time. Despite all his muscle and macho posturing, he had the softest heart I’d ever known, and he held me close within it; I felt loved and safe with him, like I always had.

“I can’t tell you how much I missed you. I thought about you all the time.” My brother slid his tongue along my ear lobe from behind and I bit my lip, stifling a groan. “I missed your sweet little pussy,” he said softly, curving his fingers so they dipped between my swollen labia.

I squirmed, gripping the edge of the counter as his fingers explored.

“And all the sexy sounds you make when you’re turned on.”

He dragged a finger over my clit and I half squealed with delight, but silenced it quickly.

“And the way your face looks when you’re about to come…”

He growled and I felt him take his cock in his hand and stroke it. Meanwhile his fingers slid up and down between my labia slowly and carefully, lightly at first, then pressing more firmly, swirling over my clit before dipping low to press against the opening to my vagina. It wasn’t long before I had my hand over my mouth trying to keep my gasps and sighs from escaping.

I felt him draw the fabric of my panties farther down and then his cock pressed against me from behind and I realized I was arching my back and tilting my hips to invite him to enter me. He pushed forward and I groaned loudly as he slid inside. In the living room, my husband’s snores abruptly stopped. My heart jumped and I made a frantic motion to push my brother away, but he wrapped a strong arm around me.

“He’s just shifting,” he said assuringly, but we both held still, ears focused to catch any sound from the other room. A moment later the snoring could be heard again, softer now, but steady and deep.

As soon as I relaxed, Dom began to move again and the little bit of arousal that had been extinguished by my fear returned in a rush. I pushed back against him, encouraging him to go deeper, gaziantep escort bayan ilanları which he immediately did with a grunt from low in his throat. The next moment his hands moved to my hips and he started thrusting in and out.

My brother groaned as he moved and I braced myself against the counter, surprised to find myself so turned on already, but I’d been aroused since he’d called me earlier to see if he could stop by. Just his voice on the phone got my heart going.

“Slow down,” I said after a minute. “You’re going to make me come right away if you do that.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. He slowed the motion of his hips and sighed. I could hear his effort to restrain himself. “It’s hard to go slow. When I see you, I want to fuck you senseless, Juliet. I’m sorry.”

“Just make it last a little longer, Dom.”

He wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me completely, and crushed me in a hug. His mouth was at my ear so that when he spoke it felt like his voice was in my head.

“As long as you want, little sister.”

There was so much love and affection in his voice it was hard to believe there was anything wrong with what we were doing. My husband never spoke to me that way, I was sure he hadn’t loved me for years, if he ever had.

My brother kissed my neck and ran his hands over my body slowly. His hips rocked forward and back as he did. I lowered my hand and touched myself, my pussy gradually tightening. My whole body felt hot and achy with a longing to release the building tension.

“I love the way you smell, Juliet.” He buried his face in my hair and I felt hot breath against my scalp. “And your sweet little breasts.” He ran his hands up and over my breasts, caressing them through the fabric of my shirt. I moaned and stroked myself a little faster.

“Turn this way.” He turned my head to the side and bent around to kiss me. At the first touch of his tongue I drew a sharp breath and strained my neck to reach his mouth. He kissed me with eager hunger, his tongue chasing mine, but I was already breathing too quickly to continue the kisses.

“Oh God, Dominic. I’m going to come,” I said excitedly.

His thrusting had grown more forceful while we kissed, his hands back on my breasts, now grasping them tight.

“Come, baby. I want to feel it on my cock.”

I bit my lip again, bearing down hard on my clit, trying not to make too much noise as my orgasm built to an overwhelming height.

“Oh God, oh God,” I panted. “Don’t stop, Dom. Don’t stop.”

He grasped my breasts tighter and put more weight behind his thrusts, filling me completely again and again.

“Fucking hell,” he swore. “Your pussy is so tight…you’re going to make me come too.”

I tilted my hips a little and his next thrust sent me over the edge. I crushed my clit under my fingertips and felt one small pulse there before my whole body seemed to collapse from the inside. I came and came, shaking and crying out, no longer trying to keep quiet.

Dominic stopped moving while I came. His arms wrapped around me again and he held me tight while I panted and shook. His hips moved once, setting off another small quake of spasms, and then we were both still.

“Jesus, Dom…” I panted. “Why do I come so hard with you?”

He kissed my ear and held me a little longer without talking and for a minute, once I’d stopped panting, the only sound was the drone of the TV and my husband’s continued snoring.

“Turn around, Juliet.”

Dom let go of me and stepped back taking his cock in his hand. Once I was facing him he pulled me toward him and swept his tongue across my open lips. He drew my skirt up again hastily pushing the crotch of my knickers away from my pussy, leading his cock forward to enter me again.

“Put your arms around my neck,” he said as he ran the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. I did as he asked, reaching up to encircle his neck. The next second he lifted my left leg in his hand, drawing it up against his thigh. “Can I come inside you Juliet? I’ve got to know now, before…” He continued to run his cock up and down between my pussy lips, just barely letting it enter me each time he brought it low.

I could see by his expression he wouldn’t be long once he did enter me.

“Yes, Dominic,” I said, looking up at his dark eyes. “Fill me up.”

He groaned and swallowed, then let his cock sink deeper inside me. He hooked his arm around my raised leg and then reached down to lift me from the floor. I wrapped my other leg around him and he lifted me higher in his arms to adjust my position. And then he started to bounce me over his cock, letting gravity bring me back down hard over it.

“Oh shit,” he breathed after he’d settled into a rhythm. “Fucking fantastic.”

He fucked me hard, his hips rising up to meet my body as it fell, and I felt repeatedly stuffed and jarred from within. His face was strained with arousal and effort. escort bayan gaziantep ilanları I watched it, my eyes following the familiar shape of his hairline, the curve of his jaw, and the eyes we both had—dark and intense—and a feeling of gratitude washed over me. This was totally wrong. I shouldn’t be cheating on my husband, I shouldn’t be fucking my brother, but I hadn’t felt so alive or loved in a long time. Only he could make me feel this good.

He turned, still supporting my weight on his arms and walked to the kitchen table. He set me down on the edge and let go of my legs. I let my body relax and lowered myself back onto the table’s surface while my brother drew himself out of me long enough to pull my panties all the way down my legs and off. He pushed my thighs wide and buried himself again, groaning as his cock slid inside me. He ran his hands up and over my breasts roughly then carefully drew the fabric of my shirt up, uncovering them.

He made a noise like a growl and grasped my breasts tight for a second. Then his hands were light again, one still on my breast, the other moving the fabric of my skirt up and away from the spot where our bodies were joined. He gathered the fabric in his hand and took a firm hold of it as he started to push into me at a slow pace.

“I love your body. You’re so small and so sweet…so soft.” He looked down at me, now moving faster. He stroked my breast and pulled against the waistband of my skirt to push into me harder. “Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll hurt you, you’re so tiny…and I get so turned on. I love you so much, Juliet.”

“I love you too, Dominic.”

He picked up the pace and the table started to creak beneath me as he thrust. I lifted my legs, hooked my arms under my calves and reached for his waist. He moaned softly and moved his hand from my breast to behind my neck, pulling against me as he fucked me.

For a few minutes neither of us spoke, but the room was full of the sound of the creaking table, and my brother’s quick breath and soft exclamations as he approached orgasm.

His thrusts gradually grew quicker, more forceful, and the table complained in a rhythmic squeak. I saw his eyes moving over my face, down over my breasts which jumped each time he thrust forward, and lower to where his cock split my open pussy. There was sweat on his forehead and the muscles in his face and neck were tensed. He had such a tight hold on the fabric of my skirt I could feel the waistband digging into my skin.

“I’m going to come,” he panted. “I can’t hold off any longer.”

I clutched at the fabric of his shirt as he put extra muscle behind his thrusts. His hand behind my neck pulled me toward him with each forward motion so his cock was slamming into me, penetrating me so deeply and suddenly I gasped every time.

He started to swear, his eyes wide, as his pleasure increased. “I’m going to come, Juliet. Oh fuck. Your pussy feels so good. God, it feels so good to fuck you like this.”

His head rolled from side to side, a low growl coming from somewhere in his chest.

“I’m going to come…” he panted again and again. His face twisted into an expression of desperation and for a few seconds his mouth was open as if he wanted to speak, but no sound came out.

“Oh God…” he finally said, wheezing slightly. “I’m going to come…inside you…little sister. Oh God, your pussy is so fucking…sweet…so tight.” He gasped and thrust so hard the table moved a fraction of an inch across the floor. “Fuck yes…God, Juliet…oh my little girl…my Juliet…” He was babbling in quick breaths, lost in the intensity of the moment. “I’m coming…I’m coming…”

He thrashed against me, his fingers dug into the back of my neck, and suddenly his thrusts were erratic and his voice rose an octave as he pumped his hips. “I’m coming, Ju…oh God…can you feel it?” He slowed his hips and groaned like he was in mortal pain and I felt the pulse between my legs as his cock loosed jets of cum inside me. He panted and grunted, still fucking me hard, but slowing down until I no longer felt his cock twitching. He sighed heavily.

He buried himself one last time and I felt him tremble, all his muscles tight, before he loosed his grip on my skirt and neck and pulled me up toward him, crushing his mouth to mine. He kissed me in gasps and ran his hands over my back almost frantically.

He murmured my name over and over, pressing hot kisses all over my face.

“I know we shouldn’t,” he said. “I know it’s not right, but I love you so much Juliet. I love being this close to you.”

I held onto him, my arms around his neck, and closed my eyes, savoring the sensation of having him inside me, of feeling loved and satisfied. He eventually grew soft and shifted backward, his cock slipping from inside me. He relaxed his arms and I reluctantly let him go, immediately feeling a sense of loss.

He tucked himself in, zipping his jeans. He retrieved my underwear from the floor and handed them to me, watching wordlessly as I slid them on. When I stood I felt a trickle of his semen soak into the fabric between my legs. I smoothed my skirt and tugged my shirt back into place.

“You could come with me,” he said. His expression was complex, confused. I could see his soft heart, his pain and fear. “You could find somewhere to live near the base…”

His words petered out. We’d talked about this before, many times.

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