The Shelter


In the beginning, it was peaceful here in the United States. Yea, there were riots, and people protesting, there was police killings and all that crap, but in 2030, it got better over time. What was sad was that a lot of folks never knew what was coming. Somehow, another country got the science behind neutron bombs and took out half the Eastern Seaboard. It came quick and quiet. No one in the Government knew or if they did, they turned tail and ran, leaving everyone to take the brunt of the attack. The rest of the country soon was over run by enemy soldiers and what was left of the military, and other militias have fought back as best they could.

My dad, being an engineer and working at a big research company, found out by accident that what was coming was not going to be good. He took the time and money to build a shelter on our property years before since he had heard rumblings in the research community what might happen and unfortunately, it did.

We live in the Midwest, out where the distance between homes is usually a mile to three! My dad built a solid bunker, with water filtration, food, water for drinking and a complete comfortable home underground. We had like a home theater system down there since he figured that we would be there a long time. We also had a top of the line security system to prevent raiders from sneaking up and looking for us, if they suspected that we were below ground.

My name is Adam and I had just turned 21 when all this started. My dad is Jack and my beautiful mother is Rhonda. My dad and my mom have been married for 12 years. My mom had me at 20, by someone that said he loved her, but once he found out that she was pregnant, he left town, never to be heard from, again. When my mom and dad met, my dad took to me instantly. One year after they met, my dad married my mom.

My mom is 5’7, blue eyes, light brunette shoulder length hair with a pair of 38D’s that other women would kill to have and she is still a looker at 36.

Before all this started, my mom was an administrative assistant at a tech company and when you hang out with a bunch of geeks, it’s hard not to learn some tricks of the trade. She has had some medical training when she was in High School and it pays off when dad and I either get scrapes or cuts working on the systems that keep this underground shelter running.

We have been down in this shelter for almost a year, now. I am beginning to miss the sunshine and the blue skies, and almost every tv station in the country is now non-functional, at least on the East Coast. We have tons of movies, and I brought a few of my own X rated movies for cheap entertainment when I got bored.

The bedrooms are separated by concrete walls, but sound still travels through the heating and cooling ducts. When my parents get to feeling kind of frisky, they retire to their room but I still hear them going at it…usually dad getting off and mom being disappointed. She loves my dad and I feel bad for her. She hardly ever gets satisfaction and she had that faraway look in her eyes when I see her in the morning or after one of their sessions. I can’t help but jack off when they are going at it. I get lonely and lately, I am seeing my mom as a woman, not just as my mother. What I would give to see one nipple bared for just a few seconds!

In the last two weeks, my dad had been complaining of not feeling well and has been tired more often than not. Now he has a persistent cough and although we have all the latest and greatest of meds and supplies, it just hangs on.

There needs to be constant monitoring of systems, maintenance done when the system hiccups, but that now falls to me to get it done. I’m not afraid of hard work and making sure that everything is in good running order. I’m concerned that dad needs medical attention and there aren’t doctors around, if there are any left outside of the shelter, to see what’s wrong with him. My mom has been doing her best to take care of him, but there is only so much one person can do to care for someone. When a real doctor is needed, you do the best you can.

“You’ve been working pretty hard with the systems around here since your dad hasn’t been feeling well and we are both proud of you!” My mom said to me as she gave me a hug. She was hugging me so tight, I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest! I was beginning to feel the heat from between my legs and I could feel a stirring in my pants. I know my mom was feeling out of sorts and I’m sure she felt my cock in my pants pressing against her stomach. She then cleared her throat and moved away from me. She smiled at me and leaned forward kissing me on the cheek. The look in her eye as she walked away had a kind of longing in it, but was I over exaggerating? Maybe.
“Dinner is going to be simple tonight…I am going to be making some sandwiches, since I want to stay by your dad’s bedside tonight…he’s not looking good and I don’t want to venture outside the shelter till we get some kind of news that it’s safe….are gaziantep escort bayan reklamları you ok with that?” Mom said as she headed towards the cooking area near the back of the shelter. Dad was smart enough to ensure that when we cooked, that the heat would be absorbed in the earth behind the cooking area and not be observed if someone were looking for a heat signature..he said, “You can never be too careful when planning to hide from those that were looking to do one harm!”

I don’t know if it was planned or just an accident, but before my mom went to check in on my dad, she took a shower. When she came out of the shower, I caught a glimpse of her in the nude. Her body took my breath away! She is HOT! WOW! She had a small landing strip above her pussy. Her breasts have just a little sag, but they both looked firm, round and her nipples were just small pink tips that topped them! I stepped back against the wall so she couldn’t see me and by the time, I looked back around, she had her robe on and tied.

I was so hard, I made it to my room with a massive hard on that needed to be relieved. I had been keeping some lube in a drawer next to my bed which came in handy at moments like these! I laid down on my bed and with the image of my mom’s nude body in my head, I stroked my 6″ cock until I shot a load of cum that landed on my chest and stomach. I couldn’t shake the image..her fully naked and drying her body.

I dressed in a pair of shorts and T shirt so I could go into the kitchen for some water and to grab a cold beer. My heart was beating so hard, I thought it would burst right out of my chest cavity. All I could think about was that image of her. As I rounded the corner, I about ran into my mom.

“Whoa, I didn’t see you coming around the corner, Adam! What’s the hurry?” My mom asked.

“No hurry, was just making my way to get a beer to take back to my room.” I said.

I felt the stirrings in my shorts and and I was trying mentally not to allow my cock to grow to attention with mom standing right there.

“How’s dad, tonight?’ I asked.

Mom looked at me and I knew that it was going to be bad news. It’s apparent when you grow up with your parents and they give you certain looks, that something wasn’t going to be good news.

“He’s getting worse and there’s not a lot we can do. We can’t leave here and look for a dr. There’s no telling who’s out there and what they would do if we get caught above ground. Dad’s been listening to the short wave radio and there are a lot of people killing and taking the food they can get. We need to stay put.”

I felt so bad for my mom; she knows that there isn’t any chance for survival if we break the seal on the door. Mon has given Dad all the medication that we have and he’s not responding to the treatment. I’m sure that he was infected with something from the lab where he worked. We determined that he’s not contagious, but he’s not responding to antibiotics. It’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to whatever is ravaging his body.

I went to my room to think about what the future may hold, when there was a knock at my door. My mom came in and asked if she could sit with me, for a bit. Dad was apparently sleeping, fitfully, but still sleeping.

I stretched on the bed and mom laid down beside me. She had her nightgown on and it wasn’t sheer, but I could make out the outline of her breasts.
She had tears in her eyes and said, “It’s going to be just us down here after your dad goes. I’m going to miss him, terribly, and I was hoping that we could be close. Can I stay here with you, tonight? I can’t sleep when your dad is so ill. Just hold me and make me feel safe, will you?”

“mom, you are welcome here with me, any time you want. I’ll do what it takes to make you feel safe till we can go out, again. I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a while.”

Mom wrapped her arms around me and started to cry. I felt so bad for her. After 10 years of being with Dad, it was going to be strange to not have him around.

I comforted her the best way I could. She looked into my eyes and leaned forward and kissed me. Not like a mom kisses her son, but like a lover. I was kind of shocked, but I returned the kiss with passion and after a few minutes, she pulled back.

“I’m sorry. I feel so confused. I’m losing your dad and you’re going to be the man of the family, now. I figured that since it’s going to be you and I…we might as well make the best of it.

“Your dad told me that since he’s dying, you are going to be my man. Since he’s in no shape to take care of my needs, you are as close as we’re going to be to man and wife. Will you have yourwife?” She asked.

I was stunned. I never considered this situation. She was waiting for my answer and I needed to decide, before she thought I was rejecting her.

“Mom, I’d be honored to be your husband. Dad has been good to you and with his role gaziantep bayan escort reklamları model for me, I can do as well, as Dad and try. We’ll need to talk and deal with this whole situation.” She smiled.

With that, she stood beside the bed and removed her nightgown, she wasn’t wearing any panties and I took in her whole body. It was so beautiful. “Never have I imagined how beautiful you really are. Dad is a lucky man!”

With her 38 DD’s, there was a slight droop, but oh my, were they beautiful! She had trimmed her pubic hair very close and I could make out her labia. They were puffy and I could see that she was wet.

Very quietly, she whispered to me, “Make love to me.”

She crawled on top of me and straddled my thighs. I had my boxers on and she fished my hardened cock out and wrapped her hand around the shaft. She leaned down and kissed me with such passion. I could feel her tongue snaking its way into my mouth. I opened my lips and welcomed her tongue with my own. She started to moan, which made me even crazier. Her breasts were hanging in my face and I pulled away from her lips to take a nipple into my mouth. I sucked on her nipple, lightly biting it and she moaned even more.
“Been so long since your dad had these. I miss having them sucked. Oh, Adam, pinch the other one. MMMMM, YES! Oh, god, I need you inside me! ”
She leaned up and slowly inserted my hard cock inside her waiting love tunnel. It was so hot, moist and slippery. It felt like a velvet glove! She started to rid me up and down. It felt so good! She went on to ride me harder and faster.
“Oh, god, I’m going to cum! OOOH, yesssss!” I could feel her quirt on me, when she came. It was so erotic.

“Mom, I want to eat your pussy! I’ve wanted to do that for so long!”
“Adam, your dad hasn’t done that in years! PLEASE!!”

Mom moved off of me and we switched places on the bed. She spread her legs and I positioned myself with my face right in front of her wanton vagina.

I stuck my tongue out and slowly and lightly went from bottom to top and stopped at her clit. She shivered and moaned.

“Don’t tease me, Adam. I want that bad!!!”

I spread her lips and licked her pussy like a man starving for water. I sucked on her clit and lightly nibbled on her clit. I had her humping my face. I shoved my tongue against her pussy and moved my head up, down, side to side and she was writing like a snake caught in a trap.
As she came, she squirted again and I caught all of it in my mouth. It tasted salty and tasty!
She apologized for squirting in my mouth and I told her that it’s ok! I wanted to taste that and she would never have to apologize for enjoying what I was doing to her.

She sat up and said, “Now, I want to feel that cock in me!”

I wiped my face and crawled up between her legs, stopping short of pushing my hardness in her!

“Beg, mom! Want me in you..tell me you want it! “
“Adam, FUCK ME NOW! I want you to fuck me so hard!”

I shoved my cock in her and pulled it all the way out. Just pushed the head in, then pulled it out…I waited 2 seconds and shoved it in her pussy with all the force I could muster.

She drew in a breath and her eyes widened. Then I started thrusting hard and fast!

She told me that she was cumming, again! I wasn’t even close and she was breathing so hard!

I was thrusting in her when I felt that tell tale feeling in my balls. I leaned down and kissed her passionately as I was cumming. She held me in her arms really tight and just moaned MMMMMM, in my mouth.

After I had finished shooting my load inside her, I pulled out and rolled over, laying on her right side.

“WOW, Adam! I have never been fucked so voraciously before! Your dad had passion, but that…that was off the charts! Oh, my and you’re still hard!”

“It takes a while to go down, we can go again when you like!” I told her

“Let’s go check on your dad and tell him the happy news!” Mom said.

We both threw on what was lying around and she put her nightgown back on. I looked at her and thought that she is still as beautiful as ever! She grabbed for my hand and we walked out the door and down the hall.

When we got to Dad’s room, he didn’t look so good. He had a gray tinge to his face and skin.

He was whispering, telling us to come closer.

In a raspy whisper, he choked out “I’m guessing that your mom told you what I wanted for her. You take good care of your mom and make sure she’s happy. Since I’m not going to be around much longer, Adam, you will be your mom’s intimate partner. You give her what she wants and keep her satisfied. She’s endless in her energy in bed!!!”

Dad started coughing and not able to continue his statement. Mom moved to check his pulse and she started to cry.

“His pulse is dropping….there’s nothing I can do, now.”

Mom escort gaziantep bayan reklamları leaned in and whispered that she loved him and wait for her on the other side. Dad drew one last breath and was gone.

I looked at him. He built all of this and now, he will never be around to see the end of the conflict. I turned and held mom tightly. She was crying and sobbing. She knew this was coming and yet, it’s still hard to accept the end.

We covered his face and body, grabbing the manual on how to dispose of his body. Apparently, there was a door in the floor near the back of the shelter in which we live.

I went to look for it and found it. I pulled on the ring on the floor and went down some stairs.

There was a light at the bottom of the stairs and as I turned it on, I saw metal tube sitting on the floor. It was about 8 feet in diameter and it had a gurney like device inside the door to the metal tube.

Dad made arrangements for this when he originally built the shelter. He had a feeling that it was going to be needed. Weird.

In the morning, I would carry his body down the stairs and put him on the gurney, and push it inside the tube. Close the door and start the disintegration process. He was smart enough to not need to have a fire or anything like a cremation chamber. Didn’t want to draw attention to where we are.

I went back upstairs, closing the hatch to the disintegration chamber.

Mom seemed exhausted and I asked her if she wanted to get some sleep. She grabbed my hand and headed towards my bedroom.

We laid down on the bed and reminisced about dad and the good times. I don’t remember who went to sleep first, but it was nice having her next to me.

In the morning, when I finally woke up, Mom was gone and making coffee. I got up, put a tee shirt and jeans on, and headed towards the kitchen.

“I didn’t feel you get up. Are you ok?” I asked.

Mom was quiet for a few seconds and finally responded.

“Yea, I’m just missing your dad and looking forward to what is next. It just seems weird, being with my son, but you make me feel safe. Down here, it all seems so scary that we might be discovered. Your dad was smart, making this place almost invisible. Want some help moving him?” She asked.

“No, mom, you stay here in the kitchen and I will do what Dad has asked. I don’t want you to have to deal with this nasty business. You suffered enough. I’ll do it.” I explained to her.

When I had finished my cup of coffee, I took a deep breath and headed to the hatch in the floor in the back of the shelter. I opened the door, turned the light on and headed back to take dad’s body to the disintegration chamber.

I looked at dad’s face once more and felt a sadness creep over me. I had to remind myself that it’s just a body. His spirit was now gone.

I picked him up and carried him to the disintegration chamber. He was lighter than I remembered him to be. It was awkward carrying him carefully to the chamber.

I placed his body on the gurney. I opened the door and a red light just above the chamber came on.

When I slid the gurney into the chamber, I closed the door and the red light went out. I had grabbed the manual before coming down stairs. It said to look for the red knob. Found it on the bottom of the panel.
I turned it to the left and another light came on inside the chamber. Then it said to push the white know just above the red one, making sure that the seal on the chamber was tight.

I checked it and hit the white button. Gas was injected into the chamber, which made it hard to see dad’s body.

I heard a whirring noise and several lasers shot out of the sides of the chamber and when the gas cleared, his body was gone. I sat there for a moment. WOW! That’s it..gone. no ashes, no remains. So simple.
I heard another sound and water shot out of the walls and cleaned the entire chamber. It looked like nothing had happened in there. Dad was nothing if not efficient.

I climbed the stairs and closed the hatch.

I looked at mom and said, “It’s done. There is nothing left of him. No ashes, no remains. He even set it up to wash it self down so it’s clean.

We were quiet the rest of the day. Every so often, I would go up and hug her, wrapping my arms around her and tell her that I loved her and will protect her from now on.

We eventually ate dinner and sat on the couch, watching old videos of our family, running around, being happy..before the mess someone made above ground.
Mom leaned her head against my shoulder, holding my hand.
“Tired or just worn out emotionally from dad’s passing?” I asked.

“Just worn out, not knowing how much longer we are going to be down here. I am so angry at the idiots that caused this destruction. Your dad should be still alive if it weren’t for the lab where he worked.” She stated.

“Just take each day as it comes. There has been some interesting news on the short wave, but until I see proof of the rumors, we stay put.”

Mom gave an exasperated sigh and said she was tired.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, giving her a deep soulful kiss. She melted into my arms and looked into my eyes.

“That kiss is going to lead to trouble, Mister! I want you but I’m torn about your dad’s passing.”

I told her that I didn’t expect anything from her. She needs to deal with dad’s death and we will always have time to please each other.

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