The Sexy Neighbor – Part 2


After my fuck session with Jackie from next door I walked him back home for the night. We approached his huge mansion that looked much like my grandparents’ and he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me in for one last kiss. (Or at least I thought.) His kiss was more passionate than I expected and he began nibbling on my lower lip. I moaned and opened my mouth wider to allow his warm tongue inside to explore every crevice of my mouth. His hand slid under my skirt and his rough fingers grazed my swollen clit. I gasped, not expecting him to be so forward right in front of his house for the whole neighborhood to see. I grabbed at him with the hand I had placed on his chest. He reached for my lacy pink thong which was already soaked through from his groping. He pulled it up tight against my wet cunt and I gasped into his kiss. He pulled away suddenly and I whined. Although my pussy was still sore from our earlier fuck session in the kitchen, I still ached to feel his hot and rough fingers against the bud of my clit. “Goodnight,” he said grinning, and turned towards his front door. “Your just gonna leave me like this?” I said, referring to my freshly soaked panties. “You’re right,” he said and turned back towards me. He reached under my skirt once more and this time pulled down my little pink thong. I gasped at Maltepe Escort his sudden action yet he continued to pull it off of me, raising my legs to remove it completely. “For later,” he said and brought the part of my panties that covers my pussy to his nose. He smelled them and licked the spot where my juices had soaked through. “I love the way your dirty pussy smells. It tastes so sweet. I’ll be back for another taste soon,” he said and then walked into his home. I stood in front of his door very hot and bothered and turned around to walk home. All I could think of on the way home was the way he had man-handled me and my pussy began to drip again. I became increasingly horny. This time, since I had no panties on, my juices dripped down my inner thighs and they became more wet and sticky as I walked home. It wasn’t quite seven o’clock yet. As I walked towards my home I couldn’t help but notice a young girl who had to be a teenager step out of a car parked along the opposite side of the street from me. She had on tight cut-off shorts that hugged her big ass perfectly. Her tits bounced in the see-through white tank top she wore. Her nipples were hard and they pierced through the material, just begging to be pinched and teased. She noticed me walking towards the house and Maltepe Escort Bayan walked over to me. “Hey there, I’m Sarah. Are you related to the couple who lived here?” she asked, motioning towards my grandparents’ home. “Yes, I’m their granddaughter.” She smiled and I noticed white teeth behind her plump lips that I envisioned nibbling on my now hardened nipples. “I’ve always admired their house, it’s so beautiful!” “If you’d like I can give you a tour?” “That sounds perfect!” she said. “My parents are actually out of town tonight and I’ve been bored out of my mind.” We continued talking and walked up to the house where I opened the door for both of us. We entered and I gave her a tour of the place, starting with the lower level and working our way up to the bedrooms upstairs. We continued talking and I learned she was only eighteen and was a senior in high school. We finally came to the bedroom I was staying in and I took a seat on the comfortable bed covered in pillows. “So, Sarah, do you have a boyfriend?” She blushed and smiled at me innocently. “No… My last boyfriend was junior year.” “Really? You seem like the type of girl that guys would love.” “What makes you think that?” she asked, lying down on the bed next to me. “Well, you’re a very sweet girl, and to be Escort Maltepe honest, you’ve got some nice tits on you.” She sat up and pushed her breasts together with her hands. “You think so? Sometimes I wish they were bigger.” “No way! They’re perfect. They look nice and soft too.” “They are!” she said, smiling at me. “Feel them for yourself!” I reached out and took her D-Cup tit in my hand and squeezed it. “Well I can’t really feel them that well through your shirt.” She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head so her tits bounced freely, without a bra. I reached out and took one in my hand once more, squeezing it gently.  “Ohh… That feels good.” “Haven’t you ever had someone play with your tits before, Sarah?” She blushed again. “Well… my last boyfriend wanted to…. But…well…. I’m a virgin.” I smiled sweetly at her and brushed a lock of blond hair out of her innocent face. “That’s okay, Sarah, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the right guy.” She frowned as I said that and I wondered why she suddenly looked so sad. “You see that’s the thing… I think I like…. Girls.” I smiled devilishly at her. I had secretly wished that this young sexy blonde would tell me she loved pussy. I could just imagine her tits flopping, pink nipples hard as rocks as she let me finger her virgin pussy. “What do you mean… what about girls do you like?” I asked. As if I had no idea what it was like to crave a woman. The truth was I had fucked several women before. She looked at me shyly. She was still sitting upright with her tits uncovered. “I mean, I like everything about them… their hair… their skin… and their tight asses.

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