The Sex Toy Store



Jack stared out at the sets of endless red brake lights shining through the rain. He slowed his car to a stop and waited.

His mind drifted – as it often did at the minute – to the events of the past fortnight. He had been involved with Anna for just over two weeks now and their relationship was growing.

They hadn’t kissed or even slept together. They had hardly touched. But he was currently having the most intense orgasms and the best sexual relationship he had ever had. He still yearned to hold his naked body against her and the electric feeling that it creates but at the moment he was loving every minute with her.

The traffic started edging forward again and Jack moved his car with the slow flow. He was only two minutes from the store and he was getting frustrated with the snail pace the traffic was creating.

He was on his way to meet Anna at Ellie’s store again. He fondly remembered the first meeting with Ellie and, 40 minutes after their introduction, he had cum heavily over her bra covered breasts whilst Anna masturbated herself to orgasm over the scene.

Jack smiled and the frustration caused by the build up of traffic ebbed away from him.

He saw Ellie’s neon sign in the dark damp weather and he knew it wouldn’t be long for him to see Anna again. She had asked him to arrive at 4:30pm and to meet her at the store. She explained she had to meet her friend in the day and needed Jack’s help to pick something out from Ellie’s store.

Relieved to finally be out of the traffic, Jack pulled into the car park. He switched off the engine, removed his seatbelt and glanced at the clock. 4:28pm. He was always punctual. Anna knew that too.

Jack stepped out of the car and rushed through the heavy rain to the front door of Ellie’s store. He pressed the doorbell and heard that familiar noise inside. The buzzer went off to unlock the door almost instantly.

He entered.

The room hadn’t changed since his last eventful visit. The music was different.

He heard her.

It wasn’t Anna. Ellie entered the room through the velvet curtain; her heels clicking along the natural wooden floor.

She looked stunning again. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail today and her bright, beautiful blue eyes were shining from behind her glasses. She wore red lipstick and her smile was sultry.

Ellie wore a white collared blouse with three buttons undone. Her breasts – much bigger and fuller than Anna’s – we’re bouncing as she strutted over to him. Her tight black skirt stopped at her knees and had a slit along the side that showed off the outside of her naked, tanned leg. Her black heels pronounced her smooth silken legs and calves.

“Jack. Back again? You must have enjoyed your last visit,” she said whilst moving in close to him.

She looked directly into his eyes as she moved her body in close for another of her tight hugs. He glanced down her shirt as she got closer and he could see deep cleavage before a white frilly bra. He felt the familiar stirring in his cock as he thought about what had happened last time with this beauty. Her breasts pushed against his chest. She moved her hips into his too as part of the hug.

She lingered into the hug and he swore he felt the faintest thrust of her hips into his crotch.

“I loved my last visit,” Jack replied as she pulled away, “it blew my mind. You have a wonderful store here. You can see how hard you must have worked.”

Ellie giggled, “thanks Jack. Anna is in the back looking through some new things.”

“Ok, thanks,” Jack said and stared at the curtain at the end of the room, “what changing room is she in back there?”

“Oh no Jack,” Ellie smiled at him, “I have a second part to the store beyond the changing room corridor.”

Jack looked confused.

“Oh,” she cheekily smiled, “I thought you knew.”

It was the way she said it that made Jack think twice about was he was about to see. It was in a cheeky way but with a sexy tone. For the first time today, he felt a little nervous.

“Just go through to the end of the changing corridor and through the glass door. Come on, this way.” Ellie instructed and she started walking away towards the curtain at the end of the room.

As he followed her, he could smell more strongly. She smelled as sexy as she looked. There was a sweet, fresh smell in the air as Jack walked behind her.

He followed close enough to smell her but far enough away to see her sexy arse sway from side to side as she walked. He could see her tight skirt gripping to her arse. He could make out the line of her knickers. They must have been thin and just covered her arse with thin, thong like elastic around the sides and over her hips. For the first time in a fortnight he lusted after another woman that wasn’t Anna.

As she walked, he could see her shapely calf muscles as they took the weight of this woman’s gorgeous body. Days on end of walking in high heels had formed and shaped her naked legs şişli escort to this shape.

He looked up at her naked neck (thanks to her tightly tied up ponytail) and wanted to kiss her there. To feel her skin in his lips and swallow her scent would have been perfect at that moment.

By now, they had walked through to the end of the corridor and Ellie opened a glass door that Jack hadn’t noticed on his last visit.

“Just through there Jack.” Ellie smiled and held the door open for him. He looked at her as he passed her and smiled.

He entered another area of the store and opened his eyes wide. There were wall to wall coverings of different things. On the left, there were handcuffs and whips, nipples clamps and tassels, soft ropes and a huge variety of sexy dress up clothes.

Jack turned to the right and his mouth fell open. There were vibrators, a huge assortment of dildos and other fake cocks.

Anna was stood looking carefully at the packaging of a vibrator. As soon as he saw her, Jack’s thoughts of Ellie instantly vanished.

Anna was stunning. She wore cowboy boots and a pair of short, tight denim shorts today. The shorts barely covered her sexy, pert arse. Jack could see the beginning of her cheeks peeking out underneath her shorts. The denim covered her arse and snugly hung onto both arse cheeks. She wore a white cotton t-shirt that looked as though it was stretched for a fashionable fit. He could make out the frame of her sexy body under her t-shirt. Her hair was tied up in an untidy way which meant parts of it hung loosely around her neck.

“Hey sexy,” Anna turned and said, ” thanks for coming down.”

“This place is unbelievable.” Jack responded, trying to take in all of the goods for sale in the back room, “I thought she just sold women’s clothes.”

“She started selling sex toys and sexy role play clothes and then moved to regular clothes. She always wanted to keep selling her original goods too. So…voila…” Anna opened up her hands as if making the room appear from nowhere.

Jack looked at the long line of goods that Anna was standing next to and he smiled as his eyes took it all in.

“So,” Anna continued, “I was thinking about one of these and also a life size cock.” She was holding a small vibrator in her hand waving it around as if she was holding a carrot at the supermarket. “This,” she continued whilst waving the vibrator around, “this, has 3 setting speeds and Ellie recommended it…personally recommends it.” Anna looked at Jack and raised an eyebrow.

Jack looked between the little sex toy and the sexiest woman he had ever known. He gulped and just smiled whilst thinking of Ellie cumming whilst using a toy like that.

“Now, what about a nice cock,” she started to move down the row towards the fake cocks. Anna picked up a long, thin brown dildo. She gripped it in her hands and looked carefully at the shapeless tip. “I don’t know if this is thick enough. Mmmm…” she thought out loud whilst looking at the other choices, “ah, what about this one?”

Anna picked up a huge black coloured dildo. It was around 8 inches long and it looked realistic. The head jutted out at the sides and the veins in the cock looked realistic too. Anna looked directly at Jack and squeezed the shaft. The head bulged as she squeezed the cock.

Being in the room and standing with Anna had caused a stirring in Jack’s cock anyway and now, this last teasing action from Anna, had caused his cock to grow in his trousers.

“If I tried to get this in my mouth,” Anna suggested in a sexy voice, “then…”

At this point she moved the head of the cock to her gorgeous lips and slowly opened her mouth. The clock was clearly too big.

“No, this is too big.” Anna said and placed the big cock back down.

Then her eyes lit up. Jack had spotted it too. It was a cream coloured cock around 7inches long. It was an average width. It had a suction cup at one end and the cock looked very realistic.

Anna picked it up and gripped it near the base. She moved her other hand up the fake cock, leading with the tips of her fingers. When they reached the tip, she made a circle with her fingers and stroked the cock back down to other hand.

Jack was transfixed with this display. He couldn’t look away at how expertly Anna handled this fake cock.

“Lets see,” she said, “erm, I wonder.” Anna moved the cock towards her mouth and she stuck her dainty tongue out and licked the tip. The cock’s head was so realistic. She licked along the base of the head to the very tip and she curled her tongue back into her mouth. She looked at Jack and the opened her mouth to slide the cock between her lips. Her lips firmly gripped the cock just around the head. She never moved the cock and then she slowly pulled it from her hungry mouth. “Mmm, yes, this is the one for me, perfect,” she raised an eyebrow, “come on sexy, lets go.”

She walked back towards the glass door and Jack instantly followed. escort aksaray She walked through and into one of the rooms in the changing corridor. It was room number 4. She entered and the lights came on automatically.

The room was square, nowhere near as big as the changing room from the previous visit. It felt more private, cosy even. It was dimly lit with and it had mirrors on the walls from the ceiling to half way down the wall. In the centre of the room was a red leather lounge seat. It reminded Jack of a dentist’s chair but without all the machinery.

Anna pressed a button on the intercom and a faint bell sound went off somewhere outside. She then moved towards the centre of the room and placed the two toys on the lounge seat in the centre of the room.

Suddenly the main door opened and Ellie strode in.

“Well guys, seen anything you like?” she questioned looking from Anna to Jack. She then spotted the two toys on the read leather seat, “great choices here,” she commented, “want to try then out?” Jack couldn’t speak.

Anna smiled and said, “oh, yes please.”

“Ok Anna, step up onto the seat and I can adjust the seat settings,” Ellie instructed.

Anna grabbed the toys and then slowly lowered herself onto the chair. Jack couldn’t believe what was about to happen in front of him.

“The vibrator has 3 settings and, realistically 2 is enough for me,” Ellie giggled and looked up at Jack at that point, “let’s start with that, shall we?”

Anna undid the buttons in her shorts and Zack could see she had on a dark blue silk thong. Ellie moved down to the base of the chair and started to pull Anna’s shorts down over her arse and down her legs. The material brushed down Anna’s tanned, toned thighs. Ellie then flipped them over Anna’s calves, over her cowboy boots and off.

Anna sat back on the red lounged in just her cowboy boots, silk blue thong and white cotton t-shirt. Anna handed the fake cock to Ellie. “Turn it on Anna,” she said, “I suggest the first setting…just for now.”

Anna looked carefully at the vibrator and pressed a button on the side, near the base. The vibrator came alive with a discreet buzzing sound. She pushed it against her hand and giggled. Anna looked directly into Jack’s eyes and moved the vibrator down her neck to the top of her t-shirt. She continued down across her breasts. The vibrator journey continued down and to the top of her thigh.

“Wow, Anna. Every time I see your body I forget how beautiful you really are. Stop teasing poor Jack here and test the vibrator on your gorgeous pussy you filthy tease.” Ellie demanded whilst smiling.

Anna moved the vibrator to her pussy on top of the materiel of her thong. “Mmm, that does feel nice,” she murmured, “can you see Jack? Can you see the vibrator on my little pussy?”

Jack watched as Anna kept the vibrator on one spot of her thong. He figured if was right on her clit at the minute. He couldn’t move his eyes away, he was afraid he would miss something. His cock was rock hard in his pants. It was straining against the material.

“Mmm…god that does feel good Ellie…mmm, fuck yes.” Anna was starting to move her hips up and down.

“This is so sexy Anna,” Ellie, was watching and was just as fascinated as Jack, “wow, I can see you are enjoying it. Do you need to take those panties off?”

There was a clear wet patch forming on Anna’s thong. She was beginning to writhe up and down, “fuck…yes. If feels so good. Ohhhh godddd. I need them off.”

Ellie looked across to Jack and then down to his obvious erection. “Are you hard Jack? Do you want to touch your cock? Do you want to stroke it?”

Jack nodded. Ellie winked at him, “Wait here,” she instructed.

Ellie stepped forward and gently grabbed to sides of Anna’s thong. Anna moved the vibrator away from her thong and looked directly at Ellie, she bit her lip. Ellie slowly pulled the thong down. Jack could see Ellie’s fingers softly grazing against Anna’s legs as she dragged the flimsy material down and off her body. Ellie then tossed them aside. She then reached up to Anna as if to hug her and grabbed Anna’s t-shirt up and over her head. Anna stayed upright and Ellie moved close to her lips. They looked into each other’s eyes, their lust was clear to see.

The electricity in the room was incredible.

Jack rubbed his hand over the head of his cock through his trousers. It pulsed, instantly responding to his touch.

Ellie moved both hands behind Anna and slowly undid her white lacy bra. Their mouths were mere centimetres apart. It looked as though Anna opened her mouth and started to open her mouth too. They were looking directly into each other’s eyes. Ellie pulled the bra off Anna’s shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Ellie smiled, stepped back and looked at her handiwork.

Anna was naked except for her cowboy boots now.

“I’m so fucking aroused right now Anna,” Ellie whispered from the foot of the leather chair, “show kağıthane escort me more.”

Anna smiled at her friend and looked across at Jack. Then she switched the vibrator to the 2nd setting and placed it back in the exact same spot it was before: centred directly on her clit.

“Ohhh…fuck me…nnnnggg…that’s so…sooo…good!” Anna moaned aloud. She was using both hands to hold the vibrator in place. Her hips were doing all the work, circling the vibrator. He’d eyes were rolling up into the back of her head.

Ellie moved stealthily around behind Jack and pushed her breasts and body tight into his back.

“Jack,” she whispered breathily into his ear, “see how this sexy woman is masturbating in front of us. It’s making me so wet just watching her pussy grind against that vibrator.”

“Oh…fuuuuckk! I’m so fucking close. Nnngg…fuck me..” Anna was really moving up and down on the chair now.

“Take out your cock Jack. I want to see how hard it is.” Ellie whispered in Jack’s ear. He could feel her rubbing her breasts into his back.

Jack unzipped his trousers and let them fall to the floor. He pulled his pants down and grabbed his cock instantly.

“Ohhhh…fuck…that cock…that makes me so fucking wet.” Anna murmured. Suddenly she turned the vibrator off, “stroke that cock Jack, I’ve got to see that cock. I want us to cum together Jack.”

Jack grabbed his cock by the head and loosely dragged his fist down and then back up at a slow speed. He wasn’t gripping tightly either, he knew he wouldn’t last if he did.

“That’s it Jack, nice and slow. All the way down and then…all the way back up.” Ellie continued the instructions right in Jack’s ear.

He pushed his other hand back and rubbed up the slit of Ellie’s skirt. He could feel the naked flesh of her leg. Jack snook his hand under her skirt material and reached back to cup Ellie’s arse. She breathed heavy in his ear.

Meanwhile, Anna had picked up the fake cock and gripped it in her hand. She was stroking it up and down at the same speed Jack was stroking. She placed the head of the cock in her mouth and moistened the tip. Anna then slowly edged the cock down towards her pussy lips.

Ellie grabbed Jack’s hand from her arse and guided it round to her own pussy behind his back. She parted her legs wider to allow him access. He could feel her cotton panties under her skirt. She was soaked.

“Mmm..Jack..I’m so wet and I need to cum so badly,” Ellie breathed in his ear, “make me cum Jack. I want to cum hard.”

Ellie started to rock her hips backwards and forwards, thrusting her pussy along Jack’s fingers. There was no room back there so she had to do the grinding against his fingers. All the whole her breathing became faster in his ear.

Jack stopped stroking. The pre-cum from his cock had dribbled down his shaft. He was very close to cumming and wanted to wait.

Anna pushed the head of the cock against her pussy lips and turned the vibrator back on her clit. “Ohhh…fuck…yes…that’s so good. Imagine this is…is…your cock Jack. So fucking close…to…nnnnggg…my wet pussy. Shall I put it in?”

Ellie was really humping Jack’s hand now and she was moaning in his ear, “yes…yes…that’s it…tell her to put it in Jack…beg her…oh wow.”

Jack grabbed his cock again. He just held it and was trying hard not to fuck his own hand, “please Anna, please put that clock inside,” he moaned aloud.

Anna smiled through the moaning and slid the head of the fake cock into her wet pussy, “OH FUCK… that’s good..nnnggg…just the head…oh my god.”

Ellie slid both her hands down Jack’s chest towards his cock. She slipped past his cock and rested them on his thighs on either side of his cock. She hadn’t stopped grinding against his hand, “Oh my god Jack…look how close…ohhh…how close my hands are to your cock. Fffffuucckk. Want me to grab it Jack and stroke it…oh god, I’m so close. I think I’m going to cum…”

Jack started a slow stroke and could feel his balls tighten.

Anna watched the two of them and started to grind her clit into the vibrator. The fake cock head stayed in her pussy, she hadn’t moved it in or out.

Ellie gripped Jack’s thighs with both hands and steadied herself as she fucked Jack’s fingers.

“Nnnnggg…OH GOD…fuck…I’m cumming…OHHHHH..FFFFUUUCCCKKK!” Anna screamed and closed her eyes as the orgasm came over her.

Jack stroked down on his cock and he started to cum too. The cum spurting out of his cock onto the floor. A little of it hit Anna’s cowboy boots. It dribbled from his cock and some went onto Ellie’s hand.

Feeling the cum on her hand, pushed Ellie over the edge, “OH…OH…OH..YES…YES…FUUCKK..YEESSSS!” Ellie groaned right in Jack’s ear. She dug her nails into his thighs and gripped tightly. She fucked his fingers and he could feel her whole body shake as she came on his fingers. They were soaked.

Anna watched the two of them cum. She gently stroked her nipples watching the together, “oh my god. Fuck me that was so sexy. Now, we need to have these toys, don’t we Jack?”

Ellie gently bit his ear as her breathing slowed down.

“Yes. We absolutely do!” he answered, milking the last drops of cum from his cock.

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