The Sex Party Pt. 01: Blackmailed


I never should have shoplifted. Especially at that sex shop. Dumbest mistake of my life.

It was just the sort of stupid thing one does, accidently, after having had a bit too much to drink during a barhopping bachelorette party. We had stumbled out of our fifth bar into the humid air of the summer night, just a crazy, wild, totally drunk gaggle of hot miniskirted hotties on the prowl. We screamed and laughed when we found ourselves in front of Le Sex Shoppe, an upscale adult store. The windows running along the full width of the store were well lit with wicked looking neon lights and signs showcasing naughty lingerie and bondage costumes. You could easily see into a well lit, upscale, seamingly safe, kinky shopping emporium.

“We gotta go in! We gotta go in!” Cathy the bride whined, so naturally all ten of us poured into the store. Immediately we spread out and began pulling sex toys off the shelves, teasing Cathy about whether the monster dildos we waved in her face compared favorably to her fiancee’s cock. “No contest. He’s way bigger, girls” she laughed, grabbing a dildo and pretending to lick it.

We were making so much noise the usual adult store pervs were backing away into the far corners of the store as we began making crude comments on how they might like getting one of the dildos up their butts.

All in all we were pretty obnoxious, so much so that the manager sent a cashier over to try and quiet us down. “Hi, ladies. I’m Mandy. Is there something we can help you find today? If you don’t behave we might have to ask you to leave.”

Taking a spanking paddle down from a display I gave the bride a quick smack on her ass and teased the poor cashier “Maybe if we don’t behave you can give us all a spanking, Mistress”.

She rolled her eyes and went back to tell the manager that we were just out partying and maybe we were drunk enough to spend way too much money on some novelty items. He nodded and told her to keep an eye on us. “Who knows, Don. There might be other opportunities here” she said seductively, giving him a wink.

By now we had wandered into the bondage gear section and we were daring each other to try on this or that. Jill, another bridesmaid, took down a thick leather collar with steel rings on all four sides. “Come over here, Slave Constance” she commanded me. Not sure, but something in her voice was irresistably inviting. I obeyed and feeling playful, I knelt down at her feet.

Jill was the tallest and prettiest of all the bridesmaids. Long straight black hair reached almost to her waist. I would probably never act on them, but I had long harbored fantasies of licking and sucking on the nipples topping her 38D breasts. In fact, I had managed to orgasm to that thought just the night before.

I felt a strange tingle of excitement that she had chosen me, a short, curvy, redhead, with much smaller 34B breasts to play with. I could feel the wetness spreading in my panties as she approached and fitted the collar around my neck. She took me by the shoulders and stood me up. Reaching down and caressing my cheeks she gave me a kiss square on my lips. Right there, with all the girls watching with jaws dropping to the floor.

“What the hell, you guys? Get a room, for crying out loud” Cathy exclaimed, breaking the tension. All ten of us laughed hysterically at the absurdity of the scene. But even while laughing I could feel Jill’s eyes burning into mine, as though she knew about my secret fantasies.

We continued exploring the store. Cathy found a St Andrews Cross, backed up to it, throwing her arms up, pretending to be bound. “Oh Master, please don’t whip your virgin slave” she said, overly dramatic, as Jill took a flogger and pretended to whip her.

My panties were growing wetter by the minute, imagining myself bound with Jill whipping me. “I hope I don’t start to drip, right here in the store” I thought, ashamed at my newly discovered filthy fantasies.

“Who do I have to fuck to get a drink in thish joint?” Cathy slurred at the manager.

“That’s it. Out. Out. All of you, before I call the cops” the furious manager shouted back, pointing at the door.

“Come on Cathy. Time to go.” The girls were pulling Cathy by her arms toward the front door.

While the others were distracted by the commotion Cathy was making, dragging her feet as she was half carried out the door, cursing at the manager, Jill grabbed my hand and took me behind one of the displays. Pulling my body into hers she look straight into my eyes. “I’ve been wanting to do this for months” she whispered as she kissed me, her tongue invading my mouth and playing with mine.

I pulled back and stammered “Wait? What? Oh my God…..Jill….?!?!”

She looked at me, smiling “We’ll talk more, later, at my place, ok?” I nodded and grinned back at her.

“We better catch up with Cathy. She’s probably destroying the next bar already”. Taking Jill’s hand, we started for the door.

Just as my foot hit the sidewalk I was jerked backward Maltepe Sınırsız Escort into the store by the collar around my neck. “Gack. Hey. What the fuck?” I managed to choke out a few words.

The salesgirl, Mandy, had clipped a leash on the rear ring of the collar as I headed out, walking past her. Waiting until I had stepped outside and officially shoplifted to jerk me back inside. “Gotcha, Bitch” she exclaimed.

Jill immediately sprang to my defense, taking a swing Mandy with a balled up fist. “Not so fast” said the manager, blocking her arm, twisting it behind her back and dropping her to the floor. I soon followed, the salesgirl doing some kind of judo shit and kneeling on my back, still choking me with the leash on the collar.

“Oh, fuck. The collar” I exclaimed. It had felt so natural on my neck, like it belonged there, like it was already mine, that I had completely forgotten we had to pay for it. “Fuck.”

“We’ll pay for it. We’ll pay for it. Owwww” Jill cried, as the manager twisted other arm behind her and applied handcuffs.

Handing a second pair of cuffs to the salesgirl he said “Put these on good and tight, Mandy. She likes it that way. See?” he said, pulling up my skirt, pointing to the dripping wet spot on my crotch, turning my face three shades redder, adding to my growing humiliation.

“Hey, Fucker. Get your filthy paws her” Jill yelled, twisting, squirming, trying to turn over.

“Shut that bitch up, Don” Mandy yelled back.

Don grabbed Jill’s handcuffs and stood up, dragging Jill to her feet, bent at the waist, arms held high behind her. It took away her wind and silenced her.

I watched from the floor as Jill was marched through a door into the back room of the store. I soon followed, struggling to maintain my balance, as Mandy yanked the leash to encourage me along. She kicked the heavy steel door shut behind me with a resounding slam.

The back room was sparse. Polished concrete floor, walls, and ceiling. Rings imbedded in the floor and walls. Two bare light bulbs on the ceiling, along with chains hanging in several places. A collection of whips, cuffs, and assorted other bondage related paraphenalia hanging from pegs along one wall.

“Shit” I shuddered, this isn’t the office or storeroom I had been expecting. It’s a fucking dungeon. What have we gotten ourselves into?

Don had taken Jill to the center of the room and clipped the cuffs to a chain hanging from ceiling, keeping her arms painfully high behind her. “You can’t do this, please you can’t do this to us for just shoplifting” I complained.

“We can use all necessary force and restraints to detain suspected shoplifters. That’s the law.” Mandy explained as she tied the leash to a ring imbedded over my head in the concrete wall. “Any restraints we choose” she added, giving me a wicked grin.

Don was going through Jill’s purse when he held up a couple of small bags of white powder and exclaimed “What have we here, ladies? This looks to be a serious felony offense.”

At the sight of the powder my eyes went wide. “Cocaine? Jill, why do you have cocaine in your purse?”

“Because I like it, Connie. Why else, you stupid bitch?”

“Jill. What? Why?” I sputtered, not believing I was willing to sleep with her just a minute ago.

“And lookie here.” Don said as he dropped one on the packets into my purse and pulled it out again.

“You planted that, you bastard” I protested, trying to kick him but held back by the choking collar that I now had begun to despise for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was being called a stupid bitch by a potential lover.

“Mandy, you saw me pull that cocaine out out of Connie’s purse didn’t you?”

“Sure thing, Don. She’s a druggie for sure.” Mandy smirked. “The cops are going to love these two. Taped evidence of shoplifting? Cocaine? In this town that means hard time, for sure. Should we call my Daddy, the Chief of Police now?”

Fear filled my eyes as Jill spoke up “Hey, no need to get the cops involved. We can work something out. You can have that slut Connie over there. She’ll do anything you want and like it, too.”

“Interesting” purred Mandy, as she reached under my skirt, pulling my panties to side and playing with my sopping pussy. “She is a wet one, that’s for sure.”

Ashamed and humiliated, I lowered my eyes as Don walked over and rubbed his palm against my pussy lips and clit, fingering me roughly. My knees began to buckle but that damned choking collar forced me upright again. “What about Jill?” I asked, hoping to divert their attention before it got worse and I came against Don’s hand, squirting all over the floor. “She told me she wants to take the fattest dildo in the store right up her ass while you whip her nipples.”

“You lying cunt, Connie. I never said any such thing, Don. I’ll give you a blowjob you’ll never forget but please don’t do what she says. That’s what she wants, not me” she cried, glaring at me. If looks Maltepe Suriyeli Escort could kill I’d have been dead right about then.

“This is getting more interesting by the minute, Don” Mandy piped up. “Let’s close up early tonight and show these two a good time. Or we can just call Daddy.”

“No, please Don. No cops. It will ruin our lives.” Jill pleaded.

“I have a better idea, Mandy” Don replied. “The boss is having a party tonight and we’re short a couple of serving girls. Maybe they’ll be willing to work off this crime. Get a couple of “employment” contracts and if they are willing to sign maybe we can have a happy ending for everyone.”

“Serving girls? You mean like caterers? Yeah, we can do that. Anything to avoid the police” I began to cry relieved we might be getting off easy.

“Yeah, catering. Something like that, except this crowd is a little kinky and likes the serving girls to dress a little slutty. You know, vinyl, French Maid outfits, that sort of thing.” Mandy explained.

“Sounds like a no brainer, Mandy. Where do we sign?” Jill asked. Don uncuffed one of Jill’s wrists. Mandy held the contract on a clipboard in front of her and offered her a pen. Jill, a trained legal assistant, looked over the contract, weighed her options, sighing. She snatched the pen from Mandy and scribble her name, resigned to her fate.

Mandy took the pen back. Sneered at Jill, and moved to me, undoing one hand from the cuffs. Thankful to have a least one wrist free, I tried to read the contract but it was full of legalese and printed impossibly small. I glanced at Jill helplessly. “Sign it, Connie. It’s a standard contract” she said.

I don’t know why I trusted her. Looking back it was undoubtedly the worst mistake of my life. I signed. Mandy took the pen, set the contracts aside, and said to Don “You better go call the limo driver to get these girls to the party. I’ll take care of things here.” She gave Don a wink, who turned with a knowing smile and headed out the steel door, slamming it behind him.

Mandy refastened Jill’s wrist to the handcuff high behind her back, twisting her wrist painfully until Jill complied. She strolled to the equipment wall, picked out a couple of gags with large red balls attached to a network of leather straps.

Walking back to Jill, her stiletto heels clicking smartly on the cold concrete. Jill, her eyes growing wide, protested “Come on, Mandy. Is that really necessary?” Jill pursed her lips, refusing to accept the ball.

Mandy shook her head, reached under Jill’s miniskirt, stuffed her hand into her panties, pinched the short hairs on her mound and pulled hard. “Yowwwwww” Jill screamed as Mandy filled her mouth with the ball. “mmmmpphhhfff” was all she could manage as Mandy routed the straps under her chin, across her face, over her head and tightened the buckles behind her head.

Mandy approached me and I immediately opened my mouth to accept the gag willingly, seeing the futility of resisting but more because I feared Mandy’s cruelty. “Good girl” she whispered in my ear as she finished with the straps.

Returning to Jill, Mandy whispered in her ear. “You, Jill, are not such a good girl, are you?” She then bit her ear lobe, bringing a muffled scream around the ballgag.

The scream was still echoing off the walls by the time Jill had been reduced to a naked prisoner. Mandy had ripped and shredded every scrap of clothing Jill had been wearing, dumping them in the corner.

I watched amazed as Mandy had grabbed the last piece of clothing, Jill’s thong, and yanked upward cruelly, pulling the satiny material obscenely deep between her lips, crushing her clit. The cloth finally gave way, the scraps dragging painfully through Jill’s crotch, bringing yet another scream from behind the gag.

Jill was hanging from the cuffs, wearing nothing but her black pumps. I tried not to stare, but found those dangling full D cup breasts swaying gracefully too attractive to ignore. I probably would have licked my lips, but my tongue was forced painfully into my mouth, crushed by the red ball.

“Now Connie, what was it you said Jill wanted? A big black cock and tit whipping?” Mandy asked me as she shuffled to the wall, picking out a strap on harness with the largest dildo, along with a vicious looking single tail whip.

Jill shook her head no as she glared at me. “mmm mmmm mmmff” came out of her mouth. I was glad she was gagged. And I was glad she was going to get the treatment I suggested. This was all her fault after all. Fucking collar. Fucking cocaine. Fucking bitch.

She had this coming and I was going to enjoy it. In fact, I could feel my juices flowing again. I pressed my legs together and squirmed to try to recenter my panties which had been pulled to the side so roughly by that animal, Don. I didn’t want Mandy to see anything running down my legs, fearing she might punish me for enjoying this too much.

Mandy bent down and spread Jill’s legs, using Maltepe İranlı Escort rope and the rings in the floor to position her uncomfortably wide open. This caused her to bend over even further, her arms pulled vertically to the ceiling.

Her pussy and asshole were clearly vulnerable to any liberties Mandy might want to take. I stared at her pussy opening, which was stretched and winking at me.

Mandy stepped in front of Jill, strapon dildo bouncing. “Unless you want this monster up your asshole dry, you had better start licking it, slobber as much as you want. You’ll thank me later. Trust me.”

Jill was crying now. “mmm mmm mmmgg”.

“What was that, Jill? Gag in the way? Can’t lick? You are a pathetic slut, Jill. I’ll help out your skanky ass. Maybe you can drool on it after I whip those delicious whore tits Connie seems so fond of.” I blushed even more, unable to keep any secrets at all tonight, it seemed.

Mandy gathered up Jill’s hanging black hair and knotted it behind her head. “You had better keep that head up, Jill. You might not want stripes across that pretty slut face.”

Broken and resigned to her fate, Jill raised her head, closed her eyes, tensed, and steeled herself for the pain she knew was coming.

Crack. Nothing could have prepared her for that first blow. Mandy had struck her perfectly across her hanging nipples. White hot pain exploded from her breasts, exploding like fireworks behind her closed eyelids. It took her breath away. She could not even manage a scream. The pain was beyond that, to an unimaginable level that overpowered and overwhelmed her.

She had not even begun to process the first blow when the second came. This pain was primal, reaching deep inside her, forcing every muscle to tense up and hold tight. She knew nothing beyond the burning pain radiating outward from her nipples. Bathing her entire being, her very existence, in bright red.

The third blow surprised her. It was like a direct connection to her clit and vagina. She exploded in a pulsing, squirming, deep, deep, deep orgasm that caused her to pull her legs off the ground, held back only by the bindings on her ankles. It was unlike any orgasm she had ever experienced. No build up, no waiting. Just instant spasming, pounding, wrenching, pleasure-pain, delicious agony. Words cannot do justice to something so insanely pleasurable yet painful at the same time.

After an orgasm that seemed to possess her for hours, although it was only a few minutes, Jill hung limply from her wrists. I stared in amazement as Mandy just stood back and watched the show unfold. She had played enough with whips, both on the giving and receiving end, to know the reasons behind the twisting, writhing orgasm she was witnessing. She guessed correctly that this was something that this was something Jill would come to crave, like heroin, but far more addictive.

I was initially thinking Jill was in serious pain and distress and I began to feel sorry for her……almost. But then, as her flailing continued, I began to realize that this was a more powerful orgasm than I had ever witnessed or experienced myself. More powerful than I had ever seen in porn either, and I have seen a fair bit of porn, spending idle nights browsing for hours, rubbing myself until I’d come. But nothing like this. I wanted that orgasm for myself. I began to scheme how I could get Mandy to whip me, too.

Mandy glanced my way with an evil, unnerving smile as she moved around behind Jill. Jill was in no shape to help drool on the dildo. She was just a moaning mess of post orgasm spasms, not even really conscious of her surroundings. Twisting and writhing below her bound wrists.

Mandy took a bottle of lube and poured it over the dildo, then even more directly into Jill’s now gaping and twitching asshole. Mandy carefully held the dildo in her hand, positioning it directly on Jill’s seemingly small opening, the slightest tip just entering it. If Jill could feel anything happening at all, it wasn’t readily apparent.


Mandy put her hands on Jill’s hips and pulled her back as she thrust foreward. The ramming big black cock disappeared into Jill’s asshole as her eyes opened wide, as a deep, gutteral, horrific scream from hell blasted out around the gag, her lips and cheeks fluttering with the expelled oxygen from her lungs.

Mandy pushed Jill’s hips away and then back again, over and over again, faster and faster. Excess lube squirted out around the dildo as her asshole stretched and pulled against the cock. Mandy reached around Jill with her right hand and began pressing and rubbing her fingers wildly across Jill’s clit. Back and forth. Circling. Over and over. Faster and faster.

Jill’s head rose from its hanging position and tilted up to the ceiling, eyes closed, the tendons in her neck straining, veins bulging in her forehead. Then she came. Hard. Mandy stopped rubbing when she felt Jill begin to squirt, resuming again after the initial gush, only to bring forth a second splash, then a third, then a fourth.

I stared amazed at the puddle, flowing toward a drain in a thin stream across the concrete floor. Mandy stepped back from Jill, dildo bouncing as it swung toward the doorway where Don had apparently been standing for some time, enjoying the show.

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