The Rogue’s Harem Book 3, Chapter 11: Priestess’s New Master


The Rogue’s Harem

Book Three: The Rogue’s Passionate Harem

Chapter Eleven: Priestess’s New Master

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Thirty-One: Diamond Implications

Sven Falk – Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

Despite her armor, holding Nathalie to my side didn’t feel awkward. She had her arm around my waist, her armor clinking as she trembled against me. She had a look of pale shock on her face, the exhilaration of battle fading out of her.

“You did good,” I told her, my hand clutching to the pauldron of her armor, the metal warm from the magic coursing through it.

With these armors we’d found in the vault, we’d prevailed against our enemies. Prince Meinard and the monsters of Biomancer Vebrin were working together. I shouldn’t be surprised that the power-mad man would work with the foul things. He enslaved his own people and used their souls to move his army of constructs. He wanted to conquer the world.

He’d enchanted his own daughter so he could breed an heir.

We walked down the street, the citizens of Az peering out of alleyways, staring at the street where monsters rampaged. There were dead men and women scattered around the street, killed by Prince Meinard and his new “allies.” The bastard attacked his own people. He ruled Az. This city numbered among the largest in the world, and was the most populace in his country. It was a center of culture and learning, a jewel, and he defiled it.

Ava’s feyhound proxy padded up beside us, the wicker body creaking. She glanced up at me. I nodded at her and placed my hand on her head. I stroked the woven branches. She shuddered, her tail wagging. She held herself in a pleased manner. Somehow, she’d defeated her father’s iron proxy, shutting down that monstrosity of metal.

We walked to the Temple of Krab. The doors lay battered open by the monsters. We climbed the stairs. My stomach tensed, sobbing echoing. Were all my other women fine? We passed into the threshold, leaving behind the dwindling twilight of the outside into the darker interior. Carsina sobbed over the mangled body lying in a puddle of water. The entire sanctum was flooded, water flowing around my feet as it drained out at the corners.

Zanyia, splattered in black ichor, looked pleased as she crouched atop a dead monster, her tawny ears twitching. My sister stood by Ealaín, a perplexed look on Kora’s face. Greta hovered by them, the busty sex slave looking hale.

Everyone save for Master Theophil looked hale and whole.

“What happened?” I asked my sister as she stared down at the water. There was something mixed in it, a thick gunk. A formless ooze?

“The ooze acted weird, brother mine,” she said. “It stopped fighting us when it shouldn’t have.”

“Really?” I asked. “That’s strange.”

Ealaín nodded her head, her armor glowing a little brighter as she moved, making her skin almost negate light, drinking it in, a void glad in radiance. Her light spilled over my sister, crimson reflecting between her tits. “It bought us time for Greta to kill it.”

Carsina looked up and said, “Kora told it to stop.”

“Yeah, but, I didn’t do anything to it,” Kora said, shaking her head. “I was just making illusions and shouting out of fear. I don’t have the power to control monsters. It was that diamond hammer. You hit it and then it stopped.”

Carsina frowned. She glanced down at the diamond hammer we found in the vault with the armor. It rested on her lap. She picked it up. Brilliance flared in its center, a fiery reflection of the light pouring off Ealaín’s armor.

“Look what the hammer did to Greta’s armor,” Kora continued. “How it energized it and made all this water. That hammer has power.”

“Is that what happened?” Ava asked, her voice coming from the doorway that led deeper into the temple. I glanced at my side and saw the feyhound proxy lying unmoving. Then Ava and Aingeal emerged into the room, Ava running fingers through her strawberry-blonde locks. “I felt the hammer surging with power. I used that energy to sever my father’s connection to his proxy.

“Maybe,” Carsina said, frowning. “I suppose we could think of the monsters as devices. I mean, they were designed by the Biomancer, and the hammer was created to be used on artificial constructs. It empowers them or destroys them.”

Kora clutched at the ruby amulet I cursed her to wear when I gave it to her as a gift.

“It was created to be used at the Altar of souls, right?” Ava said, stepping up beside Carsina. “And left here for me.”

Carsina nodded. She rose and handed over the hammer to the princess.

“Why?” Ava asked. “Why did Krab leave this here?”

“He has his reasons,” Carsina said. “He builds things for a purpose, even if only he sees it.”



Carsina put the final stone in place, entombing her master in the small garden at the rear of the temple. It was a place of beauty that I was surprised to find here. It was a carefully constructed garden, the plants placed with care, many sculpted into topiaries, shaped into strange, abstract designs. Paths of crushed marble wound through them. She had worked all night on the tomb.

It was such a beautiful thing. Each granite stone fit with care. She had skill in making things.

“Krab, accept Master Theophil into your apprenticeship,” Carsina prayed as she knelt before it. “Share with him all the secrets you have learned. He devoted his life to his craft. He learned all he could in this world and is ready to study the techniques of the next. Your time will not be wasted, Krab. He will drink in all you know. He will work hard to master your techniques, to devise and construct machines for the use and benefit of all.”

My tail twitched. What a strange thing to pray for the dead.

“He will be accepted, Carsina,” Princess Ava said. She had a soft smile on her lips, the morning sun highlighting the red in her light hair. She hugged the trembling girl. Then she broke away.

“He was a good man,” Master said, his voice soft. He gave the journeyman a nod and she shivered, looking down at her Master’s tomb.

My head cocked. I breathed in, parsing through all the scents in the air: the perfume of flowers, earthy loam, the musks of my husband and wives, the confused welter of emotions pouring off of Carsina. It spiced the world my nose sensed. An owl hooted as I sorted through them, my tail swaying back and forth as I crouched in my armor of banded, leather strips.

My family filtered out of the garden when it was over, Kora clinging to our husband, Aingeal and Ava holding hands, my fellow sex slaves leaning on each other. Carsina, however, stayed staring at her master’s tomb, rubbing her hands on her leather work clothes. I inhaled through my nose, my ears twitching as I processed the riotous aromas of her emotions.

I padded towards her, my tail going rigid behind me. A purr rumbled in my throat. I stopped by her, seeing her trembling, her face set. I breathed in the tang of resolve. I cocked my head, staring at her smooth face. The sunlight painted across the bluish face. The sapphire tinging her pale skin gave her such an exotic cast to her delicate face, her cheekbones fragile and graceful.

“You want to come with us,” I said.

Carsina nodded her head, her fists clenching, her face hardening. Her eyes bored down on the tomb.

“I think you know what that means.”

Carsina shot her gaze to me. Her brow furrowed, her vibrant-red hair dancing about her face. Her ruby eyes almost glinted in the sunlight.

“I’ve seen you looking at Master,” I said, giving her a sly smirk.

Her cheeks darkened to a deeper blue, a lovely azure. Her eyes shot down to her feet. She shifted, rubbing her hands together. I loved the scent wafting off of her.

“You’re a journeyman,” I continued. “You need a new master.”

Carsina shivered. “I’m just grieving. I’m not thinking straight.”

“Or you’re thinking clearly,” I told her as I turned away. “It’s your choice, Carsina.”


Kora Falk

“Did the hammer affect my illusions?” I asked as we re-entered the temple, leaving the garden behind. The events of last night still confused me. “I mean, I was trying to save Carsina when my illusion suddenly had… substance to it.”

“I guess that makes sense,” my brother said, nodding his head. We took a turn in the corridor, reaching the room Carsina gave us. We spent the night here, recovering from the battle. “Your illusions could be seen as constructs.”

“Can they?” Ealaín asked, her face furrowing. “They’re works of art, not mundane devices built out of wood or stone. They’re… discovered. Inspired.”

“Still,” I said, arching an eyebrow as we gathered up our possessions. Then I frowned. “Where’s Zanyia?”

“Right here, Mistress,” Zanyia said, stepping into the room behind, Carsina following. “Now do it just like I said.”

Sven groaned as Carsina moved up to my brother and fell to her knees before him, her bright-red hair spilling about her sapphire cheeks. A smile grew on my lips as Sven shook his head. The journeyman raised her head.

“I want to be your sex slave,” Carsina said, the azure hue in her bluish cheeks deepening. Her ruby eyes almost glowed with a feverish passion. “I need a master. I’m a journeyman. And you’re amazing.” She swallowed. “And you can’t say no,” she added, speaking fast. “Zanyia said so.”

“That’s right,” Nathalie echoed. “You have to accept slaves, Master.”

Sven shook his head, bringing a giggle from my lips. I nudged my brother’s arm and said, “Nope, brother mine, you can’t.”

He sighed, shaking his head. “Luben’s going to get mad at me for violating my marriage a day after our wedding.”

I hooked my brother’s arm. “You’ll violate it with your wives.”

Aingeal’s fairy wings fluttered, her head nodding. “Yes, yes, let’s get back to the Temple of Rithi adıyaman escort and our rooms. We need to break in your new sex slave before we head off to the Altar of Souls.”

I nodded my head.

Carsina hopped to her feet. “Let me gather my things. I’ll be right back.”

She darted off, making me giggle. She had found something to latch on to. It was cute. Another naughty sex slave for the harem, another bit of spice. I would create something beautiful with her, a delicious bit of passionate art writhing with her and my husband. I glanced at Ealaín and gave her a smile.

My aoi si muse gave me a blank look. She shifted in her armor, a bit of white light spilling across the silvery metal. I frowned at her. Was she tired? Did she not see the potential inspiration a new woman in the harem added?

“It must be such a burden, husband,” Ava said, sliding up to Sven’s other side, “to make every woman in the world wet for you.”

“Not every woman,” Sven muttered.

Aingeal burst into laughter. She rose into the air in a flutter of her wings, her big, pillowy tits bouncing and jiggling. Her golden rings flashed and glinted. She settled down on the ground. She stroked her foot up her calf, balancing on the toes of the other.

I frowned at her then I glanced at my brother. “Are you annoyed you didn’t seduce Priestess Thea into violating her oaths to her husband and God yesterday, brother mine?”

“She was a mature beauty,” he said.

“Just a perv,” Ava said, a smile on her lips.

Carsina appeared, a pack in hand, a slip of a blouse spilling out the side. “I’m ready, Master.”

Zanyia stretched her back, wearing the straps that crisscrossed her naked body. “See, she says it like a natural. No hesitation. She’s a perfect sex slave.”

Carsina shivered, her cheeks such a bright azure. Valyan women had such interesting coloring. It was… exotic. I couldn’t wait to press my pale body against her flesh.

Sven took the lead in his shadow-absorbing armor. He moved with an even deadlier grace than before. He had such power in it. A fencer who could spring into action at a moment’s notice. He could sweep through the room, leaving death behind in his wake as he fought to protect his women. A giddy thrill shot through me. I was so glad we were a family now. That we’d be together forever.

The citizens of Az were cleaning up the streets in the wake of the monster’s rampage. There were so many dead. I couldn’t believe Prince Meinard would attack his own city. He butchered his own soldiers when they were struggling to defend their city. It made me so angry. I had another reason to despise him.

To want him dead.

We reached the Temple of Rithi. The acolyte out front frowned at us and folded his arms before him. Frowning, I walked up to him and said, “Is there a problem?”

“Problem?” he asked, glancing at Ava holding the feyhound proxy.

I glanced at Ava. She blushed and looked down while Aingeal let out a naughty giggle. “What did you two do?”

“They battered down doors,” a familiar voice said, words hard.

I turned to see Radiant Gertrude, my fellow priestess, marching out of the temple, her arms folded before her pink robes. Her red hair shone in the morning light, her freckles dotting her face. She swallowed, flexing the tattoo of the sun at her throat.

“They injured several with their mad dash through the temple. We gave you shelter, Radiant Kora, and your companions abused it.”

I sighed. I glanced at my brother. “I’ll talk to her and explain it. Go inside.”

“I’ll help,” Sven said, giving Radiant Gertrude a hard look.

She arched an eyebrow.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Readying the New Slave


“Yes, yes, yes, just like that,” I purred as I knelt next to the naked Carina, her pale-blue body had such a delicious hue to it. Her round breasts quivered, dark-red nipples thrusting hard from her areolas. Her glasses shifted on her nose, made of dainty wires of silver holding the lenses in place. Her cheeks hollowed as she bobbed her head up and down the aoi si’s girl-cock. “Mmm, yes, that’s how you suck a dick to please my husband.”

“She’s doing good, right?” Zanyia asked, kneeling on the other side.

“Uh-huh,” Ealaín groaned, her midnight-black face twisting with pleasure, her short, white hair dancing about her features. Her citrine eyes squeezed shut. “She’s a natural at it.”

While we waited on Kora and Sven’s return, I thought it would be a great idea to teach Carsina how to please him. She needed to know all this stuff if she wanted to be his sex slave. And it made me so wet.

I adjusted the straps of my dildo I just fashioned with my powers. It was a simple affair, made from the stone tiles of the floor and shaped to perfection. It thrust smooth before me, held on by a harness I fashioned out of the sheets, reweaving the fabric with transmutation spirits. It pressed on my clit, making my pussy ache.

I shifted around behind Carsina, staring at her curving rump. She had a cute ass. My pale fingers grabbed her light-blue butt-cheeks, digging my fingers into her as she sucked and bobbed her mouth on the aoi si’s black dick. Carsina’s bright-red hair was a hue of pure crimson, a richer shade than I’d seen on any other human, even Radiant Gertrude.

I shivered as Carsina moaned, my pussy getting hotter and hotter. Juices ran down my thigh. I moved the dildo down to Carsina’s pussy, nudging the gray tip into her crimson bush, her cream gleaming on it.

She gasped as I rammed into her. I buried the dildo to the hilt in her, the base pressing on my clit. My husband’s newest sex slave moaned about Ealaín’s girl-cock. Then she sucked and slurped harder. Carsina’s hips swirled, stirring the stone shaft around in her cunt.

“Ooh, yes, yes, you like that, you little sex slave slut?” I purred, drawing back my hips. My tits jiggled. I thrust in again, groaning at the shock of pleasure through my body. “Yes, you do.”

“She does,” Zanyia purred, quivering nearby. “Just fuck her little pussy. Get her nice and juicy for our husband.”

“Oh, I am,” I moaned. My hands gripped her hips, slamming hard into her pussy. Her boobs bounced and jiggled, my flesh slapping into hers.

It felt incredible. Every time I rammed into her, my clit ached and throbbed. Pleasure tingled through me. My ass clenched as I stroked into her. I fucked her so hard, plunging into her cunt over and over again. I loved pounding her as she sucked and slurped on Ealaín’s girl-dick.

The aoi si’s big tits jiggled and swayed. Her ebony nipples looked so yummy. My wings flapping behind me, I leaned over the sex slave. While ramming my dildo into her cunt, I latched onto one of the aoi si’s fat nubs. I sucked hard on the puckered nipple, mimicking Carsina’s actions on Ealaín’s girl-cock.

“Rithi’s inspiring art,” Ealaín moaned, her dark fingers running through my pink hair. “Mmm, Aingeal, that’s nice. Both of you, flutter your tongues around my dick and nipple.”

“Yes, yes, tongue is so important, Carsina,” Zanyia yowled.

My tongue swirled around Ealain’s nipple as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. My juices flowed down my thighs. I groaned, plunging my strap-on dildo deep into Carsina’s pussy. I stirred her up, my clit aching and throbbing. I moaned about Ealaín’s nipple. Pleasure spilled through me.

I felt Zanyia’s eyes on me. They were focused on something that swayed. My tits. She was staring at my pierced nipples, her eyes tracking them as they bounced and jiggled. Then, with a loud yowl, she sprang down, grabbed my right boob, and latched onto my nub.

I groaned about Ealaín’s nub as Zanyia’s rough tongue danced and fluttered against my nipple ring. She twisted it, sending more delight shooting down to my pussy as it grew hotter and hotter. My pussy clenched as my pleasure swelled.

“Rithi’s keen eye!” groaned Ealaín. “Keep sucking on my cock. I’m going to unload in your mouth. I’m going to flood you with so much spunk.”

“Yum,” Nathalie moaned as she and Greta knelt between Ava’s thighs, licking the princess’s pussy. “Ooh, yes, yes, suck her cock, Carsina. You’re going to love it. Second best cum in the world.”

I agreed. My wings fluttered as I hammered Carsina as fast as I could. Zanyia’s tongue fluttered around my nipple. My pussy clenched. Juices flowed down my thighs. I needed to cum. Wanted it so badly. I sucked with all my might on Ealaín’s nub, my mouth sucking and slurping, saliva running down my chin.

Zanyia kneaded my tits with both her hands. Her mouth sucked as much of my nipple and areola as she could. Her tongue swirled around it, twisting my nipple ring. I groaned at the jolts of pleasure shooting down to my aching clit which throbbed against the base of the dildo.

“Rithi’s beautiful art!” howled Ealaín, her body arching.

Carsina noisily swallowed. I shuddered, hearing her gulping down Ealaín’s girl-cum. My pussy clenched at the sound. My pleasure surged through me. I whimpered about Ealaín’s fat nipple and rammed my dildo into the depths of Carsina’s cunt.

She moaned and whimpered. Was Carsina cumming? Maybe. It sounded like it. I made her cum. My dildo fucked her pussy into rapture. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched hard as I slammed into her one last time, my clit drinking in the friction, my nipple throbbing in Zanyia’s mouth.

I climaxed.

My pussy convulsed. Juices gushed hot down my thighs. They flooded out of me in a wave of shuddering passion. I ripped my mouth off Ealaín’s nipple to cry out my rapture throughout our bedroom.

The door opened. Sven and his sister walked in while my tits heaved in rapture. My entire body bucked as wave after wave of delight slammed into my mind. My wings flapped hard, stirring the air around me while spirits danced throughout the room, celebrating my pleasure.

“Well, this is an interesting sight,” Sven said, grinning, his shadowy armor creaking as he shifted his posture. “What are akkent escort you two doing?”

“Breaking in your new sex slave for you, my husband!” I howled, my pleasure peaking in me.

“Teaching her to suck your cock, Master,” Zanyia said. “She’s a natural. I think she’s done it before.”

“Sucked cock or her master’s cock?” Sven asked.

“Well, Theophil was a sexy, older man,” Kora said, her voice throaty.

“What?” Sven asked, glancing at his sister.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned. “Those muscles and body combined with that aged experience.”

Sven arched an eyebrow. “Then you better stick with me, because I’m only going to improve.”

“Like a fine wine!” Ava gasped, her small tits quivering as the two sex slaves feasted on her cunt.

“She is yours to enjoy, husband,” Ealaín panted, pulling her girl-dick out of Carsina’s mouth.

“Yes, yes, I’m ready to serve you, Master,” Carsina panted. “Aingeal’s dildo stirred me up. Such a fine construction.”

“Only fine?” I gasped in indignation.

“Well, it’s a little lopsided,” Carsina said, wiggling her hips.

“You can tell that with your pussy?” Then I grinned. “Wait, wait, you had a workshop full of dildos you made. I bet you’re an expert on sex toys.”

“It is one of my specialties,” she said. “I packed a few of my favorites.”

I laughed in delight and ripped out the dildo from her pussy. “Well, my husband, enjoy. I broke her pussy in for you.”

Chapter Thirty-Three: Priestess’s New Master

Sven Falk

“How kind of you,” I said to Aingeal, pussy cream dripping from her gray dildo.

Zanyia, kneeling beside Carsina, grabbed the Valyan woman’s bluish butt-cheeks, spreading them apart. “Look, look, she’s got a pretty asshole. That needs to be broken in still.”

“She does have a pretty asshole, brother mine,” Kora purred, standing beside me as we stared at that puckered hole nestled between Carsina’s butt-cheeks. Farther down, her crimson pubic hair dripped with pussy cream.

Then she kissed me.

I groaned into my sister’s mouth, savoring the incestuous delight of her hot mouth on mine. Her tongue fluttered against my lips then jammed past them. I groaned, kissing her back, dueling my tongue with hers. Her hands moved across my shadowy armor, finding the buckled straps holding it onto my body, stripping me as she made my dick throb hard.

She moved with such deft skill, breaking our kiss to move around my body and undress me. Zanyia, meanwhile, busied herself rimming Carsina’s asshole. My lamia sex slave fluttered her tongue around the Valyan woman’s asshole. Carsina gasped and squirmed, her glasses slipping on her dainty nose while her round tits jiggled and swayed, her dark-red nipples so hard, looking almost like rubies topping her mounds.

It made my dick throb. Soon, Kora had me out of my armor while Carsina whimpered and groaned. Zanyia must have her tongue wiggling into Carsina’s bowels, making my newest sex slave gasp in delight. Kora pulled off the last of my armor, my dick thrusting hard before me, aching to get to know my newest sex slave.

“You’re going to bugger her so hard, brother mine,” she whispered in my ear.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Aingeal moaned as Ealaín fucked her hard from behind. From the angle, it was clear the aoi si had her girl-cock ramming into Aingeal’s asshole.

The faerie had to enjoy that delight, too.

“Sodomize me, you aoi si slut!” howled Aingeal.

“Slut?” Ealaín hissed, thrusting harder, her large, ebony tits bouncing and jiggling.

“Mmm, yes, an aoi si slut who loves my asshole!”

My dick throbbed so hard. I had to be in Carsina. “Is she ready, Zanyia?”

My lamia’s head popped up, her mane of tawny hair spilling about her face. She shot me a hungry look, her golden, cat-slitted eyes sparkling. “Mmm, she is, Master. I wiggled my tongue so deep into her yummy asshole.”

“So deep, Master,” purred Carsina, her entire body trembling. “She had me shuddering in delight. I can’t believe it.”

“She’s just naughty that way,” I said, my cock aching in Kora’s stroking hand.

“Sodomize her, brother mine,” Kora moaned into my ear, her naked body pressed into my thigh. “And you, you naughty pussycat, come lick my asshole. I want that same treatment.”

“Yes, Mistress!” moaned Zanyia. She scampered to my sister while Kora pushed me towards Carsina.

“Yes, yes, I want that,” Ava moaned. My princess rolled over onto her hands and knees. “Get to licking my asshole, slaves!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Nathalie and Greta moaned together.

I fell to my knees behind Carsina. She threw a look over her shoulder, biting her lower lip as I grasped her butt-cheeks. My beige fingers dug into her bluish flesh. I’d never fucked a Valyan human before. I’d enjoyed Thlinian girls with their reddish skin and even an ebony-hued Halanian beauty, but never a girl with this exotic, azure cast to her flesh.

Her asshole glistened with Zanyia’s saliva. It beckoned to me, begging me to sodomize her and make her scream out in rapture. I groaned, my lusts surging through me. I just had to ram into her and make her explode. Show her why she wanted to be my sex slave. I would give her such rapture.

“Master,” she groaned as my dick’s tip touched her asshole. “I’ve never taken a cock that big back there.”

“Nor a dildo?” I asked her, savoring the feel of her wrinkled sphincter against my spongy tip.

“No,” she groaned. “I always made my anal toys narrow, but… but… I know your other women take your dick up your ass.”

“Mmm, all the time,” Aingeal moaned. “Ooh, Ealaín, yes, yes, keep fucking my bowels.”

“You’ll love it,” Zanyia moaned, voice muffled by my sister’s rump.

“You will,” I promised her. “Just relax. Surrender yourself to me. I will make you explode.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. “I know you will.”

I pressed against her asshole. I groaned as I felt her anal ring resisting. That tight sphincter fought to keep out my cock. But I never lost. I pushed harder. Carsina’s back arched. Her head lifted up, stirring her vibrant, red curls. They spilled off her shoulder as she whimpered. Her asshole spread wider and wider.

Her sphincter swallowed the tip of my cock.

She let out a yelp of shock, her bowels squeezing about my thick tip. The velvety friction engulfed my dick as I pushed forward. I slid into her tight, hot sheath. Pleasure rippled up my shaft to my aching balls. I groaned as I sank deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Master!” she groaned, her voice low and throaty. “Oh, wow, Master, you’re in me.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned as she squirmed. Her sheath shifted around me, caressing me, teasing my dick. Sensations spilled around it. “Just keep wiggling that ass while I fuck you.”

“Fuck her hard!” Aingeal moaned, her wings fluttering, brushing the tips of Ealaín’s bouncing tits.

“Yes, husband!” groaned Ealaín. “Enjoy this treat.”

“Mmm, yes, brother mine,” purred Kora, a big smile on her face as Zanyia rimmed her asshole. My sister’s blue eyes sparkled. She shifted her body, one of her twin braids sliding off her side, the other still draped down her supple back.

I drew back my cock. Carsina gasped. Her bowels clenched down on my dick. The friction increased. My crown drank it in. I groaned and then rammed into her depths, filling her to the brim with my shaft. The pleasure spilled through me. It felt so incredible about my dick. My balls tightened as they smacked into her flesh.

I thrust again and again into her velvety heaven. I savored the grip of my newest sex slave. I plunged into her again and again. The heat burned around my cock. My balls grew tighter and tighter as they drank in the heat, the delight, of sodomizing her asshole.

“Oh, Master, yes!” Carsina panted, adding her voice to the other women gasping and moaning throughout the room. “Ooh, that’s good. You’re spearing so deep into me. You’re filling me to the brim. Krab’s anvil, yes!”

“Just keep squeezing that asshole around my dick,” I growled, my hands sweeping around her body, stroking her silky flesh as I fucked her. “Keep increasing that friction.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned clenching her bowels about my pounding cock again. “Ooh, that’s nice.”

“Gods, yes!” I moaned, my hands finding her round breasts.

I thumbed her ruby-like nipples. I twisted those hard nubs. She squealed, the pressure squeezing down on my cock increasing. Her head tossed, red hair flying as she bucked back into me. Her butt-cheeks rippled as I sodomized her, my dick loving her embrace. The pleasure swelled faster and faster in me. I hammered her hard and deep.

I made her gasp and moan.

Her hips swiveled, stirring that delicious asshole around my dick. It made me ache and throb. I shuddered, fucking her with all my might. I pounded into deep and hard. I plunged to the hilt in her. She groaned, her bowels squeezing down on my dick with such an intensity.

It was incredible.

It made me dizzy. My head shook from side to side as I reveled in this delight. Her bowels burned around my cock, making my dick throb in her grip. My hips slammed forward so hard. I sodomized her with such passion. It was incredible.

I never wanted to stop doing this.

“Master!” she howled, thrusting back at me. Our flesh slapped together. The sound echoed through the room. “Oh, Master!”

Other women were moaning, their passion merging with Carsina’s as her asshole convulsed around my dick. Her orgasm burned through her. I groaned, drinking in the writhing friction of her bowels spasming around my cock.

I loved making my women cum. Any man could fuck a woman, even sodomize her asshole with his cock. It took skill to make her scream her head off. I twisted her nipples and thrust deep into her. She trembled and moaned, her passion bursting out of her.

“Oh, wow! Krab’s mighty hammer! You keep thrusting into me! I… I…” Her head lowered, her voice growing low and throaty. “Oh, Gods, gaziantep anal yapan escort that’s good. I… I’m cumming again.”

“Just savor it,” moaned Kora. “That’s my brother’s skill.”

“He’s amazing!” Ava groaned. “He taught me so much and… Pater’s cock, you naughty slaves. Work those tongues into my holes. You’re going to make me cum again!”

“Revel in it, Carsina,” I growled, tugging hard on her nipples, my balls growing tighter and tighter. My orgasm swelled in them. Every thrust into her massaging bowels brought me closer. The ache built at the tip of my cock. “Savor it.”

“I am!” she moaned. Then she threw a look over her shoulder. “But, Master, you need to cum, too.”

“I do!” I growled, coming closer and closer, staring at the pink hue of her lips. She had such a pretty mouth. “Pater’s cock, I’m going to cum so hard in you.”

“Do it, Master!” she moaned, her bowels spasming harder about my cock. Her ruby eyes grew even glassier as another orgasm burst through her.

I hit that moment of no return. I had to cum and nothing would stop me.

“Pater’s mighty cock!” I snarled and ripped my dick out of her bowels. I seized her ruby hair with my left hand, my right grasping my dick. I yanked her head around.

“Master!” she gasped, her mouth opening wide.

I thrust my cock past her pink lips, burying my dirty shaft into her mouth. She gasped, sucking out of instinct, tasting her own sour musk. The pressure shot down to my balls. Nothing could stop my cum now.

I threw back my head and unloaded my cum into her mouth.

My balls tightened. My cock throbbed. Pleasure exploded through me. Bursts of ecstasy fired my jizz into her hungry mouth. My sex slave stared up at me with her tremulous, crimson eyes. She gulped down my spunk with eager passion.

“That’s it!” I snarled. “Pater’s cock, but that’s how you love your master!”

“It is!” Aingeal howled, her voice thick with rapture.

“Ooh, clean my brother’s dick and drink all his cum!”

“Such a good sex slave!” moaned Nathalie.

“So good,” purred Ava, her voice thick with post-orgasmic bliss.

I shuddered as Carsina sucked out the last of my cum from my balls. I let out a mighty groan, the pleasure buzzing out of me, retreating from my flesh. I had a new sex slave, a servant of the God Krab. Would she do anything to replace Kora in my heart when I lost my sister?

We had the hammer. We knew where the Altar of Souls lay. In a week, this would be over. I’d have to give up my sister because of Rithi’s foul conditions. I beat down the pain. I had to harden my heart, temper it, so I could survive.

“We need to leave,” I said. It was best to get this over with. “Our enemies know where we are.”


Princess Ava

We cut short our celebration after Sven came in Carsina’s asshole and she sucked his cock clean. We all could have spent the day fucking and sucking, but Sven was right. My father wasn’t dead. He could still send his forces after us, and he was clearly working with that horrid Paragon.

We needed to destroy the amulet around Kora’s neck and be done with it. I don’t know how she can wear the soul of the Biomancer between her breasts day in and day out. Sometimes, when the light reflected off the crimson facets caught my eyes, my blood would crawl.

I held my head up high as we walked through the temple, ignoring the dirty looks the radiants and glimmers of Rithi gave me. Aingeal and I did what we had to last evening. Monsters rampaged the city. So I broke down a few doors that each had unique works of art on them.

New art could be created, but lives couldn’t be.

Greta marched beside me. My bedmaid looked so sexy in her new armor, her breasts jiggling in the low-cut breastplate. Her blonde hair spilled about the azure-infused metal, making her at once innocent and fierce, a strange blend of the martial and the feminine. I was so proud of her. She killed a monster last night.

Sven was amassing quite the deadly harem of kick-ass women around him. I loved it. My father wouldn’t stand a chance. First the Altar of Souls to destroy the amulet, then we would head to Echur itself to overthrow his tyranny and restore Kivoneth. It would be a mess, but I would have Sven and our wives at my side. I would raise our child to be a proper ruler who cared about his or her subjects.

I blinked. Echur. “Sven.”

“Yes?” he asked.

“We have to pass by Echur to reach the Altar of Souls.”

“North of it, actually,” he said. “We’ll just follow the same road we took to Az. It leads past Echur along the southern edge of the Forest of Lhes. We’ll move fast. If he’s sending more forces to attack Az, it’ll come up the Azian Highway from Echur, not the Southern Forest Road. We’ll be fine.” He gave me a cocky grin. “Besides, what can your father throw at us that we couldn’t handle?”

“A company of a hundred soldiers,” I muttered.

“I’m not sure that would be a problem,” Zanyia said, walking upright for a change. Her tail swished behind her as we reached the main doors of the temple. “Not with these armors. And with the hammer Carsina can supercharge us.”

The journeyman sex slave had my diamond hammer hanging from a loop on her work belt. She had other tools on it, implements of her trade. She nodded her head, crimson curls bouncing on it. “I can supercharge the armor. Though I would hate to see the inferno Nathalie’s Ruby forged armor would make.”

The petite sex slave, walking to the right of Sven, turned around and blinked blue eyes at us. “Oh, my, yes. I burned that bug-thing to ashes.”

Zanyia shivered, the hairs on her tawny tail sticking up, making it even bushier. “That thing was disgusting. I need to eat your pussy in thanks.”

“Tonight when we camp?” suggested the slender girl.

Zanyia nodded her head, sunlight spilling over her hair. She stretched her back as the square before the temple bustled with activity. A wash of sounds—merchants hawking wares, the buzz of conversation, the hoot of an owl, the grinding of the wooden wheels of push carts rolling over cobblestone—drifted over me.

Carsina frowned and looked around.

“What?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Nothing, thought I heard something strange.” She shrugged. Then she smiled at our horses waiting out front, saddled and attended to by several young glimmers, the acolytes of Rithi. “I’ve never ridden a horse. This is exciting.”

“You won’t think that in an hour,” Zanyia said. “You’ll be sooooo sore.”

Kora nodded her head as she swung up onto her gray mare. I mounted Delicate, my white mare with black socks. She gave me a friendly nicker as I adjusted myself, sitting side-saddle on her with all the refined grace of a lady.

“This is different,” Greta said as she sat astride Prancer, a gelding with a cinnamon coat. Since she wore her armor, she was sitting astride it like a man. She shifted, her eyes blinking, spots of color blossoming on her cheeks. “Ooh, this is soooo different.”

“Only nice part about riding a horse,” Zanyia said as she scrambled up on to the back of Sven’s roan stallion. She hugged him tight, her tail swishing behind her. “The saddle feels good on your pussy.”

Carsina nodded her head as she mounted her piebald mare. “That is… nice.”

“This is all going to be over soon,” Greta said, smiling at me.

“Yeah,” Sven said, his words hard. He heeled his mount forward.

Ealaín, sitting tall on a black stallion, joined him. She looked as resolute as Sven, the pair both ready to face the challenges to come and see our quest completed. I flicked Delicate’s reins and she trotted after them.

This would all be over soon.


Prince Meinard – Echur, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch

I drifted through pain. Agony tortured my body. I felt it growing, changing, modifying. The ten-legged beetle sank tendrils through my flesh, writhing sinews that wrapped about my bones and impregnated my muscles. It made me stronger, enhanced my strength.

I howled until my voice became a hoarse rasp.

My eyes stared sightless ahead. The world around me vanished into the pain afflicting my body. It was never ending. A universe of agony embraced me like a lover. A mother. It brought me into a new world, birthed through torture.

And then it ended.

I lay gasping on my bed. When did I get here? I didn’t remember moving. I raised my hand and studied it. My pale skin was gone. In its place was waxy-gray flesh, shiny in a way skin never could be. I flexed my fingers, feeling them stiff with the leathery hardness of my new exterior. Corded muscles tensed about my body, brimming with so much potential energy.

A servant gasped as I rose. I threw off the sheets, standing naked, my chest made of banded segments, the ten-legged beetle merged into the heart. I flexed toes and worked my jaw. My stomach rumbled, hungering for flesh.

“You survived,” Shevoin said, rising from a chair as the serving woman fled the room. “I wasn’t certain. I had to use life magic to guide the transformation.”

“Did you do this?” I asked, curling my chitinous hand into a fist.

“That… that is the work of the Biomancer. The skill of his magic leaves me in awe. Fearful awe. The way it triggered through you, changed you… He set his spell upon that beetle centuries ago, and it still had such potency. But it’s evil. Foul”

“It’s beautiful,” the Paragon rumbled, that mix of feminine and masculine in a single voice. She stood in the shadows of the hall peering in. “You have the strength to prevail now, Prince Meinard.”

“You made me into a monster,” I said even as I realized I didn’t care. She was right. I’d crush those blasters this time.

“When Father returns, he will be thankful for your help. You will have his assistance in your ambition.” A smile crossed her misshapen face, almost ecstatic. “After all, he loves his children.

“Especially the King.”

I shuddered at my name. The King. Powerful. Built to rule, to control. I nodded my head.

“We must go to the Altar of Souls,” the Paragon said. “We have lost two days waiting for your metamorphosis. Sven and his women journey there already.”

To be continued…

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