The Research Project


I was not looking forward to the rest of the evening. I was heading over to Tammy’s apartment to work on a graduate class project we were working together on. She is also a teacher at the school I teach at, and I get along with her great, but tonight was probably going to be torture.

She is a fairly attractive young woman with short blond hair, nice blue eyes, and good smile. Also, she is about 5’8″ and may weigh 110 pounds soaking wet. In fact, about the only thing she is lacking in the body department is tits. If I were to guess from all the times I have checked them out, they may be on the small side of a b-cup.

With that description, however, I should be looking forward to this evening. However, Tammy may be one of the most naïve people I have met. Every time sex is the topic of discussion at work, she becomes very shy and almost embarrassed. We have often worried that sometimes our discussions at the teacher lunch table would lead her to file a sexual harassment suit.

It does not stop there. She dresses in a way that flaunts were physical attributes. High heels to make her legs look even longer, tighter pants to show her almost perfect ass, and low cut tops to accentuate her smaller chest. With my desk across from hers, I have often been able to look down her shirt when bends over to get something off her desk. For two years, the combination of her looks and naiveté have been a base of many of my sexual fantasies, and I would bet she was completely oblivious to what she does to me and the other guys in the department.

So here I am, a 30 year old man with a high sex drive heading to her apartment to work on a project knowing all I am going to do is go home to night to masturbate. Of course, in my naiveté I got ready just in case I was going to fuck her tonight. I trimmed my pubic hair, freshly shaved my balls and put on a pair of thong underwear. As I sit in my car, I know all this is going to do is make me horny for a girl that is probably still a virgin, and will be still after tonight.

I knocked on the door and when she opened I knew she was oblivious to the effect that she could, and does, have on men. She was wearing a powder blue halter top that had only one small string tied in the back, which meant she was braless. The top stopped about an inch above her navel to show off her belly-button and flat stomach. Her white shorts fit around her waist perfectly and ended exactly where her long legs began. A quick look as she turned around to lead me into her place showed no panty line in the shorts, which, of course, meant no panties, or, more likely, a thong.

As I walked in I could feel a slight rise in my pants. I was thinking it was now a good thing I was wearing a thong to keep the bulge in my pants to a minimum.

She led me to the kitchen table where I sat down my bags and she offered me a beer. We sat in the kitchen making small talk as we both finished the beers. As she got the second round of beers, I got our stuff organized on the table. We both sat down and began working on our project. As we were working we kept alternating who would get the beers.

With the combination of beers and lack of working pressure, we found ourselves working quickly through the project. Our ideas were clicking as well as the Travesti beer was going down. After about two-and-one-half hours and 5 beers apiece, we were done. As I stood up and realized that I was getting drunk, but those thoughts were erased when Tammy stood up and gave me a big hug.

“We’re done,” she said. “I was dreading this project all day. I can’t believe how quickly we finished. This calls for a celebration. I’ll be right back, go on into the family room and turn on the TV.”

I went into the living room and found the remote control and turned the TV to the rock digital music station on her satellite receiver. She returned with a couple of fresh beers, a tray of limes and salt with a bottle of tequila. She opened the bottle, poured two shots into two double sized shot glasses.

“Here is to two friends working so well together tonight,” she said as she put salt on her hand. Then she downed the entire double shot and sucked all the juice out of the lemon. “Your turn,” she gasped out, trying to ease the burn down her throat.

I followed her lead and did my own shot. We both did another double shot of tequila, before we needed a couple of new beers. When Tammy got up to get them, she stumbled slightly since she was now starting to get very drunk. She slowly walked across the living room to the beat of the music coming from her television.

My head was spinning from the booze and the fact she had no idea what she was doing to me. My dick was starting to get aroused at the sight of her dancing across the living room floor. When she returned with the beers, she sat right next to me on the couch and asked a question that took me completely off guard.

“Why do none of the guys at work ever hit on me?” she said. “I really try to flirt with them but usually to no avail.”

I was speechless. I tried to utter something about it is difficult to actually have an office romance, but I do not think it came out as planned.

“In fact,” she continued, “sometimes I want to just grab someone and fuck them right there in the department center.”

My mind still racing I went into “what the hell” mode and pulled her head to me to kiss her. She met me half way and immediately had her tongue in my mouth and her hand on my cock. I realized she was not the naïve girl I thought she was. Neither of us were thinking about just kissing.

I undid her top and exposed her tits, which were slightly larger than I had imagined, but with very nice sized nipples. As I licked each tit, I began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She was beginning to moan with pleasure. I soon moved down to kiss the navel that I had been staring at all night.

I repositioned myself to the floor, on my knees in front of her. She sat up slightly so we could kiss each other and give me a little more room to slide her shorts and panties off. After I got them over her hips, she laid back and threw her legs up so I could easily get them the rest of way off. After they were off, I paused for a second to look at her. She looked like the girl that I had fucked in my dreams, with one exception. Her pussy was groomed to perfection. No hair around the lips and a small strip of very short pubic hair above. This was not the naïve girl I worked with.

I slowly Antalya Travesti kissed my way down her legs. When I got to her pussy, I teased it slightly with a few short kisses and licks all the way around it before I put my mouth completely around her moist pussy. I started to tongue fuck her pussy. She was enjoying every minute. She was beginning to moan loudly and writhe her hips to meet my every tongue movement. Soon her hips started to buck and her legs closed around my head to push my face even further into her. I could not move my head so I just continued to lick her as she tensed up as and orgasm shook her entire body.

Her body went limp as I slowed up and began to kiss her pussy very lightly. I worked my way back up her body with short light, kisses. When I got to her mouth she pulled me into her and kissed me passionately. “My turn,” she whispered into my ear.

With that she got up and sat me down on the couch. She positioned herself in front of me and had my shirt off before I knew it. She was kissing my chest and slowly massaging my raging hard-on through my shorts. She unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off.

“Cool,” she said. “I have never seen a guy wear thong underwear before. That may be the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

I had never noticed a woman admiring me before. To see her just looking at me in my thong, was one of the best foreplay experiences of my life. Not to my disappointment, the moment did not last long as she slid my underwear off to expose my cock. It is probably only average in size (6 inches) but it is very thick (2 ¼” diameter). Tammy said something about the girth of my cock and then began to lick the length of it.

I could tell she liked my shaved balls, because she spent a lot of time with them in her mouth as her hand stroked my cock. Soon she was back at the top of my dick and began to suck on it. Tammy was obviously not a virgin. In fact, she seemed very experienced as she took my entire cock in her mouth. She did not disappoint when she swallowed every drop as I came in her mouth.

“If we move quickly, I can keep it hard,” I said wondering if there were any condoms in my wallet. But before I could find out, Tammy pulled one out from under the tray. She had brought a few to the living room with the tequila knowing she was going to seduce me.

She undid the package and slid the condom on my cock as she got on my lap, impaling herself on my still hard cock. Her pussy was a nice fit for my cock. “Was that quick enough,” she whispered in my ear. Within a few minutes, we were fucking in rhythm as if we had done this every day for a year. As we fucked, I kissed her, her tits, her neck, her ear and her mouth. She was kissing my ear, neck and mouth. When we kissed I could taste my cum on the back of her tongue. Both of our hands were exploring each other’s body as well. She had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced a woman having. Her whole body shook and goose-pimples covered her whole body as she went limp in my arms.

I moved her onto her back on the couch since she was still trying to mentally recover from her orgasm. I entered her missionary style. I moved back and forth in her very slowly to allow her to completely recover. Soon we were back into Bursa Travesti a rhythm. However, now I fucked her faster than we had previously. We fucked for about another ten minutes when she pinned my legs to the couch with hers and pulled my chest closely against hers. Our bodies could not have been any closer as we both reached climax and came simultaneously.

Our bodies lied motionless next to each other as we both tried to catch our breath. I withdrew from her and got up to dispose of the condom. When I returned to the living room, Tammy had poured us another round of tequila. This time I had the toast.

“To finding out that the best fuck sometimes just sits in the desk next to yours.”

We both downed the shots. Before I could really recover from the shot, she had poured two more.

“This time,” she said, “the salt and lime must be on the body of the other.”

I went first and had her lie on her back. I pretended to by trying to figure out where to put the salt and lime. However, all I was doing was looking at her naked body.

“Come on,” she interrupted my stares. “You know from now on you can look at me and fuck me anytime you want.”

I licked the area between her tits and put some salt there. Then, I squeezed the lime juice into her belly button. When I did this, she giggled and her stomach flinched. I licked the salt slowly from between her tits, did the shot and sucked the juice out of her navel. When I was sucking the juice from her navel I slipped my hand between her legs to find that her pussy was still very hot and wet.

She then took her salt and had me get on my hands and knees. She licked the back of my neck and put her salt there and then surprised me when she wedged the lime between my ass cheeks. She licked the salt, did her shot and then sucked the lime that had been pressed against my asshole. It felt wonderfully erotic and I could feel my cock starting to come back to life.

She moved to her knees and lifted me off my hands and began to kiss up my spine while she stroked my growing cock. It was unbelievable. I had never had a felt a woman’s body on my back. I could feel her pubic hair against my ass since she was grinding her groin into me. To think this was the naïve girl that I thought I would be masturbating to when I got home. Naïve my ass, this girl was a sex goddess.

When I got completely hard, I turned to face her, but she was a step quicker. She was lying on her stomach with her pussy pointed in the air. I slid a condom on and straddled her legs and entered her from behind. When I entered her, she closed her legs to make her pussy unbelievably tight. The lubrication on the condom allowed me to move back and forth in her.

As I was fucking her, I lowered myself onto her back and began to kiss her neck. Her hands reached back to my hips and urged me to fuck her faster. I began to fuck her as fast as I could move my hips. Her hips were moving to meet my every thrust. I turned her head to the side I was kissing and ,because of the position we were in, we began to kiss with such passion it was as if we were tongue fucking each other’s mouth at the same pace of our genitals. Like before, we came simultaneously.

Out of breath, I removed the condom and placed it on the serving tray. She was barely able to crawl to the couch. I helped her onto the couch and lied down next to her as we both faded off into a drunken, naked, sexually euphoric sleep. As I faded off to sleep, my last thought was where I could fuck her at work on Monday.

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