The Rescuer Pt. 03

Big Tits

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is a work of fiction. I made it all up. This story more so than most of my writing is proof that I write fiction. That means that no, I am not in the Army, I don’t live in Canada, I have never been on a dog sled, and this story will most likely never happen. It is a heck of a story, so check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is.

Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 11 — Challenge Accepted

A week later and I am going back to my home base. I am surprised to see my family packed and going with me. Barry invited them. Well, isn’t that interesting. This should be a special few days. Because we will be on base and with family, I bring both my rifles. I have been working with Kim on sharpshooting and would love to get some time on the sniper range with her and see how she does. I know she has improved, but in the wild, it’s hard to measure.

Barry, Rosco, Mary, and two men I don’t know meet us as we exit the helicopter. Barry introduces me to a Captain Matthew Stewart and a Major Drew Rose of the Royal Canadian sniper school. I know why they are here now.

Matthew notices I have two rifle bags.

Matthew asks, “Son; I’ve heard an awful lot about these two rifles. The stories I have heard, no way they can fit in those bags.”

Roscoe slaps his buddy on the back, “Matt, don’t believe half the stories you hear. However, that boy can beat you with a BB gun.”

I pull out my military rifle. It’s an excellent weapon. Highly customized and about as accurate a gun as there is. Their eyes light up. I can see them going through the parts list and adding it up. They handle the weapon like it is a fragile ancient Ming vase. Then I pull out my baby. Now their eyes really light up.

I explain, “Kim had some old friends in Alaska do the stock, the rest is all Kim.”

Drew adds, “That looks like Greg and Matt’s work.” I nod my head yes. “They are awesome. I have never seen a heart pattern on a gun before.”

Matt says, “Hearts?”

I fill in, “It’s an optical illusion, look close and then from a few feet away.”

Barry, Roscoe, Matt, and Drew all say, “Cool!”

Drew adds, “Kim, I’ve seen many nice weapons, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s museum quality work.”

I ask, “I gather I know why Matt and Drew are here, Roscoe, Mary, what about you two?”

Roscoe chuckles, “I was telling my old buddy about an American sniper that whooped me in a competition. They had to see this. No way I could keep Mary away. They shouted out to Barry and well, and here we are.”

I smile at him, “I always tell people, anywhere, anytime, any amount. But first, Barry and I need to discuss some stuff.”

Barry cuts me off, “There’s time for work and play, now isn’t the time for work. We’ll get to it. These two bums are supposed to be doing survival training, and I hear they got … lost. Let’s play first so that I can get them back to camping in the snow. Tonight the rest of you will be my guests for dinner. Tomorrow we will talk shop. Your dogs are welcome as well, of course.”

I reply, “I wasn’t even going to ask, they go where I go. We left Kim’s at home. Rocky will look after Mary.” Speaking to the other guys, “Be careful around Kim, the dogs are very protective. She can also shoot a bit herself.”

Our bags go one way, we go another, to the shooting range. Drew and Matt have the latest in sniper weapons using the standard .308 cartridge. Very nice stuff with some customization. They are the classic snipers. With their experience, they will be excellent shots. I, however, use a .50 caliber cartridge giving me better accuracy at longer ranges.

I have Kim go first using my military rifle. Targets are at 600, 700, and 800 yards. The 1000 yard target is out of range for their weapons. Kim hits three bull’s eyes at 600, two and 700, and none at 800 but all three are touching the smallest circle. Damn good shooting.

Roscoe comments, “Damn, I can’t even do that good anymore.” He put his rifle down without a shot.

Drew shoots three exact centers at 600 and 700-yard distances. At 800 yards there is a small triangle of shots.

Matthew does better, three center holes at 600, and 700 yards. The three at 800 are close enough that the holes touch.

My three shots at 800 yards leave a single hole. I do four shots at 1000 yards. One direct center, two slightly off center, high, and evenly spaces out. The last is just a hair low.

Drew and Matt look on with awe while Mary is laughing. Everyone looks at her.

Mary happily explains, “Look at the grouping?” Four blank looks. I smile. “Argh.”

She takes out a pen, then on the back, she draws a Mickey Mouse face with the two ears on top.

She slams it down in triumph, “He purposely shot a “Mickey Mouse!”

They all bust up laughing.

Roscoe asks, “Son if you can shoot like that, why aren’t you a sniper still?”

With gaziantep escort bayan ilanları no expression on my face, “Guys with perfect scores kill people. Guys with good scores get to try rescue programs working with dogs. I’ll kill if needed, but I prefer saving people. It’s a hell of a lot more satisfying.”

Everyone agrees with me.

I boast a little, “You guys probably learned to shoot in the army. I grew up with a gun in my hand shooting in the forest. I shot moving targets that run or fly. When the military told me, ‘hit the little black nonmoving circle,’ I had to ask, ‘Where?’ They thought I was a smart ass. They suggested I hit the four crosshairs around the first circle at 700 yards. I hit all four, dead center.

“During the war, I excelled because I grew up shooting moving targets, I didn’t have to wait for the target to stop in my field of vision. I developed the rescue position because I wanted my dog with me so I wouldn’t be lonely. Little did I realize how useful a dog is out in the field. I had to ‘forget’ some accuracy at critical tests” with a big knowing smile on my face.

Barry spoke up, “Drew and Matt, a chopper is waiting for you. I want to thank both you for volunteering a month of your time to help my troops shoot better.”

Drew complains, “It was a rigged bet, no fair. Hey, he is better than us; use the kid.”

Barry laughs, “We have more important work for him. He is our anti-sub and anti-surface ship division. Three total kills. Most naval ships can’t boast that productivity.”

Matt laughs at his friend, “You’re lucky that’s all he asked for. He tells you a recruit wants to challenge us, you had to know he had something up his sleeve. I knew exactly who he was when I saw those rifles. I’ve heard how good Brian is, and it was worth it for the demonstration. A few more months of practice and his sister will be beating us. It’s time for us to retire. We are getting old my friend.”

We all shake hands, and they take off.

Barry says to me, “I wanted your family here to see that, it was damn cool. They have no clue what you do and how important you are to us. They have no idea how good you are. I’m sure you never talk about missions.”

Kim cuts in with a bit of venom in her voice, “You have no idea.”

Barry continues, “All of our talks and discussions will include your family. Depending on how tonight goes, it may include my friend Roscoe and Mary as well. Time will tell.”

Everyone has a curious look on their faces.

A small Jeep pulls up, and Barry says, “Roscoe and Mary, this will take you to the base motel. The Jeep will wait for you to shower and dress. He’ll bring you to my residence when you’re ready. We are going to have some talks and then do the same, so don’t rush.”

The Jeep takes them away. Barry leads us to his office. It’s a lovely office with several couches and a bunch of chairs around a few tables. He has a presidential-looking desk and a billion slips of paper on the edges.

Barry starts in a less than confident tone, “Let’s start with I think the world of Brian and Kim. You need to know that. Brian is amazing. As his rifle shows, hundreds of lives have been saved by him directly or indirectly. Kim, you made a huge difference by getting involved at the hospital when you didn’t have to. It kept me from writing many sad letters.

“Together, you two have given the most important gift a person can get, the rest of their life. Without you two, countless lives wouldn’t be here today. I think this will help you understand what I am going to propose. I saw you two twice in a hospital bed sleeping together.”

Suddenly, I am nervous. The fun of this visit has vanished. My family is silent. Are any of us breathing?

Barry continues, “My friend Roscoe and his daughter came to me to see if I could help them. They suspect a brother and sister of sleeping together, and you probably know to whom I am referring.”

Mom tears up, Kim hides her face, I see my career flash before my eyes. Ten years behind bars.

Barry gets up and pulls mom to him. He kisses her on the lips like two old lovers. It turns out, they were.

Barry says softly, “I still love you, which is why I want to help. I can’t put Brian in jail; this damn kid saves too many lives. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

Barry’s demeanor changes, he looks sorrowful now, “Let me tell you all a story I bet most of you don’t know. I knew your mother before your dad.” All of us perk up but mom. “She was the school slut, and I set her straight. I loved her but not as much as the military, I left her for war.

“Several years go by, and I run into a wife of a buddy that died in the war. She is homeless. I take her in, and we get married. We have a child. A drunk driver from my base kills them both. My daughter survived a month longer than my wife; however, in the end, it was the same. I wasn’t in love with the woman, but she needed insurance, a place to live, she was cute, so we got married. escort bayan gaziantep ilanları Losing my daughter was devastating to me.”

Barry gets happier now, remembering an old memory, “Your mother and I had a wild one-night stand about the time my wife got pregnant. Because she was married at the time to your dad, I wore a condom.

There is 0% chance Brian is my son. Look at Brian and his dad, the similarity is undeniable, no worries there. She was my date for an officer’s ball. Lots of people saw her that night with me, and we can produce pictures. My ploy has public collaboration.”

Now Barry looks bashful; he did something wrong, “When I saw Brian and Kim in the hospital bed sleeping, Kim was cuddling up to Brian like a lover, not a sister. That was when I knew. I hatched a plan I hoped I would never need to enact. I had a nurse collect a hair sample from Kim the day she worked for us and fell asleep on Brian’s bed. I told the nurse she might be my daughter and I wanted it sent out for DNA testing. When I put my hand in the bag to put Kim’s hair sample in, I switched it with my daughter’s hair sample I had kept with me in a locket.”

He has a huge smile on his face now, “Guess what? Kim is my daughter … according to the DNA test results.” Instantly we are all smiles. “Since Kim is publicly my daughter, I give you permission to date and marry her.”

Mom, dad and Kim are breathing and all smiles now.

Well, they were until Barry says, “However.” All smiles are gone again. “Since I have you over a barrel now, there are a few things I want.

, if you two get married, I would like the one memory I always wanted with my daughter, to walk her down the aisle.

, I want a week hunting trip every year with Brian as the guide.
, I want a dog trained by Brian, a smart one. , Brian stays in the military long enough to retire.”

Looking more like a commander now, “Brian, I want you to add three men and all the dogs you need to your group. When they finish training, you are through running missions, and you will be the commander. I would like you to spend time on the range helping to teach shooting. You’ll have a budget for dogs, their care, your troops, and their training facilities. Do we have a deal?”

Everyone is looking at me to make this crucial decision. The demands are relatively minor. I am fine with expanding the team, and teaching shooting is OK. Giving up the missions though, that will be hard. They don’t have my experience.

Barry looks at me solemnly, “Son, you’ve saved dozens of lives … just recently. But you’ve had two close calls, and I can’t lose you. I don’t want to lose you. Too many people care about you, and it would crush morale for years if we lost you. I can’t allow that to happen. You won’t get any greenhorns, only experienced men. They will do fine.”

I smile, “I agree.”

Kim jumps into my arms but speaks to Barry with a tear in her eye, “Thank you … daddy.” They both smile at me.

Dad adds, “I guess we all do.”

Mom says nothing, and I think she is in shock still.

Barry is all grins himself, “An offer he couldn’t refuse. There is a Jeep outside. Go shower and dress up. I’ll do the same in a few minutes. I’m going to start some paperwork. You guys each have a woman; I will be ready well before you.”

We leave, shower, dress up, and an hour later we are at Barry’s home. It’s small but well kept, he must have a maid. The furniture looks old and worn but excellent quality, its sturdy stuff. Roscoe and Mary are already there, and they have all had a few drinks already.

Barry has home-made potato salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, and a variety of steaks on the grill. Whiskey and wine for drinks. I drink water. Dinner is all Barry. He tells the stories of how I got my start and what I have done for them. Then he surprised us all by asking me a question.

Barry asks me, “Brian, do you know what branch of the military you work for? Do you know why generals salute you?” I shrug my shoulders. “Brian started in the Army. The Air Force needed help finding a pilot, so they asked for Brian. Then the Navy needed help with one of their pilots. Marines are missing a Major, etc.

“The paperwork got so bad over time that they made Brian into a black project. Why? Black projects have almost no paperwork, making it easier to move him around to help others. Every time he steps on a base all kinds of flags go off, and there is no info on him other than ‘Special.’ Even generals can’t tell your rank, so when in doubt, salute. I had to call your old boss to get the low down on you and obvious by tonight’s stories, a few stories as well. He sure likes you more than even I guessed. He’s a great guy. I will bring him with me next year when we go hunting. I’d love to talk to him for a week.”

After dinner, Barry continues to fill everyone in on my history including bringing Roscoe and Mary up to date.

Barry is all smiles now, he asks, “Anyone wondering why Roscoe and gaziantep bayan escort ilanları Mary are here?”

Kim chimes in, “She is my best friend?”

Barry adds, “I need a girlfriend. Roscoe brought out his daughter. I was going to work out a deal with him. She needs a job and a man. The other day she rediscovered awesome sex again. She is good looking, and I figure I can pimp her out to help morale and my bank account.”

Kim is horrified, she reaches for my rifle, I stop her. The house is silent.

I softly say, “Kim, he just might be joking. I think maybe she could work for us and take a guest room so that she can avoid the commute. I think I, I mean we, can make her very … happy.”

Kim thinks for a moment, then stops reaching for the rifle.

Kim shyly says, “Sorry. I have a bit of a temper at times.”

Barry says, “What I meant to say is that Mary enjoyed your stay at her house … a lot. Her father wants to see her cared for and happy. He was hoping that she could get a job with your family. She likes a lot of things that Kim does … like ice cream.”

Dad seems confused. Mom isn’t.

Mom blurts out to dad, “Brian fucked Mary when they stayed over.”

Now the light of understanding came on, and dad smiles now.

Roscoe adds, “I love my daughter. She’s unhappy and slowly dying at home. For a week after your trip, she was happy. Your mom and dad would love the extra help, but it’s a lot to ask a woman to share her husband. I will give you anything I own, just ask.”

Kim makes it look like she is making a list in her mind.

Kim lays out her demands, “You talk about Mary, but your wife’s just as unhappy. We have lots of people come through the lodge, and we interact with many people every week. Your business is more … isolated. You don’t get to meet many people and then when people are coming it’s an abridged season. I noticed you have a beautiful view of the lake at your house. I bet we could set up cabins there for the children and wives of the hunters and fishermen. Together, our shared properties could support horseback riding and possibly some horse-riding adventures.

“My point is there is a host of things we can do TOGETHER. The lodge has been expanded a few times already. We could do another large expansion, and you could live near or with us. We can share the responsibilities and be busy almost all year around. With all of us, we would have time and the help so that we can take vacations!”

Kim continues, “Roscoe, your wife, is as lonely as Mary. I bet if you’re honest with yourself, you are too. We love your daughter, and your family gets along great with Brian and me. I think my parents would like more adult company as well. You help us with our business, and we help you with your business plus there will be new possibilities.”

Kim looks at our parents, “Their property has fishing lakes, we can add things close by. They have some beautiful views for cabins by the lakes. A partnership if you will … with benefits for both families.

“I bet you won’t mind the food services we get either. Ice cream, bakery, fresh eggs, vegetables, and fruits. OR. We will take Mary and one smart puppy.”

Roscoe shakes his head, “I know the answer, but if I don’t ask the wife first, there will be hell to pay. It’s like you said, she has been lonely for a long time. She’ll jump at any chance to be among adults. I would start making plans for the expansion and looking for contractors. I love the idea and being closer to other humans. Expanding the business and being busy all year, that would be awesome. My wife will be happy just to have someone to talk to.”

Barry asks, “Will there be a wedding soon?”

I say sheepishly, “Um. I know it’s possible, but I don’t know if Kim even wants to.”

Kim says, “I would love to. Deep in your heart, you know the answer. You just need to ask.”

I stutter, “K-K-K-Kim, wou-wou-would, y-y-y-you, m-marry, m-m-m-me?”

Kim slowly walks to me and plants a soft, steamy kiss on my lips and then kisses me again saying, “Yesssssssssss.”

Everyone cheers and congratulates us.

Chapter 12 — I Get Married

Two weeks of planning and we are back on the base having a small wedding. We invited just our family and Mary’s family, so that is seven of us and four dogs. Eight with Barry. Close to 200 people show up. It seems like someone had other ideas. Everyone engraved on my rifle (American and Canadian), their significant other, and their children are all invited. Some American brass shows up as well, which is nice. I enjoy talking to them. Barry and the General, George, finally got to meet face to face. They got along great.

Dad is my best man, his speech went like this, “Hello, I’m Brian’s dad. Like many of you, my name is engraved on Brian’s rifle. We have a common binding. A single person brought us all together. Men, women, black, white, tan, red, mixtures in between. My point is, we are all different. But we all came close to losing the most important thing we own, our lives. We were powerless, helpless, and maybe even unconscious.

“We all woke up in a helicopter, Jeep, or hospital. We know the rifle he carries. We know that playful dog that helps him get his job done. He doesn’t know most of us, our spouses, or our children. How many children would not be here if not for him? As a proud father, I’m here happy knowing that so many of you could make it and let him know, Brian made a difference. The other half of you want a dance with Kim.”

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