The Randy Adventures of Long John Thomas the Pirate King


Once up a time there lived a pirate by the name of Long John Thomas. A bloodthirsty fiend who terrorised the kingdom of Albion, he sailed the seven seas on his trusty galleon the Randy Badger. Any man who dared to take to the sea would find themselves on the end of his sword and any woman who dared to take to the sea would find herself on the end of his cock. This is the story of how Long John Thomas humped the oldest daughter of the King of England. Princess Beatrice was not a fan of traveling by sea but today it was completely unavoidable. Her ship had left Portsmouth several hours ago and she had no idea where she currently was, but was a nice day and the sea was calm so she knew couldn’t complain. Not that these things were the biggest concern at sea. No, what they really needed to worry about were pirates! It was common to hear of noblemen and women falling foul of these demons of the sea and there was one pirate who was worse than any other. Beatrice often heard stories at her father’s court of the scourge of the seven seas, the Pirate King: Long John Thomas. He had killed a thousand men and rodgered a million women, or so the legend goes. Women gladly gave themselves to the Pirate King when they discovered what he kept in his britches, a thought which made Beatrice tingle in unexpected places. She longed to meet the Pirate King and sample the wonders of his nether regions, but alas it was never to be. Girls like her never got to meet pirates and have rampant sex and even if she did what were the chances of the Pirate King attacking the king’s own ship and killing his elite guards? Suddenly a large explosion rocked the ship. Beatrice quickly ran to the nearest porthole and looked out, gasping as she saw another Escort Acıbadem ship approaching at high speed. Then she saw the flag. It was the unmistakable flag of the pirates. The ship was under attack from actual pirates! Beatrice’s pussy began to tingle and she knew she had to get on deck and see these brutes for herself. It was apparent that the king’s elite guard were no match for these bloodthirsty pirates and the deck was soon flowing with the blood of the fallen, with no one left to stand against the aggressors. Beatrice looked across at the pirate galleon and saw the crew of scurvy curs with muskets in hand, lined up and aiming at her. “Prepare to be boarded!” roared their captain, “by which I mean prepare for sex!” The women on the ship were taken below deck. Beatrice had brought a whole fleet of fair maidens with her on this voyage and now she felt slightly guilty, though part of her thought that they were perhaps looking forward to what they were about experience. There must have been at least thirty pirates in the boarding party and they all looked hornier than a teenage boy that had found his dad’s secret porn stash. The pirates leered at her and admired her impressive cleavage as she wondered just what these brutish men were going to do to her. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. “Good day to you ladies,” said the most senior looking of the crew (the captain had yet to join them.) “As you will no doubt have realised, you are currently at the mercy of the crew of the Randy Badger and its most fearsome Captain, Long John Thomas. It is our intention to use you ladies for our sexual gratification for the next few hours. We have no desire to harm any of you and Kaynarca escort if you’d rather not be rogered by thirty burly men you’re free to opt out. Although I wouldn’t recommend it. We’re very skilled lovers and it’s not often you get to take on thirty guys at once.” A butch looking woman with more hair on her chin than her head raised her hand. “I object to this incredibly sexist behaviour I’ll have no part of this orgy of filth thank you very much!” “Oh thank god,” replied the pirate, “you’re free to go, why not go and enjoy a cup of tea with Seaman Staines the gay pirate- he’s not much of a fan of these things either.” The maiden quickly departed and went to find a milky brew. “Now prepare these fine ladies for a good plundering!” roared the pirate. The pirates surrounded the princess and her maids and began to rip away their clothing. Some very fine and expensive dresses were completely ruined and could never hope to be worn again. Beatrice couldn’t help admiring the bodies of her fellow prisoners. She’d often imagined what Jasmine and Cordelia looked like naked and now she knew. She often thought she might be a little bit lesbian, but had never really had chance to explore this. Perhaps she’d get lucky and the pirates would force her to get kinky with them. She thought she might rather like that. She felt her own dress being ripped to shreds by the randy sea dogs and her large breasts bounce free of their confinements. There were hoots of pleasure and delight at the gaggle of naked beauties, and once they were all naked the pirates forced the busty wenches to their knees. The pirates lined up before them and all at once dropped their britches, releasing thirty erect wangs Aydınlı escort bayan for the young maidens to pleasure. Beatrice didn’t have much time to worry about how the other girls were reacting to a ship full of rock hard man meat as the lead pirate had clearly taken a shine to her and quickly shoved his stiff member into her open mouth. Beatrice was a virgin and never even seen a penis before. Her father had always frowned on her spending any time with boys, which had left her naive and inexperienced; she was shy and innocent and had no real knowledge of sex. She would have to learn fast though as it was down to her and her fellow prisoners to please this horny bunch. The penis felt strange in her mouth. It was fairly large, larger than the Bratwurst she’d had for dinner the previous Tuesday; it didn’t taste as nice as the Bratwurst though. There was a strange salty taste and she wasn’t sure how good this chap’s personal hygiene was, but it didn’t seem right to bring that up now. She wasn’t really sure what to do but she didn’t have time to worry about that either. Her natural reflex was to suck on the long piece of man meat between her teeth and her head bobbed up and down and she took as much of that cock has her tiny mouth would allow her. She gagged a few times but she soon learned her own limitations and with practice she was able to take the whole cock into her mouth. Her face was pressing into his pubic hair and it tickled. It all felt natural to her, as if she was born to suck cock and she was rather enjoying it. She loved the way she could make the burly pirate moan and groan in pure ecstasy just by sucking on a part of his body. Beatrice had been sucking on his dong for several minutes when she noticed a change in his behaviour. He was bucking wildly in her mouth and he was breathing much faster. “Just what is happening to him?” wondered the sweet and innocent princess. She would soon find out as the penis in her mouth spluttered into life and unleashed a strange liquid into her unexpecting mouth.

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