The Psychologist’s Assistant Ch. 03


Haleema felt ashamed of what had come over her during her punishment but fortunately for her Mr. Sloan did not resume the punishment. Mr. Sloan was slowly breaking her down and he wanted to increase the tension.

Haleema was always a hormonal mess during her period week and she decided to take the rest of the week off work. Mr. Sloan kindly allowed her the break. In some ways she felt he could understand and she felt she was learning a lot under him.

The following week Mr. Sloan informed her that he would be taking client sessions from home and asked her to join him so she could receive some firsthand experience. She felt she was developing under his wing and it helped her grow in confidence.

She walked into Mr. Sloan’s home and she was immediately impressed by the layout. It had a lot of light and seemed spacious with a large garden. There were so many more rooms than she expected. She was taken by surprise by the erotic nature of the decor. There was a lot of red splashed around the place and a nude sculpture of a woman was centre stage in the foyer. The walls were covered with nude art. It wasn’t obscene but appeared very tasteful and subtle.

Haleema was dressed in her abaya. She had no change of clothes at his home and she was worried that she would be in trouble once more. Mr. Sloan told her he would excuse it for the day but tomorrow he would have more professional attire for her. Haleema deep down wondered if this was worthy of punishment and a part of her even hoped it would be.

Mr. Sloan’s office was next to the entrance of the house and this made it easier for patients to see Mr. Sloan and leave without walking through the house. Mr. Sloan explained to Haleema that this was where they would be mainly based but he was happy for her to walk through the house and feel at home.

Mr. Sloan would introduce her to most of his patients as his assistant and he asked each patient for permission for Haleema to join the session. There was a general reluctance among the patients and the patients had refused the request so far. Haleema felt frustrated at not being able to gain the experience she had hoped for. Haleema was simply showing the patients to the office and waiting like a receptionist. She felt she was being wasted as the day promised a lot more. At least in the office she was kept busy with files and her mind was occupied. As she was sat in the foyer her mind was being distracted by the erotic art.

She wanted to freshen up and decided to explore the house as she looked for the little girl’s room. She went from room to room and they were all immaculately designed, when she stumbled across what appeared to be a studio. There was a tripod and lights, typical of things you would find in a studio. Haleema gasped as she saw the pictures which were displayed on the back wall of the studio. The images were striking erotic nudes of women but unlike the art around the house, these were a lot more graphic. Some of the pictures certainly intrigued Haleema, there were some simple breast shots, women in different stages of undress but the ones that kept catching Haleema’s attention involved women in various restraints.

Haleema had to admit they were beautifully shot and whoever shot them certainly had talent. The faces were always obscured in one way or another. The pictures had artistic merit and Haleema could not take her eyes off them.

Haleema was drawn towards the pictures and found herself looking closer at them. She found one that really intrigued her. A woman was tied to what appeared to be a table of sorts. It was almost like a gynecologist table with the woman’s legs in stirrups but this had a different look. It was not the sterile look of a gynecologist table but felt sexy. Haleema looked around but did not see anything like it in the room and wondered where it was shot. She picked it up off the wall to have a closer look. She was finding that tension between her legs was getting stronger as she looked at the picture. The restraints on the hands and feet, her legs spread which gave an inviting angle between her legs to the viewer. Haleema was becoming very aroused by this picture and she wondered who was the artist? Was it Mr. Sloan? Would Mr. Sloan tie her up like this? She wondered.

She felt a need to touch herself and began to clutch her breast as she looked at the picture. She had lost track of time and she was brought back to reality by someone clearing their throat behind her.

Haleema turned around sharply, her hand still clutching her breast when she saw Mr. Sloan.

“My last patient is here and he has agreed to let you sit in or are you too busy?” Mr. Sloan asked while glancing at her hand on her breast.

Haleema quickly removed it in embarrassment and returned the picture to the wall.

“I am sorry, sir. I was looking for the wash room.” Haleema asked shyly, still in an aroused mood.

“It is the next door on the right. You must be quick. I do not like keeping patients waiting. We will talk about this later.” Mr. Sloan said in a stern tone before leaving. Keçiören Escort Haleema had a strange feeling of excitement at the idea of being punished for this. A part of her almost wanted to experience the euphoria that came with the punishment. Mr. Sloan held the door open for Haleema and due to his large size he was blocking most of the doorway. Haleema had to squeeze past him and due to the narrow space she was brushing up right against him. As they were face to face, Haleema could feel his bulge between her legs. Without thinking, Haleema pressed forward against him to feel his hard cock. Mr. Sloan responded by brushing his hand across her breast and groping the heavy tits. This brought a sigh from Haleema’s lips and she pressed hard against the bulge. She did not know what came over her and quickly rushed out of the studio.

Haleema was breathing heavily as she looked at herself in the mirror. She tried to shake her sinful thoughts away but there was a lusty cloud over her head. She threw some water in her face to freshen up in the bathroom and returned to the office. Mr. Sloan had a large gentleman with him.

“Here she is, Mr. Jeffers, this is my assistant Haleema. As explained she will be sitting in on today’s session to gain some experience. Just act as though she is not here. Now, last week we were delving into your relationship with your Mother and how they contributed to the events on the day. Please continue on the events of the day?” Mr. Sloan asked calmly. Haleema took notes of what was being said and paid particular attention to how Mr. Sloan behaved.

Mr. Jeffers was a large man and could be intimidating in other circumstances.

“As I was saying, I had just visited my mother to drop off her medication. It was always a tense relationship and I was already in a dour mood. I get a call from my kid’s school saying he has been in a fight or some other so I turn up at the school. It was a shit day already.” He explained but he obviously had a lot more to say.

“So, what happened at the school?” Mr. Sloan asked calmly. His composed tone was smooth and Haleema was enjoying watching him.

“The snooty bitch calls me into the office.” Mr. Jeffers stated.

“Mrs. Crane, the Principal. Being respectful is part of the process.” Mr. Sloan said asserting his authority. Haleema had to admit she was a little worried for his safety. There was something intimidating about Mr. Jeffers but Mr. Sloan had a real air of authority about him and she felt goose bumps watching him in action.

“Mrs. Crane tells me my son was in a fight and they have to suspend him. So I used some expletives. The kid deserved it.” He said.

“You mean you called her a “nasty uptight cunt that needed a good fucking?” Is that correct??” Asked Mr. Sloan despite knowing he was.

“Yes you are.” Mr. Jeffers replied.

“Please explain what happened next?” Asked Mr. Sloan.

“You know what happened. It is in the fucking notes.” Mr. Jeffers stood up in a fit of rage.

Mr. Sloan did not react and simply wrote something down on his note pad.

“What the fuck are you writing?” Mr. Jeffers shouted angrily. Haleema became scared but there seemed to be no reaction from Mr. Sloan.

Mr. Sloan then looked up from his notepad in the calmest manner.

“I think it is best that you sit down or this will go in the report.” Was all Mr. Sloan said in response. Haleema looked over at Mr. Jeffers and he did not move for a moment. Haleema feared the worst and glanced at the door as she assessed her escape route.

All of a sudden the red mist lifted and Mr. Jeffers sat back down.

Haleema took a deep breath at this sudden de-escalation. She looked over at Mr. Sloan and he seemed unmoved. She felt a tinge between her legs at the way Mr. Sloan was handling himself.

“Now, please tell me what happened with Mrs. Crane?” Mr. Sloan asked calmly.

“So, like I said, I said what you said, she called me ‘a boneheaded idiot just like your son’ and well I lost it.” Mr. Jeffers replied. It was obvious to Haleema he was avoiding what actually happened.

“What do you mean by lost it?” Mr. Sloan prodded calmly.

“You know what I mean,” Mr. Jeffers replied.

“You must confront what happened. So, please continue.” Mr. Sloan calmly asked once more.

“I snapped. My mother always called me a boneheaded idiot. I was always told I would never amount to anything and something just came over me. I smacked her across the mouth.” Mr. Jeffers said.

“Did Mrs. Crane remind you of your mother?” Mr. Sloan asked.

“No. Why would you say that?” Mr. Jeffers asked rather confused.

“Your mother was an authority figure in your life that belittled you. Mrs. Crane is also an authority figure in your and your son’s life that also insulted you and your son. But we should move on. Tell me about what happened next?” There was a moment of silence as Mr. Jeffers seemed to be having an epiphany.

“Oh, I never thought of that.” Mr. Jeffers replied a little Etimesgut Escort dumbfounded. Mr. Sloan looked over his notepad and simply nodded at the man. This was all the prompting Mr. Jeffers needed to continue.

Haleema was in awe at the way Mr. Sloan was conducting the session and she began to look over at him a little lost in thought as she squeezed her legs together.

“Ok, I smacked her and her face hits the table. I go around checking up on her and she spits in my face. I saw fucking red, like I have never seen before. I flipped her around so she was bent over the table. She was struggling and tried to fight me off. I have to give it to the old slag. She had some fight in her. A few more smacks and she was compliant. I used the telephone wire to tie her hands together. I lifted her skirt over her ass and tore her old granny pants off before I rammed home into her tight cunt. I was surprised to find no cobwebs there. The old bag had probably not been fucked in sometime.” Mr. Jeffers said with a snarl.

Haleema was horrified and had to leave the room. She went to the bathroom as she was hyperventilating. She sat down on the toilet as she tried to gather her breath. Haleema could not believe the story she had heard and it scared her.

She managed to gather her composure and decided to pee. As she pulled down her panties and leggings she was surprised to find how moist she was between her legs. She had soaked her panties and even her leggings were wet.

Haleema began to touch the wet folds as she felt a heat through her body. She leaned back as she let out moan.

“Oh Allahhhhh,” Haleema moaned but as she leaned back she hit the flush and this brought her back to reality.

Haleema freshened up and made her way out of the toilet. She was walking past the studio door but something made her stop. She just felt drawn towards it and had an inane curiosity over the pictures she had discovered.

She quietly opened the door and looked around to make sure Mr. Sloan was not there. She walked in and began casting a closer eye on the pictures. She was drawn in by the erotic nature of the pictures.

She then noticed a picture with a beautiful young woman dressed in a beautiful crotchless red thong and the smallest bra Haleema had ever seen. It barely covered the young woman’s nipples. Sat on the lap of a man that was completely out of shape but that did not bother Haleema as her eyes were drawn to his cock. Haleema could only imagine how big it was. She could not believe it would go inside someone, it was so big. Her eyes bulged at the monstrous cock she saw.

Little did Haleema know that she was staring at Mr. Sloan’s large fat white cock. It stood at an impressive 11 inches.

Haleema began caressing her breast over her abaya as she looked at the picture in more detail. Her eyes were drawn to the fat veiny cock as she took a deep sigh.

Haleema had not noticed Mr. Sloan enter the room. Mr. Sloan watched as the innocent hijabi became uncontrollably aroused. Mr. Sloan stood back for a few minutes and watched as Haleema writhed and touched her body at the picture.

Mr. Sloan walked up behind her quietly and Haleema was a little startled at his sudden presence.

“Sir, I am sorry.” Haleema apologized as she peeled her hand off her breast.

“You really like these pictures. Don’t you?” Mr. Sloan asked.

“No, sir.” Haleema denied her curiosity.

“I always seem to find you in here. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a hobby of mine that I enjoy in my spare time.” Mr. Sloan said.

“Sir, you are the artist?” Haleema asked surprised. She was suspicious but the pictures looked so good for a hobby..

“Yes, don’t look so surprised. You can be honest with me. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Which one do you like? ” Mr. Sloan asked.

Haleema pointed to the picture or the man with the large cock and the young model.

“Oh. Interesting choice. The model for this picture is in this very room right now.” Haleema looked around expecting to see someone else in the room but there was no one else in the room.

Her eyes came back to Mr. Sloan and lowered down to his crotch. She could not believe that fat monster could be contained by trousers.

She was lost in thought as she muttered, “’s you.”

Mr. Sloan gave her a dirty smile.

He removed the picture from her hand and put it back on the wall.

“Haleema, you should think of modeling for me. I mean, you can keep your clothes on, of course. As you enjoy the pictures so much, I want you to have one of your own. As you can see, your face will never be in any of the pictures.” Haleema’s eyes were still on Mr. Sloan’s crotch and in that moment she was not capable of thinking clearly.

Mr. Sloan ushered her along and adjusted the lighting and backdrop.

Haleema took position in front of the lights with a nervous tension in her body.

Mr. Sloan removed his tie and unbuttoned the top few buttons Demetevler Escort on his shirt. Haleema did not know why but the sight of his hairy chest brought a sigh from her lips.

She wondered if he trimmed his pubic hair. In the picture he had a lot of pubic hair surrounding his fat cock and she licked her lips as Mr. Sloan began snapping away.

“You look really good. Possibly the most photogenic model I have ever worked with.” Haleema smiled at the compliments.

“I love your smile,” Mr. Sloan winked at her and Haleema became a little shy now turning away.

“Just strut for me like you are on a catwalk,” she heard Mr. Sloan say.

Haleema began to walk along the stage and even stuck her ass out a little as she walked. She found the idea of modeling intoxicating and he was losing herself in the atmosphere.

“That is good. That is good. Now I want you to crawl towards me,” she heard Mr. Sloan say.

Mr. Sloan got down on his knees for the angle and Haleema now felt a little hesitant.

“It is just for the angles. You will look good. I promise these pictures will stay between us.” Mr. Sloan explained.

Haleema reluctantly agreed. Mr. Sloan kicked off his shoes as he got more comfortable.

Haleema began crawling towards Mr. Sloan. She was beginning to feel sexy as she found Mr. Sloan’s eyes on her.

“It is getting quite hot in here,” Mr. Sloan commented. Haleema was sure he was going to ask her to remove some clothing but to her surprise and disappointment he did not.

Mr. Sloan undid his belt and opened the top button on his trousers. Haleema’s eyes were immediately drawn to it. She bit her lip as she imagined if the picture was real or some editing.

“Do you know what would be really hot?” Mr. Sloan asked.

“I don’t know, Sir.” Haleema replied naively. Mr. Sloan loved that she always called him sir. It made him so damn hard.

“If you took off your shoes. It would look much more natural with your bare feet.” Mr. Sloan sensed her aroused state and thought he would push her.

Haleema looked down and did not think for long before sliding them off. She never wore shoes or slippers at home and loved letting her feet breathe. Mr. Sloan came up to her and picked up the shoes and moved them out of the way.

Mr. Sloan was standing much closer now and taking close up pictures of Haleema’s feet. Haleema was sat down with her knees tucked into her chest and her feet on display for Mr. Sloan.

Mr. Sloan was so close that she could smell his masculine scent and her eyes were always drawn to that bulge in his trousers.

“Haleema, lift your leggings just a couple of inches above your ankles. You have the most perfect feet.” Haleema blushed at the way he described her feet. She was feeling very compliant as an arousal began to rush through her.

She rolled her leggings up above her ankles as Mr. Sloan continued to take pictures.

Mr. Sloan began opening the last few buttons on his shirt loosening his trousers even more. Haleema looked over at his actions.

“As you can see from the pictures, I am not used to taking pictures with my clothes on.” Mr. Sloan joked.

“Do you want to stop, Sir?” Haleema asked.

“If you don’t mind me taking off my trousers and shirt, we can continue.” Mr. Sloan offered.

“I think that is a good idea.” Haleema said taking herself by surprise. Mr. Sloan stood up and calmly removed his clothing. He folded them and placed them on a stool to the side.

Haleema should have been repulsed by the sight of the fat and grotesque old man but her eyes were drawn to the fat cock he was hiding in those boxers. She subconsciously licked her lips at the sight.

Mr. Sloan returned to take pictures and Haleema was beginning to develop a glazed look.

“I think the pictures would be more natural and sensual if you removed the leggings under your dress,” Mr. Sloan suggested. He felt that this was the right time to progress matters with Haleema and test her boundaries.

Haleema nodded her agreement as she felt it would not reveal much as her abaya went down to her ankles. She liked the idea of the pictures having a natural feel and she felt it would make them more sensual like the pictures she saw on the wall.

“Please turn around, Sir,” Haleema was feeling shy to do it before Mr. Sloan even though she had been naked before him in the past.

Larry knew this was necessary as he was sure he would be seeing her naked soon enough and even pummeling her virgin cunt.

Larry turned around and Haleema slid down her leggings before removing them.

“Mr. Sloan, you can turn around,” Haleema said.

Larry turned around and picked up the leggings. He noticed they were a little damp from the crotch area giving away her highly aroused state. Larry then began snapping away.

“It looks so much more natural now. Just lift the dress a little higher above the ankles.” Haleema complied with his directions.

Larry continued to encourage her.

“Your legs are so beautiful. Just a little higher above the knee.” Larry suggested and Haleema complied once more.

“Good girl,” Larry said as he enjoyed the skin being revealed.

Haleema held the dress at the top of her thighs, just below her panties. Larry began to sneak some up skirt pictures and he noticed her panties were soaking wet. He could only imagine how dripping wet her cunt was.

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