The Preacher’s Daughter


First of all thank you Todger65 and ZanderKnight to help me with editing! This is the first of a serie of 3, so make sure to give me your feedback, may it be good or upbuilding. (I do appriciate the possibility to response ;))


“Oh God you’re driving me crazy!”

Raquel smiled as she felt how hard Peter’s boner was pressing against her ass. She had been dating him for over 5 years now, and as good Pentecostal Christians, they had vowed to wait till marriage to have sex.

Luckily for the 19 year old hottie, this didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun. They had developed a very healthy relationship and clear boundaries when it came to sex. His “you’re driving me crazy” was the signal that he needed relief and was about to take out his cock.

Usually she would get out of bed and watch him take care of his 8-inch cock, but sometimes she let things go a little further. Today was one of those days.

As she felt his hand leave her hip to open his fly, she carefully peeled off her shorts, making sure her ass was still covered by her oversized shirt. She moaned a little as the tip of Peter’s hard and throbbing cock touched her bare leg.

“Thank you babe.” He whispered in her ear as he kissed her neck. Then, slowly, she felt him grabbing her tight tummy and thrust his cock between his muscular body and her nice round ass.

She laughed as he stopped and lifted up her shirt a little, revealing only a tiny blue string covering her. The look of surprise on his face, mixed with pure lust, was priceless.

“Happy graduation babe.” She said to him, smiling as she slowly pulled her shirt over her head, showing off her smooth, trimmed body and her perfect c-cup tits. Rolling him onto his back, she straddled him and French-kissed him while her fingers rubbed over the head of his cock.

After a moment she pushed herself up against his chest and started to grind her hips, dry-fucking him with nothing else between his cock and her slippery pussy but a tiny piece of lace. Peter’s hand quickly reached for her breast as his cock pushed back against her with a passionate rhythm.

“Oh Raquel, this feels so good.”

Smiling, she slid next to him and turned around in a spooning position, knowing how he loved to rub his manhood against her ass. Peter surprised her by turning her onto her belly, quickly placing a pillow under her hips.

Climbing on top of her she felt completely at his mercy as he started to vigorously rub his cock along her ass crack, making fucking motions. She heard him panting heavily and, knowing that he wouldn’t last long like this, started to push back with her ass.

“Oh Peter, I can’t wait until you can push that cock of yours into me like that.”

She moaned as she felt Peter push his cock between her legs, the tip rubbing against her pussy lips and hitting her clit with every downward thrust.

The skimpy g-string did nothing to hold back the wetness between her legs and pretty soon Peter’s cock was well lubricated.

“Oh babe, if we don’t stop I’m going to cum.”

What she heard was, stop if you don’t want to get cum all over you, but again she decided to ignore his cue. She wanted him, needed him to blow his load with her.

“It’s okay Honey, I want you to cum. Just too bad I can’t see you when we’re like this.”

Peter smirked and stopped to flip her onto her back. Throwing her legs against his chest he pushed his cock between her thighs and their eyes locked.

“I love you so much, Raquel.” He said, his gaze wandering between her angelic face and her divine boobs that jiggled with his every thrust. Noticing his gaze, she smiled again.

“You know, if you want… you can play with them…”

Peter smiled brightly, knowing that meant she would finally finish him off herself.

Hastily, he moved up next to her and started kissing her as he fondled her breasts. As her expected touch didn’t arrive he broke off the kiss and looked at his girl puzzled. She just smiled at him, wrapped her hand around his cock and pulled it up. For a moment he didn’t understand what she was doing, but when it hit him. He grinned.

Straddling her chest, he took a breast in each hand and planted his cock in the valley between them. As he started to thrust, titty-fucking her like a maniac, she wondered if he would be able to cum like this, but as she saw the look on his face she knew that he would, and soon too. Cupping her breasts, she moaned to him how much she wanted to feel his strong hands between her legs, and sure enough he released her left boob to massage her hungry pussy.

As she felt her own orgasm building, she looked up at Peter and bit her lips so he would know. Slowing down a little with his humping, he concentrated on her clit until he could hear Raquel’s breath get faster, faster, faster – then in one powerful move he pushed his finger inside her and curled it up. Her legs began to thrash around as a wave of pleasure rippled over her body. Moaning, she could feel Peter now thrusting between gaziantep bayan eskort her breasts like an animal.

“That’s it baby, cum for me.” She moaned seductively, as she finally recovered enough from her climax to speak.

Looking down at the cock flashing in and out between her breasts, she saw the moment of his release as a huge string of cum darted straight at her.

Gasping in shock, the load hit her square on the chin, splashing up until her mouth and nose was completely covered. She felt his second and then a third load splashing on her tits and belly before, utterly spent, Peter fell down beside her on the bed.

Trying to hold her breath Raquel couldn’t hold back a fit of laughter at the situation, and ended up with a thick stream of cum in her mouth. As Peter towelled the worst of his eruption from her body she tried to catch her breath, thinking how much fun they would have once they were married.


Later that afternoon, Raquel came downstairs from reading her Bible, when she heard the front door open.

She always made it a point to greet her Father at the door as he always said a simple smile often made his day. But as she reached the end of the staircase she was greeted by a dirty look from her Father.

“Get changed, we are having company tonight.” He said. Raquel didn’t argue.

While her short skirt and tank top where appropriate wear for when she was at home, at 5’3” her D-cup breasts would be on display to all but the shortest of guests.

Reaching her bedroom, she quickly opted for a pair of stockings secured by her black lace garter belt, the black lace thong – Peter always loved that – and rounded off her undergarments with a demi-cup black lace bra that firmly held but barely covered her breasts.

She rationalised that there was no need to be conservative when it came to her underwear, as her black pleated skirt passed her knees and her white blouse was closed to the last button.

She had plans on getting Peter to reciprocate her earlier favour later tonight. There was no need to let her plans be ruined because her dad had a rough day at church.

She was just putting her hair into a ponytail when the doorbell rung. Hurrying down, she opened the door to see Steve standing there, a little awkwardly.

“Heya Steve.” She said as she guided the man into the living room, where her Father would usually entertain his visitors.

Steve was an old friend of her dad, they had gone to high school together and, after his divorce, he had moved back to town. Her dad had promptly given Steve an administrative job at the church, and had taken it upon himself to council Steve through these hard times.

Her Father was already at the table when they reached the lounge and, since he still seemed to be in a foul mood, Raquel quietly continued on to the adjoined kitchen, to set a pot of coffee.

“I’m sorry Steve, but we are going to have to let you go.”

The words of her Father spoke shocked her, he had always told that he would never be able to run the church nearly as well without a guy like Steve to handle the paperwork. Considering the silence in the other room it was apparent that Steve thought the same.

“Why? We’re doing well financially. I don’t understand what is happening.” The man said, sounding as if the earth had disappeared from under his feet. Raquel couldn’t blame him as he had put a lot of time and effort into getting the office running smoothly.

“Look Steve, it’s because you relapsed. I know that kicking a porn addiction is difficult. But you breached the sanctity of our church and that I can not tolerate.” He said sounding more hurt for his friend then angry.

But as the words reached Raquel she felt as if a stone dropped into her stomach.

She kept listening as Steve vehemently swore to her Father that it wasn’t his doing, her Father’s temperament decreasing with every denial.

“Look,” he said pointing to a list, “I didn’t browse for ‘redhead titfucks’, Steve!”

Biting her bottom lip Raquel cursed herself for using that laptop. She had deleted the history after doing so but she should have known her dad would have an antiporn spyware on the laptops.

As the argument was starting to heat up she knew that she couldn’t remain silent and let Steve take the heat for her. After all, he had also been there for her after her mother died. So, with crimson in her cheeks she step into the room.

“Daddy, I am sorry but it wasn’t Uncle Steve.” She whispered looking at the floor.

Both men fell silent as they tried to wrap their heads around what had just transpired. But no matter how hard they tried the fact remained; Raquel was the only one with access to the church’s laptops beside themselves.

She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her face as her Father slapped her.

Her knees buckled under the shock and she found herself kneeling on the floor as her hand gently cupped her searing cheek as tears gaziantep eskort bayan streamed down it, giving some soothing to the burn of his strike.

“Steve, I need to ask for your forgiveness. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.” Her Father said, his voice still shaky.

“All is forgiven my friend. But what are you going to do with her now? She is too old to be grounded.”

Again there was silence in the room as the preacher thought about it. It was true that he couldn’t really ground his daughter anymore, she was too old for that to have any effect. But the idea of his baby girl looking at filth like that angered him so much that he couldn’t just let it slide.

Grabbing her by arm he pulled her up and against the table, facing away from the two men.

“I guess that only leaves one option; a spanking she will remember for a long time.” He said, his voice determined and steady again. “Steve, do you want to administer it? Since you were also wronged in this situation.”

Not trusting his voice, Steve just nodded. He had never shared this in counsel, but the reason his marriage had failed had not been because of his porn addiction, but because his wife could not handle the fact that Steve would only get aroused after spanking her.

There was also the fact that he had often fantasised about spanking the young little redhead himself, something he had also omitted to share during their counselling sessions, for obvious reasons.

Keeping still, Raquel could hear her Father walking towards his seat.

She couldn’t quite believe that this was happening, but she couldn’t deny she deserved this. She bit her lip and waited for it.

SMACK. As the first slap lands on her right ass cheek, Raquel lets out a tormented scream. It immediately reminded her that this was not some foreplay spanking but that it was indeed a real punishment.

After bracing herself for the next hit she managed to take it with just a whimper. But as the pain raged over her bubbly ass she cursed as she felt her another reaction between her legs.

She was brought back to the first time she had gotten wet. She was still a freshman in high school, when she had been body-checked during a basketball match. She had fallen so hard on her tailbone that she had cracked it, but the impact had triggered a flow of excitement within her. Since then, she had realised that, while she still got excited by all the usual stuff, her ass was her most erogenous zone. May it be through soft touches or hard.

Steve didn’t slow down and kept hitting the young target in front of him, revelling in the feeling of his hand impacting and sending force waves through that magnificent ass. But as he heard his friend mutter curses behind him, he stopped.

The preacher wasn’t one to curse, so Steve looked back to see what was happening. Equally as surprised Raquel also turned around, only to see her Father looking at something on her phone.

“Raquel, unbutton your blouse.”

As her Father’s request registered in her brain, she started to shake.

“When I got home you were wearing a tanktop. A proper lady would still be wearing it now. Take it off.” The last words were almost spat out as her Father turned red from anger.

Raquel knew that she had very little choice now so she started to open up her blouse, her fingers shaking as she popped the buttons open, one by one.

Steve had turned his back on her and had asked if her Father wanted him to leave, but her Father only replied that Steve could watch her, as, surely a proper woman would be wearing something under her blouse.

Raquel was taken aback from the hungry looks she saw in Steve as she parted her shirt, revealing her athletic upper body with her nipples just barely covered by the demi cup of her bra. Without waiting for her Father to say so, she turned her back to the men again and rested against the table, readying herself for the punishment she knew was coming her way.

“Could you please check if she at least has some proper panties on, Steve?”

Her Father said, to her horror. Steve did not need to be asked twice, and let his hand cup her ass through her skirt. With his fingertips he slowly caressed her sensitive bum, sending shivers through her body as he traced the edges of her thong. She couldn’t see it but she could feel Steve shake his head towards her Father.

“Take off her skirt.” He said and Raquel knew that her Father wouldn’t let her go now. He wanted to teach her a lesson. Starting today she would be thinking twice before picking what she wore under her clothes.

She could feel Steve slowly unzipping her and peeling the conservative skirt from her hips and dropping it to the floor.

“Get on your knees, and take off Steve’s belt.” Her Father said, but as he saw the alarm in her eyes he added. “Your punishment is not done yet, and you can’t expect Steve to sully his hands on you like that.”

Steve couldn’t believe what was happening, eskort gaziantep bayan and while he would have happily used his hands on that already cherry red ass, the sight of this young woman on her knees and close to tears really turned him on. He made sure to have his back to his friend as his daughter reached for his belt, obviously trying to not touch the tent that had formed in his pants.

Raquel didn’t like the look he had in his eyes as she handed him his belt, but she trusted that her Father wouldn’t let this go to far.

She was about to get back into position when Steve put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down. He told her to get to her knees and to put her ear to the floor as he took his position behind her again.

Raquel couldn’t believe how vulnerable she felt right now. She knew that, posed like this she exposed a lot more of herself than before, and she couldn’t help but to cry again.

The sound of leather hitting skin quickly filled the room pushing those thoughts out of her mind. No matter how vulnerable she felt, it was made worse by the fact that she could feel herself getting excited again. Her thong was quickly soaked and juices started to run down her legs. Worst of all the room started to smell of her arousal, too.

“Thank you Steve, that will be all. Do you need to relieve yourself before going?”

Steve couldn’t believe his ears, but he simply nodded and started to unzip his pants. Raquel was so shocked she didn’t move as she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

Looking at the welted, thong-clad ass in front of him, Steve was quick to feel his load rising. He knew that his friend would never let him fuck that ass, but he wondered how far he could go, so, just before he came to the point of no return, he let go of his cock and turned to his friend.

“I can’t do this, I haven’t masturbated in over five years, and cumming on my own feels wrong.”

Raquel could hear her Father rise from his seat and walk towards them. Silently he pulled her up by her shoulders, turned her towards Steve and pushed her against his side. Steve wrapped his right arm around her, placing his hand on her lower back, as her Father walked towards the kitchen.

Her hand brushed against the throbbing member of Steve and it was clear what her Father wanted her to do. Biting her lip, she closed her hand around his smallish cock and started to pump her wrist. Steve let out an animal moan and his hand cupped her ass, pulling her closer towards him.

“Slow it down baby, I want to enjoy this.” He whispered in her ear as he smelled her hair.

Raquel did as was asked and loosened her grip a little, slowing down the strokes. As Steve’s right hand was skilfully playing with her ass and thong, he used his left hand to caress her jawline and throat, before brushing his thumb against her lips.

Raquel hated it but she was getting extremely turned on by this and couldn’t help but press her crotch against his leg. Steve started to kiss her under the ear as he whispered to her to use her spilled juices to lube up his cock.

Using her left hand, she scooped up some of her juice from between her inner thighs and used it to coat Steve cock. The man still couldn’t believe what was happening, he was so close to cumming but he used every shred of discipline to stretch this out.

Focusing on her body, he lifted her up by the butt a little, forcing her to use her free hand to hold on to him, and pressed his index finger against her anus through the flimsy thong.

Her gasp betrayed her as she started to jerk him of harder again. His left hand then joined his right as he pulled her in close, obstructing her arm from moving too much. Not wanting this to drag out much longer, Raquel moved her hand up his throbbing shaft and started to polish the knob, rubbing her thumb over the purple head as her index finger stimulated the ridge below.

Hearing Steve’s breath becoming more labored, the young redhead knew that she was close to putting this ordeal behind her.

Steve needed all the self discipline he had to not throw this little cock-tease down and take her like a little whore. The second he felt he could take no more, he released her bubbly little ass and grabbed her by the back of the neck. Pushing her down firmly on the table on the table, his cock bobbing wildly between them.

“Beg for it, you bitch.” He said half hoping she would beg him to fuck her.

Tears covered her cheeks as she found herself pinned against the table. But it wasn’t the humiliation that bothered her, no it was the fact that there was nothing she wanted more at this moment then to get a big fat cock into her.

Knowing this couldn’t happen since her Father was in the kitchen, she replied the only way she could think of. Bringing her hands back to her ass she propped it up a little, offering her ass to Steve.

“Please cum on me Steve.”

The man could do nothing but comply to this. The sight of her young, still-red ass was just too much and he exploded right there, covering the ass of his best friend’s daughter with his semen.

Raquel could hear Steve behind her fumbling with his pants at the same time that his warm cum was starting to run down her leg. She suppressed a scream of frustration as the man left. Taking some napkins she started to clean her backside up as her dad walked into the room.

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