The Perfect Candidate Ch. 03


The Perfect Candidate – Chapter 3 – The Package

Later that night, Scott was getting out of a taxi after his introduction to Sir at the library when his new phone went off. A loud “smack” was heard in the taxi. The driver looked over his shoulder disapprovingly. Scott reached to cover his phone’s speaker to dampen the sound before it happened again.

Sir said not to turn down the phone so there was nothing Scott could do but take the embarrassment in front of the driver. After a moment he opened the phone.

“When you get home tonight, check your mailbox for a package. It was delivered an hour ago.”

As the taxi pulls up to Scott’s apartment, he quickly hands some cash over to the driver and hurries out of the cab – slamming the door. He scurries into the lobby where he sees a large rectangular package leaning up against the mailboxes. The twine and brown paper wrapped package is large enough to hold a basketball.

Scott gives it a quick shake to hear that it’s densely packed and is of medium weight. Curiosity getting the better of him, he runs upstairs to open the package. He places the package on his kitchen counter and pulls out a knife to slice the tape and twine.

As he pulls back the flaps, he finds a tightly packed package. On top, there is a cellphone tripod and light ring resting on red tissue paper. Scott recognized these as his friend’s sister was trying to be an TikTok influencer. These tools are used to make cell phone footage better.

Peeling back the tissue paper layer revealed another layer – it had giant semi-transparent water bottle with volume markings along the side. However, the part that caught Scott’s eye was that it was shaped like a giant penis.

“This is humiliating,” Scott thought. No way would he be caught drinking out of that bottle. He tossed the bottle to the side with some powdered supplement sleeves for electrolytes and vitamins.

He pulled back another layer to reveal a box with a plastic chastity cage. He had seen pictures of these devices before but Scott saw them as very strange. Next to the cage was a note.

“Mastering yourself requires discipline you do not currently possess. Wear this to align your physical body with your goals”.

Scott looked back and forth between the card and the box with a perplexed look. Priests and monks give a vow of celibacy – there must be a spiritual purpose for controlling this part of one’s nature. He shook his head in disbelief and reached back to the box.

On the next layer, were some folded layers of black neoprene. As Scott lifted up the layers, he revealed multiple belt-like straps with D-rings and a black pouchy jockstrap. Each of these were tagless, well-stitched, and made with incredible material – indicative that they were likely custom. It appeared to be a full custom body suit, of sorts. He put it off to the side of the table.

Scott looked down at these things with complete humiliation. No way would he wear anything like this privately in his own bedroom, let alone outside.

At the bottom was a satin bag. Scott opened the drawstrings to reveal a black pair of wireless earbuds. Scott put them into his ears and they automatically connected to the phone Sir gave to him. When Scott looked at the phone, he saw an application was already open, it had one button in the middle with the word “Connect”. He chose not to press it and turned off the phone’s screen.

As otele gelen escort he was unwrapping the items in the box, he heard his new phone give another loud “smack”.

Scott dives for the phone.

“By now you’ve unpacked all of your gifts. Good boy.

For your first assignment, you will fill up your new water bottle. I want you to send me videos of you throughout the day drinking your bottle. Anytime you drink, you need to film it and send it to me. One full bottle a day.

Next, you will remove all of your body hair tonight. This takes longer than maintaining a clean shave. Take your time and be thorough.

You will wear the chastity cage every night as you sleep. You can wear it during the day if you choose. However, after you brush your teeth every night, you will attach your cage and not remove it until you brush your teeth in the morning. When you are not attached to your cage, you are not allowed to ejaculate. Is this understood?”

Scott replies back.

“Yes, Sir. Tonight I will drink my whole water bottle and remove my body hair. I will wear my cage when I sleep and I will not cum when I’m not wearing my cage.”

“Good boy. That’s right. Tonight, you will wear your uniform (everything in the box) to bed. You will send me a picture tonight right before you go to bed and another as soon as you wake up tomorrow. Is this understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” Scott texted back. These instructions were strange but Scott knew there must be a reason for the humiliation. At this point, Scott realized that this agreement is going to be strange – like being hazed for a college fraternity. He was going to have to put up with some humiliation. He thought it is easier to just do it then it would be to drag it out. He mine as well go along as a willing participant than make a stink about it.

“Good boy. Now get to it.”

Scott leaves his bedroom and heads into the bathroom. He looks under the sink and finds a bottle of Nair – must’ve been left over from some girl that slept over. He reads the instructions and applies the lotion to the hairy areas on his body. After a few minutes of tingling, he wipes off the lotion and his body hair peels right off. He uses a razor on the more delicate areas. Within a few minutes of grooming, he is completely hairless from below his eyebrows to his toes.

As he dries off – it’s hard not to enjoy the work he did. Scott’s hands glide across his smooth body, groin, legs, chest effortlessly. As his hands make his way to his waist, Scott leans forwards a bit. Something about the way his body feels is awakening a sexual part of him he hasn’t accessed before. It’s needy and wants to be held. It feels good but it’s different than what Scott is used to. He looks up at the mirror. He looks good like this – naked, smooth, muscular – it feels right.

Scott then fills up the giant water bottle. He sees the water level rising as it slowly fills the massive penis container. It spills a bit from the top as Scott screws on the straw cap. Before he takes a sip, he pulls out his phone and turns on the selfie camera and presses record.

“Here’s my first sip Sir” Scott says while staring at the camera. He reaches for the straw with his face, wraps his lips around the white tube, and begins sucking. As cool liquid hits his tongue, his face twitches with surprise. He takes a few large gulps and then looks balgat escort at the camera.

“That’s all for now!” He says as he stops the recording.

That’s when the unopened chastity cage box caught his eye.

“I guess there’s no harm in trying it on” he thought as he began to open the box.

Included in the box was an assortment of parts. After quickly reading the instructions, Scott slipped on the base ring, cage, and locked the pieces together. He placed the key into the lock, gave it a turn, locking it in place, and then removed the key.

He looked down at his caged cock – it felt strange. It felt like it was being held firmly and dispassionately. To Scott, it felt like his cock was no longer his own – like it was given to the pleasure of someone else.

He looked at himself in the mirror – his useless cock dangling between his legs. He flicked the plastic cage – an unsatisfying click echoes in the bathroom. He feels not very much, like a light pressure on his fingernail. It felt weird not having access to his cock – which began to excite him.

He lays down on the bed naked, next to the open box with the exposed red tissue paper, and Scott’s new goodies. After a second, he yawns, and stretches. He unboxes the tripod and the light ring for his phone and sets them up in a corner.

He then reaches over to the outfit and feels the fabric in his hand – soft, sensual, and inviting. He grabs the collar, bicep straps, and jockstrap. The jockstrap slides up easily, providing support to his cock cage and accenting his backside curves. The bicep straps tighten just enough to make the muscles bulge a bit. Scott feels himself pick up the collar with both hands and bring it up to his neck. He feels his hands tighten the collar behind his head and align the D-ring with his Adam’s Apple. And finally, he reached back into the satin bag for the earbuds. He placed them into his ears.

He turns around and sees himself in the mirror. He looks like a total bottom boy – one that should be only seen attached to a leash held by a massive Dom at the Folsom Street Fair. He snapped a photo of himself standing with his hands behind his back, biceps protruding.

Scott send the photo to the contact “Master” and awaited his response. He sat there, on his knees, in his bedroom, dressed like a bottom boy waiting for his Master to return. While there, he thought to himself how strange it was that he was dressed like this yet didn’t mind it. Something felt right about this. For some reason, the trials up ahead were ones he was looking forward to and wanted to see if he could best.

What if I win Sir’s approval?

What if Sir helps me discover who I truly am?

What if Sir actually helps me find bliss?

These were all questions swirling through Scott’s head while he was kneeling on his bedroom floor and dressed in a custom jockstrap, collar, and bicep straps. He didn’t know it but he was already much further along his journey than he realized.

“Received. You look good, boy. Don’t forget to connect the headphones tonight before you go to bed. Sleep well”.

“Will do! Thank you and good night, Sir!”. Scott replied.


That night, Scott had his recurring dream.

The chamber, adorned entirely in black and red furniture and decor. The crowd dressed in shiny elvankent escort black tight materials gyrating against one another in a wide variety of ways.

Scott is crawling on his knees. Dressed in a collar, jockstrap, knee pads. He’s being led by a cloaked figure, who’s leading Scott towards a small circular elevated stage in the center of the room. Scott is drooling with a ball gag in his mouth and has a wagging tail butt plug wedged into his hole.

As he approaches the stage, members of the crowd turn their focus to the whimpering crawling slut. They spank his ass and call him all sorts of names as he makes it to the bottom of the steps. He looks up the stage to see the cloaked figure coaxing him up the stairs. Every step up the stairs causes the plug to push hard against Scott’s inside. He squeals as he makes it to the top, clenching in pleasure. The cloaked figure pulls up the leash and slaps Scott. Scott cries out and inhales deeply. The cloaked figure beckons to some attendees offstage to grab Scott’s arms. They clasp both of Scott’s wrists to opposite ends of a long pole. He’s now kneeling with his arms outstretched like a bird. All of a sudden a “whirring” sound is heard and he feels his arms being lifted. He feels himself being lifted so he stands. It lifts until he’s just barely on his tippy-toes.

He stands there for a minute until he feels two gloved hands grab him from behind. One slides around his stomach, the other comes down his hip and grips the front of his quad. Scott feels aroused, safe, and magnetically attracted to this figure. The warmth of his body makes Scott want to melt. As he bends his neck towards the figure, he realizes it’s the cloaked man.

The cloaked man places one hand on Scott’s throat, the other around Scott’s hips, repositions his hips, aligns his cock, and slams them together. Scott closes his eyes and experiences a surge of pleasure and discomfort as the two bodies combine. He’s completely impaled and helpless.

He lets out a cry.

The cloaked figure immediately cums inside of Scott. Scott feels the rush of warm liquid fill his insides and a wave of passion. His body trembles as he feels the satisfaction that he was used like a sex toy. He looks around at the costumed members in the room and they’re staring back at him cheering him on like a good boy.

All of a sudden, his restraints are released and Scott collapses to the stage. Back on his knees, panting, cum dripping from his hole – he looks at the crowd. They’re looking back at him smiling. He then looks up to the top of the room where the cloaked man leans against a railing. “Good Boy. You will make a suitable candidate”. He said.

The cloaked man then turned away from Scott and walks down off the stage, and is swallowed by the audience.

The last thing Scott sees on that stage is the crowd’s bright hungry eyes and their wide smiles as they continue to applaud.


Scott woke up feeling incredibly well rested. As he threw off the covers, he felt something strange. He reached between his legs and felt the chastity cage.

“Weird, no morning wood. I guess that’s why I feel so well rested. Haha.”

He looked over at the clock – 7:30am.

“Sweet, looks like I have some time before my ‘first assignment'”.

He took out the earbuds and placed them into their charging case. He noticed that they only used a small percentage of their battery.

He removed the remainder of the apparel and the cage before hopping into the shower before getting ready for the day. After stripping down and looking at his smooth body in the mirror, he stepped into the shower.

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