The Party

Big Tits

I hadn’t wanted to go to the party in the first place. It was only my friend Margaret nagging me that made me go.

“Come on,” she had said. “You can’t sit indoors on your own on a Saturday night, it’s party night and Sam has the house to herself. It will be a blast.”

Reluctantly I had agreed, despite my forebodings and despite knowing I wouldn’t know many people there.

Within minutes of arriving, Margaret had left me to my own devices and I had last seen her flirting in the corner with one of the guys from the office.

Margaret and I are both in our mid twenties and work for a well known insurance company. We were about two years into a three year management associate program and were expected to be one of the future managers and leaders of the company. I could think of nothing worse and couldn’t wait for the program to finish so I could leave and get a more interesting job. Margaret conversely loved it and ensured, in her role as a social animal, that she networked both inside and outside the company. In one of my less charitable moments I considered her networking to be only marginally different to whoring as she seemed to have slept with a large proportion of the office, not even caring about the men’s marital status.

I, meanwhile, had just come out of a long term relationship that had started during my first year at university and I had remained loyal to my man throughout the relationship. It was a shame he hadn’t and while I could never prove it, I was not entirely convinced he and Margaret had not overstepped the boundaries of a platonic friendship on a couple of occasions.

As I walked around the party sipping my drink, smiling politely as people said “hi” and did a similar walk around, I noticed Margaret had progressed from flirting to attacking the guy’s tonsils with her tongue. Get a room guys!

My solitude was broken by a male voice saying to me, “They look as though they are having fun!” I turned around to see who was talking to me and my eyes met a good looking guy, about my age, tall and slim and looking at Margaret and her conquest in the corner.

“Yes,” I replied. “Believe it or not I came with her and now I’m Miss Billy No Mates.”

“No your not,” he said. “Believe it or not I came with him, so we are both in the same boat. I’m David and I’ll be you mate. What would you like to drink?”

“Well, firstly I am Louise and a white wine would be great. Thanks!”

He returned with two glasses of wine, red and white and handed me mine. “Cheers”

We clinked glasses and sipped our drinks.

“She may have come with you, but I hate to say it, but I bet he will soon be cumming with her,” David said smiling.

“I think your right,” I replied as the two of them broke apart to draw breath, both oblivious to us watching them.

“I’ve never been a voyeur before,” David said. “Have you?”

I laughed, “No, but there’s always a first time for anything.”

As I said this, Margaret whispered something into her mans ear and he nodded and smiled. He took her hand and they left the room.

David looked at me and smiled. “Fancy some fun?”

I nodded.

“Let’s follow them.”

He took my hand and we too left the room. We could see them heading out into the garden.

Quietly we also went into the garden and saw them head towards a garden bench.

They sat down and liseli hikayeleri resumed their passionate kissing.

We looked for somewhere to hide when David saw the ideal place, a shed about 3 metres away from the bench.

Silently he opened the door and we entered a tidy and clean shed, its windows overlooking the bench where the passion of the kissing was increasing and both Margaret and her lover were stroking each other through their clothes.

I stood looking at them, leaning against a work bench with David partly beside me and partly behind me, leaning against me and the bench. I was amazed at myself as I was getting turned on seeing Margaret and her man obviously enjoying each others bodies.

David whispered in my ear. “Any minute now, he will have her top off.”

I answered back. “What outside? Here?”

He nodded. “I bet.”

As if scripted, Margaret stopped kissing, sat up and removed her top. She put it on the arm of the bench and then removed her bra.

Their kissing resumed as David whispered in my ear, “told you.”

I turned to him a smiled. “So what’s next?”

“Look,” he said. I turned to look out of the window to see Margaret lie down on the bench and she started to remove her jeans. They were soon on the arm of the bench and were then joined by her knickers.

“I bet John, will start undressing now.” David whispered.

“Oh that’s difficult to predict,” I mocked smiling at David, who was now leaning further against me.

John did as David predicted and the couple were soon laying on their sides on the bench, resuming their kissing and stroking each others now naked bodies.

Margaret moved and knelt down on the grass, starting to stroke John’s impressive cock before lowering her head and started going down on him.

I heard David take a deep breath as we saw Margaret’s head bob up and down.

We were both transfixed as she slowly took more and more of his cock into her mouth and then started to suck him. His face was a mixture of lust and agony as he was clearly loving what she was doing.

I was amazed at how turned on and if I had been on my own, I would have ripped my knickers off and started playing with myself.

David moved a bit and was now standing more behind me than beside me. I then felt his hand glance across my lower back. Was it done on purpose? I didn’t move and he then placed his hand on my lower back. Again I didn’t move. He started moving his hand a bit lower towards the top of my buttocks. I couldn’t help myself, but I moaned as his hand went lower and started stroking my buttocks through my skirt.

I pushed myself back against him as he continued stroking me and we both looked as the action changed outside and Margaret was now sitting on the bench and David was between her open legs licking her.

David’s stroking became more adventurous and he was now looking for the zip of my skirt. He soon found it and slowly lowered it, before he then lowered the skirt. I stepped out of it as his hands resumed stroking my bum through my knickers. They were soon taken off and his hands now had total access to me. He didn’t need any encouragement, but I opened my legs a bit to enable him access to what he wanted; my soaking wet, hairless, cunt. His fingers were soon inside me and I moaned as he alternated between entering kadın hikayeleri me and stroking my enlarged clit.

“Oh yes,” I whispered, scared that I would make too much noise.

Outside John and Margaret had stopped their oral activity and he had started fucking her with long slow strokes and I could see on her face, she was enjoying every part of the act.

I was more turned on than I could ever remember as David continued his fingering and I was aware I was soaking his exploring hand and fingers.

“I think you’re enjoying this,” he whispered, “Do you want to take it further?”

I nodded as I was about to lose the ability to speak, an orgasm was approaching.

He knew what he was doing to me and entered me with another finger and with his other hand he stroked my clit. This took me over the edge and I bucked against him as I came, trying desperately to be silent.

As he removed his fingers, I felt him move away and then heard the sound of a zipper being undone.

I stayed where I was still watching the live sex show going on in front of us, their movements indicating that they were approaching the end.

The next thing I knew I felt David’s hard erect member between my legs looking to enter me. I opened my legs and squatted down and as I did so, he was inside me.

He started thrusting and I could tell by the urgency, he was as turned on as I was and this was going to be a quickie. I didn’t care. It was what I wanted too. The sounds of sex seemed to fill the shed as we met each others thrusts and we moaned in ecstasy.

“I’m sorry, but I cant last!” he said, trying to be quiet.

“Me neither, don’t worry!”

I could feel his movements getting more urgent as my second orgasm got ever nearer. Looking outside it seemed that Margaret and John were almost there too.

I felt David stiffen and then pull out of me.

“No, inside me!” I said as quietly as I could. “I’m nearly there and on the pill!”

He re entered me and as he did, that set me off and I came, which seemed to set him off and he froze and I could feel him filling me with his hot sperm. As we looked outside, John removed himself from Margaret and she started sucking him as he clearly started cumming in her mouth.

David withdrew from me and I felt the results of our frantic love making drip sown my thigh and leg.

I turned around and kissed him. Breaking the kiss, I said. “Normally one kisses the girl before one screws her!”

He laughed. “I didn’t hear you complain!”

“No you didn’t. That was pretty amazing.”

I turned back to look out of the window as Margaret and John were dressing and then started heading back to the party.

All of sudden I felt exposed and cold. “We should do the same,” I said.

“What, shag on the bench?”

I playfully smacked him. “Not satisfied?”

“No,” he replied. “Next time we should take our time,” he smiled.

As I bent down to pick up my clothes, I saw his not totally flaccid prick and realised that I would very much like there to be a next time.

“A bit presumptuous isn’t it thinking there will be a next time?” I teased him.

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. I decided there and then that there would be a next time and bent down again, this time stopping and touching his manhood.

It jumped at erotik hikaye oku my touch, and grew as I started to stroke it. I wanted it in my mouth and so knelt down and licked the end, feeling dirty as it was wet from out previous round of love making.

I sucked harder and put as much into my mouth as I could as it grew again and was soon hard.

“Like?” I said as I stopped sucking but continued stroking with my hand.

“What do you think?” he smiled.


He nodded.

I restarted my sucking, aware that I was really turned on and started fingering myself as David started thrusting into my accommodating mouth.

I wanted him to cum. I wanted to swallow him.

I sucked and licked and stroked him, aware of the urgency and trying not to gag on his large prick deep inside my mouth.

“I’m cumming!” he cried.

I didn’t stop what I was doing as he stopped and froze and a second later my mouth was full of his hot salty sperm as he cried out: “Oh my God. Yes!”

Spurt after spurt filled my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could.

His cock lost its hardness and I let it go and stood up, as I smiled at him and lewdly licked the stray sperm from around my mouth.

“Oh my God!” was all he could say as he regained his breath. He lent forward and hugged me, before kissing me passionately and held me close, his hands around my bum, kneading my cheeks.

I moaned as he held me close and his fingers started exploring lower and into my hot wet pussy.

“Sit on the bench,” he commanded.

I did so and he opened my legs, looking deeply at my open wet crack, illuminated by nothing but the moonlight.

He bent down and carefully licked me before entering me with his tongue, obviously tasting both my cum and his from our earlier escapade.

He licked and sucked, rubbed my hard clit that was standing proud. He changed positions a bit and moved me so he could get better access to me before lowering his finger and circling my virgin bum.

“No!” I whimpered as his wet finger circled it. But did I really mean it?

“Relax, he whispered, as my bum involuntarily opened to his gently exploring finger.

He got more moisture from my soaking wet pussy and with just the finger tip entered me.

It felt strange. Not unpleasant but exciting.

I moaned as he resumed the licking of my clit, slowly entering me more, millimetre by millimetre, before removing his finger to get more fluid from my pussy.

Soon he was finger fucking my ass as he licked me to the inevitable orgasm.

I clasped his finger, now deep inside me virgin hole, as I came, crying out and not caring who heard me, as he slowed his licking and removed his finger and let me come down from the high I had just had.

“You are a naughty man!” I mocked, still tingling from head to foot in post orgasmic bliss.

He smiled, trying to look innocent as he rudely licked his finger that had until a few moments ago been buried deep inside me.

I stood up and we started to get dressed. We silently walked back to the house, hand in hand.

“Oh there you are!” cried Margaret as we entered the house. “I was looking all over the place for you.”

“We were getting a bit hot in here, so went for some fresh air,” David said, not convincingly at all.

“Yes, I’m sure you did.” Margaret laughed.

“We did,” I replied. “You should look around the garden, it’s very nice.”

“I’m sure it is,” she said smiling. “Anyway, I am going now, are you coming or staying?”

I looked at David who smiled at me.

“Staying,” I replied, as I held his hand tight and wondered what the rest of the night had in store.

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