The Old West


Jake Miller sat tall in his saddle. He was a very towering, and huge man. He stood well over 6 foot tall, and weighed over 200 pounds. The last five years of hard ranch work, plus his time in the Confederate Army made him a strong, hard man.

It was a intense, hot day in the canyon. Jake had unbuttoned his shirt in hopes of cooling off. His massive, hairy chest was in full view to his 20 year daughter, Missy. Many times she had seen her father near nude, and he had the pleasure of seeing her womanly form many times.

They rode their horses up into the green canyon to find any stray houses, and cattle. “Daddy?” Missy said, as the sweat ran down her thin, pretty face.

“Yes, what do ya need?” Jack replied, giving his horse a little kick.

Missy’s face was hot, and she looked very tired, “Would it be OK, if I undid my shirt? I’m so hot.” She knew he would say yes, he always did. She loved it when her big, strong Daddy looked her breasts. It made her so warm, warm between her long, slender legs.

Jake had always liked it when she showed herself to him. She was his daughter, but she was also a woman of 20 years of age, a beautiful woman. “Sure, you know I don’t mind.” The only thing that bothered him was, she made him so hard. His enormous manhood would get so big seeing her with her shirt open.

As Missy opened her shirt, she could feel her Daddy’s eyes on her full, firm breasts. She knew it was wrong, but it made her so very moist. Many times she had dreamed he would take her for his woman, and throw out his new wife, and her sissy looking son. There was NOTHING she wouldn’t do for him, NOTHING!

Jake hadn’t been close to his wife in months. He was hard day, and night. Seeing his daughter like this made it worse, but he enjoyed seeing her wonderful body. She was tall like her father. Her sandy brown hair went just past her strong shoulders. Big, sexy brown eyes, nice full lips like her late mother had. Best of all was her big, full breasts, and her slender bottom.

“We’ll be to the water fall in an hour, or so. Then we can cool off.” Jake said, looking at his daughters breasts, as they moved with each step of her horse. He loved how they swayed back, and forth, plus her big, dark nipples would get so hard as they brushed against her shirt.

Missy watched her father as he gazed at her breasts, “Daddy?”

Jake looked up, seeing that he was caught enjoying her beauty, “Yes, baby.”

“Do you like seeing me like this?” She knew damn well he did, but she wanted him to do more than look. She wanted him to touch her, love her, just like a man would his wife.

“Oh, yes. Very much. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He replied as his eyes looked at her breasts one more time. “Remember, this is just between us.”

“I know Daddy. What would people say if they knew my Daddy looked at my tities.” She didn’t care what anybody said, she loved showing herself to him.

They rode on into the deep canyon. Giving each other little smiles as they rode. At last they where at the water fall, as were some of the horses they had been looking for.

“Look!” Jake said to his daughter, slipping from his saddle.

Missy looked to the heard of horses. A tall, proud stallion was about to take a young filly. Jake, and Missy moved forward, toward the heard of horses. They found a large boulder to lean on as they watched the two fine horses breed.

Jake leaned against the boulder, pulling Missy against him. Her firm, slender bottom was pressed into his growing manhood. “WOW! He sure is ready for her.” Jake saw the stallions two foot long penis.

Missy had seen this happen a hundred or more times in her life, but never like this. She had her breasts out of her shirt for her father to see, and her bottom was pressed against his fine, long cock pole. “Oh yes! He is going to really use her.”

Jake wrapped his arms around Missy’s bare stomach, sending chills through her burning body. “O boy! There he goes!” Jake said, as the massive stallion mounted the filly, and took her with a force that only a horse could take. Jake’s manhood grew, and grew pressing into his daughters buttocks.

Missy trembled in her fathers arms, as they watched the horses mate. His hands began to caress her flesh. At first around her flat tummy, then to the top of her skin, tight jeans. She panted for air as his strong hands roamed her inflamed body, and down the front of her jeans.

Slowly, without thinking, gaziantep escort his other hand cupped her full, burning breasts. He squeezed her breasts to each long stroke of the stallion into his filly. Jake’s hips pushed into her tender bottom, and his manhood was at full hardness.

“Oh daddy!” Missy moaned, as his fingers found her rock, hard nipples. He pulled, and rolled with them between his fingers, enjoying every second of it. She began pushing her bottom into his hard cock, she needed him so bad. She was a 20 year old virgin, and it was time to become a woman. Her Daddy’s woman.

He turned her to face him. Her bare breasts lay on his chest, he could feel her hard nipples pressing into him, “Oh girl. This is killing me. You are so beautiful, so sexy.” He pulled her lips to his, and they kissed deep. His hands went back to her full breasts, making her gasp for air once again.

She moved her slender hips over his, and began slowly humping her burning love flower on his man pole. Even with their jeans separating them, Jake could feel the heat coming from between her legs. “Oh my darling daughter,” His hands moved to her bottom, pushing her love into his thick hardness, “Lets take a swim, and cool this off before we break some laws.”

“I would love to break a bunch of laws with you, Daddy.” She replied kissing him deep, and thrusting her hips into his hardness. Her tongue roamed his mouth with no regard, she wanted him at any cost. Missy’s burning love rubbed his hardness, bringing it to life like she had never seen before.

Jake pushed her back, freeing himself from his lusty daughter. “Calm down girl! We can’t do this. I’m your father!” But deep down he knew he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him. “Lets swim.” He said, as he walked to the small pond at the bottom of the 100 foot water fall.


He pulled off his boots, and socks. Then his jeans, he knew he was being watched by his very horny daughter. Today, she was in ‘Heat’, and she wanted to breed just like the two horses had done. His manhood stood straight out, pointing right to Missy. He was a big, big man. He was over 10 inches long, and 5 inches wide, “Your eyes are goin’ to pop out if you ain’t careful.” He laughed at her as she gazed at his long, hard pole.

Her eyes pulled off of him, and she replied, “From the look of that ‘thing’, you better hope Carol is in a good mood when we get back to the ranch tomorrow.” Then she pulled her skin, tight jeans down, exposing her silky panties to her Daddy. His eyes were filled with her slender hips, and her very sexy pelvic bones. Her long, slim legs could lock around a man, and hold him ALL night long, “Umm, sir. Do you mind not gawkin’ at me so much!” She teased him.

Jake ran to her, pulling her into his arms, and dove into the cold water, “DADDY! It’s so cold.” Missy screamed, popping out of the water. Jake watched as she pushed her wet hair from her face. Her thin shirt had become see-through when it hit the water. All of her womanly beauty was before him.

She moved into his arms, their hips met. The only thing that kept them from being one was, Missy’s silk panties. They kissed deep, as Missy moved her flaming flower over his hardness. He could feel her heat, and she could feel the hardness he felt for her. “Daddy! Please!” She begged him, “Take me! Take me, NOW!”

“Oh, baby. We can’t. It’s not right.” He said, straining not to give in to her wishes. He wanted her just as bad as she wanted him. A young, sexy woman like her would be a prize for any man. She could give a man hours, and hours of some fine lovin’.

Tears ran down her beautiful face, as she asked, “Hold me. Hold me tight!” She jumped into his arms, wrapping her long legs around his hips. Her virgin flower pressed on his hardness, and she began rubbing slowly up, and down the length of his shaft. “YES! YES!” She moaned, as she used his stiff pole.

Faster, faster her hips moved around his thickness. It took all he had in him not to drive deep into her young, virgin body, and make her his woman. “Go baby! Have fun on, Daddy.” His fingers found her puffy nipples, and he teased them as much as he could. He wanted to please her so bad. He loved her more than life it’s self.

She froze, looking into his eyes, it happened. She was cuming on her Daddy’s long, thick manhood. “DADDY! DADDY! YES, I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!” She screamed as her virgin love exploded on his gaziantep escort bayan long piece of man meat. “YES! YES, OH DADDY!”

He held her as tight as he could. He wanted her to relieve herself, and he was also hoping that all of her humping his pole that he might, too, be relieved a little.

Missy collapsed in his arms, panting for air, “Thank you, SO much, Daddy.” Her flower still resting on his hardness, “Oh, didn’t you… um, you know?” She knew he never came with her. She felt so bad that she had been pleased so good, and he never did anything.

“No, I didn’t, but I sure did try.” He laughed with a little pain in his voice.

Missy smiled, taking his hand, and said, “Come. Let me please you now.” She lead them to the grassy edge of the pond, “Lay down, and relax. It’s my turn to help my Daddy.” Jake did as he was told. He watched her dripping wet body standing over him. Her beauty filled his eyes, and he grew more.

She slid her wet panties off of her womanly hips, exposing her young flower to her father, “NO! I won’t take you. You can please me like I pleased you. THAT’S ALL!” He said in a stern voice.

She lowered her wet body on top of his. Her soft fingers touched his lips, “Shhhh, relax, enjoy. I won’t do that if you don’t want me to.” Her mouth moved to his, kissing him long, and deep as she could go. Her wonderful hips began moving against his stiffness, “relax. Enjoy, my sweet, sexy, daddy.” Missy purred, moving her wet flower across his thick shaft.

Jake was lost in his daughters love, “You’re wonderful.” He moaned as her wetness covered his hardness. Her flower had spread apart, exposing all of her fruits to his thickness.

Missy leaned her big breasts to his mouth. He sucked her like a nursing baby. Her hands had moved to his man pole. She caressed him softly. She loved the big, fat head at the end of his shaft. Her hand caressed, and pulled on it, while she rubbed, and pushed it into her burning love flower. “Relax. Let me please my, Daddy.” She purred again.

She started to lower herself on his shaft, “NO! we can’t do that, I said!” Jake moaned, knowing damn well he wanted to be buried in her tender body as deep as he could get.

“Relax. I’m not. Just hold still.” She smiled down at him. And continued to lower her body on his thick love pole. His large head met her love tunnel. The wetness from her body allowed it to penetrate her body with ease. It stretched her body like nothing she had ever known. It hurt so bad, but also felt so, so good inside her. “DADDY!” Missy screamed, as her muscles squeezed him tight.

The feel of being inside this beautiful woman made Jake loose control. He sucked her tender nipple harder than he had ever done to a woman in his life. Her muscles felt like wire strands were cutting into his long pole. Her mother never felt this good on their wedding night.

Missy sat atop of him. She knew one thrust down, and she would be his woman. But, she didn’t want him mad at her. So, she would just please him as much as she could without taking him DEEP in her belly, “Am I good, Daddy?” She ask, in a sexy, deep voice.

“YES!” Jake moaned, as she moved him deeper into her virgin body. Stopping at her shield of protection. Then she would lift off him, and sink him back into her tunnel. Up, and down she teased him. Her muscles squeezed him harder than before. Each time she lifted up, they would lock around his huge head. His hands held her hips, “Don’t stop. I’m close.” He moaned.

“Do it! Cum Daddy, cum!” Missy panted, as her hips moved up, and down. His cock would push against her virgin flower, then she would lift up, starting all over again.

“Oh Missy! YES! YES!” Jake moaned in a deep animal growl as his hardness exploded into Missy’s virgin love, “Oh baby girl. You’re the best.” His meat shot his love seeds into her young body. Somehow finding their way past her shield of protection, swimming to her young, ready womb.

They lay in each others arms until night fall. Enjoying the feelings that were meant for a man, and his wife, not a man, and his daughter.


Jake broke the trance, “We should get our bed rolls fixed for the night, and get a bite to eat.” His hand caressed Missy’s firm, warm bottom. Again sending chills up her spine, and a heated feeling between her long legs. “We have a long ride tomorrow, if we want to get back to the ranch before sun down.”

Missy escort gaziantep held his hand on her still wanting behind. She wanted her Daddy in her so bad it hurt. She did have his seeds in her, but should she tell him, NO. He would find out in a few months when her belly began to swell with his baby inside her. “OK, Daddy.” She leaned to his lips, kissing him deep, and stroking his long cock before she got up.

Jake’s long cock swung from side to side as he walked to the horses, “Missy?” He said, “When I came in you, did my… stuff come out of you, or did it go in you?”

Missy just smiled, “OH, Daddy. It went so far inside me. I don’t think it’s came out yet.”

Jake shook his head, and replied, “How are we goin’ to explain this?” He didn’t really care, his seeds were deep inside a young, beautiful, sexy woman. He would have liked to put them deeper inside her, with his cock buried in her tender womb.

“Who cares, Daddy.” She moved to him, taking his hard, long cock between her legs, “Since you came in me, and your… stuff went in me. Will you love me tonight? PLEASE!”

Jake pulled her to him, crushing his rock, hard cock into her wet love, “YES! I’ve wanted you for so long. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He lifted her in his arms, and took her to their make-shift honeymoon bed.

“TAKE ME! MAKE ME YOUR, WOMAN!” Missy moaned, as her long legs wrapped around her fathers hips. She pulled him to her with her powerful legs, driving his long cock deep into her virgin love tunnel. “DADDY! DADDY!” Missy screamed as his cock tore through her burning love canal.

“Oh baby. I love you. I love you.” Jake gasp as her tight muscles caressed his cock. He slowly began using his sexy daughter. Deeper, and deeper he went into her hot love.

Her hips matched his ever move in, and out of her body. For being a virgin, she sure knew how to love a man. “Go Daddy. Love me hard, and deep. Just like you did Mommy.” She groaned, as her hips thrust to meet his cock.

He drove into her body as hard as a man could into a woman. The harder he used her, the harder she wanted it. “Oh baby. You’re wonderful. You’re so tight, so wet, and so… hot!” He moaned as he used his daughters body.

“YES! YES! I’M HOT FOR YOU, DADDY!” Missy screamed into the night. She was close to cumming on her fathers long, hard cock. Her dream of having him love her had come true. The only two things left were, to cum with him buried deep in her pussy, and to have his baby. “GO… GO I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING ON YOU, DADDY!”

Her sexy pussy muscles grabbed his cock pole like a vise. Holding him tight as she released on his massive pole. “Yes, baby. Cum. Get it all out, my sweet, sexy daughter.” He said, as he continued to use her cumming pussy.

Missy’s long, slender legs locked around his hips, driving him to her deepest depths, “CUM IN ME! GIVE ME YOUR BABY! MAKE ME YOUR… WIFE!” Her words drove him over the edge. His cock began shooting cum in her like nothing he had ever known.

Jake started pumping her burning pussy hole as hard as he could. His cum shooting deep into her virgin womb. Sending his baby seeds into her soul, giving her the baby she wanted. “YES! GIVE US A BABY!” He moaned as his cock shot the last of his seeds into her body.


The next day, Jake and his new wife rode up to the ranch house. The house they had known as father, and daughter. Today, they were man, and wife. “Hello!” Jake called out, waiting for Carol, and her son to come from the house. “Hello!” He called out, again.

“That’s strange, why isn’t she out here bitchin’ us out for takin’ so long?” Missy said, laughing. Every time they had takin more than three days to round up the strays, she would be mad as hell at the two.

Jake walked to the door of the house, and gave it a good push open. His eyes strained to see into the dark house. “Nobody’s here. Where in the hell could them two have gone?”

Missy didn’t care. It would be less trouble for her, and her Daddy to live as man and wife with them gone. “Maybe they went into town.” She said, really hoping that they had ran away from the ranch, and would never return.

Jake lit a small oil lamp, and he saw the note laying on the table, “Look, a note.” He read the short note to himself, and held it over the lamp. It burned in only a spilt second. “Well, I’m sure this will break your heart as much as it did mine.” He said with a big smile.

“THEY RAN AWAY?” Missy jumped with joy. All of her dreams would come true. She would be her Daddy’s wife, and nobody would be in their way. “Love me Mr. Miller. Love me hard, and fast like last night.”

“Well, yes ma’am, Mrs. Miller. It will be my pleasure.” Jake pulled her into his arms, and took her into their ‘Love Chamber’



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