The Office Ch. 04


“Oh, hello there. Was the door jammed?” he asks.

That voice! It’s him. I recognize the voice immediately. It’s the same luxurious baritone that questioned me in the women’s restroom. “It’s his voice but is it him?” I suddenly ask myself. If he has a twin, how can I know which one it is? A sudden surge of frustration and anger swells in the pit of my stomach. How am I ever going to figure this out I wonder.

I shake my head while attempting to slow my breathing, “No, I’m sorry. I was sitting against it. I didn’t think someone would be up here this early.” My cheeks are warm and feverish. I back up a little, the hand with my cell tugs my skirt back down to normal height. I try to avoid making eye contact but its hard to ignore someone a moment after first meeting them. Instead I turn slightly and look out over the building.

“Sorry about that then, I didn’t mean to push the door into you.” Smiling he walks out into the garden. His suit jacket flaps idly in the weak breeze. “It is pretty early actually. Normally, I don’t ever come up here. But I saw how nice it was outside and thought I’d take a break. What’s your excuse?” he asks playfully, his eyes glancing down at my tits for brief moment.

Crossing my arms, I hug myself feigning to be cold. I can feel my stiff nipples pressing against my forearms. “Nothing really, I just like coming up here sometimes. The city looks nice from up here,” I reply with a nod of my head to the vista surrounding the garden.

Assenting he motions towards the benches. He takes a seat first, I watch him before I sit down. He’s just like his twin except his hair is a little longer and his face a little more kind. He’s very dapper in a business formal sort of way. I’m surprised I never noticed the two brothers while at my work, but I was hired only a few months ago. I try to remember if I met them on my first day, maybe I didn’t.

I like the way he’s dressed. Also I realize that if this is the twin who filmed me then I’ve seen his cock already. I take a covert glance towards his crotch, wondering if his cock is as thick or as long as the picture made it seem. The image of his penis stays in my mind as I move to sit down.

I slide the folder under my ass as I sit so it won’t blow away. My phone I hold in my hand. The moment my ass touches the bench I feel a wet squishing between my legs. My soaked thong pressed underneath my legs. I keep my knees together deciding not to cross them.

“I’m Daniel… Danny,” he says and bends forward, offering me his hand.

Extending my right hand I say, “I’m Janice.” He has a strong grip but it’s not painful in anyway and his skin is smooth and warm. As we let go, I curse inside my head. If he happens to smell his hand in the next few minutes he’ll know I’ve recently cummed. Unconsciously, I rub my hand against the short sleeve of my polo before crossing it again.

“It’s nice to meet you Janice. You work downstairs right? I think I’ve seen you in the office before,” he asks.

Nodding, I reply after a second, “Yeah, that’s right. I work with Alex and Theresa. You have a twin I think,” I say.

Grinning, he says, “You noticed him, did you? He’s my older brother. We’re identical twins, his name is Christoph.”

While we’re talking I’ve been toying with my cell. I think, maybe if I call the number that sent me the video his phone will ring. If I did that then he would instantly know who called. He would know its me. If he’s brazen enough to film me, how far would he go if he knew he had been identified? I decide to wait; I put my phone down by my side.

“That must be nice getting to work with your brother,” I say. I shift my hands away for a second to adjust my glasses. My nipples are no longer perky but they still ache with the residuals of my orgasm.

Nodding, he leans back before answering. “It is I suppose. We have our quarrels from time to time, but we’re very close. I find our work brings us closer together more than anything else.” Stretching, he lifts his arms, the white cuffs of his shirt bright in the morning sun. Yawning, he moves his right hand to cover his mouth. “It allows us to be quite daring I think. We share everything so it’s very easy for us to be quite creative.”

The last şişli escort two sentences, I don’t even hear. My eyes are focused on his face. When he yawned he covered his mouth. Did he smell anything? His face doesn’t even change for the few seconds it takes him to finish yawning. Long enough for him to have taken a breath or more. A second later I pretend to yawn. My hand mirrors what his did seconds ago. Inhaling I smell the strong scent of my arousal. There’s no mistaking the scent of my pussy. I’ve smelled it countless times before. All I can wonder is if the smell was strong enough on his hand, did he recognize the smell, and if he did why didn’t he react?

Taking an appraising look at Daniel I wonder how calm and collected he really is. Maybe it’s the other twin that’s the one. Either way I can’t tell for certain. It’s been a number of minutes since I left my desk. Smiling, I say, “Well I need to get back to work, it was nice meeting you Danny.”

As I stand I can feel the inside of my thighs stick for a moment before parting. Rising along with me he says, “I’ll be staying for a few, I have a call to make. But you’re right, it was very nice to meet you Janice. I’ll see you down in the office sometime.” I grab the folder and my cell and start walking towards the door.

Before I get to the door it opens. Standing in front of me is Daniel. No wait, it can’t be. It’s the other twin, Christoph. From behind me Daniel says, “Chris, you found me? I must introduce you this enchanting young lady. She works downstairs with us.” I feel a hand gently fall on my shoulder for a second. I sense Daniel move around to my side.

Holding out his hand Christoph says, “It’s very nice to meet you.” The words, the voice, everything is exactly the same.

I shake his hand as well, “It nice to meet you too, I’m Janice. I’m sorry though, I really do need to get back downstairs.” Smiling Christoph holds the door open for me. I enter into the building and hear the two brothers begin conversing. When the door shuts, I slide up to it. My ear pressed to the cold metal, I can’t hear anything. Shaking my head, I walk back down to my desk three floors below.

A few hours later, I’m tired of thinking about the twins and the situation I’m in and I’m hungry. I stow the folder in my desk at the back of the filing cabinet. I then grab my purse and jacket and head out to lunch with my two co-workers, Alex and Theresa.

By the time lunch is over and we arrive back at the office I’ve almost completely forgotten about the whole affair. Alex and Theresa are always a good laugh and today was no exception. Returning to my desk, I kick my feet up onto the cabinet and turn towards my computer. I check my inbox for mail, three new ones. I glance at the subject lines, “Andrews, Melissa. Memo for 11/03/07,” “Bordkin, Alex. Check out our pictures from the show.” I open the email and click the link; a page pops up with five different photos of us in the audience at one of the company’s fashion shows. Smiling I return back and read the last one, “Your Admirer.” That was it, nothing else in the subject. My body suddenly tenses, I look at the email address. Its random letters and numbers and then “” Great, I think to myself, more spam.

Checking it for deletion, I pause for a moment. Something seems slightly different. I look at the email, deciding, then I click it open. There is a single line of text. “Look in your desk drawer and then download the file.” Definitely not spam. All those emotions from when I found the folder earlier in the day come flooding back.

Tense, I turn my head towards my desk drawer. I dread opening it. If only I could just ignore it, it would go away. I take a few breaths before opening it. There past my pens and pencils is manila envelope. I take it out of the drawer. Opening it, I look inside; there is a piece of paper and an orange prescription bottle with the label peeled off.

I pull out the paper first. It has the same lettering as the ones in the folder. “I hope you enjoy my gift.” The lettering for you is italicised and written in a curvy enlarged font. Very classy I think to myself. Putting the envelope on my desk, I click the link and begin downloading mköy escort the .avi file. A moment later the finder pops up. I double click on the movie file in the folder. I have a sense already of what I’m going to see. A second later the movie begins playing.

It’s the same quality as the video that I was in. I presume it has been taken from the same camera. On the screen is a suited and cuffed arm, a watch is visible. The camera zooms in on the face. The hands cut through the Omega logo, showing 12:53. The watch moves away and then I see the camera shift downwards. Pointing ahead is the same seven-inch and thick cock I know so well from the two pictures. The hand returns and begins stroking the cock.

Shocked I pause the video. My mouth is suddenly dry and my heart has doubled its pace it seems. I can feel my nipples waking up, my body beginning to respond to the visual stimuli. Ignoring my better judgement, I click play. One of the twins, who, I don’t know, but one of them is stroking their cock faster and faster. I see the head swell slightly. The hand forces the tip downward. On the toilet seat is the orange bottle. The tip of the cock aims right at it, touching it, and then the man cums.

White semen is shooting into the bottle. The cock shoots its load in three spurts. The last leaving a trailing line of cum as he pulls away. The video stops.

My body is responding while I try to make sense of what I just saw. I look at my own watch suddenly. It reads 1:02. The video is only nine minutes old! Closing the movie player I look at the envelope. Then I look around. Theresa looks my way and gives me an inquisitive look. I look away quickly towards the window. Reaching into the envelope I grab the bottle, its slightly warm to the touch. I pull it out and jam it into my purse before saying to Alex and Theresa, “I’m going to the washroom”.

I get up and walk out of the office, my purse bouncing on my arm. I push through the door. One of the stalls is occupied. I go into the one beside it and sit down on the toilet seat. I drop my purse onto my lap and look at it. What the hell type of games is this guy playing I wonder. I can’t deny I was turned on by the video. The more I think about it, the more I know there’s more there than just a carnal response to seeing a man jack off.

I struggle with my emotions. Feelings of arousal, of lust, of shame, guilt, and senses of fear, excitement, of daring all fall through my mind. Each one brings a new response to my body. The overall effect is a feeling of excitement. I like this sense of danger. I like the feeling of being watched and hunted. I know secretly too that I’ve liked the twins since I first saw them. I can feel my emotions burning in my veins. My hands and knees are shaking. I’m too nervous. I must calm down.

My hand fumbles with zipper on my purse. Eventually the Gucci leather opens. Next to my pocket book is the bottle. I look at it. I know what’s in there. I saw it on the video. At once it disgusts me, but at the same time I desire it. I knew who it came from now. Either Danny or Chris, it wouldn’t matter which one. If they were identical twins then it would be exactly the same. But it did matter which one I thought to myself. An image of both of them surrounding me comes unbidden to my mind.

My fingers tap wildly on against my leg. I do that when I’m nervous. Finally I close my eyes and pull the bottle out of my purse. I can feel its tiny warmth; it’s almost at room temperature. Now that it’s finally in my hand, I can look at it. I push my glasses up my nose as I examine it. The cap I pop open a moment later. I drop the cap into my purse and look inside the bottle.

There is a pool of semen exxtending about halfway up the bottle. Slowly I bring my nose towards it. I inhale; a strong odor hits my nostrils. It smells the same as when my old boyfriends would let me suck them off. The smell of after they had ejaculated, the odor a coy arousing cologne. It was the same smell but different in a way. I knew their scent now, just as they knew mine. This sudden knowledge excites me.

My hips are warm; I can feel every movement of my skirt against my legs, the prickly fabric rough and inviting. My nipples for the second güngören escort time today are aching to be abused. I switch the bottle to my other hand. I sit there thinking. No thoughts really just processing different emotions. Finally with a sigh, I allow my finger to reach into the bottle. Instantly I feel the wetness and goo like consistency of the cooling cum on my finger. I push in a little farther and then pull my finger out. The pink gloss on my nail has gone opaque with a thin layer of semen on it.

Closing my eyes, I open my lips and put my finger in my mouth. My tongue hits the cum and instantly I can taste it. The flavor, the aroma, the texture, it’s all so different from how my juices taste but the flavor is intoxicating. Already my pussy is wet. Savoring it, I open my eyes. I put the bottle on top of the toilet paper dispenser and then my purse as well. Quickly I lift my arms and pull off my polo. The strapless plaid bra is tight around my breasts. I pull down on the cups releasing my tits; my nipples are swollen and pink. The large areolae are light pink circles at the tips of my breasts. My left nipple has a steel hoop dangling from it. I reach up and massage my breasts. The soft flesh absorbs the squeezing and pulling of my hands as they work towards my nipples.

In the stall next to me, the toilet flushes. I completely ignore the sounds. My lips are pursed as I pinch and roll my stiff pencil eraser like nipples. The metal loop catching and dragging my nipple along to the movement of my hand. My eyes dart to the bottle. With my right hand I grab it. I don’t even think about it this time. I upend the bottle letting the semen slide out onto my chest. I gasp when I feel it, then my hand sweeps across my breasts rubbing it around. I hold the bottle there a second longer and then put it back, my hand gladly rejoins its partner. My breasts are slick and shining from the semen. My wet sticky hands grab at my nipples, coating them, teasing them, and teasing me.

Looking down, my hair dangling on each side of my face. My earrings pulling down on my warm ears, I inhale. I can smell the cum much more clearly now. I push my wet breasts upwards as I breathe. The smell ignites me.

My breathing is coming faster. The cum on my breasts is starting to dry. My fingers begin to pinch harder. I pull at my nipples. It hurts a little but it feels so good. A long moan escapes my lips. Moving my hair out of my face, I lean my head down. Not even aware of what is still on my hands. I push my left breasts up. I’m so hungry for it; I want to taste his cum on my tits. I want to lick it from my nipples. My breast moves only a little. The nipple is still tantalizingly far. I stick my tongue out, desperate for another taste.

I can’t. I feel so frustrated. Instead I let my breast fall and bring my hands to my lips. My tongue flicks over my fingers and palms. I can taste it, but only so faintly. As soon as I’m done with my left hand it returns to my breast. The combination of taste, smell, and my aching tits has me so close.

Between my legs, I can feel my swollen lips touching the fabric of my thong. The cotton is wet from my arousal. My thong is filthy already from my first orgasm. For a second I pause. What am I doing? I ask myself, then my hand tugs hard on my nipple and I gasp. I can feel my pussy twitching, forcing me to forget. I try to hold it in, but a slight movement of my leg is enough to end the torment.

With two fingers in my mouth, one hand pinching, and rolling my pierced nipple as fast as it can, I can do nothing. I’m helpless as I feel a warm sudden wetness explode from my pussy. It only lasts a few seconds but the minor orgasm fills me with a numbing ecstasy. My thong is wet and sticky as I try to stand up. My legs are very unsteady as I balance in my heels. I can feel a trickle of cum oozing down my right thigh. I’m so hot, so aroused, my body has been turned completely into a sexual vessel. I want to touch myself further, but I can’t. I’m still at work I remind myself desperately. I’m striving to regain control. A few moments later and I’ve put my shirt back on and gathered everything together. I open the door and walk over to the sink. I can barely breathe. I wash my hands quickly. I can feel dried cum all across my heaving chest. It’s amazing.

Looking at my reflection, I smile. I’m very content right now. I open my purse, moving past the bottle, I dig around and take out my cell. Flicking it open, I message the unknown number one more time. “I want more…”

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