The OF Girl Ch. 191-200


All Characters are 18 years or older.

When a law office intern discovers that a fellow intern is one of his favourite new OnlyFans performers, a ball begins rolling that will bring a boring summer of paperwork and coffee-fetching into an avalanche of sexual adventure. Fair warning to readers, this story will jump categories. This collection of chapters includes blowjobs, anal attempts, office drama, and video calls.

OFG is a variation story based on the setup by Aurelian14, and is an ongoing patronized work sponsored by him. Originally written in small chapter releases, they will be collected here on Literotica in 10 chapter chunks for smoother reading.


Chapter 191

The blowjob was, well, it was as great as usual. Sabrina and Gemma were both great in slightly different ways, but the biggest thing between them both is that they both made you feel like they really did love your cock because it was yours.

As Sabrina slowly bobbed her mouth, keeping her hands away and behind her back, Gemma shifted on the bed and began to get other angles. She got a closeup from the side, catching Sabrina’s tongue as she slithered out from her lips along the bottom of your shaft. She got an angle that hid Sabrina’s face when she worked her lips down your cock and began to lap and suck at your balls. Then, when the proper blowjob continued again, she got behind Sabrina and got a shot of Sabrina’s pussy and plugged ass with her bobbing head and your torso in the background. When Sabrina realized that was the view she wiggled her bum and shifted her stance to show more of herself to the camera, then reached between her legs and slid a finger through her pussy lips and diddled her clit for a moment.

Then, with a look up at you, Sabrina jammed her face down low on your cock and gagged and bit. You knew she wanted you to fuck her face and make her deepthroat you, so you wove your fingers into her hand and started to do just that. Gemma came back around the bed, slowly moving the camera around, showing off Sabrina’s ass as she pressed her pelvis to the bed, then up her back, then to your fingers in her hair. Finally Gemma zoomed back in on your cock fucking Sabrina’s lips and pushing deep into her throat.

And then, and you weren’t sure if it was a subconscious thing or intentional, Gemma reached into frame and ran her hand along Sabrina’s throat, accentuating the little bit of bulge that happened when she deepthroated you.

Sabrina came. She hadn’t been playing with herself, hadn’t had her nipples teased and tested. She came, just a small one, from being treated like a fleshlight and Gemma making that one little move to emotionally set her over the edge.

You pulled out of her throat and mouth, thick strands of spittle connecting your cock to her lips, as she panted to catch her breath.

“Good girl,” you said. “God, when you’re not being a brat you arethe best girl.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” she beamed up at you, her eye makeup smudged now from her eyes watering during the facefucking. “Are you ready to take my ass now?”

“I am, baby,” you said. “Do you want to be on top, or do you want me to be in control?”

“Oh, you Daddy,” she panted. She spun on her knees again, planting her messy face against the pillows and practically hiding her eyes and forehead between them so that only her lips and chin were visible. She raised her ass up and spread her knees wide. “Please, take me like this, Daddy. Make me your anal whore, just like I know Darling is for you.”

You got beside her, Gemma getting a just-off-centre shot to show Sabrina’s hanging nipples between her legs and her face in the background. “Darling is my girlfriend though, baby,” you said, putting two fingers on the buttplug and wiggling it to make her squirm. “Does that mean you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Mmm-mm,” she shook her head. “I want more. I want to be yours. I want to be your pet, and your mistress. Your official side piece. Can I be your official mistress, Daddy? I promise to be the best sex pet ever.”

“Yes, baby,” you said, leaning down and kissing the top of one of her ass cheeks as you began to pull out the buttplug. “But didn’t you realize that’s what you were already? You’re mine.”

“Yeeesss, Daddy,” Sabrina moaned lewdly, and you weren’t sure if she was playing it up for you, or the camera, or just really felt that way.

Gemma got a good closeup of her ass releasing the golden buttplug, gaping for just a moment and then shrinking to closealmost all the way.

You grabbed the lube and dripped a bit onto Sabrina’s asshole and slowly rubbed it in, awkwardly getting a bit more on your cock off-camera and stroking it as well.

“Are you ready, baby?” you asked.

“God, yes Daddy,” she nodded. “Make me yours.”

You got into position behind her, and Gemma shifted on the bed to get an above and slightly to the side view as you placed your cock to Sabrina’s asshole as she spread her cheeks for you.

“On three, OK?” escort bayan bursa you asked. “Make sure you relax.”

“OK, Daddy,” she gasped. “I trust you.”

“One,” you counted. “Two.”

You pushed in, popping the head of your cock through her anal ring before she could tense at three.

“Oooh, Daddy, fuck!” Sabrina squealed, and you held her hips in place and didn’t move your cock anymore as her upper body rocked from the surprise.

You weren’t thinking about the camera anymore, or the show. Or even Gemma, really. Because when you’d thrust into Sabrina and she’d squealed it hadn’t been like with Gemma. There had been pain in her voice. And the last fucking thing you would ever want to do was cause either of your girls real pain, even if they wanted it or Sabrina wanted to push through for the sake of a video.

So you had a decision to make. Stop, or try and push on. Trust your gut, or trust in Sabrina’s sexy acting abilities. If you called cut it would, at best, make the video seem choppy. But more importantly it might ruin Sabrina’s first time doing anal. If you didn’t and she was in pain, it could be way more disastrous.

“Cut,” you said, holding still. “Sabrina, I need to know that you’re OK.”

Sabrina stayed with her face buried in the pillows for a long moment, then raised them and looked back at you with tears in her eyes and her lip quivering.

Chapter 192

Sabrina was sitting on the floor of her shower with her knees curled up and her forehead pressed between them as you sat next to her rubbing her back as she whimpered.

“Honey, it’s OK,” Gemma said. She was sitting on the toilet just outside the shower, reaching in and holding one of Sabrina’s hands. “It’s OK.”

“I- I just wanted it so bad,” Sabrina sobbed a little, lifting her face to look at you and Gemma. “You loved it so much and were nervous, but Iwanted it and it felt-“

She started crying again, burying her head between her knees.

“Shhh,” you shushed her soothingly. “It’s OK. It’s OK.”

Sabrina had done all the prepping she could think of. She’d been secretly wearing buttplugs around at work. She’d fingered her butt. She’d even gone up one last butt plug size right before we did it. But for some reason when you had popped into her it hadn’t felt good at all. In fact, it had downright stung and she’d thought maybe she’d ripped open or something.

It was the strangest thing, when you thought about it. Compared to Gemma, Sabrina practically got off of little shocks of pain and you would have almost called her a masochist. Well, maybe not that far, but still. But for some reason it just didn’t do anything good for her to take your cock in the one place she’d been building up in her mind.

“I love you,” you whispered to her.

She cried.

* * * * *

You and Gemma, once Sabrina was cried out, got her dried off and tucked her into bed, promising to make her some dinner. The two of you worked together to make a simple sandwich combo for her, bouncing thoughts off of each other as to what she would like on it. You’d even found a bag of chips rolled and clipped in one cupboard to go with it.

“I’m going to go,” Gemma said once you had the plate all made up.

“What? No,” you said, taking her hand. “She needs us both right now.”

“No,” Gemma smiled sadly. “She needs you, love. Right now I’m the girl who can do something she can’t. She needs you to show her that that doesn’t matter, and that you love her. So stay, and I’ll go.”

You frowned, not liking the idea of ending the weekend early. Or going to sleep without her next to you.

“Seriously, love,” she said, seeing the look on your face. “I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?”

“Alright,” you sighed, and let her kiss you for a long minute.

You walked Gemma to the door and kissed her again on her way out, making her promise to text when she got back to her place.

Then you looked around the apartment and shook your head with a little sigh. Sabrina was a lot of things, but she wasn’t tidy. So you went to work, quickly cleaning the living room and kitchen, and then you laid out the light dinner on the coffee table, and set up her laptop, and got a blanket from where it was stashed under a side table and got it ready.

Inside her room, Sabrina hadn’t fallen asleep. She was just laying there on her side under the covers, frowning to herself. You went to her and knelt down next to the bed, brushing the hair out of her face and leaning in to kiss her forehead.

“Gemma’s gone,” you said quietly.

“Did you fuck her ass again before she left?” Sabrina asked petulantly.

“Sabrina,” you said, surprised and stern.

She softened immediately, looking guilty. “Sorry. That was bitchy of me.”

“Come here,” you said and pulled the covers off of her. She had panties on but that was it. You picked her up in a cradle carry and brought her out into the living room area, sitting down on the couch with her in your lap and pulling the blanket over you both.

“Castle and Sandwiches?” she asked.

You bursa sinirsiz eskort nodded and kissed her.

“I can’t eat with me bundled up like this,” she pointed out.

“That’s what this arm is for,” you said, wiggling your hand that wasn’t under the blanket. Then you picked up a chip and lifted it to her lips.

She looked at and pursed her lips, then opened her mouth and let you feed it to her. She chewed quickly and then rested her head on your shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she said.

“For what?” you asked.

“Not being able to do it,” she sighed.

“Well, I’m sorry,” you said.

She frowned, her brow crinkling. “For what?”

“For making you ever think you needed to,” you said.

“You didn’t,” she said, raising her face to look at you fully and pouting her lips.

“Then why do you think it matters to me?” you asked. “I mean, sure it would be nice. But so would a lot of things. I don’tneed to fuck your cute little butt, Sabrina. I doneed you.”

She rolled her lips in and smiled, looking a lot younger than she was for a moment, before resting her head on your shoulder. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I know,” you said. “I love you too.”

And you reached over and pressed play on the show, and Nathan Fillion filled the screen. Eventually you both figured out that feeding her the sandwich would be more mess than it was worth and you lost the blanket, and then your clothes joined it, as did her panties.

You were eating an early dinner, and six episodes of Castle later you were both sprawled on the couch, naked and slowly massaging each other’s feet.

“Did I mention that I love you?” she asked, smiling happily and then taking your big toe and putting it between her teeth playfully.

“You did. Did I mention that I love you?”

“You did,” she smiled.

Chapter 193

“Well, well,” Becks said as you walked into the office right behind Sabrina, having opened the door for her. “Someone is looking spiffy.”

“She always looks spiffy,” you smirked.

“She’s talking about you, dummy,” Sabrina smirked, giving you a nudge with her elbow.

“I know, dummy,” you chuckled, nudging her back.

“So I’m guessing you guys had a good weekend?” Becks asked.

“Mhmm,” Sabrina nodded. “Almost perfect.”

“Almost?” Becks raised an eyebrow.

Sabrina hesitated and then shrugged. “Almost.”

“Well, I hope your week starts just as well,” she said. “Gemma isn’t in yet. She hasn’t forgotten my coffee, has she?”

“Haven’t seen her yet, but I’m sure she’s on her way,” you said. “As for the start of the week… well, let’s just say I probably have an email in my inbox that will determine that.”

Becks levelled a ‘what did you do?’ look at you and Sabrina, so you put off going up into the office for another couple of minutes to tell her about the ‘performance reviews’ that Joy had played at on Friday.

“Well, shit,” she sighed once you’d finished the story. “I dunno what to tell you guys on this one, she never pulled this kind of crap before that I can remember. Or at least that she told me about. What are you going to do?”

“Well, hopefully Garrison believes us,” you said.

“And if not, we’re not really sure,” Sabrina said. “We’re going to need to figure it out as we go. If we come back down here before lunch, we’ve probably been fired.”

“And who’s going to get me my morning coffee if that happens?” Becks asked with a commiserating smile.

“Joy,” you guessed. “She’d be the only intern left.”

“Fat chance of that,” Becks sighed. “She never did the coffee run even in her first year.”

You and Sabrina left Becks to her work and piled into the elevator, and this time you didn’t flirt or kiss or anything. You’d discussed your realization last week that there might be cameras in there, so it was all business.

Up on the floor you stepped out and weren’t immediately met with security, so that was a good sign. You were both also the first ones in the conference room, so you opened your laptops and checked your emails.

“I’ve got nothing,” you said.

“Me neither,” Sabrina frowned. “Maybe he didn’t check his emails over the weekend?”

“Maybe,” you said. “But, I mean, he’s a partnered lawyer at a good firm, he’d have to at least check his emails, right?”

The two of you settled in, waiting to see what would happen. Eric was the next person to arrive, and he didn’t have an email either. Then Gemma showed up with a cardboard box. You immediately got up to help her with it.

“Thanks,” she smiled and touched your fingers as you both moved the box onto the table.

“No problem,” you smiled. “Good morning.” You tried your best to add a silent ‘beautiful’ to the end of that with your eyes.

“Good morning,” she replied, smiling wide. Maybe she’d gotten the message. Then she turned to the box and unfolded the top, pulling out five extra large takeout cups. “Drinks for everyone, and doughnuts and croissants.”

“Pushing some buttons?” Sabrina asked.

“I escort bayan don’t know what you mean,” Gemma said, putting on an obviously innocent voice. “I just wanted to treat my fellow lowly interns to a treat at the start of the week.”

There were more drinks in the box which she took out and went to deliver to the various offices. Associates were already in, but you had no idea about the partners since their offices were at the other end of the floor and on the floor up.

Gemma was back well before Andy, let alone Joy, so she checked her emails and had nothing either. “He wasn’t in yet, though,” she said.

“Well, I guess we just work and wait,” you said.

And that’s what you did. You left a doughnut, croissant and Andy’s drink neatly on a napkin at his spot and then disposed of the box Gemma had carried everything in, but each of you made a point of leaving your own crum-covered napkins and drinks out in full view.

At 9:30am you went to check if Garrison was in and you saw his light on from down the hall, so you steeled yourself and went down to see him. You knocked on his door and it looked like he’d been in for at least a couple of minutes and was already sipping on his coffee.

“John, please don’t tell me you got into another brawl this weekend with some internet rapper or whatever,” he said, looking up from his computer with a pleasant, teasing look.

“Uh, no, sir. Nothing like that,” you said. “How was your weekend?”

“Shitty!” he laughed. “But that’s what happens when you end up working all weekend. I’ll be honest, kid. It’s easy to slip into bad habits when there’s always more work to do. Don’t let that be you, huh?”

“Oh, well, I’m sorry to hear that, sir,” you said. “But then, did you see our email?”

“What do you mean?” Garrison asked.

“We sent you an email on Friday afternoon,” you said. “All of us interns – well, most of us. It was about the ‘performance reviews’ that Joy tried to put us through.”

He blinked, and then frowned. “I didn’t get an email like that,” he said. “I don’t like the sound of that either. Are you sure you sent it?”

“98%? I sent it to you, and CC’d the others. They all read it and signed on,” you said.

He clicked on his own laptop for a few minutes, his frown deepening. “I’m not seeing it here.”

“Sir, I know I sent that email. Everyone watched me do it,” you said.

Garrison actually cracked his knuckles and then stood. “Let’s head down there and take a look, make sure it’s not sitting in your drafts folder or something, hmm?”

You felt like you were being walked to the principal’s office as he escorted you back down to the conference room. The others, including Andy thank God, looked up as you entered followed by Garrison.

“Morning folks,” he said, but didn’t continue.

You went around to your spot and opened your laptop, and he hovered over you as you clicked through to your Sent folder and saw that the email wasn’t there. And then you clicked your drafts and it wasn’t there. You even clicked your Deleted folder and it wasn’t there.

“Hey, guys,” you said. “Do any of you have the CC copies of the email?”

All of them quickly checked and started shaking their heads.

“What the frick?” Gemma muttered, her frown deepening. Then she looked up to Garrison. “Sir, I swear that John is telling you the truth. I know I got the CC’d copy when he sent it on Friday afternoon.”

Garrison had just started to speak when Mrs Bellagamba showed up at the door followed by one of the HR workers. “Oh, Terry,” she said in surprise. “Well, I guess it’s good you’re here. Interns, we have a serious issue we need to discuss.”

“Actually,” Garrison said. “I think you and I have something to discuss first.”

Chapter 194

Garrison and Bellagamba both stepped outside and, after a moment, the lady from HR stepped in. It was the one you and Gemma hadn’t reported to, who worked up on the second floor. She’d been there during one of your interviews but you hadn’t seen her since you started at the firm.

And you quickly decided that you were happy about that.

This lady just stood there at the doorway, starting out a little startled that Garrison firmly shut the door as she stepped in, and then simply frosty and glaring. The strange thing was that she hadn’t seemed to be so… well, bitchy when she’d sat in on your interview. Was that just a front, or had something happened to make her act like that?

She was eyeing all of you, and all of you were watching her.

“Ahem,” she coughed, glaring.

All of you got back to work, typing softly and only stealing glances towards her and the door. The typing, however, didn’t overpower the muted, stern voices that were happening out in the hallway. You couldn’t tell what was being said, but it was clear that Garrison and Bellagamba were having an intense discussion.

‘Mom and Dad are fighting” Sabrina sent over the slack channel we all shared. Not the official Intern one, since Joy was in that one.

You knew exactly when Gemma read it because she almost spit out a laugh and coughed to cover it up. Glancing over to her, you met her eyes as she kept coughing into her elbow, her eyes watering a little. You looked over at Sabrina and she was trying not to giggle at the response she’d gotten. The HR lady didn’t seem to be catching on.

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