The Normal Ones Ch. 02


(I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the lovely comments on Chapter 1 of this story, which you should definitely read before you read Chapter 2 here. This is my first foray into erotica so it’s nice to get positive feedback. I think I forgot to mention it last time but all characters are over 18 even if not explicitly stated. Thanks again, and enjoy!)


Sarah Gilbert was not expecting the scene that awaited her when she got home. A few hours previously she had said goodbye to her mother, Alison, outside the sauna where they had not only had an intimate encounter, but had discussed a plan to get her younger brother Jason into bed with their mother. To give her mother time to enact their plan, Sarah had gone on a shopping spree. Her main focus had been getting new lingerie to use in her own incestuous lovemaking with her extremely hung brother. As hard as it was to find cute bras that fit her impressive 40KK breasts, she had still managed to fill the bag with lacy bras, matching lacy panties and sexy thigh-high stockings.

Her expectation when she got home was to sneak past her younger sister, Sophie, quickly change into some of her new lingerie, and head down to the family’s basement gym where she was sure to find her mother and brother fucking each other’s brains out. Jason, as far as she knew, had never had a threesome, and the thought that his first would be with his older sister and their mother had made Sarah’s pussy drip the entire drive home. However, the scene that greeted her when she arrived was an altogether different situation. Rather than finding them tangled in heavy, sweaty mother-son incest as she had expected, Sarah found Alison and Jason standing outside Sophie’s bedroom begging her to come out and talk to them. It was soon explained to her that her mother and brother had indeed fucked, but had not gone down to the soundproof basement because Sophie had gone to friend’s house. Unfortunately for them, the youngest Gilbert daughter had arrived home just in time to see her big brother giving their mother a creampie. Sophie had fled to her room, locking the door behind her and refusing to come out.

Now Sarah, Alison and Jason were all sitting around the kitchen table. Alison was still wearing the tiny red bikini that barely covered anything on her luscious BBW body, and Jason was still in nothing but his swimming shorts. Even with the gravity of the situation they faced, Sarah couldn’t help devouring her brother’s toned muscles with her eyes. Her ex-boyfriend, Ethan, had kept himself fit but he had been nowhere near as muscular as Jason. To Sarah, her brother had the body of those physically perfect guys in high school that would never have looked twice at her because of her size. But Jason loved how big she was. He loved her huge tits and her fat ass and her jiggly belly and more than anything he loved getting to touch it all as he fucked her. On top of that he was smart, kind, funny and she knew he loved her. If he hadn’t been her brother, Sarah might have already started picking out a wedding dress.

“Well someone has got to go talk to Sophie.” she said, shaking thoughts of Jason bending her over and fucking her in a wedding dress from her head.

“I wish Keith was here.” said Alison, thinking about her ex-husband and father of her children. “Sophie was always such a daddy’s girl, she’d listen to him.”

“That settles it then,” replied Sarah, “Jason is like a mini dad so he’s the best choice to go up there. Plus, you two were always closer to each other than either of you were to me.”

“Up until six months ago.” joked Jason, referring to the first time he and Sarah had fucked.

“Not the time, baby bro.” Sarah chided him, struggling to keep her own thoughts away from the first time Jason’s 10.5 inch cock had stretched out her pussy. “Not get up those stairs and make sure our baby sister is ok after catching you balls deep in mom.”

Reluctantly, Jason stood up and made his way back to the door of Sophie’s room. He had no idea what he was going to say to her. She probably thought he was some kind of disgusting pervert, and maybe he was. After all, the scene she had walked in on was something he had been fantasising about since he started jacking off. Pounding his voluptuous mother’s big soft body, sucking on her massive tits like he wanted milk from them, unloading deep inside her and coating the womb that birth him in cum? It might not have happened exactly like his adolescent daydreams, but these were all things that Jason had wanted to do to his mother for a long time. Wasn’t that the kind of thing that makes someone a pervert? Panic began to set in. Wasn’t incest illegal, too? Would Sophie tell someone, their dad or a therapist or something? Would he be responsible for getting his sister and his mother put in jail? All because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. He tried to calm himself as he reached Sophie’s door. Taking a deep breath, he knocked and called out.

“Elf? It’s me, Jason. Can we please olgun gaziantep escort talk about this?”

He heard movement on the other side of the door, and then Sophie’s voice came through softly.

“I don’t want to talk to mom.”

“You don’t have to.” he replied, relieved that she was at least speaking. “It’s just me, Elf. No mom, no Sarah. Just me. Can I come in?”

There was a moment of silence that seemed to stretch on for hours until eventually Jason heard the door unlocking and then it swung open, with Sophie petite form standing right behind it. The first thing Jason noticed was that she had been crying. Her heavy goth makeup had tear streaks through it and her eyes were still red. The second thing he noticed was that she was not wearing the clothes he had brought her to the movies in earlier that day. Thinking back to the moment she found him and their mother, he realised that she must have changed clothes at the Cho’s house. Sophie still had her Love in Vein t-shirt on, but her shorts were gone. They had been replaced by a loose plaid mini-skirt and a set of thigh-high fishnet stockings. As she turned to walk back to her bed, the skirt lifted ever so slightly and afforded Jason a glimpse of her pert butt cheeks.

Sophie hopped up and sat crossed-legged on her pillow at the top of her bed. Jason, after closing the door again, followed her over and sat down on the edge of the bed near her, relieved that she didn’t seem to recoil from his presence.

“Sophie, I’m so sorry…” he began.

“Start from the beginning, tell me everything.” his sister interrupted.

So he did. He told her about himself and Sarah, how they had started hooking up after Ethan had dumped her. He told her stuff that he himself had only just found out, like their mother catching him and Sarah in bed together, and what had happened between mother and daughter in the sauna. He told her about coming home after she had left to see the Cho’s, their mother asking him to help with her sun-tan lotion and how that had led to them indulging their carnal lusts for each other. When he finished he expected to look up into the disgusted face of his little sister, who would never see him the same way again. Instead, he found her grinning from ear to ear.

“Saliva can be used as sun-tan lotion? That’s the best line mom could come up with?” she laughed.

Jason was shocked at first, and then he started laughing too. He laughed out all the stress he had been feeling since he came inside his mother and Sophie caught them, and they both laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole situation.

“So,” he said, once he could catch his breath, “you don’t hate me?”

“Jason, you’re my big brother.” she replied. “I could never hate you.”

They smiled at each other then and Jason leaned over to give his sister a hug. She hugged him back tightly, and then they broke apart.

“So you’ve always had a thing for mom and Sarah then?” Sophie asked him. She stretched her legs out so that her toes were just about touching her brother’s thigh.

“I guess.” he answered, not completely sure how to proceed. “It was just mom at first, once I hit puberty and started jacking off she was pretty much the only thing in my wank bank. After a while I started noticing how much Sarah looked like her though, and then Sarah was in my fantasies just as much as mom was.”

“Have you ever thought about me that way?” she asked, moving her feet up and onto his crotch.

“I… Uh…” he started.

“Because I’ve thought about you that way, Jason.” she continued. “I’ve thought about you that way a lot. Ever since I turned 18 it’s been all I can think about. Sometimes I’d steal your t-shirts and wear them while I touched myself just so I could be surrounded by your scent as I came. And then I got a feel of that python in your pants at the movie theatre and I nearly exploded. I wanted to drag you into a bathroom, or just get on my knees and suck you off right there. I was so wet I thought it was going to show through my shorts. So I text Melanie and said I had to come over and I watched her fuck Marcus and touched myself imagining you fucking me. That’s right, the Cho twins are fucking each other. I guess incest is more normal than anyone thinks.”

Jason had no idea what to do. In truth, he had never thought about his little sister in a sexual way. His desire for his mother had fueled his desire for his older sister, but Sophie had always just been ‘Elf’, the baby of the family. His feelings towards her had always been that of a protective older brother. Looking at her now though, Jason was finally seeing the woman she had grown into. He saw how her black lipstick accentuated her lips in a way that made him imagine them wrapped around his shaft. He could see how her t-shirt wrapped so tightly around the petite curves of her chest with no sign of a bra, her nipples glaringly obvious in their hardness. He saw how her skirt was so gaziantep olgun escort short that if it rose up just half an inch it would reveal her crotch to him. He saw how good her smooth pale thighs looked in those fishnet stockings. More than anything, he saw her petite feet rubbing on his own crotch, quickly bringing his cock to full mast beneath his swimming shorts.

“That’s why I was crying earlier.” said Sophie, bringing her brother’s attention back to her gorgeous face. “I had finally made up my mind. I was going to seduce you. I had to know if my greatest fantasy could be a reality, even if you hated me afterwards I couldn’t live the rest of my life wondering ‘what if?’ and wishing I had taken a chance. Then I get home and you’re balls deep in mom. Mom, who from what you’ve said has absolutely zero game. It was like a cruel joke. I find out you’re ok with incest, that you’d even do it yourself, but it’s mom you wanted to fuck. I don’t look like mom, I didn’t get her huge tits and her huge ass and all the other stuff you like. All I could think was that the incest wasn’t the problem anymore, it was me. You just weren’t attracted to me. Judging by your friend here though, I think I might have been wrong.”

She nodded down to Jason’s rock hard cock, her fishnet-clad feet still stroking the bulge.

“Sophie, I-” he began to say.

“I think you should take your shorts off, big brother.” she interrupted, removing her feet from his lap.

Without thinking too much about it, Jason stood up and pulled his shorts down. His erection sprung out straight in front of him as his shorts fell to his ankles and he kicked them away. After he sat back down on the bed, completely naked, Sophie went back to stroking his massive cock with her tiny feet.

“Do you like that, big brother?” she asked, putting on her best little girl voice. “Do you like how huge your big fat cock looks in between your baby sister’s feet? I think it looks so hot. Giving you a footjob is making my tight teenage pussy so wet, Jason. Do you want to see?”

Jason tore his eyes away from his sister’s feet stroking his throbbing cock and looked up at her. She was pulling off her t-shirt, her perky A cup tits coming into view with the slightest bounce. She shook her hair out and pouted her lips as she threw the t-shirt away, her fingers going to the hem of her skirt as she waited for his answer.

“Yes.” he whispered, not trusting himself to speak any louder.

“Yes what, Jason?” she teased, enjoying the power she finally had over her brother. “If you want me, you’ve got to tell me. I’ve waited years to hear you say it and I’m not waiting any longer.”

“Yes Sophie, I want you.” he said, louder this time. “I love the way your feet feel on my cock, I love your petite body and your goth makeup and all those slutty goth clothes you like to wear. I love your perky little tits and how hard your nipples are. And most of all, I want to see how wet my little sister has gotten for me.”

“Kneel up on the bed.” Sophie commanded him, pushing herself down.

Jason did as he was told, pulling himself up on the bed and kneeling in front of his sister as she lay flat. She moved her feet back to his cock and then slowly began to pull her skirt up. It wasn’t long before Jason could see the wet shine of his sister’s lips, slick with her juices.

“Do you like it, big brother?” she asked.

“It’s beautiful,” he replied, “I can’t wait to be inside it.”

“Inside it? Just what kind of girl do you think I am, Jason?”

He looked up at Sophie’s face again, confused and unsure of where she was going with this.

“Do you think I let every guy who pulls out a big thick cock just go ahead and ruin my tight little teenage pussy?” she continued. “If big brother wants to know how it feels to bury that weapon in my dripping little cunt, he’s going to have to earn it.”

The siblings smiled at each other then, understanding the game that was being played. Jason knew he could push his sister’s feet away, pin her down and stretch her fuck hole with his big cock and she wouldn’t complain, but he could also see that Sophie was finally living out her fantasy and a big part of that fantasy was feeling like she was seducing him. As much as she wanted it, more than anything she wanted to make him work for it.

“How do I do that?” he asked, rubbing his hands along her thighs.

“Hmmmmmmm, I don’t know.” she pretended to ponder the question. “Maybe if you grab my tiny feet and fuck them with your huge cock until you cum all over your little sister, I might let you fuck me like a little slut.”

Jason didn’t need to be told twice. Taking hold of Sophie’s ankles he began pumping the length of his shift back and forth between her soles. Sophie brought her hand down to rub her clit as she watched her big brother use her to give himself a footjob. She could feel the throbbing of his cock in her toes and it made her pussy gush, gaziantep olgun escort bayan dribbles of her nectar running down to her asshole. She wondered if Jason’s cock would even fit in her back passage. Marcus had taken her anal cherry the very same day he took her virginity, so she was no stranger to anal sex. Still, her brother was longer and thicker than her friend, so she resolved to enlist the Cho twins in training her asshole a bit more before she surrendered it to the python staring at her from Jason’s crotch.

“I’ve never fucked anyone’s feet before, Sophie.” Jason said, interrupting her anal daydreams.

“I’ve never let anyone fuck my feet.” she admitted. “But your cock looked so good between them I knew I had to see you cum from it.”

“I don’t think you’ll be waiting long.” he replied, increasing the pace of his thrusting.

Even though he had only just cum inside their mother a few hours previously, Jason was indeed getting close to another orgasm. Sophie was right, her tiny fishnet-clad feet looked incredible with his engorged cock pumping between them, and they felt even better than they looked. Beyond that, the sight of his baby sister in nothing but those fishnet stockings and that tiny skirt bunched up around her waist would be enough by itself to make even the most resilient man blow his load in his pants. Emptying his balls into their mother’s welcoming cunt was probably the only reason Jason hadn’t already painted his sister in his cream, but that moment was fast approaching. Sophie slid two fingers into her dripping hole and pulled them out covered in her sticky juices. She then brought her hand to her mouth and slowly licked her fingers clean, and that was more than Jason could handle.

“FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!” he roared as his cock lurched between his sister’s soles. The first two spurts of cum shot out of him like a cannon, landing across Sophie’s cheek. The next few left ribbons of white across her chest, drowning her hard nipples. After five or six more spurts landing on his sister’s smooth stomach, Jason was finally spent. He sat back and watched as Sophie began to scoop his cum from her body with her fingers and devour it.

“Mmmmmmm you taste so good, Jason! And you’re still hard!”

It was true. Despite his massive orgasm Jason’s cock hadn’t deflated even slightly. It still stood tall, pointing straight up and occasionally twitching with excitement.

“Kinda hard to go soft when you’re looking like that, Elf.” he grinned, giving his shaft a few quick strokes. “Besides, he knows he was promised a go in that gorgeous pussy.”

“I don’t know, Jason. I’m not sure you’ve earned it just yet.” Sophie teased.

“I think at this stage you know I’ll do anything for it, so what have you got planned next?” he asked.

“Well you just got to cum, and I think it’s only fair that I get to cum too before you fuck me.” she replied as she finished swallowing the last drops of his load. “So instead of asking stupid questions maybe you can put that tongue to better use?”

As with his mother, Jason didn’t need to be told twice. Eating pussy was his passion, and was almost as big a part of his glowing reputation among the female students of his college as his impressive endowment below the belt. Before Sophie could utter another word her brother was diving face-first between her legs, his tongue lapping up the river of moisture flowing from her needy hole. As he licked her, she manoeuvred her legs underneath him and once again found his hard cock with her feet. Jason moaned on his sister’s clit as he felt her stroking his cock with her feet again. There was something incredibly erotic about feeling her toes curling on his shaft as he tasted her sweetness. He moved his hands under her and gripped her butt tightly, pushing her up against his face as he licked and sucked. Sophie’s moans filled the room as he worked his tongue along her slit. Her own attention to her clit earlier, and watching her brother’s cock pump a huge load all over her, had almost made her cum at the time. Sophie had held off her orgasm, however, wanting the first time Jason made her cum to be with his mouth. She arched her back as she ran her fingers through his hair, grinding herself on his face in her desperation to get off. Suddenly she felt one of his hands leave her butt cheek, and then she screamed in pleasure as her brother’s finger found her welcoming hole. Jason pumped his middle finger in and out of his sister’s tight pussy as he sucked on her throbbing clit, knowing she was close to cumming. Soon he was rewarded with both of Sophie’s hands gripping the back of his head and forcing him down on her hard. Her feet froze on his cock as she came, and he felt her squirting all over his face. Jason savoured her taste, flicking his tongue across her clit as she moaned and writhed beneath him in the throes of ecstasy. Eventually Sophie went limp, her screams replaced by heavy panting and her grip in his head loosening. He gently pulled his hand out from under her and then shuffled up the bed beside her. Before he could utter a word she turned and lunged on him, kissing him passionately. She kissed all over his soaked face, her tongue darting out to clean him of her juices as she went.

“I love you so much Jason.” she moaned between kisses and licks. “I love you I love you I love you! I’ve never cum like that in my life!”

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