The Night I Met Daniel Craig…


I had arrived at my Fathers friends house for the party alone ( apart from my parents)

Everyone seemed to be glowing with happiness, or maybe it was just all the candles in the house. I looked around, everything was grand, marble, shiny and antique. I felt out of place straight away, I wasn’t used to parties like this, not when everyone spoke like they had been to the Royal Grammar School. Thank God I had been to Paris a month previous shopping or I would have had nothing to wear. It was a celebration for my Father and his business partner Bernard and their promotion, I didn’t know what the promotion was for or what kind, I was uninterested, like the way my Father was uninterested in what my job was.

I entered the main room, little groups of people were scattered everywhere, it was a large house so I knew this must be only a quarter of the guests, and there was at least 35 people in the room. I smiled pleasantly and shook hands and gave air kisses to ladies I had never met but who knew my name. I was bored. I knew this would happen, I was supposed to be out for my friends birthday clubbing in London but never mind. I had to just grin and bear it.

I looked down at my dress and compared it to some of the other guests, mine was a white lace dress with a large gold silk band around my waist. The neckline scooped across my firm breasts ( they were compared to some of the sagging ones surrounding me) so I had a nice cleavage, nothing inappropriate as I was representing my Father. It looked quite elegant but then again I was possibly the only 18 year old there, and couldn’t really compare to the flowery frocks and pearls of the women there, I frankly was still a girl.

“Would you like a drink Darling?” My mother had crept out of nowhere to startle me, I smiled pleased to see a familiar face but that soon faded as she handed me a glass of orange juice.

“Oh, um thank you.” I looked down at it disappointed, everyone else was drinking champagne and the finest wines.

“I don’t want you to make a fool of yourself by drinking alcohol, its your Daddy’s big night.” She smiled and tugged my dress down at the hem so to make it a tinsy bit longer. She thought I was showing to much leg and cleavage, I suppose I was compared to everyone else, but then again I was tanned young and could pull it off unlike these aging aristocrats.

“You better stick to that orange juice darling.” she tapped the glass, smiled sweetly and swayed off to mingle.

She knew this was an unfair thing to say as she was an alcoholic, but Father thought because it was only the finest whiskies, sherries, wines and beverages that she binged on that it was totally fine. Stupid idiot.

I decided that I would have a wander around the house. It was definitely beautiful but to be honest I was to terrified to get drunk here in case I smashed something, and everything was clearly valuable.

I walked down a corridor towards another room packed with people, one woman seemed delighted to see me. She embraced me tightly and spoke of how when we last met I was only up to her hip. Fascinating, I thought. She was quite attractive with pale skin and jet black hair tied back. She was wearing a blue and black dress, she seemed familiar but I couldn’t place her, we had obviously met as she seemed to tug on my cheeks a little more and coo about how adorable I used to be. She saw that I was drinking orange juice and took me to the other side of the room handing me a glass of red wine.

“Drink up, you’ll be awful bored if you stick to orange juice.” I smiled and thanked her. I was relieved there was some slightly normal people here.

“Have you seen the garden yet? It looks fantastic, I heard your Father might be buying this place.” I didn’t know anything about that but nodded, he was certainly going wild with his money, this place was huge.

I excused myself and walked through the glass doors to the garden. Everything had twinkling white fairy lights on them , the trees, the bushes the pillars, there was even a huge pond and a maze, quite a large one in which no one seemed to be entering. There were a few people here just striding along talking in mumbles but at the far end of the garden there were tables with around fifty people there eating and laughing. There was a few waiters walking around serving drinks in the garden and handing out little nibbles of food. It was nice, but I wasn’t drunk enough to be enjoying myself. A waiter topped up my drink and I sat on a nearby chair looking around. Then I seen him. A man in a white shirt, I recognised him really well, he was walking alongside an exotic looking woman deep in conversation, although his brow was furrowed in an angry manner. I watched them for a about half an hour, sitting alone drinking and having my glass refilled, mirroring my mother, and watching as his lady stalked off angrily leaving him to sip at his champagne deep in thought near a large pond in the garden. I thought, with my new found wine given confidence, I would Travesti go and say hello.

I walked towards him, my gold sandals glittering in the grass.

I got to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

“I’ve told you, enough of-” he stopped his rant abruptly. I was staring straight at Daniel Craig. I blinked and he did too before he started stumbling over his apology at snapping at me.

“I am so dreadfully sorry, I thought you were some one else, I’m not that rude to strangers normally.”

“Oh well , thank goodness” I smiled “I just thought you looked alone that’s all. Or contemplating throwing yourself into the pond.” He laughed at this, his piercing blue eyes looking at me.

“What’s your name?”

“Róisín.” he smiled at the mention of my name and kissed my hand.

“I’m Daniel.” I wonder if he knew that I had recognised who he was when he turned around. I wondered what he was doing at this party.

“Hello Daniel, would you like to go for a walk?” I asked, holding my breath in anticipation, I was very relieved when he nodded.

“Would you like another drink first?” He asked looking at my empty wine glass.

“Oh, yes why not.” He beckoned over a waiter, the man scurried over pouring the red liquid into my glass.

“Oh no sir, I’ll be taking the whole bottle.” said Daniel and the waiter smiled taking an uncorked bottle from his tray and handing it to him.

We turned and began to walk as I sipped on my drink, everything seemed a bit surreal.

“So, how are you enjoying the party?” He asked looking down at me. I tossed back my long golden curls and thought for a moment.

“I don’t really know, you’re the first person to have properly spoken to me actually.”

“It is a bit boring here I must admit. And I have had a falling out with a friend of mine so tonight has not been that pleasant.” I looked at him, he was gorgeous. He had nice lips, and a rugged handsomeness about him. I loved the way his shirt tugged at his muscled arms too. I swayed a little and he laughed.

“Yes, I am a light weight when it comes to wine.” I laughed to myself, knowing that I was a little bit pissed.

“Aren’t we all.” He said smiling down at me.

“Um, do you fancy trying out the maze?” he gulped down his wine and he looked at me for a moment.

“Yes why not, we’ll finish this bottle, and we’ll do the maze. In fact we’ll play a little game.” I looked at him, he was intriguing, I wondered if his lady friend would mind us drinking and playing games together?

We sat on the grass, I had even stopped caring if I got grass stains on my white dress. The grass was damp as I slipped off my sandals. He took of his leather shoes and socks. I laughed as he did this.

“To boring nights out?”

“To boring nights out.” I repeated and we clinked our glasses and drank up.

We went through the bottle faster than I would have thought I could manage, but it was particularly good wine to be honest. We laughed as some of the older couples fell about drunk laughing heartily and spilling drinks on themselves. Even the woman who had given me red wine originally was plastered and her hair was all matted with sick. Me and Daniel were ignored by everyone which was perfect, I got him all to myself.

“Who was your friend that you were talking to before? The beautiful woman?” He laughed at this.

“The beautiful woman? Did you really think she was beautiful Róisín?” he asked and I nodded, he smiled at this.

“Oh she was just someone I know.” He avoided that subject quite obviously so I decided not to ask more questions on it. I kept looking at his lips and noticed. He didn’t look uncomfortable but he didn’t seem like he wanted to kiss me. I wanted him so badly.

After a few moments silence I plucked up the courage to talk to him again.

“What was the game you wanted to play?”

“Well, you go into the maze first and I’ll come and find you,” he grinned.

“What? No way, you’ll leave me in there wandering for hours!” he laughed at this and shook his head.

“No I won’t, I enjoy your company enormously, so why would I just leave you?”

I smiled at this, I was enjoying his attention also. Daniel Craig was giving me attention. What a surreal night.

“Ok, I’ll count to 20 and you better go and hide.” He grinned closing his eyes and covering them. I could see his mouth, his perfect lips. I would have loved to have leaned down and kissed them but my childlike excitement got the better of me and I began to run away leaving my sandals behind as I entered the huge maze. The walls of it were made of a creamy rough concrete with colourful drawings and designs upon them making me feel like I was in a blur of colours as I ran as fast as I could. The walls were tall, about 8ft high so I couldn’t climb over them even if I tried. I ran around the bends and turns running into dead ends and squealing with excitement as I heard Daniel yell


I didn’t know what to do, I kept still Konya Travesti and sunk into the shadows and held my breath, sort of scared, but strangely very turned on. I wanted him to come and find me so badly, but at the same time I want to tease him by getting away and not letting him find me. I looked down at myself. Sweat glistened on my cleavage and chest in the moonlight as I pushed my hair out of my face. My feet were damp off the grass and my legs had droplets of water on them from running through the wet grass. I didn’t look as nice as I had done when I had arrived but I didn’t care, I was in a maze hiding from one of the sexiest men alive and I could feel the wine making my heart pound hard against my chest. I then suddenly thought what if he never finds me? What if we lose each other and that’s the night over? And what if he does find me and that’s all he wanted, to play stupid games? I didn’t care though. My drunkenness made me sway a little and I gripped the wall. I listened hard, keeping as still as I could silently giggling, shaking with anticipation. I heard the crunch of a twig from nearby and turned around quickly, no one was there.

Suddenly I was lifted into the air from behind, his strong arms around my waist squeezing me. He was laughing.

“That was far too easy-” He spoke to soon, as soon as he put me down I laughed and stumbled forward running as fast as I could away from him, I heard the thuds of his bare feet against the ground as he ran after me, I was panting but kept going. I ran around the corner but was trapped. A dark dead end.

He sprinted around the corner leaning over catching his breath. He looked up and his blue eyes flashed mischievously as he noticed the situation we were in. How he had me trapped. I leaned back onto the cool of the stone and watched as he walked towards me slowly. I had no escape.

He put his hands flat on the wall on either side of me and leaned close to me so he was towering over me, his breath on my face.

“Caught you.” I laughed as he said this and he grabbed me pulling me close to him and pushing his lips onto mine hard, we were both sweaty and our hearts pounded against each other as our kiss became more passionate. I tore his shirt off from his body so his perfect muscles were on show, the sweat glistening on him turned me on even more. I could feel the heat between my legs grow. He kissed me again and put his hands behind my back, he pulled the gold silk band that was around my waist straight off and yanked my dress over my head throwing it onto the ground, he quickly undid my bra as I unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. You could see how hard he was through his under wear so I pulled them down pulling my bra off as I did so to feel the cool night air on my breasts, giving me shivers down my spine. He slipped his fingers down the sides of my white lace underwear and slipped them down my moist thighs, dragging his hands down them as he did so before coming back up for another amazing kiss. Our tongues touched and lashed against each other as I pressed my naked body onto his, his muscles on my soft breasts, the contrast was amazing. I could feel the heat coming from his body as he grabbed me by the hips and slammed me against the concrete wall, my back scraping against it, I gasped out in pain biting his lip slightly making him growl. He hovered me over his erection, the wetness of my leaking onto my thighs and dripping onto him, my nipples hard and being taken in his mouth, licking them making me shudder with ecstasy.

“Ohh…” I moaned as he kept me against the wall, his strong arms keeping me in place.

I could feel his hard dick pulsing against my lips, my wetness smothering the tip of him. He moaned onto my breasts as he pushed into me ever so slightly, lowering me onto him. His strong arms keeping me in place as I could feel him enter me slowly. He then slammed me down onto him, painful though it was I loved it, the pain and pleasure mixed together was perfect. He moaned again, pressing himself against me as I wrapped my legs around him while the wall scratched at my back as he pounded into me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was outside in a maze naked having sex with Daniel Craig. I moaned his name as he began to pick up his pace slamming into me harder and harder, fucking me until my moans were a mix of pure pleasure and torture, his dick piercing me but touching all the right places. He was lifting me at my hips at the same time bringing me down onto him harder. He was so strong keeping me in place this whole time while fucking me with all he could muster, he let out a deep guttural moan as I could feel him pulsing inside me, pumping into me until he was spent. I felt the heat run down between my legs as he slipped out of me and lowered me down as his legs gave way.

He fell back onto the grass and I fell on top of him and I looked down at him. His muscles rippled under his skin as he grabbed me and pulled me so I was right on top of İzmir Travesti him, my chest on his, and he kissed me.

“You’re absolutely beautiful.” he panted stroking my hair.

I shook my head at this and laughed.

“You were amazing,” I said breathlessly, our bodies tangled together.

He sat up and I did to and he pulled me onto his lap slipping his hand between my thighs and sliding his fingers into my still wet pussy. He drove them in and out of me hard and fast making me moan loudly, tossing my head back pleading for more. I could feel him stiffen beneath my arse and I pushed him down so he was lying flat on the grass. I slid onto him and began to fuck him, sliding up and down him, as hard as I could, he grabbed my hips and slammed me down onto him and I let out a loud screaming moan. He rolled me over so I was on the wet grass on my back and began to thrust into me again, as hard as he could, my hands grabbing at the chunks of grass ripping them out as he thrust into me forcefully.

He suddenly pulled out and I gasped in disappointment. He bit his lip and looked down at me as he slid down my body so his face was in my pussy, he began to lap at my clit with his tongue, dragging it as hard as he could over it over and over again. I moan as I could feel my orgasm begin to rise inside of me. I grabbed his hand and slammed his fingers into me and he began to shove them in and out of me while licking my clit repeatedly. It felt amazing what he was doing to me.

Then I began to rock against his fingers and tongue, feeling my orgasm rise and explode as the heat between my legs dripped onto his face and hand. He licked my pussy and slid his tongue inside of me making me shudder and shake even more as my orgasm came to its end. He slid his hands over my curvy body and over my breasts pulling me up by my shoulders so we were face to face me sitting in between his legs facing him, his hard cock poking my stomach. I picked myself up a little and squatted onto his cock as he was still sitting up. He moaned grabbing my body close to him as I lowered my self up and down on him until he came inside me again. I loved the feeling of him inside of my so sensitive pussy but I had to pull away from his amazing body to cool down.

I pulled off him and we both fell back onto the grass, even though my mind was spinning with wine and pleasure I found his hand and held it with my own as we turned to look at each other and we began to laugh and then kiss again. I felt myself get wet again and he slipped his hand down onto my pussy.

“Róisín, you’re wet.” He grinned and began to slip his fingers into me as we heard the rustling of grass and footsteps. I sat up and he removed his fingers. We scrambled for our clothes and pulled them on as fast as we could staring at each other with great lust as we did so. I was just fixing the hem of my skirt as his lady friend came around the corner with her hands on her hips.

“Daniel, why are you here with that girl?” she said, you could see she had been crying.

“I, um why are you crying darling?” he walked towards her and put an arm around her and I felt a pang of jealousy but that soon left as she pushed him away.

“I’ve been looking for you in this maze and I’ve heard everything you two have been doing I just couldn’t find you!” she screeched.

I looked at Daniel. I felt quite bad.

“Is this your girlfriend?” I asked a little sad that I had upset this girl.

“No, I’m his fiancé!” she bellowed. Daniel shook his head.

“No you’re not, we called off the wedding yesterday, Róisín, we only came to this party together so people would think that things between us were alright.” I looked at him but I was still drunk and my legs were still shaking from sex to truly understand. I excused myself and took about half an hour to find my way out of the maze, his scent still on me. I missed the feeling of him already but he had lied and said she was just a friend, well she didn’t react like a friend would. I was stressed and ran to the place where my sandals were, many of the guests were inside now as it had gotten colder so I ran into the house covering my red face and up the stairs trying to find a bathroom to tidy myself up.

I walked towards the entrance hall where my bag and coat were and picked them off the hanger. I quickly pushed past some of the guests who were singing Van Morrison songs and hanging off each other, my parents also part of the gang singing “brown eyed girl”

I cringed at this and sprinted up the stairs to a guest bedroom. I scrambled in dropping my coat on the floor my money falling out of the pockets. I rolled my eyes and headed to the mirror. I looked surprisingly good for being drunk as hell and having had amazing sex in a filthy maze.

I twirled around and noticed scratches all over my back and grass stains on my dress. My green eyes seemed to stand out in the mirror, I definitely felt different…I knew exactly why though… It was because Daniel had made me orgasm. No one had ever made me reach orgasm before, apart from myself of course.

I smiled to myself. But I still felt amazingly guilty. Why had he said she was just a friend? I couldn’t get the thought of her tortured face, mascara streaked.

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