The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 04


Vida had started getting bolder with Katie, her new employee who she had believing every word she said was true. Vida knew Katie was a little ditsy and did not listen to everything said in her initial interview when she was hired at Xetymew, a large computer corporation. This allowed Vida to come up with anything and say it was in the company code and was presented during the interview, leaving Katie to think she had missed it and it must be true.

One day at work, Vida had gotten employee reports back and saw that one of her girls was making real progress and deserved something in return. Of course there would be a bonus in her paycheck, but the chance to taste Katie’s sweet pussy was also on Vida’s mind.

Katie had taken to studying the company’s new employee program on her computer, which basically was way over her head. She sat there, sipping on her favorite coffee drink, caramel lattes, and perused fashion magazines she kept hidden on her lap underneath her desk.

The phone on Katie’s desk rang. Katie knew she was to answer it a certain way if it was a sales call. For some reason Katie never got any outside calls. All of her calls were internal, and all were from Vida.

“I will obey,” Katie said.

“Come into my office now,” Vida said, and then abruptly hanging up the phone.

“What could she want from me now?” Katie wondered to herself.

Katie walked gingerly to Vida’s office, her ass and pussy still sore from her last lunchtime outing in Vida’s office. Arriving at the door, she tapped lightly and was ordered to come inside.

“Get undressed. You are going to another party.”

“A party?” Katie thought to herself. “Ms. Reyes had just thrown me a party. But it really wasn’t a party for me. It was a gang bang-.” Suddenly Katie stood still, knowing what was about to happen. “Have I become the office gang bang girl?”

Although it was degrading, Katie liked the attention she was getting. She liked it a little, but was feeling humiliated that her body was put on view for all of Vida’s friends to see, and fuck, and suck, to their desire.

Katie removed her blouse and mid-length skirt and obeyed tuzla escort her next order and laid back on Vida’s desk. Vida lowered the circular rings from her ceiling. Katie grabbed her knees with her hands, and the straps were place around her right knee and wrist and her left knee and wrist. Vida tightened the straps, then put a blindfold on Katie. This was familiar.

“Now I have to gag you so you don’t talk during our party.”

“No Vida, I will be good. I won’t talk, honest. I will obey everything you say. I will obey you. I obey you. I-I oh no.”

“That’s of no use. Now open your mouth.” Katie held her lips tightly together, forcing Vida to pinch Katie’s left nipple so hard it made Katie open her mouth to scream. But there was no sound as Vida quickly placed a ball into Katie’s mouth and used straps around her head to keep it in place.

Then she left for a bit with Katie restrained on her desk. When she returned, Vida was not alone.

“Wow it really is Katie. She’s the new employee here. She’s Vida’s favorite girl,” one said.

“Who said that,” Katie thought to herself. “Who said I am Ms. Reyes’ favorite girl?”

Said another, “Ooh, and she’s oozing. She must need it bad.” Katie was extremely aroused by all the attention. “Oh, she is,” Vida started. “I have her at her sexual peak. She will respond to almost any sensual touch, watch.”

There was a moment of silence and Katie was wondering what was going on. Then Katie suddenly felt Vida’s tongue in her naval wiggling around. Katie moaned loudly into her gag and squirmed while the other office girls giggled.

Vida began again, “I will go get all the supplies. You girls feel free to explore her body.” All at one there were hands all over Katie’s naked bound body. Both breasts were being caressed. Another was rubbing her pussy lips and teasing her clit.

Katie felt another tongue in her belly button and all the touching caused her to shake and moan. Katie heard Vida’s return and the hands stopped. Katie could feel Vida’s soft hands on her face she ran her hands from Katie’s hair down her back and to her spread ass. Vida gave it a gentle rub göztepe escort then a hard slap. Katie yelled into her gagged as Vida said, “Alright ladies. This is in recognition of all the good work you have done. Let the party get started.”

Katie didn’t know that Vida was taping the whole party on the secret cameras placed in her office. All of Katie’s lunchtime outings were being sold on the Internet. Katie was becoming quite the Internet star even as she knew nothing about it.

Katie kept squirming and saying “MMMMM. MMMMMF. MMMMM.” into her gag.

“Please! I will obey everything Vida says. Please let me out of this.” Katie suddenly got quiet as she felt a lubed finger enter her open asshole. Soon another finger entered. “MMMMMF.” And then a third finger. “MMMMMMMMFFFF.” The fingers were pushing in and pulling out of Katie’s ass, causing Katie to moan.

Pulling her fingers out, a woman said, “She’s ready for something a little larger.”

“MMMMF?” Katie’s mind raced. What was larger than three fingers? What could it be- Katie’s stopped thinking as an object was placed in her hand. From what Katie could tell it was a large vibrator, at least three inches around. Katie quivered as the vibrator was removed from her hand, lubed up and shoved into her wide asshole.

The woman left it vibrating in Katie’s ass and then left. Vida released the straps from the hanging chains and two women picked Katie up and placed her on her knees with the vibrator still rotating in Katie’s ass. Katie moaned loudly as she approached her first orgasm of the party.

Then Katie felt another hand start to finger fuck her. Katie moaned as her ass was being stretched and her clit was being rubbed. She moaned into her gag as the motions became faster until she started shacking uncontrollably and came all over Vida’s desk. Everyone in the office clapped and laughed as Katie remained on her hands and knees, cum dripping down from her pussy and the vibrator still moving in her ass. Katie felt a woman’s tongue lick the cum from her pussy and then the remainder which fell on the desk. Katie was sweaty all over and was spent.

The vibrator üsküdar escort was removed and the girls removed all of Katie’s bindings, including the straps and gag, but leaving the blindfold in place.

“This is just a rest period Katie. Any foul play and we will strap you up for the rest of the afternoon,” Vida said.

Katie remained quiet and did as she was told. “Do they really think I want to say anything. I hope they know I will obey everything they say,” Katie thought to herself. What Katie didn’t know is the girls were using this as a rest period, too. It had been sometime since Vida had an employee like Katie, but none of her former first-timers were up to Katie’s caliber.

Soon the women were ready again. Katie was instructed to get off of the desk and stand up. One of the girls had hooked herself into a strap-on cock and Katie felt a smaller rubber cock at her mouth.

Katie’s hands were tied behind her back as she felt the strap-on cock enter her pussy and the smaller cock enter her mouth. The other girls felt Katie’s body as if it was a playground. Katie was being held as she was fucked hard, the cock going in and out of her at a speedy rhythm.

Katie used her lips and tongue to suck on the smaller cock which was being used as a gag to keep her from moaning too loudly.

The other girls had fun with Katie, tweaking and pinching her nipples and one of them finger fucked her ass. Katie came again and was left leaning against a wall. Soon the strap-on cock was removed from her pussy, the smaller cock was removed from her mouth. Katie could hear women moving about, then the door opened and closed.

Soon the blindfold was removed and Katie saw the only person in the office was Vida, who removed the strap around Katie’s wrists and threw Katie her clothes.

“Get out of my office. Your lunch break is over.”

Katie quickly put herself together, trying to grasp her mind on what had just occurred. She got dressed, missing a couple buttons on her blouse and zipped up her skirt just as Vida pushed her out into the hallway.

Walking back to her desk, Katie noticed her blouse was open down to her navel. She kept walking until she got to her cubicle and redid the buttons, only to notice the coffee lady was watching the whole spectacle.

“Here, this caramel latte is on me,” the lady said, handing the beverage to Katie with a wide grin on her face.

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