The Nephew Pt. 01


Heather and I have been married for fifteen wonderful years, we have three children, she is a stay at home Mom, our choice as my business gives us a pretty good income. Heather is around five seven tall has 40EE tits which, although they sag due to size are very firm with large areole. Her nipples are very prominent when aroused, and she can climax from nipple play alone.

We both have a pretty strong sex drive, having sex as often as possible, wherever possible and as we have a very secluded property, outdoors is always good, the indoor swimming pool also being a particular favourite of mine! We often have fantasy’s, frequently talking about introducing another guy, this always gives both Heather and I fantastic climaxes! A couple of years ago after one of these sessions when we had imagined one of our acquaintances as the other guy, I suggested that we actually had a threesome.

Heather looked at me for a long time, “you mean you would want to see me fuck another guy?” She asked.

“Well why not love we always enjoy the sex when we pretend.” I replied.

“I don’t know honey, the fantasy is one thing, reality another,” she said, “I can’t think of anyone I’d want to have fuck me, so no.”

“Go on love, at least consider it, I think it would be a huge turn on!”

“You really are serious about this?” She asked.

Nodding I said, “yes love, as I say, at least think about it before you answer.”

To which she said, “Okay. I will think about it, but I think you’ll find my answer will be the same.”

Nothing more was said, and the fantasy was not brought up when we fucked, then about three weeks later after supper and having put the kids to bed, she said, “I’ve thought about your suggestion and have decided that if, and only if, we meet someone that I would like to fuck, and I mean ‘I’ then we’ll discuss it again, agreed?”

I obviously agreed and nothing more was said, we resumed introducing the threesome fantasy from time to time, and knowing Heather I refrained from suggesting the reality again.

About three weeks ago our nephew, Brian, her sisters son, came to visit. He enjoyed spending his summer holidays with us, mostly going around with me. He was fun to have along and always lent a hand with whatever I do. This year was possibly Brian’s last regular visit as he was gaziantep bayan escort off to college when he returned home.

A few nights ago, after clearing up and having put the kids to bed we went to the lounge with a glass of wine, we were chatting about the day when Heather said, “Brian,” she glanced at me, blushed and turning back to Brian continued, ” Brian, would you like to join us later?”

Brian looking a bit perplexed asked, “What do you mean?”

Heather quietly said, “in the bedroom.”

His mouth fell open and he stuttered, “you m,m, mean me aaand,” Heather nodded, “golly uum, ooh, yes! Wow, really!!??”

Heather smiled, nodded, drained her glass and getting to her feet said, “it’s been a

hard day, why don’t you two shower then Dave will call you.” With that she gave me a kiss and kissed Brian then walked off towards our room.

I must have looked gobsmacked, because Brian asked, ” Dave are you ok? Did Heather mean it? Are you sure?”

Nodding I replied, “yes I’m ok, surprised, but yea you’ll be perfect, we all get on very well.” I then told him about our fantasy and we went to our rooms to shower.

Heather was running a bath when I got to our room, she came to me kissed me and said, “I hope that you are okay darling? I was sitting there and realised that we are both so comfortable with Brian and before I had time to think about suggesting him to you I had asked the question, you do want it don’t you?”

I chuckled and said, “you certainly took me by surprise, Brian too, his face was a picture! Yes, I would never have thought of Brian though, as he’s your nephew, but you’re right he is perfect, now let me go, have your bath while I shower, we don’t want to keep him waiting!”

After showering I waited for Heather to finish bathing, she got into bed without her nightie, pulled the duvet around herself and huskily said, “go and get him honey.”

Naked I went to Brian’s room, the door was ajar so I went in, Brian was sitting on his bed, naked and sporting a very impressive erection, he like me, was circumcised.

“Come Brian Heather is waiting.” I said.

As he stood he asked, “Dave are you sure about this, I mean I know we are friends but I am your nephew?”

“Yes Brian we are gaziantep escort bayan also extremely comfortable with each others company, both Heather and I love you and I think that is reciprocated,” he nodded, “so come lets go and enjoy a beautiful person together!”

Walking into our bedroom, both sporting hardons, Heather giggled and said, “You both look pleased about something, are those cobwebs hanging from your cocks?”

Looking down I saw we both had pre cum dangling from our pricks!

I took hold of the duvet and pulled it off her, she squealed and made a grab for it but it was on the floor and Heather lay exposed to Brian for the first time, her lovely breasts lying prominent on her chest nipples very aroused, lower down moisture on her labia…

“Heather, wow, you are gorgeous, may I…” as he approached the bed, she held out her arms to him, pulled him onto her and kissed him ardently while he fondled a breast.

She broke the kiss and huskily said, “now Brian, please fuck me, I want you in me.”

He moved over her and I watched as she guided his rock hard cock to her obviously aroused pussy, they both groaned in ecstasy as he smoothly slid into her, he then lay there, balls deep in my lovely wife, savouring every moment, every feeling, her pussy no doubt slowly milking him. He then started to fuck her slowly, almost all the way out before penetrating her completely again, this went on for a few minutes, during which I was fondling a tit and murmuring my love to her. Brian also whispering how good it felt, how tight she was, then with a grimace and groaning he thrust hard and off loaded his cum deep in Heather, she clutched him to herself as she came as well.

Wow, this within five or so minutes of us seeing each other naked! A little kissing, but no for-play, this was going to be a great evening I thought to myself as Brian rolled to the side of Heather, a loud ‘plop’ as his prick popped out of her, leaving her pussy exposed, inflamed and leaking their juices.

Heather, face flushed looked at me and said, “Wow, oh wow, so good, please love now you.”

With that I proceeded to fuck her, the feeling of her being so moist with Brian’s come very different, but she was just as tight and it wasn’t long before escort gaziantep bayan I emptied my load in my lovely wife. I rolled off leaving a panting Heather lying between us, Brian was avidly stroking a tit, apparently he had been all the time Heather and I were fucking.

Heather reached down and took a cock in each hand, slowly wanking us, it didn’t take long before we were both hard again and without any preamble Heather got on top of Brian, holding his cock she sank down on him, slowly riding him whilst fondling her own tits, head thrown back mouth open she came as hard as I’ve ever seen her, her whole body a sheen of sweat her climax making her groan with pleasure she fell forward onto Brian’s chest. Brian still impaled, started thrusting up into her.

I moved down and watched Brian’s prick as he thrust up, such a lovely sight seeing these two people that I loved giving each other so much pleasure, I, meanwhile stroking my very hard, throbbing cock, Brian’s thrusting became erratic and with a loud groan he drew back, a bit too much! Pushing up hard, his cock slipped out of Heather’s pussy he came, his cum shooting high, some landing on my hand and cock the rest dribbled down her crack. Heather groaned in frustration at the sudden loss, I moved up offered my hand to her and said, “lick Brian’s cum sweetheart.”

Looking from my hand to me she replied, “I’d love you to do it, I’d love to see you lick and swallow Brian’s cum, please hun for me!”

Slowly I raised my hand, sucked the cum off and swallowed, it wasn’t and at all…

Heather reached up and pulled me to her kissing me avidly, releasing me she said, “wow, thank you hunny that was a real turn on! Did you like it?”

Nodding I said, “yes strangely I did.”

She grinned and said, “now it’s my turn.” With that she went down and gave me one of her fabulous blow jobs. Brian recovering moved round and entered her from behind, they soon had a rhythm going, Brian thrusting pushing Heather onto me, I didn’t last long, emptying my load into her mouth Heather looked up, beaconed me to her, kissing her she passed my cum to my mouth, pulled away and said, “swallow!”

For the second time in my life I swallowed cum and again it was not unpleasant.

Heather and Brian were still fucking furiously, Heather came twice before Brian finally offloaded into her, both collapsing onto the bed exhausted. after a period of rest we decided to call it a night and Brian went to his room.

Snuggling up to me Heather asked, “we can do this again can’t we honey, it was so, so lovely, I really enjoyed it and I hope that you did too.”

Obviously I replied in the affirmative and with that we went to sleep…

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