The Morning at the Theater


Another fun evening with Janey was ending. On this night my beautiful daughter was riding my cock hard, with her back to me and screaming as she came again and again. She was watching the porn video we had popped in the DVD player as she fucked me, until I came hard in her hot pussy. She jumped off my cock and licked it clean for me, as she loved to do. I played with my baby’s hair as she did her cleaning duty. The woman who had been filling the screen in front of us as she was getting fucked in her pussy and ass was cumming too, giving us another loud sexy voice to our lover’s lair.

Janey came up to me and cuddled with me, as the DVD we had chosen came to an end. As I held my baby, I whispered to her “You love watching porn, don’t you.”

Janey looked at me, “Oh daddy, you know I love it. I always get so turned on watching girls fucking and sucking. Sometimes when you are at work, I put on a DVD or video and masturbate until I cum a few times. When did you start watching porn, daddy?”

I thought for a second, trying to remember back a couple of decades. “I remember, I was a freshman in college, and a group from my fraternity went to the local adult theater and watched a couple of movies, one of which I think was ‘Debbie Does Dallas’. It was pretty cool to watch up on the big screen those men and women fucking their lights out.”

Janey looked at me, in a bit of amazement. “You saw porn flicks on a big screen, that is so cool. I wish I could see one in a theater. Do they even have those anymore?”

I didn’t have to think about that one at all. It just so happened that one of my good friends owned the only adult triple-x theater in this town. “Do you remember my friend Dean, honey?” I asked.

Janey answered, “Sure daddy.” I could tell that Janey had no idea why I was asking that.

“Well, he owns the Rialto Theater, which runs porn flicks on a big screen. Maybe I can arrange a private showing for us. Would you like me to do so, baby?” I asked.

Janey jumped at this chance. “God, yes daddy!” With that, we continued to snuggle until we fell off to sleep. I dreamt of Janey, as I normally did.

The next morning from fetiş escort work I called Dean. I told him that I had a big favor to ask. I wanted to get exclusive use of his theatre for a very private party. “Who are you bringing with you?” Dean asked. “No one you’d know,” I replied. I knew this was one fact I really didn’t want to share with my old friend. I asked how much it would cost to do this, and Dean told me not to worry about it. He asked how private this party needed to be, and I said that I wanted it to just be my guest and me. He then said that I could have the place on Sunday morning, when he was closed anyway and that he would leave instructions on running the machine on the counter. I stopped by a couple of days later to pick up the keys and to thank my friend again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to let me know who the special lady is?” Dean asked.

“Nope, and maybe not ever” I said.

Early Sunday morning I woke up my baby and told her to get dressed…we had somewhere to be. We drove downtown, and Janey was still trying to wake up and kept asking where the hell we were going at 8am on a Sunday. I told her not to worry; that she’d be happy once we got there. Then we drove up to the parking area in back of the theatre. Janey saw the small sign next to the door, and realized her request was about to come true.

I got out the keys, waved them in front of her and said, “Well, you want to see a dirty movie baby?”

Janey looked at me and beamed, “You want to fuck me, Daddy?” I love rhetorical questions like that.

We walk in the door, and then lights in the theatre were already dimmed. I told Janey to go in and pick the seat she wanted to sit in while I started the feature. I went upstairs and followed Dean’s directions, the movie started without a problem. I hurried back downstairs to join my horny daughter.

As I got near to where she was sitting, I noticed that she already had her shirt up over her tits and were working on her nipples, getting them very hard. I sit down next to my baby and we start watching the movie together.

The movie I picked was gaziantep fetiş escort a take off on “Little Red Riding Hood”, with the redheaded girl taking a journey to see her mother and getting fucked at every turn. Her first encounter is with a twenty-something guy who literally forced himself on her. While he was making her swallow his huge cock, Janey was breathing more deeply. I leaned over to her and asked her what was turning her on about this scene. “Daddy, I think it is hot that this guy is making her fuck him.”

With that I took out my cock, which was now very hard. I stood next to my baby and grabbed her head. I shoved my cock hard in her mouth. This move surprised her and she started to choke on my 9″ tool. I told her to relax her throat and take my cock like the good little whore she was. She looked up at me, not with fear in her eyes but with wild lust. She loosened her throat just as I demanded and started allowing me to fuck her face with abandon. As I did this, her hands were starting to work her body, one pinching and pulling on her large nipples, the other between her legs finger-fucking herself like crazy.

I looked up at the big screen and saw that the guy had stopped pounding her face and had now started to fuck the fine redheaded babe’s pussy for all it was worth. I pull my cock out of Janey’s mouth and told her to watch the movie again…while she striped off what was left of her clothes. She did what I told her to do, quickly throwing off her shirt and skirt and standing before me completely naked, but watching the movie more closely than ever. Her hand again went between her legs, and I watch as my baby inserted two fingers deep in her cunt. She again started to pump her pussy with her fingers, moaning as she did.

I stood up, and told her to grab the row of chairs in front of us and keep on watching the screen. She did as I asked and I got right behind her. I then worked my cock into my daughter’s tight wet pussy. She groaned as I did, “Oh yes daddy, fuck me right here. Fuck me in this porn palace.” I grab her shoulders and start to violently pound her hot cunt, gaziantep fetiş escort shoving every inch of my tool in and out of her. Her body shook again and again as I took her. All Janey did was moan louder and louder, her big tits swinging back and forth with each of my hard thrusts into her pussy, and watch the movie…mesmerized.

Janey was cumming almost continuously at this point, her pussy gushing out her hot juice around my hard cock. I looked up and saw that the man had started fucking that little girl’s ass. With the amount of juice that was coming out of my baby’s cunt, it gave me an idea. I got my fingers very wet with her natural lube and started pumping her ass with two of them. She shook as I did this, as I had not played with her ass before. She suddenly stopped looking at the screen and turned her head back, looking straight into my eyes. “Daddy, fuck my ass. I need your cock in there!”

I didn’t have to be told a second time. I took my cock from her pussy and put it at her asshole. I told her to relax and let me take it, and then I pushed my cockhead in. Janey groaned slowly, breathing out the first painful bit of her first ass fucking. I moved my cock slowly into her, little by little implanting her with my big dick. She kept on groaning, but as it went in, less from pain and more from pleasure. We worked on this until I had all my cock in her ass. I then grab her tits and lean forward. “You want daddy to fuck your hot ass now baby,” I hissed.

“Please daddy, do it,” Janey complied. And with that, I started to slowly fuck her as I milked her big tits. I took long strokes in and out of her ass, and Janey started to meet my thrusts into her with her own. I started to pound her harder and harder still, as it was my turn to grunt as we fucked. Then I started feeling my balls churn, and I told Janey to get ready to have my cum in her ass.

“Yes daddy, fill my ass with your cream,” she moaned and without another minutes hesitation, I did just that. Shooting a long load of cum in her hot ass. I slow my strokes and allow us both to start to relax. I bring us back into the chair behind us, and have Janey continue to sit on my as my cock softened enough to pop out of her ass.

We sat there, again watching the porn flick. I whisper to Janey “Baby, did you like that, or was it too much?”

Janey leaned back and said, “Oh daddy, I loved every second of it. In fact, I can’t wait for you to get hard again so we can do it again.” Then she started to play with my cock again.

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