The Morning


I woke up as the color of dawn peaked through the thin white curtains. There was a chill the air and I was mostly uncovered — the sheets pulled to the other side of the bed and I was only wearing only a pair of boxers.

I rolled over, slipping both legs beneath the blankets and pulled myself into her back; one arm sliding under her pillow and the other I rested on top of her shirt in between her breasts, pulling myself even closer.

Still asleep, she nestled in, making herself comfortable.

I could smell her tiredness from the nape of her soft neck as I breathed her in.

My breath tickled her skin is she shifted again, this time with more awareness of where she was. Letting out a soft moan, she let me know what she wanted.

I kissed her passionately but gently, squeezing her closer to me as I moved my right hand beneath her shirt. Her skin was so soft in the morning; smooth and warm to the touch. I massaged her large, soft breasts with my hand as I tongued her ear, trying not to move too much so not to wake either of us up too much.

My Anadolu Yakası Escort dick grew hard against her beautiful white skin as she grinded herself against me, moaning with want in her every breath.

She slowly rolled over to her other side, now face to face and smiled, kissing me with a deep passion. Still on her side, I lifted the T-shirt that she borrowed from me off of her, exposing her beautiful breasts as the room grew lighter with the morning. She returned the favor so our skin was now pressed against each other as we embraced, still not fully awake.

Slipping off each other’s bottoms, I could feel the heat coming from between her legs as she pressed herself up against my hard shaft. In a fluid motion, she moved her left leg across my stomach and slid her now dripping wet pussy onto my dick, now on top of me as I laid my head back on the pillow.

She slid down and pressed herself against me once more, not wanting any space between our two chests. Kissing my neck and ears she worked her hips back and forth, grinding her clit slowly where my shaft met its base. Her moans increased as I could feel her wetness pouring out of her.

As her breathing increased as did her moans. Fully awake now, she started pumping herself quickly on top of me, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. Once final grind and she collapsed onto my chest; wrapping her arms around my back, pulling her closer me.

Still inside her, and still very hard, I let her catch her breath. She reached over to the night stand and grabbed a glass of water, taking a sip for herself before passing me the glass. I sat up a little, not wanting her to leave, and took a sip myself.

After, I wrapped my arms around her, and gently rolled her underneath me, positioning myself on top of her. Slowly at first, just to test her comfort, I started pumping in and out of her. Her juices allowed me in and out easily, and her smile and moans gave me assurance.

Bending down, I took her right breast into my mouth. Embracing her soft skin and pointed nipple with my lips and tongue, I stayed there a moment, deep inside of her, grinding as she had done to me just minutes before. Releasing her from my mouth, I suggested with my hands that she roll over. Complying with a smile and a bite to her lip, she slid herself back and rolled over onto her knees, positioning herself in what she taught me to be the ‘downward dog.’

Placing my knees in either side of her legs, I positioned myself behind her. Reaching her right hand around her legs, she encouraged my cock into her awaiting, wet lips. With a moan from both our mouths, I entered. She kept her hand back there alternating between toying her clit and massing my balls; she was bringing me closer to orgasm with every second. I grabbed both of her hips tightly, thrusting myself deeper and deeper. My soft moans turned to screams as I matched her volume, and together we climaxed.

I stayed in her for as long as she’d let me, as I was too sensitive to move. After I gathered myself, I slipped my semi hard cock from out of her warm, tight pussy and collapsed onto the bed. She fell beside me and pressed her back against my chest as I wrapped my arms around her.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too.”

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