The Minister’s Daughters


The twins sorely resented the fact that they still looked like thirteen year olds when in fact they were 18 years old. Sadly, they still acted like thirteen year olds too.

“Mary, get off the fucking toilet and let me in! I’m going to miss the goddamned bus on the first day of school!”

“Jesus Monica, you look like shit, you need to sneak back in the house a little earlier and get some sleep once in a while.”

“Fuck you Mary, I got four hours sleep, I’m just sick. And I caught it from you, you goodie two shoes little bitch. Or did you already forget puking your guts out last week? Fucking bleached blonde little prude.”

“You’re such a slut, the whole school knows you’ll fuck anything from a cucumber to Kenny Petersen. I know you’re a nympho but Kenny Petersen? What’s wrong with your brain? That fat greasy little pimple faced big mouth. He woke up Julie last night at two in the morning to brag about getting laid. And you know her, by the time we get to school, everybody’ll know it. Just so you know, you’re gonna pay big this time, he told her he’s in love. You just bought a pizza faced puppy. Was it worth it? You so fucked yourself this time.”

“Mary would you just lay off for once? It’s bad enough that you’re dumb innocent blonde routine got us both held back four times. The only good thing about still looking like thirteen year olds is that we don’t look so stupid in the eighth grade. Did you hear Daddy telling mom that he’s going to put an end to teaching sex ed at school? I’d sort of like to learn about AIDS and shit before I get a chance to go to some frat parties.”

“Just because our tits Fulya Escort have finally started to get big like mom’s doesn’t mean we’ll have a chance at a frat party. Lots of college guys’ll fuck an underage slut but other than our brand new tits, we still look like kids. We’re stuck fucking boys for at least another year or two. I’m so sick of virgins. Fuck’em half a dozen times and they get all confident and start looking for virgins of their own. Christ Monica, I wish you’d get over blaming me for you flunking too. If you would’ve fucked Mr. Johnson instead of getting all smart mouthed and shutting him down, you’d be a freshman now and could fuck all the high school guys you want, even guys our age.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. But Jesus, he’d just caught Ricky and I the day before and he gives me the creeps anyway. I still would’ve if I wasn’t so stubborn, that time I bounced into math without a bra, I was surprised to see how big he is. I was an idiot, creepy or not, he might have the biggest cock I’ve had yet. I’m gonna fuck him this year, I should’ve then.”

“I think we fucked up this time Mary.”

“Yeah, when Daddy finds out, we’re gonna pay. It’s a good thing we can sneak out at night or we’d both be doing without. He’s going to ground us for a month for sure this time. It was worth it though, besides Daddy deserves it for not letting us go trick or treating as belly dancers. Did you see Mrs. Enoch’s face when she saw us?”

“Yeah, and she wasn’t the only one….Hey Mary, was your old Girl Scout outfit a little tighter than you expected?”

“Yeah, we shouldn’t Escort Bayan have eaten so much candy before halloween, my bra’s a little tight too.”

“Admit it Mary, both of our bras have been too tight for a month. Mom’s gonna shit when we tell her we need D cups. We would’ve gotten some pretty good reactions outta the old biddy’s even without the fake pregnant bellys.”

“Well that pretty much blew our diet’s but I just couldn’t resist the pumpkin pie. I thought I was gonna pop but I still couldn’t resist one more piece. It’s the whipped cream I can’t leave alone.”

“Admit it Mary our diets have been a failure, I only lost two pounds and I could still barely snap my favorite pants. There was no way this morning. At least our tits are keeping the guys from noticing.”

“Thank God for Christmas and babysitting money. Mary, you should have gotten some, these stretch pants are so cool, I don’t even have to worry if I put on another pound or two.”

“Yeah, I fucked up. These new jeans aren’t exactly loose right now. I just figured they’d keep me from cheating on my new diet. It sure was nice to eat a little before Christmas but I almost didn’t make it. I couldn’t resist trying to get my old jeans on this morning, I couldn’t even get the zipper half way up. We’ve got to get our eating under control. I haven’t let anybody fuck me except in the dark and doggie style since Thanksgiving. Getting fat sucks. Now I’m a fat little dumb blonde with tits that’re too big. I wasn’t going to admit it but that fucking Roy actually turned me down and told me istanbul Escort to my face that he didn’t like tits that’re too big. He’s a selfish pig and a rotten fuck but it still pisses me off.”

“Hey Mary, how do your new bras fit?”

“I thought double D’s would be bigger than this. I don’t think buying bras on the internet was a good idea.”
Valentine’s Day-

“I’m not kidding Monica, you look pregnant. My belly’s about to bust too. I can’t believe how much I ate. Fuck, look at my belly button, it’s sticking out even further. Those pot brownies Kenny gave you did us both in, I’ve never eaten so much in my life. I feel pregnant.”

“You look like a pregnant dumb blonde with huge tits too. Why aren’t you wearing a bra this morning?”

“Monica, you can be a mean bitch. You know damn well I’m not wearing a bra because our double D’s are too small. You’ve got more overflowing than in the cups.”
April Fool’s Day-

“Goddamit Monica, I’m not joking! You’ve got milk dripping off of your fucking left tit. I should call it an udder. God our tits are getting ridiculous. We’ve got to stop cheating on our diets. We’ve both got beer guts that our fucking udders are barely big enough to hide. The F cups aren’t even close to big enough. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know Mary, even pizza faced Kenny told me right to my face that we both need to go on diets. He’s the last guy that’s even interested and I think it’s only because he’s such a perv about monster tits. As fat as we’re both getting, we aren’t going to need those sex ed classes that Daddy finally got banned anyway.”

Gotta love that abstinence, it’s 100% effective every time it gets used.
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