The Mentor


At 31, Sarah is a young vivacious marketing consultant. Admired by her peers and subordinates at the way she juggled clients and brought in business. She had single handedly managed to win big deals with the NBA and ESPN. Her bright radiant eyes and a sexy confident walk had managed to make quite a few heads turn over the years.

Sarah had quite an active dating life and had been known to have boyfriends most girls could only dream off. Her last boyfriend Ryan was a sexy hunk towering at 6 foot 3, completely mesmerizing. Rumors were still ripe in the office about how they broke up after she caught him cheating on her with a girl he met at a bar.

Of late Sarah had volunteered to mentor a new batch of digital marketers. Amongst the group is 24 year old Rahul and Max. They are asked to shadow Sarah on all her engagements and slowly start picking up responsibility. Like most others at the office Rahul is soon mesmerized and in awe of Sarah.

His day begins with bringing in coffee and organizing Sarah’s mail , meanwhile competing with Max in getting acknowledged by her. Most days he barely gets a nod from her for leaving reports on her desk or handling some minor details for her. But things begin to change when the team begins to woo a new client. The highly confidential project with Ryme Digital.

The new projects involves working in very close quarters to the subject of his fantasy. Countless are the nights he has gone home and pictured her while in bed furiously trying to relieve himself. But the demure new guy in office that he is, he is shy to make a move or to even let a hint of his feelings emerge.

With work picking up pace, there are late nights in the office where it is just him and Sarah while the rest of the office leaves at their usual 6 pm. And this Friday is no different… The office has completely vacated, it’s almost 10 pm. Sarah just put her hair up in a messy bun, holding it up with a pencil. Her brown soft hair framing her face with a few naughty strands escaping the bun. She slowly kicks away her high heels, meanwhile barely realizing the first button of her blouse has been open half the evening. Rahul has seen brief glimpses of her violet bra and now with her hair up and heels off he is wondering if he should make a move or is he misreading the signs.

For the first time though, Sarah noticed him. She sees you as a young, tall man with smart eyes and an extremely athletic and lean build. His starched white shirt taught against his chest muscles and those arms only indicating how Rahul probably likes doing weights at the gym. Her eyes admiringly pause at his narrow waist and down to those toned round hips. She catches herself in time before he notices her gazing at him. Silently smiling she gets back to her laptop.

In a few seconds she looks up again and finds him checking her out too. He quickly looks down at his laptop to avoid eye contact. After another few minutes she catches him staring at her which gets him flighty hot and flustered. He is indeed embarrassed to be looking up at his boss and being caught in the act too. But he can barely catch a hold of himself from looking into that curvaceous body. Making the situation less awkward Sarah decides to invite him for a drink at the bar nearby. She says that they have been working too hard should probably start the weekend with a couple of drinks to celebrate all the work they accomplished.

Rahul jumps at the idea. Soon they head to the elevator with Rahul wondering if she saw the bulge in his pants or if he was too obvious. He is scared of the idea of hitting on his boss yet he can barely keep his eyes from her. Right now she is standing right in front of him. All he can look at are those hips calling to him with so much promise.. With much effort he tries to keep calm. He wonders how this night will turn out.

They are lucky to get a place right next to the bar on two high stools at one of the popular bars in this side of the city. The first thing Sarah orders is two Tequilas. She asks Rahul what he would like. Though he would love to have answered “you” but instead he goes with beer. She jokes about how he should be a man and have some whiskey. Rahul quickly crosses that remark by mentioning his hiking plans the next day.

The image of Rahul hiking out in the sun, maybe even shirtless clouds her mind for a second before she stops herself to try and focus on the conversation around her.

She orders another round of tequila and this time insisting on rahul joining her for a shot.

With liquid courage flowing in his body Rahul loosens up. He asks Sarah to play a drinking game with him where they both drink up to every adventure activity they have done. Some time between shots 4 and 5 he rolls up his sleeves and opens the top button. A glimpse of those muscular forearms is enough to get her tuned to what lies inside the shirt. She reminds her yet again “he is my mentee, stop thinking of him sexually “. But perhaps it’s the drinks or is it just his looks?

Meanwhile Kurtköy Escort Rahul orders another round, handing her yet another shot. This time gently touching her bare knee to wake her from her mental reverie. The touch sends currents up her leg and he is not slow to observe. There is mild eye contact and then before she knows it, she is already kissing Rahul. His mouth tastes sweet like the drinks they have been having. In an instant Rahul kisses her back as well. Standing up from his bar stool and moving in closer. He teasingly places one hand behind her head while gently pushing his tongue into her mouth. She responds in equal measures by moving in closer and wrapping her arms around his waist.

To her absolute delight he’s a good kisser and she is drawn closer by how he seems to know what he is doing. His strong hand now around her waist where he gently guides her to the dance floor. Soon he is twirling her and she lets him take the lead. Enjoying the process of letting someone else take command. Setting a slow rhythm moving with her, twirling her to bringing her back in closer. Every time gently brushing his hands around her hips and slowly caressing them and just when she would move in closer to him he would change the dance step to keep up with the music. Growing bolder every minute he starts by, kissing her ear and teasing her neck in one quick move . At that moment the room and the universe was just them and nothing else. With both of them slowly burning up with lust. While another move of her coming closer to him she feels the bulge in her pants rub against her sending shivers down her spine. He is quick to notice.

Quickly she breaks away from the dance floor and suggests paying the bill. Embarrassed, she offers to drop him home and head back since it was quite late.

Soon they are headed back to the car but this time the elevator ride is quite eventful. There is something about closed elevators that make people want to make out. Rahul is no different. He takes the opportunity and is not left disappointed. Sarah responds to his kisses with equal vigor, this time slowly kissing him with all the tongue and getting sloppier. His hands reach up into her skirt and she lets out a small moan. She’s already a little wet. On reaching the parking they are barely able to keep their hands off and tumble out giggling like teenagers.

Sarah was pretty high so rahul suggested he drives them out. She suggested going home but he said he knew a nice spot by the beach if she wanted to smoke and talk for awhile. She actually loved that idea and handed over her keys after giving him a peck on the cheek like a young school girl.

He slowly backs out the car while she fiddles with music, putting on some old classics which they both like. While he tries to switch gears, she moves her hand on top of his and then slowly inching towards his knee and slightly brushing her fingers on his zipper. She hears a slow release of breath. Rahul tries hard to focus on the road while her fingers roam his inner thighs in tantalizing slow circles. Finding the first beach inlet he knows Rahul quickly turns in and parks the car. Thankful there is no one else there knowing there is a chance of getting caught out in public. Even before he has finished parking Sarah decides to unzip his pants and Rahul grows even harder when he realizes his boss is about to go down on him. She takes his cock out and holds it l like a pro. Slowly jerking it off while maintaining eye contact. In another instant her luscious lip start going down. First gentle teasing his tip with her tongue. Tantalizingly slow and then slowly taking him all in. Meanwhile he is surprised and just holds back the urge to press her head lower. He loves women taking charge and not shying away. He’s had a couple of girls go down on him but they were nothing like this. She knows what she is doing.

Lifting her head up for a second, Sarah finally had a view of his entire erection. She liked what she was working with. Meanwhile Rahul takes that instant to quickly pull his trousers down and push his seat back. She immediately jumps at the space and bends down on him. Fondling his balls and deepthroating him. She drives the tempo to a point where rahul is lost in the activity and barely remembers their surroundings. Meanwhile his hands automatically find her head and hold her by the sides while she goes up and down, up and down and yet again, building up tempo. He is having a hard time not cumming and wants nothing more than to come in her mouth, but is not certain about how she is about it. He hoarsely whispers to her that he might cum and she should get off now if she doesn’t like it. Instead this seems to turn her on even more. She goes deeper than he thought possible and slightly rougher on the balls this time. Squeezing them slightly and then tickling the tip of his tongue till the point he can not hold it in anymore. He cums with such force that he has to hold her head down so that she doesn’t hit the steering wheel. Maltepe Escort The slight hint of smile in her eyes tugging him along and seeing her dripping down. He is surprised at her being able to swallow it all without a gag reflex unlike most girls he has met. This turns him on yet again and in his semi hard state. He picks her up and pushes her onto the back seat.

Once in the back seat he slowly and teasingly gets her blouse off with one hand while one hand moves to feel her panties under the skirt. God he loves women in skirts! The idea that you could just slip your hand in! Not surprisingly she is already wet and needy…he decides to get a little mischievous. He tells her he would only use his teeth to get her lingerie…

So first he gets her skirt and blouse off. Just looking at her in the dim moonlit car in her lacy underwear . Seeing her nipples hard beneath the bra and panties slightly wet he holds his breath and just takes in the view. In a few seconds his mouth is near her bra strap, moving it down and then the next strap. Now slowly moving down the cups exposing those taught nipples. Oh what a sight! His hands holds onto her ample bosom whole his teeth get to work. She is actually surprised how dexterous Rahul is. With each bite and tug keeps her on tenterhooks hooks. He purposely nibbles on her through the panties getting her wetter. Finally taking them off with flourish. He then comes back to give her a small lick. This turns her on even more!

He then moves back up to take one of those hard nipples in his mouth while his fingers start playing with her clit, loving how wet and ready Sarah is. She starts pressing against his finger while he bites down on her nipple. She absolutely loves how he teases her nipples, first the left and then the right. Taking them in his mouth one at time and teasing them till she is ready to explode. She asks him to go rougher and is impressed as he handles her boobs with such force yet without hurting her. Meanwhile his fingers are on a mission of their own. Now moving in to the entrance and just hovering around there, waiting till Sarah pushes them in with such need. Slowly gaining momentum with each thrust while his mouth teases her neck and slowly bites on to her mid boob.

Soon Rahul’s finger is completely covered in Sarah juices and he pauses to take the finger out. While looking into her eyes he slowly licks his finger and all of Sarah’s juices proceeding to then burying his head between her thighs.

He places a finger at her clit, massaging it gently while he starts licking and intermittently biting her pussy. Exploring each but crevice and gently licking her lower lips. Slowly moving his tongue inside her, till she moans out loud. Before long she is holding onto his hair and demanding him to go in with such urgency. She’s soon a mixed bag of emotions. Meanwhile Rahul continues slowly Fingering her while massaging her clit, sometimes sucking her too. She is soon dripping wet and he loves how she tastes.

Slowly she pulls his face up to kiss him and taste herself on his lips. At this point he notices how her eyes are crazy with need.

Meanwhile he is rock hard and wants nothing more than to enter her. She feels his dick touching her and gently moving over her without entering just slowly questioning. She grabs a hold of him and glides him in. That is all the permission he needed. Once in, his penis has a life of its own, growing harder by the second, moving deeper as it can till they are as close to each other. With her legs wrapped around his hips and her arms holding onto his muscular shoulders.

He first moves in small clockwise circles teasing him and her both. A small groan escapes her. He loves how tight and wet she feels around him.

At this point he just has an animal instinct to devour her and go rough with all he has, but wonders if she would like it gentle.

He decides to start gentle thursting slowly, building a rhythm. She slowly starts to

move with him. He feels the car shaking with both their motion wondering how funny it would look from the outside. Curbing that thought and enjoying every notion, gliding in and out of her, holding her tight ass cheeks he feels how she is nearing an orgasm. He enjoys the idea of having the power to control what she is feeling.

Her nails start digging into him as he thrust faster and harder. Keeping in mind this was not planned and he was fucking her raw he wondered if he was allowed to cum in her. The thought alone gets him harder. Sarah nears orgasm and she starts squeezing his cock. It feels like she is getting tighter. She gently kisses his ears and tells him to cum in her. That was all the approval he needed and with one last thrust he fills her up. While she clenches around his dick her eyes disappear into the back of her head with pleasure. Her orgasm feels like it lasts for eternity. She gives him a goofy smile after they are done. While still in her and she feels him getting softer. Yet she doesnt want him Tuzla Escort out just yet, but she was beginning to become aware of their surrounding and the back seat of a car wasn’t where she had imagined being tonight. The thought leaves her giggling.

They finally decide to get there clothes back on and Rahul suggests taking a walk before heading back to her place. Putting her clothes she decides to be naughty. Stepping out of the car she slips her hand into rahul’s pocket with her soft panties. She always did fancy herself as an exhibitionist and this time she was definitely trying it. Upon realizing what she had put in his pocket he couldn’t help but smile at her. In his head all he could think was “woah, I have my boss’s panties” with an excited glint in his eyes.

They took a short walk towards the shore and while Sarah was enjoying how calm it was, Rahul surprised her by picking her up and running into water. Both of them laughed at how kiddish they were being , but in an instant they were kissing and his hands were already pushing her skirt up.

It’s something about the prospect of getting caught that makes things even hotter. Rahul was already back to teasing her and she wanted more. It had barely been 30 mins and they already wanted to jump each other and fuck like animals.

They were sober and yet they were acting drunk on their lust. Sarah winked at Rahul and said it’s time go back to her place. Hoping in her mind that they could shower together knowing how she would love to be lathered up along with him in her bathtub.

The drive to Sarah’s place was quick, the ride in the elevator a silent one. But the minute she opened her door they jumped onto each other. Shedding their wet clothes on the floor, they were already feeling each other up on the carpet. They could barely wait to get to the bedroom or even turn on the lights. First thing Rahul did was gently place her on the couch and open her legs wide. He knelt down in front of her slowly kissing her toes, moving up on her soft sensuous calf muscles. Gently nibbling her inner thigh till soft moans escaped her. She could barely hold on her desire with her eyes pleading for more.

She pushed his head to triangle of hair which was already wet and warm.

With his tongue he began to draw small slow circles around her clit, sensually touching and teasing her. One hand moving towards her hard nipples. She hadn’t felt this sexually stimulated since ages. Each tongue motion was getting her into a frenzy and her thighs burning with all the heat building up inside of her. Being aware of her desire made Rahul even hornier if that was even possible! He knew at this moment he could have her in every position and in every possible room he wanted! He egged her on till she forced his mouth down on her. While he sucked and nibbled , playing with her encouraged by her moans getting louder till she orgasmed! This was the third of the night already.

He picked her up like a doll in his arms and guided them to the back of the house towards the bedroom, while she pointed at the balcony. For an instant he thought that would be insane, doing it out in the public but realizing they were on the 20th floor in the middle of the night he carried on to the balcony. Once there he set her down and moved to the edge to look at the view.

The perfect view indeed – her figure being highlighted by the moonlight. He couldn’t help but push her up against the bannister and take her from behind. She was more than adequately ready to be taken. This time he wasn’t so gentle as he entered her with one swift thrust. Sarah wasn’t expecting that and let out a loud moan and oh boy did that unleash Rahul’s inner beast. He held on to her breasts while thrusting with Sarah moving in perfect sync. She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning to loud because she knew she might wake the neighbors up.

Suddenly he turned her around to kiss her and then picked her up. Sarah knew he worked out but he was picking her up like she was a toy. She soon realised he was going to fuck her while holding onto her. She had never done that before and once he went in she wondered why she hadn’t ever done it before. He was so deep in her and each thrust was hitting what she believed was the g spot. The pleasure was soo intense that she had already closed her eyes to enjoy every single thrust. Meanwhile he was enjoying her reaction to them even more. Soon they were both sweaty with the all the effort. She was latching on to the rhythm and enjoying every pulsating movement wondering how it was even possible to feel like she would orgasm again. This was just this raw animal sex.

While Rahul was building up to a massive orgasm and soon at the point of just letting himself go. With Sarah arching her back towards the wall while he held on to her, her moans getting louder despite trying to keep it low. Fuck the neighbors and the world was all she could think.

He squeezed her hips and held her even tighter while trying to lick her neck…in another instant , before he knew it he was cumming in her. Rocking both their bodies with an orgasm even bigger than the one in the car. Exhausted they both fell to a heap on the balcony floor and just law there for a few moments each in their own private bliss.

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