The Masters Girls 06 : Grass Hoppers


Tony stood in the kitchen looking out into the back yard. He had just started the load of bedding he had stuffed into the washer in the pantry. Sipping coffee from a mug he eyes the next door neighbor, a portly middle aged man preparing to trim his fence line with a weed eater.

“Morning Clyde. I wonder how trustworthy you are.” He squints in thought.

Hearing footsteps race down the staircase he turns leaning on the kitchen counter.

Wiggling into view came both Becca and Rose wearing twin black bikini’s and holding large towels. Cleavage bulging and begging to be free they sprint into a hugging match against Tony. He had to lift his mug over them to avoid spilling his coffee.

“Those are some serious dental floss bikini’s there. I think I’d be hiding those from Kendra.”

Rose moves away first and smirks, “Daddy loved it when we wore these.” Did he really?

“Bet he did.” Tony raises an eye brow.

“Want to oil us up Tony?” Becca raises her bottle of lotion.

“Naaa! You two go out there and help each other.”

Rose hears a small motor start up and tiptoes high enough to see the neighbor.

“Is that the neighbor Kendra warned us about?” She squints.

Tony nods, “That would be Clyde.”

“Ewww!” Becca groans at the sight.

Tony reaches over and lifts her chin, “Be nice. Respect your elders. For that remark you get to introduce yourself first.”

Rose giggles, “Maybe Clyde should oil her up.”

Staring at Rose, Tony puckers.

“Oil yourselves up. Each other that is. Give him a show but be nice to him. Don’t go too far just in case he tells your Momma.”

The girls join at the hip while cringing.

“How far is too far?” Becca coughs up.

“Untie your tops when you lay on your belly’s. Keep those Biggun’s hidden. Otherwise just get your tan on. If I come get you and scold you in front of him it’s just an act. That will help if he tells Kendra about it.”

The girls nod as he uses his thumb to encourage them out the door. Scampering out Tony closes the door behind them and steps aside to observe.

Becca in the lead shuffles through the lush green grass that could have used mowing. She and Rose ignored Clyde Barlow at the moment while they located the ideal spot to lay down their large beach towels.

Clyde had noticed their arrival as he edged his chain link fencing that had bushes aligning his yard. He ogled them instantly but kept his trimmer in motion to avoid their discovery of the fact. He knew silencing the trimmer meant that they would notice him drooling over them.

Under his breath he huffs, “Good God Almighty. Who have we here?”

Clyde was a divorcee of ten years and seldom dated. Mostly due to his portly out of shape lifestyle and awkwardness in approaching the ladies. He settled for internet porn and plenty of girly movies in his DVD player. It wasn’t often that he experienced young ladies of this caliber without going to a strip club. He decided it best not to freak them out and moved to the back of his property line for awhile. He would return once the girls had settled in to tan. They did look awfully young.

Rose waited until Clyde turned away to untie her top and expose her bulging 36C’s and shake them directly at him had he been looking. She giggled as Becca did the same, before both girls dropped to their knees and cracked open the oil bottle. Laughing as Clyde wasn’t there to witness it, the girls oiled each others chests and tugged at their nipples. A continued swath of oil over the rest of their bodies they finally stretched out on their stomachs. The sun felt wonderful.

Inside the house Tony shook his head at their boldness. Clyde would have stroked out had he seen them. Hearing the washing machine continue he set his coffee down and moved away from the laundry room.

Clyde Barlow had clipped as much as he could in the back and decided to prowl toward the girls side of his yard once again. Quickly noting the removal of their tops his eyes bulged. So did his khaki shorts. His free hand squeezed his junk for better comfort as it grew in size.

Gritting his teeth Clyde let up on the trimmers trigger button to quiet it down. The immediate change in noise attracted Becca and Rose to look up and take notice.

Clyde offered them a puzzled look as he hid his lower region behind a shrub then looking down at them. They were only a mere twelve feet minimum from him.

“Well hello there. I didn’t know Kendra had guests. Who might you two be?” He expressed curiosity aloud.

Becca knowing Tony had informed her to be the first to introduce herself lifted up on her elbows allowing her crushed chest to dangle. With only her nipples hidden, she leered his direction smiling.

“Hi. We’re Kendra’s daughters. I’m Becca. This is Rose.”

Rose joined her in the same pose and tilted slightly to wave up at him. In her particular angle Clyde caught a glimpse of her darkened areola.

“I surely had no idea Kendra had kids. It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name’s Clyde.”

In unison they giggle and both call out, “Hi Clyde.”

The escort hikayeleri perfectly timed verse tormented his erection to the point of severity. He had to growl at his discomfort.

“Becca and Rose. Lovely names. Now that I look at you I certainly see Kendra in your features.”

“We’re cuter.” Becca giggled.

Rose then opted to blow Clyde a kiss to continue his torture.

“Why thank you young lady. That made my day. How old are you two?”

“Sixteen. Can you tell we’re twins?” Rose winks lying about their age. Let the old pervert think otherwise.

“I can see that. I bet it’s hard telling you two apart sometimes.” He smirks laying his trimmer against the bushes.

“There’s only one way to tell us apart. But, we can’t tell you how.” Becca bites her lower lip mischievously.

“Oh really.” Clyde raised an eye brow, “You have to tell me now.”

Becca chuckles and teeters back and forth on her elbows. Exposing her own areola toward him.

Rose turns her profile toward her sister and kicks her feet into the air playfully. The wrinkle of her bikini bottoms dipping snugly into her concealed butt crack made Clyde wince.

“Should we tell him?” Becca reaches over and palms Rose on the shoulder.

Rose brightens her eyes, “We could just show him.”

“That might get us into trouble. Clyde seems nice, but Kendra and Tony would kill us.” Becca grits her teeth looking at Clyde.

Rose returns her gaze to Clyde who had to overt his eyes from her ass quickly.

“My sister’s right. I would love to show you but we don’t know you. You might tell our Mom or her boyfriend. Mom’s at work but Tony is inside the house.”

Clyde nods with a frown, “I understand.” The thought of them being underage making him uneasy. Maybe it was for the best, “Your Mom’s a sweet lady. Getting you into trouble is not an option. You can tell me another day when you know me better.”

Rose felt bad by his expression. Well, not necessarily bad but more that she wanted him to know and witness his reaction. She looks back at her sister for confirmation then both girls look toward the house to see if Tony was watching them. He was no where in sight.

Mischief took over.

Rose darts her gaze back toward Clyde, “I’ll show you. If you tell on us we will never speak to you again.”

“Our secret.” Clyde zips his lip shivering. Still uncertain he should allow it.

Another look back for Tony to make certain he wasn’t looking Rose literally sits up and crawls to her knees. In doing so Clyde was given a full frontal view of her bulging tits and firm belly.

Rose moves her fingers to her bikini bottoms and exposes her tiny patch of pubic hair trimmed into the shape of a rose and stem.

“There. I’m Rose. Can you see it?”

Clyde’s eyes bulged at her bravery. The tiny strip of hair was beautiful. Squinting at it Rose lowered the clothe even more revealing her pussy ever so slightly.

“Oh, I see it now. Very nice.” He began sweating over his guilt.

Becca jumps up jealous of her sister and offers her own vantage point, peeling her bottoms low to show her perfectly smooth pubic region.

“See? She has the rose. I’m silky soft.” Becca bites her lower lip excitedly.

Stammering Clyde begins to tremble from fear of being caught.

“You girls better lay back down. I don’t want you to get caught. I’ll never tell your Mom. You can trust me.”

Both girls fall back into place and smile at him. He had to wipe his brow with a hanky from his back pocket.

Rose winks at Becca and whispers, “He’s fun. Old and Eww, but fun.”

Becca giggles, “Do you think Tony saw us?”

“I hope not. I like teasing.” Rose shivers with goose bumps.

“Me too. I don’t think Clyde would tell on us. Do you?”

Rose shakes her head negatively, “Should we continue?”

“Let’s!” Becca beams.

“We trust you Clyde.” Rose leers back with a smile.

However Clyde had changed his stance to face the back yard. His right hand was clearly in use and was forced to hide his said usage from Kendra’s home. He didn’t want to be seen. Nor referred to as a pervert around girls under aged. He had no clue they were really eighteen.

Both girls realized by his arms motion that the portly Clyde was obviously jerking off.

Giggling at him the girls in unison spoke, “Yay, Clyde.”

His face beet red he looks over at them trying not to look fearful.

Rose fidgets, “I think we turned Clyde on.”

Clyde heard her perfectly and nods feverishly at her, “That you did. Our secret if I keep yours?”

Becca huffs, “We won’t tell on you.”

“We promise.” Rose finishes.

Clyde increases his stimulation. He moves further back to stand by a taller shrub to hide himself better from the house. In doing so the girls saw less of him as well.

Becca looks back to witness Tony in the window of the kitchen door.

“Tony’s watching. Behave.” She whispers.

Rose was compelled to tell Clyde, “Be careful. Tony is watching.”

Clyde gaziantep escort hikayeleri ceased his motion and held both arms out to stretch. He hated letting go of his six inch dick but he knew he needed to play it safe.

Tony opened up the door and called out.

“You girls thirsty?”

Both girls looked back at him, “We’re fine. Thank you.”

Tony eyed Clyde who resumed his trimming after a wave toward Tony.

Waving back Tony smirked and spotted the girls blowing him kisses. He waited until Clyde looked away before motioning for them to continue.

The girls offered a thumbs up then put a finger to their lips for silence. Afterwards lifting their hips and shaking their asses at him with a giggle.

Tony shook his head at them and told himself, “What the hell. Let them have their fun.”

Before turning away Tony calls out, “I’m gonna run to the grocery store for dinner tonight. Need anything?”

“Brown rice!” Becca yells back lifting up slightly.

Clyde stops his trimmer at hearing her at the top of her lungs.

Looking back over his shoulder Clyde waves at Tony.

Tony waves back then opts to say, “How’s it hanging Clyde?”

Clyde chuckles nervously, “Doing great. Just getting the chores out of the way before the Grizzly game later.”

“You meet Ken’s girls there yet?”

“I have. Didn’t know she had any kids.”

“Long story, Buddy. Can you keep and eye on them while I run to the store for dinner?”

“Sure thing. Long as you get back by game time. 2:00! ” Clyde nods.

Looking at his watch Tony puckers, “Plenty of time. Be good girls. Back in 45 minutes.”

“Bye Tony.” They both reply.

Chuckling as he turns away Tony disappears.

Clyde’s eyes paid attention between the yards cautiously. Once he spots Tony’s Silverado drive off he sighs and shuts his trimmer off. Puckering he reaches down to grip his still lively cock to regain its potential.

“Back in action Ladies.” He huffs leering over at them.

“Can we watch?” Rose sits up to face him as she opens her oil bottle to glisten up her tits.

Clyde winces at her perky breasts, “Damn those Titties are nice.”

“What about mine?” Becca leaps up bouncing her own tits to life.

“Perfect!” He utters watching the girls rub each others chests glossy. Giggling at the obvious effect that was having on him.

Rose chooses to stand up and walk over to the fence and look over the bushes.

“He’s sooo cute.” She giggles with flaring eyes.

“Like him do ya?” Clyde becomes smug as he strokes his shaft.

Becca joins her sister at the fence, “Let me see.”

Hugging Rose, Becca bulges her eyes, “He’s purple.”

Clyde opts to move further down his fence line to an area that had no shrubbery. He then moves closer to the fence.

The girls follow him like a puppy and giggle playfully.

“Can I touch him?” Rose bites a nail taunting him with a curious gaze.

In response Clyde losing all resistance seals his eyes and releases his cock. He steps closer to the fence and lets his dick enter their yard through the fence link.

Rose and Becca hover over it hesitantly as they both use an index finger to barely touch his crown before jumping out of excitement. The exhilaration left Clyde terrified yet demanding of more.

“Our secret correct?” Clyde narrows his eyes at them still unsure he should continue. As badly as he wanted too.

The girls hug each others arms and fawn over the girth of his penis. As one they offer yet another, “”We promise not to tell.”

He continues his narrowing gaze and adds, “Which one of you is Rose again?”

He knew perfectly well which was which but he had hopes to see more of Rose again.

Rose jumps in step and immediately peels her bikini bottoms down to the lowest base of her pubic hair.

“I’m Rose.”

“Beautiful. You girls love taunting the old man here don’t ya?” He chuckles lightly.

Becca nods innocently, letting him think they were truly naïve, “This all new to us.”

“Yes. I love teasing you.” Rose sticks her tongue out at him.

He grins sheepishly, “I bet that tongue would love to tickle my cock.”

Her eyes bulge and she snaps a glance at Becca.

“I dare you.” Becca laughs pointing at her snickering.

Rose pouts at her misfortune. She really didn’t want to go that far with an icky old man. Yet, dares were always exciting.

Huffing and blowing a strand of hair dangling over her mouth she leans over and carefully licks his crown. The sensation made Clyde tense up.

“Oh that felt nice. See, you won that dare.”

Rose stands up laughing and bouncing in step. Her 36C’s tossed about with zest. Clyde enjoyed the view.

“Not that bad was it?” He grins at them.

Rose pauses to reflect and shrugs, “I guess not.”

Becca continues chuckling, “Your nipples are more pointy after that.”

“As if yours aren’t.” Rose wrinkles her nose at her.

Clyde smirks, “Love the nipples. Can I pinch them?”

The escort gaziantep hikayeleri girls shiver and huddle next to each other before moving in toward the fence for him to lean over and pinch one nipple on each sister. They peered down at his fingers tugging at them. Both sisters flared their eyes and exhaled through puckered lips.

Clyde then took the opportunity to squeeze said breasts.

“Damn, these are perky.” He shakes his head with a tick.

They stand still allowing him to continue his squeezing until he felt obligated to stop.

“Hope I’m not scaring you gals.” He pauses.

Rose brightens up, “Not me.”

“Me neither.” Becca adds.

“Great! I’m going to jack off. If you two want to watch.” He boasts, “Or join me.”

The sisters grin at each other shyly.

Rose steps forward and peels her bottoms down again. She then stands on her toes to reach Clyde’s height at the fence. She touches her pubic hair against the tip of his dick, tickling it.

Clyde exhaled a huff of oxygen at the move. Her eyes were like a deer in headlights. Her chest against his belly.

“Well now. That was unexpected.” He began jerking off at a rapid pace.

Rose pulled away and left her bottoms wrinkled low for him to see her garden.

Beside her Becca whined softly. Peeling her own bottoms down to her clit she moved in to let her baby softness caress his crown.

“Ah! A jealous one.” He glares.

Rose snuck up behind Becca and untied both sides of her bikini bottoms and ripped them away from her body. Becca was totally nude.

Clyde again huffed at the sight of Rose dancing and swinging her sisters bikini in the air.

Becca dropped her jaw and twisted around in step. Facing Rose, who then dropped the bottoms on the ground at her sisters feet. Without a thought Becca bent straight over to retrieve the garment. In doing so she felt Clyde’s cock slip between her butt crack slightly. Her own fault.

He growled at the coincidence and tried to lower his girth to touch her labia, but Becca jumped erect with a squeal. Pointing at him Becca began laughing.

“No fair. Sneak attack.”

He shrugs, “Felt nice still. Mad at me?”

“No. I’m mad at her.” Becca darts after Rose until a battle wrestles off Rose’s own bottoms. Both sisters were now naked.

“Holy shit!” Clyde puffs at his luck.

His stroking hand increased at the playful twins.

After a chase Rose tosses Becca’s bikini bottoms over the fence. She then stops to face her sister, hands held out in front of her.

“Go get them. I dare you.” Rose makes a face.

Jaw dropped, Becca begins pouting. That was enemy territory. Sort of.

“She has ya there Becca.” Clyde grits his teeth hoping for a good outcome.

“You dared me. I did it. Your turn.” Rose chuckles.

Becca folds her arms over her chest and stomps her right foot. Dares were fun until it happens to you. Expressing her fears Becca grabs Rose and drags her to the fence. She then proceeds to wrap Rose’s hands around Clyde’s cock.

“You hold him while I go get my bottoms.”

Clyde growls, “Hold me tight. I might chase her around my yard.”

Becca points at him with squinted eyes, “Stay!”

She then climbs the chain link fence and carefully crawls over, dropping to the grass. She then retrieves her bottoms. Turning around to face Clyde she realizes Rose had let him go.

He now stood facing Becca with an evil grin.

In awe Becca cringed, “Don’t hurt me.”

“Why would I hurt you? Come here and give me a hug.” He offers a tender embrace.

Squealing she shuffles into his arms. He held her snugly while rubbing her back. His hands lowered to clutch her butt cheeks and squeeze them tightly.

“I feel it between my legs.” Becca whimpers toward Rose with a gross expression.

Rose laughs hysterically.

“Nice butt.” He growls.

“Can I go home now?” Becca wheezes.

“Yeah. Don’t fret. I’m harmless. Just couldn’t resist. I’ll help ya back over the fence.”

He releases her and tenderly lifts her up and over.

She takes a moment to ponder things then turns around to kiss him on the cheek.

“Didn’t expect that. Thanks.” He almost blushes.

“I’m fine. I know you won’t hurt me. It was just…” She didn’t know how to finish her response.

“Gross? Yeah I’m a fat ugly cuss. Thanks for being cool with me though.”

The girls both offered a saddened expression.

“Jack off for us. We want to see you squirt.” Rose moves to the fence to dangle her arms over it.

He takes a deep breath and steps closer to her and drops his khaki’s to his ankles for the full effect.

She remains pressed against his fence as he faces her. His crown extends through the link once more and caresses her lower abdomen. She doesn’t even flinch.

Becca hugs up to her sister’s side and reaches out to touch Clyde’s exposed belly. Rubbing it like a Buddha.

Silent smiles emerge as he jerks like a beast. Beet red cheeks, he finally grunts and splatters a load of cum on Rose’s tummy.

Exhausted Clyde has to hold the fence.

Rose steps back to show him her pelted stomach. Cloudy white droplets were spotting her flesh.

Becca turns to her sister and looks in awe.

He observes Becca rubbing the cum all over her sister then showing him her glossy palms. He stood amazed.

“Good God! You two are something special.” He huffs.

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