The Man of My Dreams


I had dated several men in the past but none could satisfy me the way I wanted to be satisfied. Everyone I dated was just into vanilla sex and I wanted so much more. I decided I am not going to waste my time with anyone unless they have the same taste in sex as I do. A friend of mine said they knew someone that I might like in that he had the dark hair and blue eyes that I loved. She said he is not like the usual guys I dated. I said great I didn’t like the usual guys anyway. So he calls me and we agree to meet at my favorite Italian restaurant . I get there and I spot him right away tall shoulder length black hair and blue Ümraniye Escort eyes I could get lost in. I can tell from the moment I see him I want to fuck him. We sit down in an dark corner. We start the usual small talk that every first date engages in. It is going pretty well then I decide I am just going to tell him what I like. Why waste my time if he is as boring as all the rest. I said “ Connor can I be honest with you?” He responds “Of course by all means always be honest with me.” “ I am very attracted to you and I want to fuck you but I want you to top me.” I reply. Now every time Ümraniye Escort Bayan I have told this to another man he has looked confused or made some comment like yeah I’ll be on top tonight. Not Connor he gets a very serious very sexual look on his face. “Ok but it starts right now you must obey me in all things tonight no matter what I ask or you will be punished.” he states boldly. I immediately start to get wet knowing this is the man of my dreams. I tell him yes a little breathlessly. He has the most beautiful fingers I have seen on a man they are large and long and delicate at Escort Ümraniye the same time. Conner notices me staring at his hands. “What are you thinking?“ he asks. “I am imagining what your fingers would feel like inside me.” I tell him a little breathlessly. ‘Lets find out.” Is his quick reply. He starts rubbing my thigh back and forth going up higher each time. It is making me so wet. “You have got to stop I am getting so wet.” I tell him. “but I thought you wanted to know what my fingers felt like inside you.” “No you have to stop or I will cum if you touch me pussy.’ I plead with him. “ that is what I want from you and you must obey.” he commands me. He slowly moves his hand up my dress, he roughly yanks my panties out of the way and starts fingering me as he strokes my oh so very hard and wet clit. It is taking everything I have not to cry out in this restaurant which is turning me on even more I think .

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