The Man and the Model Ch. 03


The advertising man John was pretty upset at not hearing from the sexy model Roxy whom he chanced upon on the train. It was the second day since Roxy left without telling him where she was going, leaving him wondering about her whereabouts. The only information he got was from Carrie, the secretary of the boss and the office gossip, that the boss was sleeping with a new model, meaning Roxy.

On the way to office, John replayed in his mind how he met Roxy, their shooting a sexy video and uploading it on the net, their love-making and her photo shoot with James, his friend. Then James had shown the photographs to the boss. Maybe the boss had liked the photos and wanted to meet Roxy. In that case James would have known that the boss wanted to meet Roxy, but James had said he had no idea where Roxy was.

At office, Carrie met him with the same bit of gossip; that the boss was away for the second day fucking the brains out of the new model. Whether the 55 year-old boss could fuck the brains out of someone was anyone’s guess, he thought.

“Hey, John what are you doing this evening?” Carrie asked with a sly smile.

He loved the fat ass of this chubby woman, maybe in her late 30s, and had often thought of using her on a rainy day, which appeared to be today, in the absence of Roxy.

“Nothing much,” he said.

“I was thinking of a drink and …” she winked.

“Yeah, I was thinking on similar lines,” he said and smiled at her, all the while thinking of Roxy.

There was no message from Roxy till evening and that made John desperate and worried at the same time. Had she walked out of his life without a word? Her suitcase was still in his Pendik Escort house and she had to return to get that. Roxy had the spare key and what if she found him and Carrie in bed in case she returned suddenly? Well, if she could sleep with the boss, could he not have a fling with the secretary? She had not made a secret of her using her sexy body to get things done with her landlord and photographers. Anyway there was no commitment between them as they had met recently and the relationship was symbiotic. He craved for her young and willing body and she was desperate for a single foothold in the elusive modelling world. Hence there was no scope for any heartbreak there.

“Shall we go?” asked Carrie as he prepared to leave.

They bought some dinner and reached John’s house where he promptly took out glasses and poured whiskey and gave it to Carrie. Her eyes roamed around the living room as she sipped the drink. There was no hint of romance in the air, as there would have been on a first sex encounter between two who have known each other for some time. Carrie went towards the bedroom, still drinking from her glass and John followed her with the bottle and glass. She lay on the bed and John went to the bathroom to wash his face and when he returned found her sitting nude. He sat by her side and they drank.

“The boss is a bastard,” she said, as the drink began to course through her veins. She continued: “I am not sexy, that is obvious. The boss makes me suck his cock once in a while. There are times I wished that he would at least fuck my ass. He hardly takes me to bed or on screwing vacations. That he does with his modelling bitches Kurtköy Escort who know how to hard sell their tight cunts. Every time I need a man, I have to find someone like you who is willing to do it for a night. The guys in the office know how the boss uses me and no one wants to date me or fuck me.”

He poured another drink for them and stripped and lay next to her. The drink and Carrie’s talk had stirred him to an erection. Carrie touched his rising manhood and cupped his loaded balls as he fingered her shaggy bush which she never shaved, maybe because she never got a chance to display it or because there were not many to lick her. A pussy that got licked often would either be trimmed or clean shaven, he thought. They finished their drink and he kissed her boobs and turned her around and propped her on her fours. Kneeling behind her, his erection found her wet eager opening between her bush and slid in easily. Her left hand was strumming her clitoris as he lunged in deep into her cunt, thinking of the stunning sexy pussy of Roxy. With his eyes closed, he grabbed her hair with one hand and slapped her fat rump with his other as he rode her. She moaned and egged him on to rough ride her and he feverishly slapped and pummeled her. She bucked and groaned as his lunging touched a peak. Grabbing her boobs from behind, he emptied his two days’ stock of semen into her widened chasm of hot flesh. That was it, an official, relieving and frustrated fuck that served both their purposes.

He poured another round of drinks for them and she went on with her office gossip as if the sex had been a dictation the boss had given her, a tiresome ritual.

“Tell Ümraniye Escort me how you get all these information,” he posed her a question he had always wanted to ask her.

“Guys like the driver and other errand boys go everywhere and see everything. People are too stupid not to keep their mouths on a leash when these guys are around. For the rich bastards and bitches these guys are lowlife. But these are the people who carry stories everywhere. I flirt with these guys. I let the lift boy brush his cock against my ass and the drivers get to see my boobs often. These are inducements for them to talk to me. The more they see and rub, they more they talk. And my job is to spread the dirty lowdown on these rich ugly dicks and cunts, ’cause I too am like these guys in the eyes of the boss and his cunts,” she finished outlining her modus operandi and giving vent to her pent-up frustration.

He understood her driving force and thought he should be careful with her; not a woman to rub the wrong way. They ate dinner while watching TV and he fell asleep soon.

The next morning, he woke up and as expected found that Carrie had gone. He too left for office after finding that there were no messages from Roxy and that her cellphone was still switched off.

Carrie was not at her desk and he asked the girl, who was her replacement, whether the boss had come to office and she replied in the negative. That pissed him off further. For three days his boss was fooling around with Roxy and still no sign of the two.

Around 3 p.m. he received a message from Roxy asking him if she can come to his house.

John felt relieved that she was safe and, at the same time, angry that she had dumped him unceremoniously, but replied with a decent “sure”.

In a relationship like this where there was no question of being tied down, all was fair. He would like to hear her story, he told himself as he left office.

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