The Making Of A Hot Wife

Dildo Fucking

Lily parked her car and Wayne opened the door for her. She took Wayne’s offered hand and he helped her out of the car, where they embraced and kissed briefly before he turned saying, “Let me show you my humble apartment before we head out for lunch.” She flashed him a smile and they headed for the door of his apartment.The apartment was sparsely furnished and still in some disarray as Wayne began to explain the remodel on the apartment was just about finished and everything is still not quite sorted out.  Lily set her purse and phone down on the kitchen table.  They walked through the living room.  Wayne explained that the first bedroom is for when his daughter visits.  They peeked in the bathroom as they headed toward the main bedroom.As they walk into the bedroom, Wayne, still holding Lily’s hand, pulls her around to face him and embraces her with a kiss. He asks, “Are you comfortable?”Her heart is already racing and a multitude of feelings are crossing her mind at the same time. She looks at Wayne and says, “Kiss me again and I’ll let you know.” With her permission, he kisses her again more passionately and whispers into her ear, “I would really like to have dessert first.”*****The night before Lily’s scheduled lunch with Wayne, she spent over an hour fretting with her husband, Ken, over what clothes she would wear for this date with Wayne. She mentally debated about whether she should wear a dress or slacks and what kind of blouse she should wear. She even tried Ankara bayan escort on several different bras and panties before she decided exactly what she wanted to wear.“How am I supposed to look to go to lunch with Wayne,” she asked numerous times.In the end, Ken said,  “Dress simply. Wayne is a friend and you, my love, are empowered and have complete control to determine what, if anything, happens other than just lunch.”“I am anxious and still somewhat confused,” Lily said. “I am not sure why you are encouraging me to go have lunch by myself with another man. I am very happy with our sex life, and you are my everything.”“After all of the pain and agony that you have been through for the last several years, you deserve to have an opportunity to escape this crazy world for a little while and enjoy yourself,” Ken said.“Bah,” she retorted, with a loving smile at her husband.She chose to wear a long t-shirt style top that was muted in black and gray, off-white and black slacks, a lightweight black bra that easily showed off her beautiful, big nipples through the fabric, and a pair of lacey red panties.She looked beautiful.*****As Lily set her GPS and headed out for the forty-minute drive to meet her friend, Wayne, at his apartment where they intend to go to lunch, she reflected on what she was doing. She had known Wayne for several years, but due to several extreme life issues, it had been quite a while since they’d had any Escort bayan Ankara real interaction. Lily, with encouragement from her husband, Ken, had reached back out and started texting Wayne, telling him that it was time for them to get together and have lunch. Wayne was still enthusiastic about spending time with her and the date was set for lunch about three days later.As Lily was anxiously driving and listening to her own thoughts, her phone rang. It was Wayne.  “Hello, my dear, how is your trip so far?” he asked. Lily answered that she was looking forward to lunch, but was still a little nervous. “Why you are nervous,” Wayne asked, “you’re just coming to have lunch with your friend and I am looking forward to it.”Lily became more comfortable as the drive continued and their conversation covered numerous different subjects. Lily finally felt at ease with her decision and was happy to see Wayne as she parked her car.*****As Lily stood in front of Wayne kissing him and listening to him tell her that he would love to have dessert before lunch, he caressed her breasts and cupped them through her shirt.  He moved his mouth to her ear where he began to kiss it, breathing in deeply, and asked, “Wow! What is that wonderfully sweet taste and scent that’s behind your ear?”She reached up with both hands holding his head, returning the passionate kiss, and breathlessly said, “It is a special love lotion that I have also put in several Bayan escort Ankara places on my body and I would really like for you to start dessert by seeking out those sweet places and explore me.”Now free to explore her beautiful body, Wayne reached up and put his hand under her shirt and bra and caressed her breasts.“Oh, my,” he exclaimed, “I don’t believe I have ever touched a more perfect nipple.  I need to feast my eyes and my mouth on those beautiful breasts.”He reached down inside her shirt, and with one motion, slipped it right over her head and dropped it to the floor. Again, he caressed her breasts through her bra, and, as he leaned over to kiss her passionately again, he undid her bra and let it fall to the floor as well. Her beautiful breasts and erect nipples were on full display. He stepped back and began appraising the beautiful package that he had just started to unwrap.   He exclaimed that she was an absolutely beautiful woman and he couldn’t wait to touch those breasts some more.Wayne leaned over and put his mouth on one of Lily’s erect nipples, tasting and smelling the alluring fragrance. With the other hand, he began caressing her other breast and nipple. Loving the attention being given to her breasts, she threw back her head while holding on to his shoulders and began to moan in ecstasy. Taking his cue from Lily’s excitement over her breasts being played with, he continued concentrating on her breasts for quite some time, growing more and more aroused all the while. Lily had been breathing deeply and moaning as Wayne enthusiastically massaged her nipples while sucking them into his mouth, gently biting them, and pulling on them. Her breathing became almost panting, and her moans were causing Wayne’s need for her to grow stronger by the minute.

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