The Maid – Part Six: Sweet Torment


I couldn’t believe my eyes and my luck.  The gorgeous college girl my wife and I had a threesome with for the first time only earlier today was laying with her head in my wife’s lap.  Both were naked with a puddle of clothes nearby.  I was flooded by a mix of feelings.  The first was relief.  When I left earlier to finish a work project, I was pretty sure Cee and Katie would use this time to establish the agreements that would shape the journey for the three of us from here.  I had no idea if they would find friction after our time together.  I was optimistic that the feelings that needed to be acknowledged would be shared honestly.  What might come of that, I certainly couldn’t predict.  Katie was young and inexperienced.  Cee and I had been around some block or other and we couldn’t know how our maturity might blend with or maybe even clash with the youthfulness of our young friend.  With that said, I certainly didn’t expect to come home to see the two of them in post-orgasmic bliss.  The sight was as relieving as it was erotic.  I didn’t know what had happened but I sure wished there had been a video of it.  “Hi, Honey.”  My wife’s voice was syrup itself.  The sweetness oozed from her like honey dripping from a spoon.“Hi, Love.”  I wanted her to hear gratitude and feel safety from my simple response.  “Hi, Nick.”  With her head still in my wife’s lap, Katie seemed to purr her greeting.  There was no sense of nervousness, no regret from “being caught,” no embarrassment.  “Cee, Ankara escort it looks like you and Katie have been enjoying the morning.  If you were still in grade school you would have gotten high marks for “Uses time wisely.”She smiled a lazy yet pleasant smile at me and said, “I love getting to know Katie.”Katie smiled shyly.  No explanation would have improved the message her smile sent.I wasn’t sure what to say next.  I put my work things down and sat nearby without another word.  I drifted into an easy silence with the two women in my life.  They were luxuriating in that in-between time as their bodies recovered from and remembered the sweetness they so deliciously had concocted.  They were in no rush to manufacture something else.  Greed on my part would have stolen their sweetness.  I am not that desperate.  I let my mind wander in the silence trusting that I would find out soon enough what had happened.  I was sure only that they had connected on a soul level and enjoyed the pleasures they found there.  The details would, I’m sure, be erotic.  I savored the silence that would lead me to that satisfying tale.  Before too long, Cee began stroking Katie’s hair and shoulders.  The young woman stirred a little and looked up, first at Cee, then over at me.  “Katie and I had a lovely talk and wonderful time together, Nick.”“I can see that.”“I know that everything will go very well for the three of us now.  Don’t you agree, Katie?”“Uh huh.  I feel Ankara escort bayan so relieved and excited at the same time.”“I’m so glad to hear that.  Katie, from the beginning, it felt like you were such a good fit for us.  I am very happy that things have unfolded this way.  You aren’t the only one who is going through some pretty big life changes.  We are, too.  I think I can speak for both of us.  We’re glad you’re here.  We’re glad you’re you.”  I looked over at Cee and felt the warmth from her smile.  I walked over to where Cee was sitting and leaned over to give her a kiss.  We kissed like people in love, like we wanted to feed each other.  I found myself getting turned on.  I reached over and started caressing her breast.  She looked up with a twinkle in her eye and her kiss became hunger itself.  She wanted fed more.  I stroked both her breasts until the breath that came up from her belly brought hardness to her nipples.  I decided to be bold.“Katie, help me out.  I want you to stroke Cee’s breasts with me.”She didn’t hesitate.  Kneeling once again between Cee’s legs, she could easily fill her hands with the delight she was coming to know so well.  I kissed Cee more and she moved her closest hand onto the growing bulge in my pants.  I leaned into her touch.“Katie, I see you’ve been helping Nick by doing what he asked you to do.  Now I want you to help him by doing what I ask you to do.  Keep rubbing my breasts and while you do, Escort Ankara put your hand on Nick just the way I am.”Katie fixed her eyes on her target and began stroking me while she stroked Cee.  I liked the look of both of their hands on me at the same time.  “Unzip Nick’s pants.”She had to stop tormenting Cee’s nipples and use both hands to do as she was told.  Without breaking eye contact with the front of my pants, she asked, “Would you like me to do anything else, ma’am?”  The hunger in her voice was something I hadn’t heard before.  Cee recognized that hunger and used it to begin slowly teasing the girl.  “Why, yes, Katie.  There is something more for you to do.  Reach inside Nick’s pants and start rubbing his cock on the outside of his underwear.  He only wears the silkiest, smoothest underwear so you won’t have trouble finding it.”She had no trouble at all.  Now that she was inside my clothing, the outline of her hand on my cock was right at eye level to CeeCee.  She seemed to like the view.  I could tell because a hand fell into her lap.  “Now, Katie, go inside Nick’s underwear and keep stroking him.”Katie looked over at Cee to register both hunger and disappointment.  She was feeling both grateful for the increased skin to skin contact and regret she couldn’t have more.  Cee knew what she was doing to build the desire in Katie.  She also wanted to continue to eroticize herself with the view of Katie’s hand still obscured by my clothing while revealing the fantasy right in front of her.“Katie, this is for you.”  Cee had been dipping her finger into the wetness coating her pussy both inside and out.  She offered the finger and Katie engulfed it with her mouth.  She pulled her finger back from the girl, dipped two fingers into herself and then gave them back to Katie.

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