The Long Ride Home


Jessica yawned, ‘what a boring fucking trip’ she thought to herself, and who would have thought that an 8 hour car ride with her boyfriend after a camping trip on which they had sex once would be boring?

At around 2 hours into the trip they stopped for lunch and to stretch their legs. Jess got out of the car and stretched her 5’9″ frame out, her slender arms reached for the sky and her green eyes closed as she yawned; she pulled the elastics from her dark red hair and let it fall to her shoulders.

“I’m hungry Dave.” She whined as she leaned in for a kiss, they kissed then went into the little diner and ate. Jess felt refreshed after lunch and was ready to get going so they hopped back in their old car and took off down some back roads. About a half hour later they were on yet another gravel road when smoke started pouring from the engine of the car.

“Shit!” Dave yelled, he pulled over and got out of the car to try to figure out what the hell was wrong. Jess stayed in the car and read her magazine, she was having some naughty thoughts, but they would just have to wait until Dave got back in the car. 10 minutes later, the fiddling with the engine was done and Dave got back in the drivers seat

“Fucking piece of shit car!” He mumbled, obviously very angry. Jess just smiled at him. “What are you smiling Kurtköy Escort about? We’re stuck here until someone stops to help us you know.” He told her, Jess just kept smiling at him and didn’t say a word as she leaned over and started to unzip his pants, Dave didn’t say anything either until Jess had his cock in her hand and was slowly jerking him up and down “That feels so good Jess.” He sighed. Jess lowered her head and slowly took each inch of him into her mouth “Oh fuck!” He moaned and closed his eyes.

Jessica was bobbing her head up and down in his lap, sucking and licking his now rock hard cock, wanting him to explode in her mouth. Dave was losing his mind, Jess had never let him cum in her mouth before, as far as he knew she had never even tasted cum, he was really close to cumming, maybe she didn’t realize.

“Honey, I’m gonna cum!” He moaned as Jessica started to jerk off the base of his cock while sucking him harder. “Jess, Oh FUCK!” He groaned as he bucked hard and shot stream after stream of his cum into her mouth, she swallowed quickly, but her mouth filled up and a little bit of cum dribbled down her chin as she sat up.

“Wow…” was all Dave could manage as he watched Jess clean the cum from her face then eat it. Jess still wasn’t saying anything as she then unbuttoned her Pendik Escort pants and pulled them off. Her pussy was dripping wet and her smell filled the car as her fingers touched her clit. She moaned softly and looked into Dave’s eyes while she rubbed her pussy quickly. Dave watched her squirm in the passenger seat, his cock slowly becoming hard again.

Jess stopped rubbing her clit, and slid a finger down her cooch and slipped it inside, she moaned louder this time and squirmed in the seat more. While she fingered herself Dave became restless, re reached across and pulled her tank top down to expose her tits, and started to rub and pinch. Jessica was in heaven, she added a finger to her pussy and she started to moan with each movement of her fingers. Dave leaned over now and expertly licked all over her tits, teasing them. Jessica moaned and Dave knew she was close to cumming, she he licked her nipple then bit down softly on one while pinching the other.

Jess cried out as she finally released the orgasm that had been building up for the past 25 minutes of fingering and that she had been wanting for a week.

By now Dave was as hard as ever and Jessica wasn’t about to let his second hard on go to waste, she pushed him back against his seat

“Put your seat back” she told him softly. Dave Mutlukent Escort reclined the seat and Jess slid over on top of him, their faces were inches from each other, Jessica took his wrists and pinned them down to the seat as she lowered her tight pussy onto his cock, forcing it to push deep inside her, they both let out a moan but Jessica took one hand and held it over his mouth as she started to ride him slowly, she moaned softly and giggled as he tried to thrust up into her, but each time he tried she would sit on him completely so that he couldn’t.

Jessica’s plan was working perfectly, she could see it in his eyes as she looked into them, he was dying to pound her tight little pussy. Jess pulled her ass up so that only the tip of his cock was in her and she twisted her hips as yet another tease, but Dave had waited long enough, he quickly pushed her off into the passenger seat and just as quick was on top of her, his cock poised to take her. Jessica looked up at him, her eyes were pleading for a hard fucking, he rammed his cock into her sopping wet box and quickly pounded her again and again.

“Fuck yes!!!” She screamed “Fuck Me!” Dave could feel cum building up and started to fuck her harder and harder, Jessica was screaming with pleasure and just as her pussy clamped down on his dick he exploded inside her, filling her pussy with his hot load. Jessica came again at the feeling of his cum splashing against her insides, and then Dave passed out on top of her. She rolled him over into the driver’s seat and laid down on his chest and fell asleep.

The End?

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