The Long Ride Home


This is entirely fiction, and purely for entertainment value..if incest is not your cup of tea, hit the back button NOW! 🙂


I was 18 when I left home. My mother had remarried when I was 15. John and I didn’t get along too well- I was still hoping my folks would get back together, which I think every kid does, when their folks split up. They had a little girl together, and from letters from my mother, two more girls soon followed.

I am now 36, and coming home for the summer for the first time since having left home. I was also bringing my six year old son with me, to meet the family. My wife passed away shortly after his birth, from complications caused by her diabetes and the pregnancy. It had taken its toll on her little body.

Jacob was excited to finally meet his grandmother, and aunts. I guess they were all pretty excited too, even John. He and I had talked a few times since my wife’s death, where I had apologized for being an ass all those years ago. Putting my behavior back then behind us, John had proven himself the better man at that point.

As our plane landed and we disembarked, Jacob was scanning the crowd for faces he’d not yet seen. Mom still never learned to drive, and John was at the office. Jennifer had been elected to fetch us from the airport. The only memory I had of her, was of a 3 year old baby. The little bombshell that greeted us with big smiles was far from a baby!

She was tall, just shy of 6 ft, like her father. Her long black hair had chestnut highlights, and fell just above a nicely shaped ass. Her green eyes sparkled with mischief as she bent down to introduce herself to Jacob. This gave me a birds-eye view down the top of her tank top. Nice, ripe breasts, fully developed and creamy white cleavage greeted my eyes.

My eyes traveled up to her face, and I realized I’d been busted looking at her tits. She gave me a wink, and stood tall again. “Hi, Jack. How have you been?”

I recovered from my embarrassment long enough to respond, and asked her how she had been as well. We chatted amiably on the way to the house. It was not the same house I’d grown up in. Their family was too large for the two bedroom house Mom and I had shared comfortably.

She filled me in on her life, and how she was to start college after the holidays.

“Really- where have you chosen to go?” I asked, impressed that she seemed so dedicated to furthering her education. Myself, I had learned the construction business from the ground up, and had opened my own company shortly before Jacob was born.

“Well, I have my heart set on two places. I’m still waiting for acceptance letters. I either want to go to Columbia, or University of Michigan.”

This news threw me, for Jacob and I had made our home in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “You know that’s where we’re from, don’t you?”

She smiled. “Yeah, I’ve heard its awesome there, and one of the best colleges for architecture. That is escort sitesi what I want to do with my life. I just love looking at all the old buildings, the design, the details. It’s all so fascinating!”

As a contractor, I built buildings from the designs created by architects, and understood the passion for detail. “I agree. I guess we get it from Mom, huh?”

Up until this point, I had forgotten she was my sister. Well, half-sister to be precise. “We must!” She agreed, and led us to where the truck was parked.

She offered to let me drive, and being a man, I accepted. She had gotten a booster seat for Jacob, and it was strapped into the passenger seat. Jennifer got in ahead of me, and sat between us. It was a tight fit, forcing her to sit sort of scrunched up. This made her generous breasts push against one another, up and out of her low cut top. I could hardly keep my eyes off her chest! They had to be D cups at least, and my cock itched to get between them. In fact, it was ‘up’ for the job right now!

The ride was not a short one, and soon, Jacob fell asleep with the gentle motion of the truck on the road. He’d always been one to fall asleep easily in a car. I noticed my sister wiggling about uncomfortably, and raised my right arm, draping it on the back of the bench seat.

“That better?” I asked, hoping it made a little more room for her.

“Much better, thanks!” The position also enabled her to snuggle into my side. She looked up at me, and confessed she was feeling a bit sleepy as well, did I mind if she rested her head on my chest?

“Not at all- what are brothers for?” I chuckled. She laid her head on my chest, and I could smell her shampoo. It was slightly fruity, and must have been great quality, for her hair was shiny and healthy, and slightly intoxicating.

After about ten minutes of the truck jostling her against me, feeling her soft breasts rubbing against my ribs, my poor cock was straining at the bit to get at her. It was beginning to become painful, so I reached down to my crotch and adjusted my hard on to a more comfortable position.

My movement disturbed her slightly, and she reached her right arm forward against my chest to steady herself in her sleep. The hand did not remain on my chest for long, as it slipped lower and lower, until eventually, it was resting smack dab on top of my throbbing boner!

I felt him twitch under her warm palm, but her hand did not move. My cock did though. My adjustment had him pointing straight up to the top of my loose trousers, and as he grew even harder, the head was protruding from the waistband of my pants. I groaned softly, and my hips moved of their own accord, pressing against her hand.

Instinct must have kicked in, for I felt her hand exert light pressure on my hardness. I panicked, thinking, this is your sister buddy! What the hell are you doing? I called myself all kinds of sick bastard, but gaziantep escort sitesi did nothing to stop her from fondling my cock. It felt too damned good.

I glanced over at my sleeping son, to assure that he was still indeed sleeping, and dropped my hand from the back of the bench seat, down to my sisters back. I caressed her back and side, as she rubbed my cloth covered cock, my hand grazing the side of her tender breast lightly.

At my touch, hers became bolder, and I knew she was no longer sleeping. Her fingers tightened around my hard shaft, stroking it firmly, and purposefully. Still she feigned sleep. My hand got bolder as well, and slipped inside the arm hole of her flimsy tank top to caress the silky flesh.

When her fingers unsnapped and unzipped my trousers, there were no more pretenses of sleeping. She wanted cock, and I had plenty of it to give to her, sister or not. I lifted my hips for her to slide my pants down past my ass, and gave her full access to what she wanted. She shifted in her seat, facing me head on, and lowered the spaghetti straps of her top, to her pulled her mammoth breasts out over the top of the shirt.

Immediately, I was tweaking a nipple as her fist flew up and down on my cock. I kept one eye on the road, the other on her breasts, occasionally glancing down to watch her hand work its magic on my cock. The head was purple and engorged, and I knew I wasn’t going to last too much longer.

“Should we pull over for a moment?” I asked her. She nodded, and I found a dirt road with a clump of large bushes that would hide us from view of anyone passing by.

We got out of the truck, but left it running, so Jacob wouldn’t get hot in this heat, and went around to the back of the truck. She opened the tailgate, and sat on it. I moved towards her, my cock jutting out of the top of my trousers, her breasts still in plain view.

I took them in both of my hands, and massaged them firmly, tweaking her large nipples at the end of each caress. I loved her tits, leaning in to taste them.

“God Jack, that feels so fucking good.” Her hands were in my hair, holding my head tight to her breasts.

When I could take no more, I stood again, and noticed a horse blanket in the truck. I grabbed it and threw it on the ground in front of me, and knelt down on it. Slowly, I stood her up, and eased her shorts and panties off, then had her sit with her ass at the end of the tailgate, feet spread wide apart on the edge as well. I spread her bald pussy lips with my fingers, and took my first taste of her sweet pussy.

“Oh, fuck yes! Do it! Lick my pussy, Jack!” she cried out, moaning in pleasure as my tongue found her hardened clit. I sucked it in deep, and hard. I could feel it throbbing on my tongue, as I eased a large finger inside her pussy. She was wet as hell, and oh, so tight!

I went to town on her pussy, fingering her hole, and sucking gaziantep escort bayan sitesi her clit- interspersed with long strokes of my tongue. She wiggled her fanny to get closer to my face, and began humping my mouth.

Her orgasm overtook her quickly, which was a good thing, as my cock was dripping pre-cum profusely. He needed attention fast! I licked her softly, until she regained her breath from her orgasm, then stood, cock pointing straight out, proudly. She looked at me with lust in her eyes.

“Put it in me, NOW!” She raised her legs, spread eagle for me, and I placed the head of my cock to her open gash. I rubbed the head along her slit, to lube it up, and sunk my fat cock deep inside of her.

As most men do, I had measured him a time or two, and knew that I was not the longest man on earth at just over seven inches, but I had girth to make up for it. Her little pussy stretched wide around my thickness, and she began to moan in ecstasy as I moved in and out of her hole, her fingers grasping, and crushing her tits hard. She yanked on her nipples, twisting them viciously, as I pounded her pussy, faster and faster.

“I’m gonna cum again, Jack- Oh God, harder!” she lifted her hips up to meet my thrusts, which caused her puss to clamp down hard on my cock with each successive thrust. I felt my balls churning, boiling and ready to erupt.

“Oh shit, me too!” I grunted, and kept thrusting. I placed my thumb on her clit, as I was about to explode, and that set her off.

Two, then three more thrusts, and we came to an earth shattering climax together. Her pussy exploded, spraying juices everywhere. I was thankful I’d raised my shirt, or she would have soaked it completely. As it was, we used it to wipe us down after, and I grabbed a fresh one from my bag as we both got dressed again.

Jacob slumbered on, as we got back on the road, blissfully unaware that we had ever stopped. Jennifer and I talked a little about what had happened, and to be honest, I was feeling like some sort of child molester, as she was only 18.

“Jenn, I.. I don’t know what came over me. This shouldn’t have happened. You’re so young and my sis—”

She cut me off mid-sentence, with an exasperated ” Oh please, it was obvious you weren’t my first, big brother! I knew what I was doing.” She gave me a sexy smile, and kissed me for the first time. Our tongues meshed with one another, and regretfully, I had to pull away to keep the truck on the road.

“I hope we can do this again while you’re here visiting? There is a connecting private bath between our rooms, so no hallway creeping in the middle of the night.” She said with a giggle.

“I think that we can work something out, Jennifer, if you’re sure this is what you want?” We were getting closer to the farm, and I pulled the truck over once more. “Kiss me!” I demanded.

She did, our mouths connecting, and moving against one another as if we’d been lovers for years. Her hand began to travel downwards, and instantly, I was hard again. I pushed her hand away, reluctantly.

“Not now sweetheart, we’re too close to home.” Her mouth set in a pout, ready to say something, but I interrupted her. “When we get home baby, I’ll meet you in the bathroom.”

She smiled, and said, “Let’s get home then!”

To be continued…

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