The Last Chapter Revisited



Randi Boehmon was casually paging through a Vanity Fair when she heard the receptionist call her name.

“Mrs. Boehmon . . . he’s ready for you now.”

Randi smiled up at the young girl behind the desk and got to her feet, smoothing her skirt over her slender, sexy legs and slinging her purse over her shoulder. In her late forties, Randi had the body of a woman half her age. A petite lady with a trim waist over the top of a tight ass, she was not busty but her breasts were still perky and firm. Her trademark long, blonde highlighted hair had been recently dyed platinum and been cut in a short bob just above her shoulders, her long bangs sweeping gently across her forehead, erotically framing her beautiful face, with its high cheekbones and gorgeous blue eyes, in a way that made her look more like a west coast fashion model than a midwestern soccer mom with two children. Her lips glistened in a soft, cinnamon shade, perfectly complimented by a hint of eye shadow and long, dark lashes.

She walked through the big wooden door and into the expensively decorated and spacious office. Derek Williamson, her marriage counselor, rose from behind the desk with a broad smile, his sexy green eyes alight as she took a seat on the big leather couch. Derek was barely out of his twenties with long, brown wavy hair, and a square jaw with a cute dimple in his chin. An avid bicyclist, his lean frame was corded with muscle, his thick thigh muscles pushing tightly against the material of his khaki pants.

As Randi began to unbutton her white, silk blouse, Derek picked up the phone.

“Gina . . . Mrs. Boehmon will be my last appointment today. I’ll lock up. See you in the morning.”

Randi smiled seductively as she reached behind her back to unsnap her bra, peeling it off her arms, before reaching for the zipper on the side of her very short skirt. As Derek came around his desk, he untucked his shirt and began to remove his cuff links.

Now naked, except for her white lace thong and her peep-toe slingbacks with the 4 inch heel, Randi’s eyes ran quickly up and down the lean, muscled body of her marriage counselor as he stepped out of his pants, his boxers unable to contain his fat, straining cock. He moved closer and gently tipped her chin up with his index finger as he lowered his face towards hers. As his tongue pushed past her wetly shining lips, Randi was again struck by the strange and erotic path that had brought her to this point in her life.


After he had come home unexpectedly and walked in on his wife fucking Curtis Adams, a former teamate of their son, Bill Boehmon was more hurt than angry. He wisely resisted a strong urge to physically confront the young man, given the fact that he was giving up a couple of inches and probably thirty pounds of muscle to the former all-state running back. Instead, he walked back downstairs and poured himself a stiff drink. He didn’t even look up when Curtis quietly left the house.

Randi had grabbed her short, silky, jade green robe off the floor as Curtis quickly gathered his things. After he left, she walked slowly downstairs to find her husband sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand, staring at the floor. She sat quietly next to him for several minutes, but when she put a hand on his shoulder, she felt him pull away in disgust.

The next few weeks were terribly quiet in the Boehmon household. Fortunately, their son was away at college and their daughter, being a senior, was quite busy in a variety of high school activities. When Bill finally broached the subject of seeing a marriage counselor, Randi quickly agreed, still kicking herself for being as careless as she had been. Her desire for young cock had become overwhelming, causing her to become incredibly reckless. She even tried to convince herself that she would benefit from the counseling her husband was suggesting.

Bill got a referral for a counselor through their church and at their first meeting, Derek asked what had brought them to his office. As her husband described, in lurid detail, his discovery of his wife’s adultery, Randi noticed that Derek’s eyes darted quickly over to hers with an interest that seemed more than professional.

During their second meeting, after her husband had discussed showing Randi an amatuer porn video he had purchased from a website featuring a beautiful, busty auburn haired MILF who had a weakness for sexy shoes and young, muscular black men, Randi noticed that Derek seemed to find this bit of information very important. At the conclusion of their session, Derek informed them that he felt it would be better, at least for the time being, that they start individual rather than couple’s counseling.

When Bill came home from his first individual session, Randi noted that he seemed troubled but his attitude towards her was much improved. Thinking that this was promising, she looked forward to her meeting the following evening.

Derek offered her a drink from the small wet bar in his office escort reklamları and joined her in the large, comfortable sitting area in front of his desk. As they talked, Randi quickly recognized the look she saw on the younger man’s face. She had seen this same look on a countless number of young men she had picked up these last several years of her marriage. The intense look they had, hoping that she would show sign of interest, which was always followed by an eagerness to please her in bed. Finally ending with a hopeful look that they would be invited back to taste her considerable charms. The fact she was seeing this in the face of someone who had agreed to help her and her husband work through their troubles was clearly disconcerting, but, Randi reluctantly admitted to herself, also very exciting.

Derek told her that he ripped into Bill pretty good about his bringing home the adult video they had discussed previously. He blamed her husband for planting the seed which, Derek felt, caused Randi to act out a fantasy that she believed her husband wanted. Although this was clearly not the case, Randi had fucked plenty of black guys before ever seeing the video, she was clever enough to wait and see how this all played out.

Over the next month or so, Bill slowly began to warm up to her. Amazingly, under Derek’s guidance, her husband had somehow reached the conclusion that he was mostly at fault for Randi’s indiscretions and he redoubled his efforts to repair their fractured relationship.

On the other hand, Randi was not at all suprised to find herself, in very short order, bent over Derek’s desk while he drove his long, thick cock deep into her pussy, taking their counseling sessions to a new, and decisively dirty, level.


As they kissed, Randi slid her hand up under Derek’s boxers to lightly tickle his ball sack with her long, blood red fingernails. When Derk reached down to cup one of her pert breast, Randi grabbed his boxers and pulled them quickly to the floor. As she stroked his long, hard cock, Derek was thrilled by the sensation of her wedding bands as they slowly slid up and down his manhood.

He put one foot on the cushion next to Randi, and grabbing his cock at its base, guided it towards her hungry mouth. With one hand resting gently on a muscular thigh, the other grasping a rock hard butt cheek, Randi dropped her jaw as he slid his fat cock past her wetly shining lips, deep into the warmth of her mouth.

Randi began fucking his cock with her face, her head bobbing out a slow, steady rhythm, a low moan building in her chest.

“MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!” she groaned as she blew him, one of her hands now between her legs rubbing her swollen clit.

Derek put one hand on the back of Randi’s very blonde head, and watched intently as his cock slid into her lovely mouth. Early on in their “counseling”, he had discovered that the sexy soccer mom was an incredible cocksucker and he didn’t want to blow his load too quickly.

Feeling his nuts begin to tighten, Derek pulled his cock away from a clearly disappointed Randi and he had to hold it away from her as she reached for it with her mouth open hungrily. He helped her to her feet and she quickly pulled her tiny thong over her tight ass and down her slender legs, kicking it away with a pretty, high-heeled foot.

Randi laid back down on the couch and opened her legs, reaching down to spread her swollen pussy lips with two fingers as Derek quickly knelt before her. The fat head of his cock slid easily into her soaking wet pussy and as he leaned down over her and began to fuck her with long, deep strokes he whispered to her:

“We had quite a breakthrough last time, Mrs. Boehmon. I think we need to pick up where we left off!”

Randi reached over his shoulders, pulling his face towards hers as she rolled her hips hard against him.

“MMhhhhmmmmm!!” Randi purred seductively, a thin satisfied smile on her gorgeous face.

“Whatever you say, Doctor!!” she agreed enthusiastically, before his tongue slid deliciously over hers, her breasts pressed against his hard, smooth chest.


Randi climbed off the treadmill and ran a towel along the back of her neck. She had just completed her usual four mile run and was going to grab a bottle of water before she headed home. She and her husband had a “date” planned for later that evening as part of their ongoing marriage counseling.

The health club was packed and Randi noted with satisfaction that her flat, toned tummy and tight ass, proudly displayed by a tiny bra top and skimpy running shorts, was the equal of any woman there, regardless of age.

She noticed that a young man she had caught staring at her earlier was walking slowly across the work-out area. He looked to be in his early twenties with a tightly muscled athletic frame. She guessed that he was about 6’2″, a good 230 pounds and was wearing a black sleeveless Under Armor shirt that gaziantep escort reklamları showed off his big, broad shoulders and thick arms. He had on a pair of baggy, red basketball shorts, his blonde hair cut short, and she could see his blue eyes from across the club. He smiled at her, causing Randi to blush as she caught herself smiling quickly back, the familiar tingle beginning to build between her legs.

She was not at all suprised when he followed her out to her black BMW X-5, but when he slid into the passenger seat, she looked at him with an amused grin on her face.

“Can I help you?” she asked, her eyes alight, clearly enjoying his act.

“Where you headed?” he responded with a sly smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“I’m going home.” she emphasized.

“Sounds good to me!” the young man replied, looking calmly out the front of the SUV.

Randi stared at the side of his face, and waited a few seconds before cautioning him.

“My husband might be home soon.”

He turned his head slowly and locked his deep, baby blues onto hers.

“I’ll take my chances.” he smiled before returning to staring out the windshield.

Randi sighed loudly and shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head as she turned the ignition and started home. At a red light, she dug a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s from her bag and flipped the top, removing one of the cigarettes. She cracked her window, cupping a tiny gold lighter in her hands as she drew deeply, exhaling a thin stream out of the car as the light turned green.

Glancing at the long, white cigarette the tiny MILF was holding in outstretched fingers above the steering wheel, the young man noted:

“Doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of all the running you do?”

Randi laughed and took a long, deep, drag, nodding in agreement as she exhaled.

“Probably . . . but I always have one after a work-out. You don’t mind do you?”

“Hey . . . It’s your body.” he replied before lowering his voice in a more intimate tone. “I gotta admit . . . it looks rockin’ hot!”

Randi smiled at the compliment and pressed the acclerator, eager to get this young stud into her bed.


He followed her upstairs and into the large master suite Randi shared with her husband. Once inside, he closed the double doors and pulled his shirt over his head revealing his thickly muscled, smooth chest and six-pack abs. Randi felt her pulse begin to pound as his hands settled gently on her hips. Her hands slid up his corded arms to his muscular shoulders as he lowered his lips towards hers, her mouth open expectantly.

She threw her arms around his bull neck as he crushed her petite form against his hard body. They kissed passionately, and she could feel his hard cock press through the thin material of his baggy shorts as their mouths opened and closed in a lust filled dance.

Randi reached down into his shorts to fondle his straining cock. He was incredibly large and it was clear to her that he had recently shaved his balls.

She pulled away from his lips, panting with lust, her hands resting gently on the thick pads of muscle on his deep chest, a seductive smile on her beautiful face. He reached for her top and peeled it over her head as Randi raised her arms.

She tilted her head back and leaned back into his young, hard body as he kissed her again, his lips brushing the side of her neck, causing her to shiver with excitement. Randi began slowly working his shorts off his waist, as her young lover slid his hand down her flat tummy and inside her running shorts, not suprised to find her cleanly shaven slit soaking wet with her juices.


Randi was lying naked on her stomach cross-wise on the bed as she lustily sucked the young man’s cock. She alternated taking him into her mouth and sliding her practiced lips sideways along the length of his hard shaft as her tongue worked the sensitive underside of his crown. Her head bobbed in a steady rhythm as she strained to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

“MMMMMMmmmmmmmfffffff!!!!!!” she moaned loudly as she blew him, savoring his taste, loving the feeling of his young,hard meat in her mouth.

Randi got up on all fours and continued to fuck his cock with her face, driving her head straight down, his long shaft glistening with her saliva, her eyes closed in concentration, her cheeks hollowed. The young man held her very blonde head in his strong hands as it bobbed up and down, faster and faster.

She pulled her lips from his plum-sized head with a loud pop, her tongue swirling its tip. Randi got to her knees and threw her arms around the boy’s broad shoulders, pulling him to her hungry lips.

The young man sat on the edge of the bed and Randi moved eagerly to kneel on the floor between his muscular thighs, as he laid back across the mattress.

Stroking him with one hand, the large diamonds in her wedding gaziantep escort bayan reklamları band sparkling as they slid up and down his thick shaft, Randi sucked his smooth ball sack into the warm, wetness of her mouth, her tongue dragging tantalizingly over each heavy nut.

He groaned as the sexy MILF sucked his balls, squirming when she used the very tip of her tongue to tickle the area directly under his sack.

Leaning forward, Randi slowly lifted his long, thick member until it pointed straight up towards the ceiling, lowering her lips over its bulbous head. She stroked him with both her hands as she slobbered over his cock, gagging slightly when she took him down her throat.

The young man sat up, his hands reaching for Randi’s chin and he tilted her head back, crushing his lips to hers. His hands slid up to cradle the sides of her face, their tongues dancing sensuously as she continued to kneel between his legs, stroking his fat cock.

Randi loved kissing, in many ways she found it more intimate than fucking, and she was more than a little disappointed when the young man pulled away from her lips and helped her to her feet.

He laid length-wise on the king-sized bed and directed Randi to straddle his face. Leaning forward on her hands, she lifted his thick cock to her lips as she felt his tongue slowly lick the length of her pussy slit, his big hands spreading her tight ass cheeks as he ate her.

Randi felt her lithe body shudder with lust as each stroke of his tongue caused sparks of pleasure to shoot through her pussy. He used the tip of his tongue to swirl around the side of her swollen clit, before sucking it into his pursed lips. Randi pulled her mouth from his straining cock and moaned, her back arched, as she pumped his hard shaft with her tiny hand.

“OOOOooohhhh!! . . . Shit!! . . . Baby, that feels so . . . so . . . good!!!! AAaahh!!! . . . FUCK!!!!!” she managed to sputter before dropping her jaw, her head bobbing rapidly, her mouth packed full of his sweet cock-meat.

Randi was licking the length of his cock when she felt him start to move under her. She watched as the young man took a seat in the big leather chair that her husband read in every night, sliding slightly forward.

Randi smiled lewdly, recognizing what he was after and move quickly to wiggle onto his lap, her knees on either side of his hips as she braced herself on the back of the chair.

Reaching back behind her cute, little ass, Randi grabbed the base of his thick cock and lifted her butt until she could guide the fat head of his dick to her swollen pussy lips.

Slowly, very slowly, she lowered herself onto his cock, savoring every inch as he stretched and filled her pussy. She began to slowly ride him as he reached up to squeeze her tiny breasts, sucking a stiff nipple into his mouth.

“AAAAAAAhhhh . . . Baby!!! Your cock is so fucking big!!!! . . . I love it!!!! Fuck my pussy, Baby!!! . . . . Fuck me!!!!!”

After several minutes of slow, steady pounding, her engorged clit rubbing against the young man’s hard body, Randi shifted her weight forward onto her knees, raising her ass into the air.

In this position, Randi was able to bounce her ass down onto his young pole so rapidly that the boy laughed out loud, clearly impressed with her prowess.

“Jesus . . .!! Fuck, that feels great!!! You’re fucking incredible!!!!” he gasped.

Smiling down at her young stud, breathing heavily, she panted “I’ve had alot of practice, Lover!!” before returning her concentration to the fucking she was giving him, her ass bouncing rapidly onto his cock.

She took him completely into her soaking wet tunnel and stopped, wriggling briefly on his lap, loving the feeling of his cock stretching her married pussy to the limits.

She tilted his face up with her hands and lowered her hungry lips to his, her tongue pushing hotly into his mouth. As they kissed, the young man squeezed her ass cheeks as she squirmed, her steaming pussy impaled on his thick, hard cock.

He slid his hands down under her slender thighs and stood up, easily lifting the petite MILF, her arms tight around his neck, still buried to the hilt in her warm, wet tunnel. Randi giggled and continued to plant hot kisses on the young man’s face as she felt herself being lowered onto the bed.

Randi shifted beneath him, trying to get in a more comfortable position for the pounding she knew was coming, her hands lying gently on the sides of his hips as the young man pushed himself up on outstretched arms.

He started fucking the sexy cougar with long, deep strokes, pulling her over-heated clit into her pussy with each downward thrust. Randi rolled her hips against him, moaning out loud as his thick cock pierced her faithless pussy, her juices flowing in a stream down between her ass cheeks.

“OOOOOOOhhhhhh!!!! . . . . AAAAHHHH Jesus!! Baby . . . You feel so good!!! God I love your cock!!!! . . . Give it to me, Baby!!! Give it to me!!!!! Fuck my pussy!!! . . . SHIIITTT!!!!”

The young man’s hard body smacked wetly against the sexy soccer mom, her breasts bouncing lewdly with each strong thrust, her fingers gripping the thick muscles behind his arms. Randi began to feel her orgasm blossom between her legs as she reached up to cradle the sides of his face, pulling his luscious lips to hers, her tongue searching for his.

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