The Johnson Agency


11:40. Sarah Silles hated this time. It was 20 minutes before her next appointment came. She was still frustrated from this morning since her husband Petre left her unfulfilled. Like the day before and the day before that. She thought “It wasn’t that he didn’t try, but Petre’s peter was puny.” She chuckled at the joke but was sad he was a mere four and one half inches when hard.

This morning, Sarah awoke Petre by straddling him. She pinned his wrists above his head with her hands and used her feet against his inner thighs to spread them apart. Her hot slit rubbed against the underside of Petre’s cock until it was hard. She leaned forward and lifted her bum slightly so Petre’s knob could penetrate her. Sarah sat back down and let him enter. Her cunt was wet and hot.

Sarah repeatedly slammed her firm buttocks downward wanting to feel as much of his length as she could. Petre was barely inside for 30 seconds before he started squirting his insignificant milt. He immediately lost his erection. Sarah’s unsatisfied pussy spat out the useless dick with distain.

Sarah sat in her huge private office. She thought about when they were first married. She loved him very much and still does. Without a lot of experience, Petre satisfied her sexual appetite, but barely. She started working as a financial lawyer and pulled in millions for her company. Since her rapid promotion to Senior VP of Holtz and Associates, she found power was much more of an aphrodisiac and needed something to match in order to quench her wanton lust.

Her fingers slipped inside her blazer and rubbed with her hardening nipples through her silk blouse. A hand dropped to her lap and caressed her inner thighs. She pulled her tight skirt up enough to expose the straps holding up her stockings. A finger brushed her slit through her already soaked panties.


11:55. The elevator door opened. Out strode a handsome, tall, well-dressed man. With confident steps, he walked to the reception desk of Holtz and Associates. His smile melted and entranced the young new girl behind the desk as he spoke to her in a beautiful and deep commanding voice. “Good morning, Melanie.” Obviously reading her name plate. “Rod Cockswell from the Johnson Escort İstanbul Agency to see Mrs. Silles. I have an appointment. Is she available?”

Melanie shook her head. “Uh, yes. Please have a seat. I will call her assistant to see if she is available.”

Melanie picked up her phone as she watched Rod unbuttoned his jacket of his tailored suit and sat in the plush wingback leather chair. Her eyes followed his legs as they crossed and drawn to the polished shoes. “Tess. This is Melanie at the front. There is a Mr. Rod Cockswell to see Mrs. Silles… (whisper) Yes, extremely attractive… Has to have at least size 12 shoes.”

“Mr. Cockswell. Tess will be here to guide you to Mrs. Silles office.”


11:57. Sarah had her eyes closed. Her legs spread wide and her finger was directly on her blood engorged clit. She was close.

“Buzzz…” Went the intercom jolting Sarah back to reality.

“Shit!” She swore under her breath. She depressed the intercom button and managed to pant. “What is it, Tess?”

“A Mr. Cockswell to see you.”

“Yes. Please show him into my office.” Sarah instructed her EA.

Sarah reluctantly removed her hand from her inside her panties and brushed down her skirt. Her hand was still wet from her juices. As she looked for something to wipe it with, there was a knock on the solid mahogany door. As instructed, Tess opened the door without waiting for a response and let the gentleman in. “Mr. Cockswell.”

Sarah rose to her feet. She stood 5’9″ not including the 4-inch power heels she usually wore. At 6’5″ Rod was taller. He extended his hand. “Good to see you again, Mrs. Silles.”

Sarah firmly shook his hand with her sticky hand. “Yes, good to see you again. Please, Sarah.”

Rod smiled knowingly back at Sarah as Tess asked. “Can I bring you some coffee or water?”

Rod nodded negatively. Sarah dismissed her EA. “Thanks, Tess. That will be all. And no interruptions please. You can go for lunch if you wish.”

Tess shut the door behind her making her office sound proof.

“Shall we get started?” Sarah asked.

Rod brought his hand to his nose. “Seems like someone already has.”

Rod cradled the back of Sarah İstanbul Escort Bayan head and pulled her lips towards his. Her tongue pierced his mouth and caressed his perfect teeth. Rod used his other hand under Sarah’s jacket to hold her tight to his body. Sarah discarded her jacket before stripping Rod of his.

She pushed him away slightly, enough for him to loosen his hold. She unbuckled his belt and undid his pants letting them fall around his ankles. She descended to her knees. There was already a wet spot forming in his dark, silk boxers. She pulled them down and helped him out of his shoes and clothing.

Even half hard, Rod was twice the size of Petre. Sarah took his uncut penis in her mouth. He started to grow to full length. When they first started, Sarah could take only half of his length. Now, with practice, she was able to swallow his entire 10 thick inches. Rod loved the feeling of Sarah’s mouth around his base and his cock down her throat.

With him fully down her throat, Sarah looked up into Rod’s eyes. Her saliva poured from her lips and dripped down her chin staining her white blouse with dark wet spots. Rod guided her back up to her feet. He laid her on the large conference room table. He pulled her skirt up around her waist and removed her saturated panties.

Holding her legs up and spread wide, Rod was about to eat Sarah’s smooth pussy.

“No, Rod! Please! I need to be fucked!” Sarah begged. “Fuck me with your hard cock! Put it in me now!”

Rod ran his erection along her slit to lubricate himself a bit and then slowly and lovingly pushed his fat knob into her. Sarah used her heels to pull him hard inside of her. Her hot cunt squeezed and sucked at him.

“Oh gawd, yes!” Sarah cried out. “It’s so big! So hard! So fucking deep inside me!”

Sarah ripped her blouse open sending buttons across her office. She mauled her firm C-sized breasts and twisted her rock hard nipples as Rod started pumping her.

“Oh yes! I’m cumming!” Sarah moaned loudly as she orgasmed. “Auuh… Auuh… Auu…uh!”

Rod was unrelenting as he continued to fuck her until she came twice more and collapsed. He withdrew from her now gaped gash. Without letting Anadolu Yakası Escort her recover, he turned her face down against the table. Even though her feet were now on the floor, her legs were wobbly and wouldn’t support her anyways. He held her wrists behind her back. He then forced her feet apart and entered her from behind.

As he pushed himself all the in, Sarah could feel the table press his cock inside her belly. She instantly came and started to squirt. “Oooh…!”

After the fourth time, Sarah lost count of how many times she came. It was eight. Rod used her body like a rag doll. She could offer no resistance, nor did she want to. He just continued to fuck her as he pleased; in any position he pleased until he could no longer hold back.

Rod laid Sarah on her back on the plush carpet floor. He got between her legs and fucked her harder and harder. He shot his load, his first load of the day, his biggest load of the day deep inside.

Sarah came. Her cunt with a mind of its own drank up all of Rod’s sperm. Exhausted, Rod gave Sarah a few moments to recover before he slowly pulled out. Sarah shuttered in post-orgasmic spasms with each inch that was withdrawn.

Sarah laid there unmoving. Her cunt was so stretched and tired, it couldn’t close all the way. Rod’s white cum poured out of her hole. Rod went to the ensuite and returned with a warm wet hand towel to help wipe her. She managed to take the cloth and hold it against her well fucked pussy. Rod helped her to her feet. Sarah pulled him towards the shower.


12:45. The spray of warm water felt great pouring over her body. She leaned against the wall as Rod carefully soaped her back. Sarah reached between her legs and found Rod’s cock. Although it was not as rock hard as before, it was still firm and thick enough. She placed it against her opening and he pushed it inside her again. This time the fuck was calmer. He fucked her until she came and then allowed himself to come inside of her again.

1:00. Dried and dressed. It was fortunate that Sarah had another set of wardrobe in her office.

“Will there be anything else?” Rod inquired.

“Rod, my pussy is well satisfied. I don’t think I could do it again. At least for a little while.” Sarah confessed.

“Shall I charge this to your account as normal, Sarah?” Rod asked.

“Yes. And same time next week.” Sarah smiled sheepishly back. “Maybe sooner.”

Rod kissed Sarah’s cheek. “Thank you for using the Johnson Agency.”

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